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Three key points following the Tennessee loss

NASHVILLE -- Three things stand out from Miami's 27-24 overtime loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

1. The officiating was questionable.

There was the unnecessary roughness penalty on Greg Camarillo in overtime that set up the winning field goal. It looked to me like Camarillo was merely touching down the ballcarrier and didn't spear or hit him. Yet it cost the Dolphins 15 yards.

"I kept asking and really didn't get much," Sparano said. "Only thing I really got was that he was down. I didn't see the play, but that is what they said."

Said Camarillo: "I was told it was a late hit ...  There was no whistle and all his teammates were telling him to get up. I think he was starting to get up. Either get him down or knowck the ball out. Those were my intentions. It is a physical game and it had been a physical game the whole time. That is what they called. That is how it goes."

Jason Taylor also had what appeared to be a fumble recovery. But it wasn't really a fumble recovery because the whistle blew and that's exactly what the officials told Sparano.

"They blew the whistle," the coach said.

2. Chad Henne had another 3-interception game.

Three picks is bad enough for any quarterback on an average offense. For the Dolphins, an offense unable to produce points in droves and easily recover from miscues, three interceptions is a death bell ringing in the distance.

"The last one, I was trying to get it over the defensive lineman," Henne said. "There are excuses, but I am not going to make them. I will just say that I missed the pass and next time I will connect on it."

My take is that Henne would like to tell you his protection up front was spotty and his receivers were inconsistent, but he's not going to do that. He'll take the blame responsibility and move on.

But the fact of the matter is the interceptions were totally on him.

The first one, which he simply threw up as he was being slung to the ground, was a ridiculously terrible decision. On the second one, he locked on to Ricky Williams in the end zone and looked nowhere else on the field. As telegraphs go, Henne did a Western Union on that one.

The final one was simply a bad overthrow.

Interestingly, it could have been worse. Remember that on a third-down, Henne threw a deep pass to Brian Hartline that settled in the grasp of a defensive back. The DB bobbled the interception and Hartline grabbed it for an improbable 57-yard completion. Henne got lucky on that one.

3. The Dolphins are consistent only in being inconsistent.

In my column for Monday's paper I outline for you why the Dolphins are at fault for their own difficult playoff stance. I mean, seriously, this team has tried and failed three times this season to win three consecutive games.

They are hot on offense one drive and anemic the next. Their defense is nowhere to be found in the first half but shows up for the second.

It drives me crazy because you see grand potential one moment and you see a team that seemingly is light years from being effective in the next moment. Sheesh!


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In the OT drive, we should have run ricky on 1st and 2nd down. This was a huge mistake in my opinion. Had we done so, we would have probably been at worst in a 3rd and short which is where we are #1 in the NFL. Ricky also tends to bust big runs late in games. And finally, the Titans were down not one but two starting linebackers at that point in the game and their defensive end was also hurting badly. We open up the OT running the ball and we win this game and are in the drivers seat for the playoffs.

We have to give our props too our young corners..exspecialy vontAe Davis.he's had a great year but he hasn't had much help.only real help he's had is Cameron wake and yerimiah bell,plus Sean smith has had a ok year so it's not out corners that need help it's the backers and safety (Wilson) that needs alota work

I feel that we're rising in an spiral way, yesterday Henne show his true colors, 3 picks, but he have much room to improvement, he will step up, although he will never be a super star like Marino was, I'm a Henne fan.

Armondo Blog: Look, Mac, you and us? We're just wanna bes', right? We don't even know what this games all about. All we do is we fight and we cry, and for what? We don't get anything out of it. In about a half an hour the whole
AFC Conferance' army gonna be comin' down that road. Why don't you do yourself a great, big fat favor, huh? And get the hell outta here?

Official: I have orders. This playoff spot isn't to fall into the hands of the Miami Dolphins.

Armondo Blog: Official, this playoff spots' not gonna fall into the hands of the Miami Dolphins. It's gonna fall in our hands. You see, we're just a private enterprise operation.

Official: You... the Miami Dolphins!

Armondo Blog: No, baby, we ain't.

"We open up the OT running the ball and we win this game and are in the drivers seat for the playoffs".

This theory can never be proven as true. A couple runs could just as easily brought negative yardage and placed the offense in a deeper hole than 3rd and 6. Ricky could have also been caught reaching for his dime bag again during the middle of a run. I'm not convinced running would have made the difference. And we'll never know will we..

Big Joe: ...There's no playoffs, there's no broads, there's no action!
Captain Maitland: That's another thing - don't fool around with the women. Their husbands carry guns. And don't forget, the penalty for looting is death.
Big Joe: Loot what? There's nothing here to loot!

