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The doings for the Dolphins as NE prep begins

The Dolphins are preparing for the Patriots today and that preparation included some interesting nuggets.

Coach Tony Sparano told his team that following a fourth-quarter meltdown at Buffalo, they were going to work on a fourth-quarter period in practice today. And during that period the coach wanted to see every play run right.

And so if a play wasn't run right, practice reverted back to the play and it was run until it was done right. That, by the way, usually does not happen.

"The message was that we have lights out there," Sparano said. "Whatever it took for us to get it right, we were going to get it right. And every player in that locker room was on board for that. Those guys are anxious to get it right. They really are. But to be honest with you, practice ran over about six minutes."

The Dolphins practiced for two hours and 35 minutes, according to Sparano.

As I reported to my twitter followers, center Jake Grove didn't practice today. Sparano said he's "getting a little bit better," as he nurses his ankle injury, but still didn't work. Joe Berger worked with the first-team offensive line at center.

It's a big week for Berger. He faces New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork, one of the most dominant NTs in the NFL. If you remember, the Patriots moved Wilfork to DE throughout the game against Miami Nov. 8.

That hasn't been the case since. 

"It really hasn't shown up since our game," Sparano said. "It's hasn't shown up. Two plays since our game, that move has shown up. I don't know why they did it since our game. I don't know if it was matchup or tendency of runs, those kind of things. I have my hunches, but I'll keep my hunches to myself."

Good natured, fun-loving dude Joey Porter talked to the media gaggle for a few minutes today. He didn't really say anything interesting about the Patriots, which is probably wise considering he fired that team up before the last meeting by saying they "cheated" him out of a Super Bowl trophy and that Tom Brady could force officials to call penalties at will.

He wasn't asked about that today, but The Herald's David J. Neal asked Porter if it's tough being athlete today in the fishbowl of twitter and facebook and cell phone cameras with the Tiger Woods scandal as the obvious backdrop.

And so Porter bit at that like a Great White on a defenseless tuna.

"It is what it is. It depends how far ya'll want to dig for a story," he told the gathered reporters. "Ya'll can dig as deep as you want to. It depends on what ya'll want to put out there. The athletes haven't changed. The access to athletes has changed. So I think we made ourselves too accessible to you.

"And at the end of the day it backfires on the athletes. We don't get to write a story about ya'll. The secrets, the stuff ya'll trying to keep away from other people and stuff like that, they don't write that story about sports writers. But athletes make that mistake, everybody wants to write about it. That's how it happens. Ya'll get to put all the stuff you do bad out there. Nobody put out the stuff everybody else do bad out there. So it's a one-way street. That's how it always been. If we don't give you nothing to write about, you can't write about it. That's how it go."

I'm going to miss Porter next year.

The injury report just came out. The Patriots have 22, count 'em, 22 guys on the report. Only one of those players -- running back Fred Taylor -- did not practice. He has an ankle injury. The Dolphins listed four players on their injury report. Aside from Grove missing, DE Lionel Dotson was limited with an ankle injury, while SS Yeremiah Bell (thumb) and RB Ricky Williams (chest) were able to practice full.

Final word that might be interesting only to me: After ripping his team for looking like a "3-7" unit during the fourth quarter of Sunday's Buffalo loss, Sparano was doing a little rehabilitation of his troops today. He made the point his team is 4-1 in games decided by seven points or less. He also noted the Patriots are 2-3 in those games. 


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BTW: I agree that the LB corps would benefit from an upgrade with Crowder still in place...(i.e., replacing Ayodele). Torbor is a backup, but has made plays in there in substitution...ayodele suffers in coverage...horribly! (IMHO)

Greedy 13 , to answer you question. It's a little of both a and b but you also have to take into consideration that that crowders 2 older olb's aren't good vs the run and that ayodele doesn't have it . I think with a little help , crowder will be better.

i figured out why we only can play for 3 quarters. practices that are too long(ie. browns) accomplish nothing but fatigue. then when gametime comes we spend every play running personnel on and off the field. many times they are 350# nose tackles sprinting in or for the sidelines. those are 30 yard dashes. why do we always break rythymn taking people out every play??? like pat white??? whats the point??????? we had 11 games of white handing off for 1 yd.

Can't argue with that NJ...in fact I think similarly.

I've had high hopes for him for a long time...just has not become that dominant player. I think I can say (i'd have to fact check this) that he played much better when Zach was in Mia...which would lend support to your notion that he'd benefit from an upgrade next to him...but was that because of the 4-3 scheme...as opposed to the 3-4 we run now? or the attention zach demanded every play? or the tutoring/D-calls zach provided,etc.?

Either way, I'm hoping we address this seriously next year (along with WR, TE, DT, and FS)....a good LB can make all the difference in the world to a struggling D.

thanks for the feedback...

greg Z,

agree w/you 100 percent.i said the same thing last night.players keep coming out of the game every play and make me feel i am watching the circus .the coach wants to control every little play b/c he doesn't have any trust in his players who are playing for a team value at i billion dollars .

Porters not playing next year?

What good is it going to be to the team if they practice too long and have no energy to play on sunday, let alone the forth quarter. I have seen this happen before with the dolphins; they look drained before the kickoff and they play horribly on both sides of the ball.

Patriots are also 0-4 on the road, just a little food fore thought...


You going with the Dolphins dress or halter-top for the game on sunday?

