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The truth and spin about the Miami Dolphins

I try to read most of your comments. And one theme I'm noticing lately is how some of you feel disappointed when one of the coaches says something that is clearly, patently false or just a bunch of hooey.


"Ernest Wilford is improving every day in practice," when everyone knows if he was improving he'd be playing.

"I don't have information on that yet," when discussing injuries that are already diagnosed and have a prognosis and the third person to find out that information (after the doctor/trainer and player) is usually the head coach.

"The right guard job is Shawn Murphy's to lose," when everyone knows the second Donald Thomas can put one foot in front of the other he's starting and Murphy is really not going to pan out in Miami.

"I thought Matt played really well," when Matt Roth plays his first game after being on the non-football injury list but is cut three weeks later for poor performance and other reasons.

"I like our receivers," when Miami's receivers don't often win one-on-one battles and are all flawed in one significant way or another.

The words don't always match the facts. Your eyes tell you one thing while the Miami coaching staff tells you something different.

Well, it happens because that is what the Dolphins staff feels it must do. When your team is as flawed, as filled with voids as the current Dolphins are, you cannot as a coach, fire a broadside into your own ship and add yet another hole. It would be dumb considering the coaching staff is on that ship.

So Tony Sparano and Dan Henning and Paul Pasqualoni tap dance. They try not to outright lie. But they cannot really tell you the whole truth about their Dolphins.

Some of you, and even some media, often forget this fact. You take what coaches say as gospel. It often is not. It often is spin.

"I've got people upstairs that I'm accountable to," Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning explained Thursday. "And when I'm called in to be accountable to them, I explain it to them exactly like it is. They don't like to hear it all the time but that's the way I explain it.

"I can't do that with you and Tony can't do that with you [media]. Because if I explain to you that this is a liability for us and this is a plus for us, then pretty soon that gets written or somebody speaks it on the TV and then somebody on the other side [on other teams] writing that down says, 'Well, they won't do this because he thinks that's a problem,' that type of thing. Understand that from us. You guys know that. I don't have to explain that to you."

So understand, when you read quotes from Sparano or Henning or Pasqualoni that stretch credulity, don't think them unwise or fooled by their own team. Trust me, the Miami's coaches know they have talent problems. They know this team is a work-in-progress.

But what are they supposed to say? We stink like a sewer?

And that leads me to this:

The Dolphins offense and Dolphins defense stink like a sewer.

Naw, not really. But they are both very, very troubled.

The offense has scored 26 touchdowns in 11 games. That averages to 2.4 touchdowns per game. You know what team made the playoffs last year averaging 2.4 touchdowns per game? None.

And it's not just that the Dolphins struggle to score. It's how they score that is also troubling. In a league that is all about electric, dynamic offense, the Dolphins look like a team straight out of the 1970s. They plod along, slow and sometimes steady on 13-, 14-,15-play drives.

The "chunk" plays Sparano is always talking about? Wait until next year the earliest for them.

This year the Dolphins have scored three, count 'em, three touchdowns from outside the 20 yard line. Three!

Don't blame the running game for this fact. It's all about a terrible passing game. Fact is the Dolphins have eight running plays of 25-yards or more this season. The passing game has contributed the same number of plays of 25-yards or more. That, in a word, is horrible.

For context, consider that Miami's defense, not exactly a slice of swiss cheese, has yielded 26 pass plays of 25-yards or more.

About that defense. If it's the fourth quarter, Miami's D Fence more closely resembles a swinging gate. The Dolphins have yielded an NFL high 134 fourth-quarter points this year. Aside from being an NFL worst, it is already a franchise worst.

The 2007 Dolphins, the 1-15 debacle of a team, yielded 126 fourth-quarter points.

So this year's team has already surrendered more fourth-quarter points than the worst Miami team of all time. And there are still five games to play!

And what does Pasqualoni say when he's asked about that terrible, terrible fourth-quarter performance?

Hint: He's not saying, Phillip Merling isn't playing like a first-round pick, Joey Porter gets sacks only when he plays backup tackles, Channing Crowder isn't making any big plays, our young corners are going to be good some day but not yet, our safeties were out of synch the entire first half of the season, and our front seven is slow to the football.

Pasqualoni is saying: "We've been real good in the red zone. We've been real good, to me, it's field position as much as anything. Just so happens that some of that stuff has come up in the fourth quarter, but we've got to do a better job of finishing there's no question about that. And we've got to do a better job of just flat-out executing."

You didn't expect him to put another hole in the ship, did you?


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how the hell are you going to suggest merling isnt playing like a first round pick if he doesnt even start wtf do u remember the atlanta game he was a beast.

Pat White will have to be a major factor for Fins to beat Pats and defense will have to switch to 4-3 most of the game. Double team Welker and Moss.

Game will be decided by 3-4 points.

Marc do not talk about the Dolphins colors you dress wearing H0M0. You are a pencil neck worm. Look in the mirror and you know it is true. You never have seen a gym in your life.

Henne has been in the Fins system learning the playbook for one year more than White. With Pennington going down Henne was the logical choice to be the starting QB.

Assuming the roles were reversed and White was the one drafted in 2008, would White be starting?

The following was from an article in the New York Times.

Rex Ryan ordered Mark Sanchez to slide. Joe Girardi showed Sanchez how to slide. Sanchez didn't slide. And as only the gods could devise it, he was injured, banging his right knee. "I'm sorry to Coach Girardi," Sanchez said. "He spent all that time trying to help me. And I know Rex wants me to slide and everybody wants me to slide, but in the heat of the moment I was trying to get the first down. That's just the way I play."

