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Three key points following the Tennessee loss

NASHVILLE -- Three things stand out from Miami's 27-24 overtime loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

1. The officiating was questionable.

There was the unnecessary roughness penalty on Greg Camarillo in overtime that set up the winning field goal. It looked to me like Camarillo was merely touching down the ballcarrier and didn't spear or hit him. Yet it cost the Dolphins 15 yards.

"I kept asking and really didn't get much," Sparano said. "Only thing I really got was that he was down. I didn't see the play, but that is what they said."

Said Camarillo: "I was told it was a late hit ...  There was no whistle and all his teammates were telling him to get up. I think he was starting to get up. Either get him down or knowck the ball out. Those were my intentions. It is a physical game and it had been a physical game the whole time. That is what they called. That is how it goes."

Jason Taylor also had what appeared to be a fumble recovery. But it wasn't really a fumble recovery because the whistle blew and that's exactly what the officials told Sparano.

"They blew the whistle," the coach said.

2. Chad Henne had another 3-interception game.

Three picks is bad enough for any quarterback on an average offense. For the Dolphins, an offense unable to produce points in droves and easily recover from miscues, three interceptions is a death bell ringing in the distance.

"The last one, I was trying to get it over the defensive lineman," Henne said. "There are excuses, but I am not going to make them. I will just say that I missed the pass and next time I will connect on it."

My take is that Henne would like to tell you his protection up front was spotty and his receivers were inconsistent, but he's not going to do that. He'll take the blame responsibility and move on.

But the fact of the matter is the interceptions were totally on him.

The first one, which he simply threw up as he was being slung to the ground, was a ridiculously terrible decision. On the second one, he locked on to Ricky Williams in the end zone and looked nowhere else on the field. As telegraphs go, Henne did a Western Union on that one.

The final one was simply a bad overthrow.

Interestingly, it could have been worse. Remember that on a third-down, Henne threw a deep pass to Brian Hartline that settled in the grasp of a defensive back. The DB bobbled the interception and Hartline grabbed it for an improbable 57-yard completion. Henne got lucky on that one.

3. The Dolphins are consistent only in being inconsistent.

In my column for Monday's paper I outline for you why the Dolphins are at fault for their own difficult playoff stance. I mean, seriously, this team has tried and failed three times this season to win three consecutive games.

They are hot on offense one drive and anemic the next. Their defense is nowhere to be found in the first half but shows up for the second.

It drives me crazy because you see grand potential one moment and you see a team that seemingly is light years from being effective in the next moment. Sheesh!


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i still don't understand why cam wake and ryan baker don't play more. they are fresh with good motors. we could have gotten early pressure on vince.

I will say the last INT by Henne was a little overthrown, but people fail to point out that Bess was coming out of his turn towards the middle of the field and stumbled, forcing him to catch himself and the ball was where he was supposed to be. Not blaming either person, but in the NFL you throw to a point in the field not when a WR is wide open (unless there's a complete breakdown and the QB finds him while scrambling around)

All in all, the game was disappointment, but there ARE points where Armando says, you find great moments that the Phins look like they are a formidable team and then there are points where they look anemic.

I will say also that Ginn is reverting back to his lackluster play, especially on KR. he runs like he is in quicksand and afraid to get popped. easy enough for me to say sitting at desk, but as a KR you have be fearless and run with purpose, and he does neither. his 17.3 (are you kidding me???) return avg. is very poor and hurts the team for setting up good field position.

The team needs to get a big-time WR to open up the other WRs underneath. when you have no deep threats, the Safeties play up and not worried about getting burned. the reason I also think Henne's INT are little high is because he has to be so accurate with whom he is working with. there's no room for error when you got 3 WRs out to catch and about 5-6 LB and DBs roaming the same area.

Pure and simple, get a big-time WR, get ourselves a Safety (no need to discuss Wilson's ineffectiveness) and get some DL.

I think this team has some potential and look forward to a great year in 2010.

Good column today Mando!

Wasnt the last INT tipped? I am pretty sure it was.


