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Thursday afternoon's Dolphins happenings

With Joey Porter missing his second straight day of practice this week and third dating back to last Friday, the media is focused in on Cameron Wake now.

It is understandable because Wake is interesting, Wake is a fan favorite and Wake might the future. But listening to coach Tony Sparano and defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni talk today, I don't get the feeling Wake is going to see a ton more action that what we've been seeing of late.

Pasqualoni and even Jason Taylor mentioned the name Dwight Freeney when comparing Wake's body type and speed to the Pro Bowl Indianapolis player. But as Taylor noted, "I wasn't putting him in the company yet, I was just explaining the difference in body types."

Sparano: "My sense would be that when [Wake] is in the game, he factors at what he does. He played 10 plays a week ago, had two opportunities where he ran by the quarterback and hit the quarterback once. That was his 10 plays. Some of it been really good, some of it has been uneventful.

"Meaning (he) hasn’t had opportunities or even when he has been out there and had the opportunity, just didn’t have the opportunity. The ball is out fast or whatever the case is, any of those types of things. Doing a good job of what we are asking him to do right now and he is coming along as a linebacker.”

Sparano went on to explain that Wake is part of a certain defensive package and it isn't up to the defense to dictate when that package is used, but rather, it's up to the offense and the down and the distance. So until Wake graduates from that package, he likely isn't getting a whole lot more snaps than he currently is.

The Dolphins got good news today when Taylor (shoulder) returned to practice. Nathan Jones (hamstring) and Jake Grove (ankle) also practiced but only on a limited basis.

If you read this blog, you know that Taylor has been used differently of late than he was earlier this year. He is often coming out of games on nickel and dime situations, which is interesting because he's the NFL active career sack leader and Miami's career sack leader.

But Taylor had a tough month from late October to November as he didn't get a sack. Perhaps that had something to do with Miami's use of a OLB rotation. Maybe the fact none of Miami's other OLBs can defend against the run very well and Taylor can is the reason JT is in on early downs and has been sidelined on rush down.

I don't know. But this is clear. Even though he isn't complaining about not getting more chances to turn quarterbacks into ground beef, Taylor obviously would prefer to be in there on passing downs. That was clear when he was asked what he thinks of his play the last month.

“The last month of the season? I don’t know what our record is," JT said. "Me personally, it’s been different. It's been a little different. But I do what I’m called on to do -- plug me in where you need me, and I’ll do what I’m told.”

Finally, the Dolphins added cornerback Evan Oglesby to the roster. He fills the spot created by the placing of OL Lydon Murtha on the injured reserve list. Murtha was injured his ankle on the final play of Wednesday's practice, according to coach Tony Sparano.

The team didn't expect the issue to be a big deal until MRI results Thursday revealed a problem.


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all of which regarding JT magnifies the unexplainable (or at least unexplained) cutting of Matt Roth.

An whole article without trashing Pat White. Wow!

What do you guys perdict the outcome of this week-ends game???

Dolphins 24
Faguars 13

Tom Brady has missed last 2 days of practice because of a rib injury he get during game in Miami. If he misses a game, it will be huge for Miami's hopes of division title.

In 2 weeks with Cleveland, Roth has 11 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Again, a mistake to let him go. Especially when you hear our OLB's are weak vs. the run.

Phins 27 jags 10 defense shows up for once

I have to think there is a 'personal" issue here, either with BP, the coaches, or maybe JT or someone.
The whole thing was strange from the get go.
Go Fins.

the regime made matt roth look bad because he wasn't allowed to talk to us about his injury. so we were spoon-fed team and coach lines but roth by rules couldnt defend himself. he is a run stuffer tough guy; the opposite of big mouth porter. they released the wrong guy and we never got a reason. he is a team guy; porters not.

Not only that, but Roth was YOUNG!!! These coaches make some idiotic decisions sometimes, and their arrogance when making these decisions grates on me.

Tony Sparano tried to call a timeout on a change of possession, yet we are constantly told we know WAY less than coaches. Whatever...

" meaning he ( wake ) hasn't had opportunities or even when he's been out there and had the opportunity , just didn't have the opportunity " Sparano . HUH ? What ?


You are only allowed on this post if you promise no apologizing with dying bread ;)

I think Matt Roth is no big deal, he was no great player and had tension with management because of his scumbag agent. The Browns are really bad and Matt Roth is an average player, so it works out that he is one of the best on they crappy team.

If Dolphins stick it out and can win division this year for the 2nd year in a row, Miami is officially staking claim on AFC East for next 10 years.


Aloco is a man of many names

Carlito, next 10 years ? not 9 or 8 .

you r a man of high hopes ,you should work for disney .


Could you tell me who is going to be patsies qb after Brady fall apart in December?

10 is a nice round number.

Carlito. I think he's the spinMEister for the Obama group..(though i might be wrong)..


Carlito 36 Double D is a better number....

how come sparano cant give us an honest answer as to why cam wake cant get on the field? i watched all their practices in camp and all their games. cam wake,randy starks and ryan baker along with jt are the teams best pass rushers. sparano says cam doesnt do as well in run support. porter runs by ball carriers to get to a qb that has handed the ball off! he let fitzpatrick beat us to the outside on QB keepers. then sparano releases our best LB at setting the edge after saying he was coming along nicely. thats irritating!