Unfortunately, the Fins seem to have too many offensive schemes and they try to run them all every game...I still say we lost Sunday when Ronnie threw that pick..I get running that play if they were stuffing us, but we were getting 6-8 yards per run and had Ricky and Polite to get a couple yards, bad offensive call..and to keep bringing Henne out has to Hirt his rhythem, and it seems that we are asking alot of this kid on third and long when we get nothing on trick plays...

Greedy 13 , crowder played much better with zach next to him. Zach was a big help on and off the field. You will see miami bring in 3 new LB'S ( OLB and ILB ) both in free agency and the draft. Miami will do the LB corp what it has done to the OL and DL the past 2 years

Ya'll are a trip......

and 1/2

Carlito, Marc isn't spending his hard earned money on HIS team anymore...I think he is wearing a pretty pink dress down to the Arts and Craft Fair Sunday instead

Crowder is the worst player on this team,i hope they trade him for a draft pick .


@ NJ, yup...or we'll do the same with saftey or NT's. We need help there, though I'm real hopeful about clemons.

@ mr help...explain..??

greedy13, you are very right I also don't know if he is out of position, but with 10% -1 5% more speed he will be ok.

Dolphins will take Rolando McClain or Terrance Cody aka Mt. Cody if they are available...

You know Tuna is drooling over proto-typical 3-4 NT

New England at New Orleans Game is on The NFL Channel @ 9:30 tonight if anyone wants to see that world class beat down again...

Who Dat!

Po White Trash,

Do you still believe?

Or you give up like most of everybody else?

This team gets killed Sunday.


Great Post! It's nice to see a positive attitude. Keep it up and some of the "Pros" here might be out of a job.

I still believe... just for the record

Yeah brother...
Always appreciate you and your attitude.

All is not lost. Torn between pride and good sense.

Would like to be the spoiler and...

Get a good draft pick.

screw you nj, he think he god

i posted this on another blog, but thought I'd do it here as well:

given that the chances for playoffs are slim, and even slimer in terms of advancing deep into the playoffs...at what point does a "true fan" start to be ok with (or even hope for) loses, so as to upgrade our draft status next year?

Or do such thoughts disqualify you as a true fan?

just wonderin'

I never hope for a loss, even when we were 1-15


Yup been gone a while so I thought why not War and Peace was a good book. lol

Steve in the LC


Cant have your cake and eat it to...

unless you are a very hot blonde.

Always want to win.

Want a good draft pick to win more.

I don't hope for a loss for a better draft pick, that is sorta a defeatist attitude...this is gonna be a pretty good draft according to the experts, and I think Parcells and company will have some of those extra picks that he is famous for obtaining...this draft we will be dealing from a position of strength instead of weakness

Greedy 13, that's a good one. My thoughts: I can understand both sides. I don't think by giving up on this yr and looking forward to draft and next season makes you a false fan. Everyone just needs to know WHEN to know that we r done. But for me today I must Say, that we R still Alive and if we Win vs new England, we R alive again. But if we lose, well my thoughts will change. .


I think I use the draft status as a consolation at the end (once all seems lost)...but carlito...I was on the edge of my seat every week during the 1-15 season...even @ 1-14. I can't stand to lose...

All is not lost for this year, but the whole season is riding on this game with the pats... and unfortunately every game after that...

Looks like the "True" fans are out in droves tonight.

All is right with the world.

I like ILB Pat Angerer or Daryl Washington to be taken in the 3rd or 4rd round. In the first Cody

I hope the coaches are working on not calling a Ricky Williams pass or calling any timeouts to stop the clock on a change of possession. Parcells needs to get his butt on the field and coach the coaches.

Told you they should have traded Joey before the trade deadline.

You also have to understand that If Miami somehow Wins Sunday. The news will be that the pats are falling apart. Right now they're really not looking like a superbowl team.cmon my aqua/orange familia! Today there is no reason to let go. They're trying to break up La Onda. But were gonna turn it on em. We R AFC East Champs!!! Keep it together.

The revenge of Vontae Davis

When a fan loses Hope, it's like a fallin soldier marching forward.So when one falls, someone must pick the Flag up and Continue marching Forward!!!! So if I Fall, who will take my Flag?


Finatic, you are good fan, you will not fall, and neither will Dolphins, I have faith.


Greedy 13, I like a win over NE and Pittsburg in the rest of the schedule start Cris Clemmons, Turner, Alama-Francis, Charlie Anderson, Wake and see what happen.

Finatic, I will take the flag. Good fans take care of each other.



We didn't land on the flag, the flag landed on us!

sorry... got a little excited...

I feel the love!!! It's good to be around FinFans. I find confort. I remember going to my first Fins game. To see so many people inlove with the same team I Love, it was time stopping! Dolphin Nation!!! Forever!!!

Fairwheather NJ please go away sir.....now go

Some one pull this Dolphin flag out
of my A S S!

Lol. Damn we got Denzel in the house tonight taking the flag.

I can't believe they paid Gabril Wilson 27 million, omg I am gonna blow chunks. I can still see him trying to tackle that RB while actually riding on his back. He couldn't cover a birdcage correctly!

Damn, the flag got doo doo stains on it now.

I still believe. No point in hoping to lose for a better draft pick. No real difference in picking 15th or 20th. They will get a player of equal skill that will address a need. Might as well make the rest of the season enjoyable!

Let's go PHINS!!!

Football player panty rippage isle # 5


Football player panty rippage isle # 5

Some one take the flag!

Gimme that flag!

No! alot people can't read on this blog yes we need middle linebackers yes we need a nose tackle most teams do and for the idiot that keeps calling for Zach to come back once again read he has concussions he should never play again and for the moron that post ChaMBERS stats we could not get him even if we wanted my god pay attention

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