As disappointing as this loss was, I feel it could have been worse, the mere reason I´m writing is because they came back in the game, I was so frustrated in the 3rd quarter I changed the channel but somehow miraculously they came back, but it was just not good enough I agree with you the haul way, What I also feel is there has been very very bad play calling these last few weeks and its starting to bug me enough to say HENNING SUCKS! but you know better right...

Q. What are our chances of reaching the playoffs now?

Q. Is Chad Henne the quaterback of the future?

Q. If we are out, why not lose the two games left?

Exactly how I feel to! I was at the game right at the 50 yard line behind the phins bench....i saw everything you mentioned up close and first hand Sunday! That game was winnable!!!!! We made mistakes! Mistakes! Mistakes! Ricky fumbles while we were driving... Chad throws a pick while we were driving in the end zone to not super tall Ricky in the corner of the end zone? Result... pick!!
Play selection? Bad at times. The refs def one sided and the call on cam at the end bs! I nearly ran on to the field omg BS!

I didn't see a tip but I hope it was it was that bad!!

I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are a team moving in the right direction. We have faced adversity and still show resilience. Losing your starting QB, RB, C, NT, CB, Roth, Martin, and Cobbs would doom any team, but not us. We are still in the fight, still relevant.

It totally sucks that we lost though. Those damn refs really blew it for us. Yes we shot ourselves in the foot a little to often but we still should have won. The refs have had it out for Miami all year. They didn’t respect the Wildcat and thought we were a fad. They didn’t want to see us win.

Next year will be different… Pat White will be potty trained and will stop stinking up the field. The Wildcat or Direct Snap will be back! We will have a true #1 receiver. Our secondary will be complete. And you better believe the defense will be better overall. Plus a way easier schedule. Say good bye Patsies… your time has come… and gone!

The Phins showed a lot of heart getting back into the game. Officiating wise, we ain't getting the calls and haven't for a couple of years. But these things always even out. I want them to go our way when we make a real superbowl run.
Henne ain't perfect. Dan also had his bad years.
It ain't over.
I was disappointed that we lost yesterday. But we came back strong in the 4th quarter on both sides of the ball.
WE are all going to love this team real soon.

The guys did not seem that pumped up to play from what I saw anyway sitting just 20 feet from them..... I saw Jason Taylor try to pump the guys up a couple times but that was it! By the Titans fans sitting in section 112 rows c and d seats 22-24 were all idiots!!!

Were still in it, the best way though is take care of buis. and Denver to lose at Philly next week,(VERY GOOD POSSIBILITY) that creates a log jam of a bunch of 8 and 7's, we play 2 of them, pitt and houston, jax needs to lose to the patsys, tenn has tie breaker over us, but not sure how it plays out w/ us den, and tenn all tied out. ANYONE KNOW???

The media has been EXTREMELY PESSIMISTIC about the Dolphin's Playoff scenario, however it really is fairly realistic with 2 wins.

Essentially there are 3 teams in the way of the wildcard for Miami. DENVER, BALTIMORE, JAX

although there is one scenario where this wouldn't apply (if BALT goes 1-1 in the last two with their loss against OAK), Essentially as long as no more than one of those teams goes 2-0 to finish. The Dolphins get in a 9-7. In other words, if all 3 or 2 of the 3 split their last two, the Dolphins get in at 9-7.

If you want to take a look go to espn's listing for the tie breakers (google it) and it will take a few minutes, but from what I can see, at this point, I like our chances at 9-7

senerio up top, good shot of denver and jax losing, but what about tenn, they have tie over us????? need more info

If pitt beats baltimore, and miami wins out.. then miami will be the 6 seed and probably play new england in the first round.

I agree Mando, this is a very inconsistent team. But they are young, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. The coaching is decent, the personnel is average, and the players' determination is terrific, and all that equals highs and lows. You have great plays followed by horrible ones. That's bound to happen with young talent. Anyone thinking this was our SuperBowl year knows nothing about this team and even less about professional football. We're about where I thought we'd be. I'm glad we were playing for something for at least part of December. Now it's time to retool for the future, because it's very bright for the Miami Dolphins!