Hoyer, doesn't sound like a Hero to me.

Why are you string she-it ? The team just beat the pats, shut them out in the 2nd half basically with Taylor playing his spot.

On Nfl.com there is an article about how Patriots will crumble and Dolphins will beat them out for 2nd Division title.


MEL, WTF?????? .com




Think it will be a hard fought game but I don't think the Jags will have much of a home field advantage as they can’t fill their own stadium.

Phins 24
Jags 21


If he is growing something else, i'm buying.

Hoyer is no Henne

Henne outplayed Brady just a couple days ago.

Henne the Hero.

Po White Trash,

There will be more phins fans than Jags fans there. I used to live in Jacksonville area and it is still big fins territory from before they had a team.

I know about 20 people going to the game from the area and more than 15 of them are fin fans.

I'm a huge Cameron Wake fan and just don't understand why they don't get him out of this limited role. They see more than i do but the more he's out there the better he can get at his new position. Hopefully we'll see him out there more and he can really stand out and pound anyone he come against on the field.

ALoco, I see him maybe growing Broccoli....



Think you are right, might be a home game for us.

Wake's made enough plays in his limited opportunities to earn more time. He caused an interception in 10 plays and Sparano's downplaying it? That's awesome. If he caused a sack or turnover every 10 passing plays for a career, he'd be in the hall of fame. Play him every down for one game and see what happens. Joey isn't exactly awesome against the run and he's hurt.

Broccoli comes out digested soft, which is a dream come true for a Plumber....

Mando, Will Joey(DUH) Porter be wearing fatigues this week-end???

so nj phin fan
tell us how right you were with your prediction last week dolphins vs patriots.
seeing you know it all.(pat yourself on the back)
remind us all on how you called it.(selective memory)
see how this can be annoying.
you are passionate about the fins got to give you that but seriously a little class goes a long way.
nobody likes a sore loser or winner for that matter.

p.s.armando great job .dolphin talk from now on. thanks

Who will Phins choose in the draft with the 32nd pick?

Band wagon speaks the truth....Bob, not sure if the fins will be picking 32(super bowl winner) i think there more then likely picking between 15th and 23erd....

We will win but we are not wrecking them
The Jags don't suck, if you remember when they played the Patriots in the 2007 playoffs, I'd say right now they're almost as good as then.
I'd say Fins 24 Jags 17
If they get MJD for the game (he's been missing practice) then Fins 24 Jags 21

Band, which explains why Mr Know it all didn't answer my "Q" about what he thinks the outcome of this weekends game would be(I would have bet the opposite)

Taylor has been playing in place of Roth since day one, and been effective enough at it to where it has become his priority job. ( I'd really like to know what took place between Roth and Parcells ). I see no reason to wonder why he is being yanked on passing downs when they have Wake (a younger, faster, fresher pass rushing specialist), to play these downs. Wake is the future right? Who else can play the run? Taylor, in his own words said, he does the job he is told to do. Aside from these thoughts, this particular situation seems to be showing effective play.

Lets see i predicted miami would lose to NE the first time around and said miami would squeak out wins over tampa , carolina and buff ( miami lost ) by 7 points or less while know it alls like like you had miami blowing out tampa , car and Buffalo. How did that work out. LMFAO ! Thanks for stopping by though. :)

NJ , Please, I must place a bet, What do you think about the Jags-Phins???? Please.....

I say Phins 35 Jags 10

Defense starts getting stingy.
Henne goes crazy and "lights" it up for the fans.
White has a part in a TD score.

My prediction comes Tommorrow when i learn more about the injuries. So far i'm leaning Jags 99 miami 0. :)

I hope that the Phins ain't takin the Jags as soft. MJD can run like the dickens and he is a smart football player
Matt Roth played real well last year. We already miss that guy. But don't play games with the Trifecta. That gives you a cold weather outdoor team and he is gonna be cold in late december.
I don't understand why they aren't playing Wake. He may just have great straight forward speed but his side to side could be real bad.

WOW, NJ..... That's terrible..(Even for you) ")

Brady's old lady just had a kid.Don't you guys watch Entertainment Tonight? So when he takes time off to be with her the Pats call it ribs.

Phins 33
Jags 17

Go Phins!

NJ, you predicted Dolphins would lose to carolina, and often laughed at idea of fins in playoffs

Yeah NJ what about that???? Carlito's calling you out, please respond sir...

NJ, Whats with this wind and cold, do something about it......

I am still baffled by the release of Matt Roth, especially since he was starting to make plays.

Regardless... This team has a shot at the playoffs, which is crazy considering the plethora of injuries and bad breaks it has endured this season...

NJ, Will you respond to Carlito????, And what about what Dying Breed say's about you?? Can you expond???

If this was "Survivor" would any one vote off NJ Phin FAN off the blog???

The coaching staff is completely clueless. If Wake was on the Steelers he would be used on every down. It has tok 11 games for them to realize Hartline can make plays. Sparano, please give the young guys a chance.

who cars about Matt Roth or Chris Chambers or any player not onthis team worry about what we have play Wake stupid not to plat stingy defense and let Henne throw it no wildpat crap this week don't need it wild Bess and wild Hartline

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