That idiot Sanchez. Mgr Girardi(Yankees) was called to come out early this week to teach Sanchito how to slide to avoid getting hurt. I guess he did not learn a G damn thing..
That boy is not going to last.LOL

Ace the devil loves to slide and nj the plumer didn't go to gym today .

boFIN stop hiding behind other names. Come on Aloco, oops I mean bofin. I know you are probably getting mad because everyone here picks on your bofriend marc. Dont worry Marc knows you got his back or butttt. LOL


you must been to school b/c you r very smart .i did the same thing to carlito today and he thought i am the one who shouldn't be named MARC .you thing Carlito never been to school ?


Merling is a gamer he swows up on gameday. But WTF they don't play him enough. Get homin the game. If they're that deep on the D line then go to a 4-3 def. Certainly don't have the talent at LB anyway...

Aloco I am not going to fall for that one. Carlito is ok with me. Let me ask you. Do you think Marc went to college?


Ace, as you know you can go to college and still be a not very bright person who i think Marc is .look at you ,you hardly finished high school but you learned fast how to write and talk to a smarter people like me and getting ahead in life .

I still believe in the Tuna, Tony and the Miami Dolphins

any one knows a real good movie to rent and enjoy ? please no GOD FATHER MOVIES .

He'll yeah Carlito I'm with yah brother.

I am watching Black Dynamite



Fins helmet logo (and uniform colors) are the only thing thing that ties the present to its glorious undefeated team and superbowl wins.

Changing the logo and uniforms (for a more modern look) would be like denying or belittling the past.

It's a funny modern made blackspoitation movie, like the old ones from the 70's. Remember shaft? He's a bad mother!



Aloco just before your time. Quentin Tarrentino remakes all the oldies with modern filming. Really funny poor fight scenes and bad sound effects and really bad Kung Fu makes it the best.


I still think Aloco thinks he's smarter than he really is


You should watch the movie Hangover




Aloco Look at the way you write. Please go take a look. Anyway, your boy Marc is a pizz ant and you are just well you. I am done with you. Go practice the "Art of fighting with no fighting" Can you name the movie?

not-a cop is also Marc


Hey Carlito Aloco is what you call a lambe huevo.

Aloco you didn't trick anybody.

Ace the movie is the art of war!


the 4 weakest links on the fins defense are '1.channing crowder the worst inside lb in the game.2.joey porter does not do jack but get a sack here and there 'even in pittsburg he was 'not that active''his mouth was'akin ayodele is too stiff to be a starting inside lb.4 sean smith's tackling has been very bad 'we miss will allen tackling not his coverage'that's the reason g.wilson and y.bell have been in a island because he does not tackle'andre goodman was a very good tacler 'average coverman.go fins

any chance ginn will be readt to get hit by Wilfork on sunday ?

if ted ginn allows himself to get hit by wilfork i will take back everything i've ever said


The movie is Enter the Dragon. I believe Bruce Lee uses this line on a guy trying to pick a fight with him. Good movie

Aloco you should have gotten this one

Wilfork is going to tell Ginn: GET IN MY BELLY!!!

It is Friday evening.

When are we going to start talking about the Pats, Armando

We spent all last week looking past Buffalo to this game, now we are spending all of this week looking back..


I still believe.

When will all of you idiots realize the Fins couldn't get Chambers because of the number of teams ahead of us entitled to first dibs? Geesh.

Rent movie featuring Zach Branf (excuse spelling; dude from scrubs): "Jersey Girl"

It's NJ's life story.


Is it true Tom Brady wears pink panties under his uniform?

I updated the i-pod app and now it doesn't work.I want my money back Armando.

They were a present from Teddy bruski.

Let's let this thing play out. This is year 2 of a serious rebuilding process. We have more talent now than we have had since Wannstedts last years with the team. I think we really need to address the MLB spot. Akin Ayodele is invisible. Crowder gets hurt and he is average right now. The holes on offense are obvious. TE, WR, and anybody that can get into the endzone. Our coordinators only have so much to work with. I say give them another year before we start calling for their heads.

NJ life story, story of an idiot loud mouth jack@azzzzz. What is wrong with that guy?

Litos Brady only wears the pink panties on weekdays on game days he wears his period panties!

Watching a 1994 Fins vs Pats game on the NFL channel. No matter how long it's been, it's always nice to see Marino throw the bombs (and have receivers catch the ball)!!!

I miss Dan the Man!

The team was exciting to watch 15 years ago!

As for uniform and helmet updates when teams change them they usually blow.The Dolphins should go back to the 1966 uniforms.The aqua and orange instead of this off green s*it.The old logo. How many of the AFC Throwbacks look a hell of a lot better than the crap they wear today?The red bill on the solid white helmet for the jills?Better.Pat the pud on the classic Patriots helmet?Better.The snorting Denver Bronco in the D.The BENGALS on the plain burnt orange was good enough for Greg Cook and it is good enough for me.The friggin Chargers went back to the white helmet with yellow bolt sans numbers under bolt.I think the Tampa Bay Creamsicle orange with Bucco Bruce looks good.The Raiders look like crap no matter what those idiots wear!

Mr Manny , please go back on the banana boat and leave this blog SIR.

Where is our good friend NJ?

Ego maniac. Has to be right or else. Cannot ever be wrong. Now adds "GOD" to his name. Pompous @zzzz,,,He is the intimidator of this blog. Go way and leave us alone sir..

Jets-Green on white.It is a plane it is a bird-it is UNDERTURD.Dump.Do you have your own place to play yet?Gotta love those JETS.The N.Y. The NOT YETS.

Sal , you freaking Ginny Wop ! Go make a pizza pie or some pasta Fazool and leave this blog SIR !

Last Word

Sal , You Guido ! go make a Pizza pie or some pasta Fazool and leave this blog SIR !

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