Mando: The inconcistencies you talk about are just a result of being a young team, this will pass.

Anyone saying, we should have come out running in overtime was not watching the first half. The reason we got into that hole is becuase we played into Tennessee's hands. They are goos stopping the run but really suck against the pass. We only got back into the game when they started really airing it out. It was the best chance for them to win, just unfortunate that Henne made the fatal mistake but with the way Ricky's been fumbling, it could just as easily been him.

Hey Fire Everybody,

You are a disgrace! Don’t come here talking crap about my team. Nobody likes you, including your mother who tried to suffocate you. Your brain damaged buffoon.

This franchise is in the best place it has been in a very long time. We are young, big, and talented; ready to explode on to the scene next year. When was the last time we had back to back great 1st round draft picks? When was the last time we won the division? Cleveland and Oakland? Are you serious?

Quite frankly, you are an idiot and a disgrace to all Miami fans.

Dolphin Disciple


Pure genius on Pat White. You are so right! I love the insight, thanks

Oddball: Who is that guy, Crapgame?

Crapgame: Him? Name's Pasqualoni. Used to be a Coach, pretty good one, too, till they gave him orders to attack the A gap. Wiped out a half a company of Orangemen. Somebody had to get the blame and he got picked.

Crapgame: [Crapgame finds a playoff spot in tennessee] Hey! I found one!
Big Joe: What kind is it?
Crapgame: The kind that blows up! How the Hell do I know what kind it is?

Crapgame: [Muttering in Tennessee] Coulda been in the playoffs playing ping-pong; volleyball... Plenty of broads... Who the hell needs all this? Gonna get my knife & get the hell outta here. Eaaa, lousy equipment! Now I gotta lift up this CANNON; carry it all the way to the front line someplace. Damned thing is heavier that Parcells' burgers!

There is no reason to get too down about this game. Ya there was some sloppy play and we had our opportunities to win this thing but we were also down by 18 points at the start of the 4th quater and didn't quit. We were playing on the road against a pretty good team with a couple of special players on it. This team is moving in the right direction and quite frankly is a better team than the one that won the division last year.

Three things....

I agree with posters above that say that IF the Dolphins win their last two games at home they have a good shot to make playoffs as Baltimore at Pittsburgh and Tennessee at San Diego and Jacksonville at New England and Denver at Philly all look favorable to us ON PAPER ANYWAY...That's good.

Henne cost us the game with the OT interception and that's the fact, but guys like Greg Cote who have been clamoring for him to play for the last two years and are now writing columns ripping him are hypocrites...You wanted Henne Cote, and this is what you get, growing pains.

The officials always screw the Dolphins and for one reason: they want to protect Bob Kraft and the Patriots. Patriots threatening to go down in a close game, refs make up calls to help Pats win. Dolphins threatening to win division and knock lady Brady and the Patriots out of the Playoffs, refs screw Dolphins like they did yesterday. It's been going on since 1996 when the Patriots were bought by Kraft and I can go game by game of Dolphins vs. Patriots( even in games Dolphins won) where calls were amde up to screw Dolphins. Kraft runs the NFL for the most part as they all run to him for advice about everything the league does. The refs love to get the Dolphins because it helps the Patriots. The only time the Patriots don't get the calls is when they play a New York team like the Giants in the Super Bowl two years ago, and then they get no calls, because everybody who works for the league office lives in New York, and they have to live with Giants and Jets executives and socialize with them in the offseason, so the Patriots actually have to go out and beat the Giants and Jets instead of relying on help from the officials. New York trumps everybody, but Kraft trumps everybody else. Anyone who wants to deny this is naive and a moron. When something has been going on for 13 years since Shula retired, it's not just "human error".....That said, Dolphins lost the game yesterday by their mistakes, but refs made sure they didn't get out of their coffin....just the way Bob Kraft like it....

Great points Coach Shula!

Did you know Bob Kraft was the second shooter that killed JFK too?

Ok, I know it's very unlikely to happen but here is what I think Miami's playoff scenario will be. The given here is that Miami wins their two remaining games. It's simple for the division just need NE to lose their final two (Jax,at Hou). That could happen. Especially if NE goes into the final game needing to win a shootout in Houston. Houston doesn't play well on the road so I think we can win that one. Now for the wildcard.