Bess fell down on that last I.N.T. Look @ it again.

no pass rush, bad play calling, no threat from the receivers, safety play sucks once again, pat white sucks, ginn sucks, crowder sucks, wilson sucks, 4 turnovers = loss. for the last two games parcell and co. should make it well know that every ones job is on the line. INT'S were not all henne's fault when your best play in the red zone is a pass 15-20 yards down field to a running back you got issues. the front office knew this going into the season and did nothing about it.

Always with the negative waves Moriarty, ALWAYS with the negative waves!

Kelly: Well, what do you think, Oddball?
Oddball: It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.
Big Joe: Hey look, you just keep them Tigers busy and we'll take care of the rest.
Oddball: The only way I got to keep them Tigers busy is to let them shoot HOLES in me!


Crapgame: Hey, Oddball, this is your hour of glory. And you're chickening out!
Oddball: To a New Yorker like you, a hero is some type of weird sandwich, not some nut who takes on three Tigers.
Kelly: Nobody's asking you to be a hero.
Oddball: No? Then YOU sit up in that turret baby.
Kelly: No, because you're gonna be up there, baby, and I'll be right outside showing you which way to go.
Oddball: Yeah?
Kelly: Yeah.
Oddball: Crazy... I mean like, so many positive waves... maybe we can't lose, you're on!

This franchise is a disgrace. Henne is a disgrace. Ricky is a disgrace. Sparano is a disgrace. Parcells is a disgrace. Blow it up and start over. Cleveland and Oakland are finding ways to win now. Us? Oh yes, we suck again!

The officials need to have their "Credit Reports" run for possible big deposits of cash and or high debt. Those guys were so bias it made the entire game questionable. Taylor clearly had that ball and when I go back a replay it with the sound up I heard NO Fing Whistle!

Where we went wrong was when we gave up after the punt to our 2 yard line. When a team is coming back on you like Miami did to Tennessee, you have a tremendous amount of momentum. We should have been passing it and fighting for fieldgoal range with two timeouts in our pocket.

Sure, you may not get it, but put it on your offense. It was a momentum killer.

Bottom Line: 4 Turnovers = LOSS

No excuses. That game was a big one and an egg was laid.

Big Joe: Officials? Where'd the hell the Officials come from?!
Kelly: Well, that's why we have Sporano and his Dolphins.
Big Joe: Does he know about the Officials?
Kelly: Not yet, no.
Big Joe: You bet your sweet ass he doesn't, or he'd be still on that funny-farm of his! He may be nuts, but he's not crazy enough to put Dolphins up against Officials! You know once those things get rolling, they'll blow that whole town to pieces, including us, Kelly!
Kelly: Oh, you're too smart to let that happen, Joe.
Big Joe: Oh, wow...
Kelly: You'll figure us a way in and out of that town, and I know you've got a good head for tactics.
Big Joe: Yeah? And I intend to keep it right here, on my shoulders, Kelly!

I'm kind of torn here. On one front I would like to see us bust out a playoff run, on the other hand I would like to see us put in some of the players that haven't played yet and see what they can do to rate their play for the upcoming year. That way we can focus on setting up the best team possible for next year. I know Henne made some poor decisions however this is a good time for him to learn so he can progress for next year.

What gets me about the Camarillo penalty is the same thing happened in the Eagles/49ers game. The 49ers intercept a pass in the endzone, the defender took a knee, and an eagle player gave the defender a similar type of hit...not a tap, but not a spear.

The Eagles were not penalized.

General Colt (Parcells):[To his coaches] You're the ones supposed to be fightin' this battle, and you don't even know where the hell it IS! Well, I'll tell you where it is! It's thirty miles BEYOND where you THOUGHT it was, Booker!(sporano) Come on, now, let's get this team of mine back in the war!

What we are experiencing with the Fins is growing pains. So unfortunately we'll see this as this team grows/matures together. But I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. How long will it take to get there is the question but we're getting there. Chad is a rookie, receivers are average, ricky williams is a beast though he has butter fingers. It will get better; we need to be patient.

I still believe we can be real good next year or the one following, but frankly I'm getting old waiting. I've been a dolphins fan for a while, since a kid. Also henne lost a lot of credibility with me yesterday

Well, we all knew at the start of the season it was going to be an uphill battle. I'm glad Henne, Davis, Smith, Wake and the rest of youngbloods are getting experience. Hope to see more of the roster these last two games. I also hope they get the last of their (understanable) rookie mistakes out of their system, this year. So next year they can start kicking everyone's ass starting on Game one.

