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The simplest, most direct route to the playoffs

At the risk of saying what is terribly complex is actually quite easy to figure out, I would tell you the Dolphins greatest and best chance of making the playoffs is based on one simple three-part scenario.

If you study the scenario on this YahooSports NFL playoffs scenario generator you will see the Dolphins might find themselve back in Foxboro in a few week for a third meeting against the Patriots if three things happen:

1. The Dolphins win out. They do this, we're on our way. They fail to do this, forget everything. So Miami must beat Houston this weekend and Pittsburgh next weekend. Both are home games. This is doable.

One ominous warning, however: I have found no scenario where the Dolphins make the playoffs at 8-8. If they lose this weekend, or next weekend, they are eliminated from the playoff chase. (I worked the scenario generator for 20 minutes to get to this conclusion. If you find a scenario in which and 8-8 Miami makes it, please post it, but I don't think it exists.) 

There is one scenario where the Dolphins make it at 8-7-1 but that's a reach. The Jaguars, interestingly enough, can make the playoffs at 8-8 under one scenario.

But I digress. Back to the original scenario:

2. The Patriots beat Jacksonville this weekend. This is also quite doable. The Patriots are favored against Jacksonville. They have a better record than Jacksonville. And it's a home game for the Pats.

3. Pittsburgh beat Baltimore this weekend. This one is huge. The Dolphins are currently trailing Baltimore in the tie-breakers. But if Pittsburgh makes the Ravens squack, the tie-breaker reverts to Miami -- assuming two victories by the locals. Obviously the Steelers would be in after this weekend and Miami would still be on the outside. But a Miami victory in the final week of the season -- assumed above -- corrects that issue.

It is also vital that Baltimore loses to Pittsburgh. If the Ravens beat Pittsburgh this week but lose to Oakland next week, they still get in ahead of Miami. This is key.

So there it is. The simplest, most direct route to the playoffs for the Dolphins.

You don't have to worry about the Jets, even if they win their final two games. They would not qualify. You don't have to worry about Denver, even if they win their final two games. They would be the No. 5 seed while Miami picks up the sixth seed.

And you don't have to worry about New England. They would win the AFC East and host the Dolphins.


[I stand corrected, the Dolphins make it at 8-8 assuming they beat Pittsburgh, Jacksonville ends up 7-9 and Baltimore loses to Oakland and Pittsburgh. Unlikely to say the least, but I guess it is remotely possible.]


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the bottom line is the dolphins moved the cellar to the basement .


Ok so if miami wins out and titans win out, and ravens beat pit but lose to oakland...And denver loses both games. And the other 7-7 teams lose at least 1 game. So after all that we'd have a 3 way tie. Ravens 9-7 Titans 9-7 and Miami 9-7. And yahoo says ravens and titans shall advance. But MIAMI has better conference record than TiTANS and i thought head to head didnt apply with 3 team tiebreaker unless u beat both teams. And it gets even weirder if ravens lose to pit but beat oakland which still leaves us with a 3 way tie. Miami gets 5th seed and Ravens get 6th. So im confused someone please EXPLAIN!! And sorry if u r confused after reading this. LoL GO FINS!!

Joe- it is because the Ravens would get the 5 seed and that would only leave 2 teams for the 6 seed on tie breakers

Ravens losing to Pitt but not raiders would help us win 5 seed on 3 team tie breaker and then ravens win 2 team tie breaker over titans

So if we get in as the sixth seed, who will we play?


Okay, this is a hard route, i wish we can have that Buffalo game back, wow that game really hurt our chances, but hey i cant complain, we still have a chance.

Miami vs Houston, just stop Andre Johnson, we got this game, i just believe Miami is much more physical, Miami seems to abandon the run, i say we run the ball down their throat, keep the clock ticking on them.

Steelers vs Baltimore - honestly, dont know what to expect from this game, because both teams play inconsistently. On the other hand it is a division game, and the Steelers looked much better last week. Close game

Miami Vs Steelers - again, the steelers are a hard team to predict, for the most part we play close games against them, but thats when Steelers just like to run the ball, if we can get to Big Ben, we should be good.

All that I can hope for is if Miami shows up to play. I hope we can pull two games. Lets go Miami!

The Big issue here is for the Air breathers NOT to turn the ball over this weekend and next....

In addition to the scenario Indiana posted above there are a few other ways for us to get in at 8-8 with a loss to Houston. I think all depend on the Patsies and Pitt winning this week, Tenn losing at least once, and Jacksonville, Baltimore, and Houston all losing week 17. In this one, Denver can beat Philly (and KC) but the Jets have to win a game! Maybe we'd better just win out . . .

If they dont win the next two, they dont deserve to go..........

The truth is spoken by Cuban Menace.


