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The internal debate about Wildcat-Direct Snap

the previous post sparked the debate wether the Dolphins should continue using Pat White and the Direct-Snap-Spread-Option (DSSO) package. That debate was had on Tuesday by the Dolphins coaching staff.

The fact is the Dolphins coaches have discussed how, when, if to continue using both the Wildcat and the DSSO going forward.

But before we go any further let me define for you the difference between Wildcat and DSSO. The wildcat is only when motion comes across the formation as we used to see with Ronnie Brown as the triggerman and Ricky Williams coming across.

The DSSO is when you have a shotgun snap to a Williams or White and they either run, pitch or throw. The DSSO has been something of a disaster lately. Williams threw an interception out of it at Buffalo and White carelessly pitched what became a fumble for a 15-yard loss against New England last week.

And so Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning explains the debate between using these and not.

"We have to be frugal with it," Henning said today. "I think if you go back, way back, you remember the man from New Haven [Tony Sparano] told you that if there was going to be balls on the ground, there wasn't going to be much of it anyhow.

"So when the ball's on the ground and you lose 15 yards, you get some word to the wise. It might not even be a statement. It might just be a hrumph. You have to take all that into consideration and we do have certain parts of the field we like to do it even though we haven't had a lot of yards with it, we have had touchdowns.

"So we take advantage to the point we think we can take advantage. From time to time ... we certainly have not abandoned it. When you get behind, that's not the prudent way to go. You have to get back in the game. There's a lot of factors involved in how we do it and who we do it with. And we're short-handed without Ronnie."

[That's the quickie update. I'll have more stuff for you soon. Come back.]


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Whatever helps us win. Definitely continue to develop White, just not when its the 4th quarter when the game is on the line.


If the fins can not execute the play then they have no business running it.

Super sleuthing & good, current posting 'Mando......someone must want to get on Santa's Nice-List.

Wildcat is done without Ronnie... Don't bother, Ricky scares me when he is back there running it. Pat White hasn't shown anything yet in that role... one run for 30yards.

FOcus Focus Focus. No let down like the Bills game. Sunday is a playoff game. Go Phins

I've watched all the Fins games this year and most Jags games. I live in Jax and most of the media think the Jags win this.
I have to say I think the Fins win it by at least 7points. The Jags are last in the league at sacks..one of the worst at protecting the QB and they give up a LOT of yards thru the air. I think Henne will have a big day and we will crunch Garrard big time. Jags are way too inconsistent game to game and are really young on both sides of the ball.
Go Fins!

I would like to see Henning gone next year, I don't think he assesses the players correctly and underestimates the talent we have at tight end. He gets to much credit for the wildcat and he name rarely comes up when our offense looks flat. White was a wasted draft pick.

All I want or Christmas is for NJ and DyingBreed to kiss and make up

Damn guys i can realy say that i miss ronnie big time now ! All well what can u do i would like 2 see slick rick , big lex & lou in that triangle formation with chad & put bess & hartline at the wr i thank doing a lot playaction with this formation the jags wont know what will hit them tell me guys what u think ? Go phins !





Go Phins!

I think all this talk of shelving the wildcat just shows exactly how special a player Ronnie Brown is. He is a great triggerman for the wildcat and the wildcat does not work without a good #2 Rb on the field. Brown is a unique talent, lets just hope he can stay healthy next year because I think this team can really go places next year.

"That guy did'nt give me a Huurrmppp":Hedley Lemar.....

Those quotes said a whole lot of nuthin' to me! Why can't Henning just answer...cut and dry!!

That wasn't Hedley Lemar, Menace. That was Governor William J. Lepetomaine.

Hedley says:
"Give the Governor harrumph!"

You are right ricky, It was Hadley that said " Give the governor a Harrumph" A great cinematic moment...

There is no debate. Run it when it works

Dear Mr. Salguero

There is far to much nonsense posted on this blog, don't some of these people relize this is a football blog ?

I like football (sports talk)

Soiled :)

Like price master said "No more back-door football, Chad(neck fat) Henne can sling the ball boys, I say unleash him....

Man the Jax news papers are saying this is the most important game for Jax in a long time. I hope the phins dont take them lightly. I think its gonna be a close game. I hope we can win.

Our secondary needs to be ready for bombs being thrown. Big plays have been killing us all year. They have to be ready

Mark , we tried that before but misty just can't hold up his end of the bargain. :)

Henning was born with an encrypted fork in his mouth. How is it that every division leader rarely, IF EVER, runs a wildcat formation? They win by playing straight up football.

Two teams are 12-0 without ever running a wildcat. So being frugal is not the same thing as calling a bad play that blows up in your face every week.

The difference between wildcat and traditional comes down to coaching. Think about it. No coaching required in a wildcat play. Just give it to Ricky and let him run around like a ball in a pinball machine.

Traditional football requires forethought. In other words, it requires coaching. Sparano knows how to coach players from a game management perspective. Henning doesn't know how to call plays from a coaching perspective.

Whatever helps us win. Definitely continue to develop White, just not when its the 4th quarter when the game is on the line.