Only 2 things need to happen in addition to winning our last two to make it in. NE must beat Jax and Pitt must beat Balt. If that happens we are in as the 6 seed regardless of anything else. Both Yahoo and ESPN have playoff scenario generators where you can figure this out.

Fever, Great Qoutes from "Kelly's Hero".... Lved the movie..........


Oddball: [looking at aerial pics of the a remaining schedule] Beautiful.
Moriarty: suppose the schedule ain't there?
Oddball: [groans] Don't hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the schedule will be there and it will be there. It's a mother, beautiful schedule, and it's gonna be there. Ok?
Oddball: [Later: Oddball is looking through binoculars at the schedule] Still up!
Oddball: [officials fly over and bomb the schedule] ... No it ain't. See what sending out them negative waves did, Moriarty?
Moriarty: That ain't my fault, Oddball, I've done nothing but have good thoughts about that damn schedule ever since we left!

Observation 4. Gibril Wilson is the worst safety in the league. Seriously, how many blown assignments can we put up with? I'm all for taking risks and trying to make a play, but he needs to stop undercutting every friggin route. And if you're going to do it, you ought to come up with an INT every once in a while.

Miami did very well last year because they played tough defense, didn't turn the ball over, and weren't penalized.

While I'll agree that the officials have shafted us all year (TERRIBLE, game-changing calls against New York, New Orleans, and the Titans just to name a few), the responsibility rests on the team. If you put yourself in a position where one bad call can cost you the game, you didn't REALLY beat the other team.

to be honest i'll live w/the growing pains of a young QB, i like what i see in him. also w/Vonte... i mean he's young now so i'll live w/it. but a very winable game. pick in the red zone was a sure 3 points. throw is so only ricky had a shot. maybe we see no OT, and Heartline, seems to makes plays... and JT's strip of the ball, whistle was blown real early, yea we stood him up and held him up, but the ball was loose too.. let them play!!!

Armando, why didn't that fumble merit a booth review? If it was an early whistle, the replay clearly shows the ball come out while he is still in the air. I can see them saying that the dolphins can't advance the ball after the recovery because the whistle had blown, but clearly it should have been the dolphins ball.



He is learning. On the overtime INT, Pennington does not force it and trusts the defense to get a stop. Henne needs to learn that and he will.

If you thought this team was doing ANYTHING this year you were believing the hype. This is all setting up a run in the next few years.

Be patient...

I mean, really, they were not beating San Diego, Cincinatti, and certainly not Indy.

1-Officials are fans, accept it. At times they make me wonder if they are being paid by someone besides the N.F.L.
2-Henne is a young quarterback with plenty of promise. He does seem to hurry his throws at times, not just on the interceptions. He's going to make mistakes. While I understand the demand for now, we have to keep in mind, he's the future.
3-Inconsistent? Yes. Why? Intensity. It's hard to maintain when the team gets a sack, then gives up a deep touchdown pass on the next play.
The offense gains 30 yards on run off tackle, next play they gain 25 on a pass, then have a turnover the next play. These things will suck the air out of your balloon.

Sheesh indeed my friend... sheesh indeed...

This loss feels like the Buffalo game, one that the Dolphins simply gave away... what a heartbreaker.

The good news... Denver lost to oakland and has to go to philly next week, so they might be the ones leaving the door open for the fins instead of Baltimore who also have a tough game next week at pittsburg

Don't forget the couple ghost defensive holding calls on Solai the Sumo that also really hurt




4 TURN OVERS.............. Enough said...........

Reasons why PAT WHITE start the last game if the Fins are mathematically out of the playoffs after next week.

(1) The Fins would have nothing to lose be doing so (they'd actually move up in the draft order if they lost the last game).

(2) Henne would have nothing to prove by playing a game with no playoff implications.

(3) Henne could avoid getting injured in a meaningless game and being out part of next season.

(4) The Trifecta would have real game film to evaluate White. They'd have more information for making the decision of keeping him or trading him (the game would showcase him for trade purposes).