Let's assume Pit beats Baltimore, Phily beats Den, and NE beats Jax. They should all be slightly favored. Then say Baltimore beats Oakland and Den beats KC in week 17. Again they'll be favored. That would leave Baltimore, Denver, Miami and possibly the Jets and or Tennessee at 9-7. Pit and Houston are out because we've eliminated them in weeks 16-17. Tennessee would be out with a worse conference record. The Jets would be out because we've swept them in the division. That leaves 3 teams for 2 spots.

Three or More Clubs
(Note: If two clubs remain tied after third or other clubs are eliminated, tie breaker reverts to step 1 of applicable two-club format.)
1. Apply division tie breaker to eliminate all but the highest ranked club in each division prior to proceeding to step 2. -that eliminates the Jets and either Jacksonville or Tennessee if they are tied.

2. Head-to-head sweep. (Applicable only if one club has defeated each of the others or if one club has lost to each of the others.) - N/A

3. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference. Baltimore 7-5,Denver 7-5,Miami 7-5 PUSH

4. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games, minimum of four. Baltimore 2-3 (SD,NE,Indy,Pit) Denver 2-3 (NE,SD,Pit,Indy) and Miami 2-3 PUSH

5. Strength of victory. - huh? They don't say how that is calculated but it could be the ultimate tie-breaker. ???

6. Strength of schedule. - Didn't Miami have the toughest schedule in the NFL this year?

So you want to root for:
Pittsbugh over Baltimore (this one's key)
Phily over Denver (so is this one)
NE over Jax (pick your poison with this one as a Jax win could open up the division title)

Let's acknowledge the following:

It is a GOOD thing that Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are getting so much work so early.

It is a GOOD thing that they play with so much confidence.

It is a GOOD thing that hopes are so high for them, and they may truly one day be veritable "shut down corners" for the Dolphins.

But RIGHT NOW, they are below average cornerbacks who give up far too many big plays. I hear nothing but positive things about them, but unless you're speaking about the future, then you're talking through your soiled bottom.

Coach Shula......Awesome !

It could happen Chris.We shot ourselves in the foot yesterday;there's no denying that....but we stood our ground and fought back and I commend our troops for that. Yesterday I was mad as a hornet,but now I still believe in what direction the Dolphins are headed.We are gonna take over the AFC East next year.We are headed up and the Patsies are going down.

This year's not over just yet but the future is bright. Next year we'll play the NFC North and AFC North. That should provide two or three gimmies (Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago maybe) instead of just one (Tampa). And a couple 2nd place teams instead of 1st place teams for the other games. That coupled with the Pats getting a year older and Miami's young guys getting a year more experienced looks encouraging.

Right now I'd say the AFC East for 2010 and beyond is up for grabs between Maimi, the Jets and NE. And if we can get a top flite WR, couple upgrades on the D-line and at LB I'd say we're the favorites. Oh, and a little safety help wouldn't hurt. Maybe a capable backup QB.

I live in Arizona now and hope Miami takes a run at Boldin. He's tough and not a prima-dona. And it's unlikely Parcells will draft a WR highly anyway. His price tag might be too high but we'll see.

Right on Chris.Boldin would solve a lot of problems....plus he wants to play here.

Yesterday was terrible, but think about it, do u think the fins wldve had even a 1% chance of even tieing up that game a cpl of years ago? Yes Henne is throwing those killer ints, but it's best to get those out of the way BEFORE they actually become legitimate contender, now I love the fins, but u have to be realistic, yes they're a good team, but that's it, they are still only 2 years removed from 1 - 15, they've made tremendous strides, and even peter king said it, the morehr sees henne he likes him, and I agree with him, because I wld take henne over n e other qb we've had since Marino got out, and that's including CP

hello my dear friends lollllllllllllll



I still love this team. If Wannstedt, or Cameron were coaching this group we would have been blown out. Keep progressing and add more pieces next year.

we should be putting more pressure on the qb but our best pass rushers are always on the bench. they are cam wake, ryan baker(according to starks) and jason taylor. jt is the active nfl sacks leader who comes out on passing plays! go figure.

Great entry Mondo - especially the 3rd point - it perfectly summed up my frustrations during the game with our season/team.

The fate of this team in 2010 is going to rest in the arms, and head, of Chad Henne.

Either he "gets it" and stops making mistakes, or not.

Would Brady or Peyton or Aaron Rogers or Brees throw that many picks yesterday? Those are high standards but that's what separates good teams from the very good or great. A great QB.


Peyton Manning 3-13 his first season starting

Chad Henne 7-4 so far

Would Brady or Peyton or Aaron Rogers or Brees throw that many picks yesterday? Those are high standards but that's what separates good teams from the very good or great. A great QB.