And speaking of Back Door football-those who want to point the finger at Chad Henne for putting us in a precarious position need to roll back the tape to weeks one thru three and see who and what put us in an 0-3 hole to start the season.

It was Pennington & Brown and thier high flying, 300 total yards per game BACKDOOR wildcat juvenile offense that made all of us look like h0m0s.

Amen PriceMaster .

Not that there's anything wrong with that.........(except you lose games)

Menace sums it perfectly!

cuban, do you have a good recipe for duck .

Chad Henne didn't put us in a hole. Chad Henne took over from the bottom of the hole, hoisted his team, his fans and his people onto his shoulders and made us feel like men again and refuses to quit until he carries us across the finish line.

Amen again PriceMaster

If we did get in to the playoffs, we would have to go on the road vs. The Pats, Ind, and then probably San Diego. All rematches from this year. Sorry guys, just skipping ahead. Back to getting in to the playoffs.

A home game for the Super Bowl, we need a vist from Pat Riley?

Aloco, Yeah, eat pork..........

Don't forget the Mojo, and plantains?

Carlito love BACK DOOR football.

Dying breed like BACK DOOR football too. maybe they can play together.

Gotta big ole fresh pork shoulder with the skin (crackling) for Christmas C.M you said it.

Don't forget the fresh collard greens.

If they dont win the next two, they dont deserve to go..........

Posted by: cuban menace | December 23, 2009 at 05:56 PM

u know i said the same thing for both the buffalo and tennessee game, so far im looking good.

Amen to A roasted pig, Iam unfortunitly going to miss the big bash down at my parents house this christmas,You guys in miami have a safe christmas......

you know guys in italy and france they only pork when the animal is a baby and they cooke after cutting it i 2 halvas and roasted until the skin becomes very dark brown and very crispy ..nice taste .....so farmers the best way to eat pork is to roasted in halvas and must be no older than 5 month old before it gets dirty ..i love this way ,no ham no pork chops 50 cents a pound .

and now at this typical point the blog disintegrates into juvenile drivel as usual from the same children....LOL

You are killin me Aloco, ya cant get em like that at publix. Wish I knew a farmer.


We are lucky to get skin on...

another thing ....find a very young fresh lamb no older than a few month before it gets any on the body and roast the thing , my god ..it's the best when you the young animal and eat it in christmas day .the animal on the table w/fat on it .

this been juila chid ,,bon aptite

w/no fat on it .

My Old man is starting to roast the pig around 7 am, the cuban people celebrate big on christmas eve, will be the 1st time ive missed christmas with my family in all my 38 years, it will be a sad christmas for the menace :(...

And speaking of no ham have y'all seen Leticia lately: White halter top, white cigarette pants, white pumps, and red lipstick. She been woking the bootie lifter at the gym and it is working!

Sorry Getterdone. Merry Christmas to you!

po, google fresh piglets and baby lamb sellers in florida .

Great information!

This makes it easy to know which games to focus on this Sunday, although it sucks because all those games are at 1:00pm EST.

And whoever said that Tennessee needs to lose one as well is right. Because if the Titans and Dolphins are the only 9-7 teams, the Titans win by head to head tie breaker.

Right,No fat A.

Great idea! Never thought bout that!

Kewl no prob....Have a Safe, Merry & Blessed "CHRIST"mas to everyone!

po, when i say no fat i mean it will be tasty without swiming in fat as a result of living in dirt for years

What are you guys talking about now?

They have ruined pork by making it so lean.

Fat give it the taste.

We are off subject Beerdrums sorry bout that.

Ok guys the cuban must head off to work, You all have a safe and wonderful chrismas.......

this roast baby big called.....PORKETTA.....


po, the baby pig will have fat enough to make very happy .you don't a lot of fat to eat .you r human po .

i must go ,it's time for piano lesson .

Human? Some would debate.

Miami wins out, patsies lose last two and we win the Division because of a better conference record. Nuff said.

Merry Christmas and Go Dolphins!!!

Any one watch NFL access tonight and see what Mike Pereira Said about the Greg Camarillo Roughing Call in OT?

Said he would call it "every time"

P.S NFL Replay shows the Phins Titans game tonight



The shortest route would be the Pats lose two and the Dolphins win two. The tie goes in favor of the Fins.

8-8, no playoffs. Get ready for the draft.

I would prefer not to see this team in the playoffs. They are nowhere close to Arizona or the Giants when they made their SB push.

Squeezing into the playoffs only provides something we all know already: an early exit. Unstable teams never do well in the playoffs.

Would love to see Golden Tate or Cody in a Dolphins uniform. Would also love to see Boldin, he is ready to be a Dolphin.

the last thing we need is another rookie without a veteran to school him especially a wr

The Dolphins better start playing their A game immediately. They're going to need to play their best football if they're going to beat Houston and Pittsburg. Neither of those teams is going to hand us the game.

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