Posted by: dolfanSF | December 10, 2009 at 02:08 PM

Last time I checked, a 15 yard fumble recovery loss doesn't help us win. It helps us lose. Pat can sit back and watch Henne work for the next 5-10 years.

Lydon murtha is out for the year after injuring is ankle in practice.

Bye Lydon, we hardly knew thee

Miami signs 6-4 315 nevin Mccaskall from hampton . He was langford's teammate.

NJ, what are your thoughts on this weekends game.....

porter missed practice again and rode the bike. nate Jones and taylor returned to practice. grove practiced and is looking better.

I say let porter continue to ride the bike(He could join the Tour-DE-France after his football career ends)(hopefully at the end of this year)

Dear Mr. OverseasFan

"Henning was born with an encrypted fork in his mouth"

Thats why world renowned symbologist/reporter
Armando Salguero is here to help us understand these cryptic message's sent out to fool us by the church of Dolphin football

Soiled :)

I'd like to see them use the wildPHIN with Pat White in Ronnnie's spot, and Ricky coming across...hand it off a few times to Ricky and then let Pat loose...run a few, pass a few...see what happens...

DC, I think they've done that with poor results...

Hands down Ronnie Brown is my favorite Miami Dolphin. But I have to admit that it was GREAT seeing them win with Henne Through the Air, and not just relying on the WildCat.

What are your thoughts on this....

Meance, Alco, NJ, Tee, ANYONE?????

Tee, i like it, I like it alot. can do a lot out of that formation. NJ what else do u know of this guy?

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Roman see my 3:36 post.....

Yeah well, can the wildcat and the DSSO and play some conventional offense with Henne at the helm. Teams know that when Ricky takes the snap out of the Wildcat, he is going to run it. Doubt it? (see throw vs. Bills) And when Pat White takes the snap they collapse the line so quick that the rookie still doesn't have the experience to make the right decision with so much pressure.

Right one Menace. Anyone going to the game on Sunday....

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Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | December 10, 2009 at 04:23 PM

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Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | December 10, 2009 at 04:23 PM

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Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | December 10, 2009 at 04:23 PM

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The Dolphins will get it done this upcoming Sunday. Chad Henne will have to throw again at least 50 times. Jaguars secondary and pass rush is very weak. Additionally, NO FAN SUPPORT here in Jacksonville for the JAGUARS, they just had this game BLACKED OUT. How this can be possible? GO DOLPHINS....

again i APOLOGIZE with one P LMFAO !. waaaaahhhhh !wahhhhhhh ! wahhhhhhh !

Our return game needs to step it up as well. Too bad Teddy Ginn has exhausted his quota of great plays for the decade.
I HOPE we win this game. I'd love another week of hearing Jets fans whine, while the Fins stay in the playoff chase.
I've got tickets for next weeks Titans/Dolphins hame. Living in the Nashville area, I can tell you, though the Titans are 5-7, Fisher will have them ready against the Rams. They win, and we'll need to deal with a motivated team. Their secondary is a WHOLE lot better than ours right now. And there's Chris Johnson.
\of course, we MUST win in J-Ville.

Go Fins.

If staff is going to use Pat White it has to be for a series of plays not just onne and out.

Armando, how did Pitt use Kordell when he first came up? I'm trying to remember. At that time the Steeler fans were sitting on pins and needles to get him in the game? Was it one play and out or a set of downs?

I think it would make an interesting comparison?

Go Phins!

As J'Lo is bending over...Henning says to Sparano...Damn Penguin!...check out Hrumph!

Sparano replies...yeah man I like Hrumph!

LOL @ Martin.

nice hrumph

Direct Snap Spread Option Package (DSSO)?

Is it a football formation or a Food Processor?

Step right up! this little doozy slices, dices, minces and chops!

And if you order now! We will throw in our Direct Snap Spread Option Package!

Spread Option! Wilcat! Enough already!
Win the next 4 or 6 or 7! Ok?

Go Phins!

Mark in Toronto,

I can talk FB with the best of em. But sometimes I just need a break from some of these guys breaking down the nuances of the 3-4 defense as it pertains to 3rd down situations in night games on the road in domed stadiums. On a Zone Blitz from the blindside and how it is run best using some obscure DT out of an obscure junior college no one has heard of. Etc. Etc. Geez LOL

Go Phins!

Draft linebackers.

It's all about the linebackers.

Hey Guys!

I will probably be kicked off the Blog...

Was Armando the goofy guy on "That 70s Show"?


Wilmer Valderrama?

Go Phins!

With both Ronnie and Cobbs (remember him) out for the season, let's just shelve the Cat until next season.
I like seeing Henne grwoing into the leadership role behind center, he is feeling the flow of the game much better now.
I must admit, whenever I see Pat White come into the game I yell out "NO WAY, PLEASE NOT NOW" He scares me with his lack of ball skills.

Martin, you're on fire


So what your sayin is they might scratch the Wldcat.

Call Uncle Ted! They have-Cat Scratch Fever...da na na...Cat Scratch Fever!

Rickys throw was out of the wildcat and pat white got hi as he piched it it was not careless

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