Posted by: MJZ | December 21, 2009 at 02:28 PM

of course they wouldn't....but if you remember correctly, Peyton's 1st year he threw a ton of picks...Rodgers was just as hot and cold his first year and Brady's first year he was a game manager...to compare those QB's yesterday and Henne yesterday is retarded...they've got how many carrer starts next to Henne's 11? come on....if you expect him to be "great" in 11 starts, you're unrealistic...and remember our boy Danny had some boneheaded throws in crunch time too

"I kept asking and really didn't get much," Sparano said. "Only thing I really got was that he was down. I didn't see the play, but that is what they said."

I didn't see the play?!?!?!?
Um, hey coach...exactly what ARE ya watchin' out there???

Coach Shula---excellent stuff!! A refreshing dose of the truth, & some keen insight into the pro-Patriot/Bob Kraft tilt of this league.

And that tilt extends to espn & nfl net too! Can you imagine the hours of coverage & analysis if Welker had been called for the same action as Camarillo, or Willfork called for two critical, phantom defensive holding calls like Soliai was, in a key game. The fins.....its a footnote to coverage.

Is anyone else finding it hard to focus at work due to depression from our missed opportunities?

Our offense moved the ball on virtually every possession Sunday. Three turnovers we had were deep (real deep on two of the three) into Tennessee territory.

Vontae needs to improve, and I trust he will. He fell down on one TD pass he was burned on, had he not tripped over his own feet, he probably would have had a pick, instead of a giving up the TD.

There is blame to go around on offense, defense, S.T., and coaching. But what we do have is a good nucleus of guys to continue into Parcels third year of rebuilding this program. From my perspective, we are on target to make a run starting in 2010 and beyond. Let's not forget in 2007 we one just one football game and we were the laughing stock of the NFL, today we are respectable, and building with momentum.

BTW Armando, I hate to sound like a sore loser, but that call against Camarillo was really really horrible....under the circumstances the game was in, to make that call was just ridiculous. Whoever made that call needs to be held accountable, because it is calls like that which make people sometimes think the games are fixed. The Titans one the game on that single lousy call.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"3. The Dolphins are consistent only in being inconsistent."

1 - The Dolphins Consistently drive me to drinking hard liquor and having to come up with bail money.

2 - The Dolphins Consistently give the ball to Ted Ginn who then drives me to drinking hard liquor and having to come up with bail money.

3 - The Dolphins Consistently force me to go to the pawn shop for replacement TV's

4 - The Dolphins Consistently bring me to near heart attack every Sunday.

Anywhoo Dolphins football, near heart attack, hard liquor, bail money, trip to the pawn shop.

Thats Consistent in my book.

Soiled :)

P.S. If anyone wants to watch the game at my house I'll empty the ash treys and push the empty bottles out of the way....just remember to bring enough money to make bail.

really, how can one even compare Henne to Brady, Peyton, Rodgers or Brees, thats really dumb. i'm not saying Henne would light up the score board but what if he had the receivers those guys have...moss?? colston??? waynne??? welker??? driver??? jennings??? come on MJZ

TampaFin.... Henne's team to QB... not White's. Henne needs all the time he can get to play. White was a wasted pick... no offense to white. good player

You can certainly compare Henne to those guys...they have all had multiple intercept games, Favre for sure has had several 5 interception games. Brady, Peyton, Brees have all had 4 interception games. Samething with Marino. It happens people. Wake up.
Henne is fine, and will be here for a long time to come unless he throws picks like that every game. But when you defense puts you in a whole and you have to throw 40 times, you run this risk.
I still think that the officials played a big role in that loss too, and no one will hold them accountable inside the NFL.

Too many turnovers killed us folks. Plain and simple.

this team perhaps, has more grit than talent. I appreciate their tougness, However I am frustrated with the phrase that I have had to repeat for over 20 years now.."maybe next year." Damn it!!!!

JR agree with ya. I hate that damn phrase every year. Every damn team can say that except for the winner of the Super Bowl.

Ppl, seriously this team is not ready to go to the postseason. they do not have the team or the talent to win three road games let alone against stiffer competition, WE ARE 2-5 against playoff contending teams(no i dont count the jets). This team would be a quick one and done. Lets get over this playoff scenerio bs and start concentrating on the offseason and on hopefully finishing this season strong and building a better foundation for 2010.

thanks for giving me another reason to hate you pile on us real fans when times are rough u pathetic loser!!!!!!!!!!


Who are you talking to?

Well folks, another season down the drain. Really hope Parcells comes down from his ivory tower soon.

