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The internal debate about Wildcat-Direct Snap

the previous post sparked the debate wether the Dolphins should continue using Pat White and the Direct-Snap-Spread-Option (DSSO) package. That debate was had on Tuesday by the Dolphins coaching staff.

The fact is the Dolphins coaches have discussed how, when, if to continue using both the Wildcat and the DSSO going forward.

But before we go any further let me define for you the difference between Wildcat and DSSO. The wildcat is only when motion comes across the formation as we used to see with Ronnie Brown as the triggerman and Ricky Williams coming across.

The DSSO is when you have a shotgun snap to a Williams or White and they either run, pitch or throw. The DSSO has been something of a disaster lately. Williams threw an interception out of it at Buffalo and White carelessly pitched what became a fumble for a 15-yard loss against New England last week.

And so Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning explains the debate between using these and not.

"We have to be frugal with it," Henning said today. "I think if you go back, way back, you remember the man from New Haven [Tony Sparano] told you that if there was going to be balls on the ground, there wasn't going to be much of it anyhow.

"So when the ball's on the ground and you lose 15 yards, you get some word to the wise. It might not even be a statement. It might just be a hrumph. You have to take all that into consideration and we do have certain parts of the field we like to do it even though we haven't had a lot of yards with it, we have had touchdowns.

"So we take advantage to the point we think we can take advantage. From time to time ... we certainly have not abandoned it. When you get behind, that's not the prudent way to go. You have to get back in the game. There's a lot of factors involved in how we do it and who we do it with. And we're short-handed without Ronnie."

[That's the quickie update. I'll have more stuff for you soon. Come back.]