Tampa PLEASE CHILD., The Pat White and Ted Ginn experience is over, cut both.... PLEASE.....

Pvt. Little Joe: Kelly's even got us safety support.
Big Joe: [facing Kelly] What safety?
Crapgame: [interrupting] Gibril Wilson from the 321st.
Big Joe: [still facing Kelly] Who's in command?
Crapgame: It's a top line outfit, I personally recommend this guy.
Big Joe: [turning to Crapgame] Now you butt out, hustler, the only time you come out of the ground is when you smell a profit.
Crapgame: Oh, yeah, well I'm comin' out now, because Kelly's got the perfect caper.
Big Joe: Sure for you it's a vacation. Six days out of seven you're behind the lines, we're at the broken end of a bottle all the time, so you, BUTT OUT!
[turning back to Kelly]
Big Joe: Who's in command?
Kelly: A guy named Pasqualoni.
Big Joe: Pasqualoni! He's a freak!
Kelly: He's got three Officials all ready to go.
Big Joe: What kind of a guarantee is that? "He's ready to go." He's a nut!
Pvt. Jonesey: Well we're all nuts, or we wouldn't be here!

LOL @ Fever


Henne is the man around here.

I told everyone that I would be happy with a .500 season given the tough schedule, and first time starters. Another season or two and they will be awesome.

Playoffs or no playoffs, this team needs more help and a playoff-less season means a better, higher draft pick. So it's win-win either way. It just sucks to wait another offseason, that's what hurts the most.

Oddball: This secondarys' been modified by our mechanical genius here, Moriarty. Right?
Moriarty: Whatever you say, babe.
Oddball: These cornerbacks are the fastest of any in the European Theater of Operations, forwards or backwards. You see, man, we like to feel we can get out of trouble, quicker than we got into it.
Kelly: [looking skeptical] Got any other secret weapons?
Oddball: Well, yeah, man, you see, like, all the offenses we come up against are bigger and better than ours, so all we can hope to do is, like, scare 'em away, y'know. This safety is an ordinary journyman, but we add this piece of pipe onto it, and the titans think, like, maybe it's a Jack Tatum. We got our own ammunition, it's filled with paint. When we fire it, it makes... pretty pictures. Scares the hell outta people! We have a loudspeaker here, and when we go into battle we play music, very loud. It kind of... calms us down.

Philosiphy & play calling lost this game at the end.Strong OF line with a great back and Ricky don't even touch the ball.Especially after getting a 2 pt conversion from RW.I would have
told my line and my back to bust them up.They was expecting pass in OT cause thats how we got
back in the game so going to the run would have
also added a level of surprise.Not to mention
allowing the big money guys the oppertunity to
win the game.It a shame cause we looked like the
stronger team at the end.


8 - 8, no playoffs...

Unless your team is located in indy,New Orleans or San Diego you lose with that many turn-overs.........

We must address our secondary an get rid of Wilson....nd hope to god Davis and smith start eliminateing the big play cuase it's killin this team

Big Joe: What's happening?
Pat White: Well, the wildcats' broke and they're trying to fix it.
Big Joe: Well, then, why the hell aren't you up there helping them?
Pat White: [chuckles] I only run'em, I don't know what makes 'em work.
Big Joe: Christ!
Pat White: Definitely an antisocial type. Woof, woof, woof! That's my other dog imitation.

Ginns Family: Tennesse? Your behind enemy lines.
Ginn: So they tell me. Everybody round here is very friendly. Look, baby, I'm kinda hung up. I need two hands and a cut move.
Ginns Family: Hey, kid, they haven't got you in the nut ward again?
Ginn: Ah, for cryin' out loud. That's the the stinking, most awful, stupid joke and you're always pullin' that stinking awful stupid joke. You don't want in this thing, you don't get in this thing. I cut you out of everything. I don't need you. Two hands and a cut move, I can get almost anywhere. Schmuck!

I am a big Henne fan, but after his first or second int... the one that he threw while falling down (on the titans side of the field), you could see sparano on the sideline yelling


I can only assume he was saying you never throw in that situation because this is the same thing I was screaming while throwing everthing in my living room that wasn't bolted down.

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