This team is NOT progressing and some of his personnel choices (players and coaches) have not worked out. Changes need to be made. Parcells needs to understand if he doesn't make them, Ross will.

Remember the other definition of NFL?

I can only assume he was saying you never throw in that situation because this is the same thing I was screaming while throwing everthing in my living room that wasn't bolted down.

Posted by: carlito from golfito | December 21, 2009 at 10:41 AM

This would have been a funny sight to see a little monkey (Carlito) throwing stuff around. He hurts himself while picking up the remote to throw. Pobrecito monito

Miami still has a very realistic chance at making the playoffs and its not that complicated. First and foremost they need to win the last two games. Here's how:
For the division: NE loses out and we win out. This is not out of the question. NE has not been sharp and JAX and HOU can both beat them.

For the wild card: We win out and denver loses out and JAX loses 1 of 2. Thats it. We'll have to take care of houston and Pittsburgh so we'll be ahead record wise. Tennesee will need to lose 1 of 2 which will prob happen next week to san diego (very likely), especially with bulluck and thornton out for the year.

The only hard part is denver losing out. Philly will beat them next week. Then they are at home for kansas city. Hopefully KC plays them hard in a divisional game in the spoiler role. Denver would have to lose two because, if we tie with them record wise, it would take the 4th tiebreaker to break the tie and that is strength of victory. To take that from them we would have to outscore our opponents by a combined 67 points to catch their current total. Thats assuming they either dont win or lose one and tie, which would give us the wild card n e way if they were to lose and tie. So, ipso facto, they need to lose out. See, not that complicated without the explanation. Just know if, NE loses out, we bget division. If JAX loses 1 and DEN loses 2 and we win out, we win the wildcard.

Dolphin Disciple,

Well said.

To bad Mom was not more Adept at strangling her spawn.


Are you kidding me? This team is progressing and is better than last years team, even thought the record is worse. This team has endured injuries to its best players and the hardest schedule in the league and has been able to stay in the playoff hunt through december. This team is not even 2 years removed from 1-15 and is looking at back to back winning seasons and a slim possibility of making the playoffs in back to back years.

Not progressing??? The young guys are getting valuable experience and even shining at times... This team is a couple pieces away from being special and will be a force in 2010... Even a monkey could see this ;)

On another point,

The Refs have screwed us all year long this much it true And undeniable(see SI).

Holding on a NT(Thrown 40 Yrds away)? Give me an fu*kin break. Not to mention the JT Strip.

Piss on NFL Refs!

Po White Trash,

Yeah! Lets go to the mall and stomp out the first person we see in black and white shirt!

Got my boots on!

Steel toe!

We can find some at foot locker!

Put Clemons in coach, please... the Gerbil has been burned beyond recognition

Yes!!!!!! Footlocker refs!!!!!! sick em!!!!!

I would say I would bring my pit bull but he is gentle as a lamb and wouldn't even bite a burglar if he was made of filet mignon!

Pit bull puppies are THE BEST!


1) he's been given the keys to the offense since the Patriots game (no Wild Cat no gimmicks), and overall he has been up to the task
2) 3 INTs yesterday were not good, but the guy is still a rookie. For me, the true game-changer was Ricky's fumble. Inexcusable for a veteran team leader coming from a 3 fumble game.

1) he's a very creative play-caller, and a reason why we've had good results with little offensive talent over the last 2 years
2) But at times he tries to be to smart, and I think a young team like ours needs an OC who's not going to call 2 running plays in a row with under 1 miunute to play when we need 7 points. We need a down to earth guy.

1) 2nd week in a row (after the pass to Holt) that he gets beaten over the top. Does he know how to play FS
2) The guy can't tackle and can't cover. He'll be released/traded I hope.

- 7-7 with rookies at QB and both CB's, after an O-3 start and with the toughest schedule in the NFL: that's a B+ grade in my book
- add RB to the positions that must be upgraded next year, with fragile Brown and butterfingers Ricjy one year older
- playoffs are out of reach. Think draft already: WR, NT, LB, RB are priorities in that order.

This was the first game in a while Pat White has been used, maybe it through off Henne's rhythm?

hello my dear friends lollllllllllllll



Posted by: GOpats | December 21, 2009 at 01:53 PM

Comeback player my ass, yea u guys might win the DIV now, so i hope u enjoy one extra week of football in JAN cuz thats all the pats r getting this year, then ur OFFICIAL offseason will begin with brady tryin to figure out what to call his kid, bill belecheat getting migraine headaches of what could've been and randy moss's powt-mobile-express all offseason long.

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