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Three key points following the Tennessee loss

NASHVILLE -- Three things stand out from Miami's 27-24 overtime loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

1. The officiating was questionable.

There was the unnecessary roughness penalty on Greg Camarillo in overtime that set up the winning field goal. It looked to me like Camarillo was merely touching down the ballcarrier and didn't spear or hit him. Yet it cost the Dolphins 15 yards.

"I kept asking and really didn't get much," Sparano said. "Only thing I really got was that he was down. I didn't see the play, but that is what they said."

Said Camarillo: "I was told it was a late hit ...  There was no whistle and all his teammates were telling him to get up. I think he was starting to get up. Either get him down or knowck the ball out. Those were my intentions. It is a physical game and it had been a physical game the whole time. That is what they called. That is how it goes."

Jason Taylor also had what appeared to be a fumble recovery. But it wasn't really a fumble recovery because the whistle blew and that's exactly what the officials told Sparano.

"They blew the whistle," the coach said.

2. Chad Henne had another 3-interception game.

Three picks is bad enough for any quarterback on an average offense. For the Dolphins, an offense unable to produce points in droves and easily recover from miscues, three interceptions is a death bell ringing in the distance.

"The last one, I was trying to get it over the defensive lineman," Henne said. "There are excuses, but I am not going to make them. I will just say that I missed the pass and next time I will connect on it."

My take is that Henne would like to tell you his protection up front was spotty and his receivers were inconsistent, but he's not going to do that. He'll take the blame responsibility and move on.

But the fact of the matter is the interceptions were totally on him.

The first one, which he simply threw up as he was being slung to the ground, was a ridiculously terrible decision. On the second one, he locked on to Ricky Williams in the end zone and looked nowhere else on the field. As telegraphs go, Henne did a Western Union on that one.

The final one was simply a bad overthrow.

Interestingly, it could have been worse. Remember that on a third-down, Henne threw a deep pass to Brian Hartline that settled in the grasp of a defensive back. The DB bobbled the interception and Hartline grabbed it for an improbable 57-yard completion. Henne got lucky on that one.

3. The Dolphins are consistent only in being inconsistent.

In my column for Monday's paper I outline for you why the Dolphins are at fault for their own difficult playoff stance. I mean, seriously, this team has tried and failed three times this season to win three consecutive games.

They are hot on offense one drive and anemic the next. Their defense is nowhere to be found in the first half but shows up for the second.

It drives me crazy because you see grand potential one moment and you see a team that seemingly is light years from being effective in the next moment. Sheesh!


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Cocoablow is smoking X-Mas crack early...WQAM had a whole show today about how this team is better then last year...every point was valid and right on the money...best if u just stopped watching the Dolphins Joe and pick another wagon to jump on, it's so called fans like you that makes a'sholes like Tortured Dolphin respectable... At least we know he hates the fins, u pretend u like then and then sound like a big crybaby each and every week...This team lost there starting QB, running back, dt, started two rookie corners and have been competitive in almost every game with the toughest scedule in the league...1 + 1 = 2 Joey, FAKE FAN

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Carlito and crew do not want others to express their opinions like "our team is not there yet" or "Dolphins not playoff cailber" They hate these people who think likes realists. They want you to believe the Phins of today can beat all powerful teams in past including the 72 fins. They bash other realists like Joe, Cocoa and many others for being free thinkers.

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Posted by: Dolphin Disciple | December 21, 2009 at 10:23 PM

What do you call this response? eeeh Dolphin Dsiciple

Posted by: Mr. Roarke | December 21, 2009 at 10:53 PM

I was responding to Carlito and Pos reference to the refs game calling.

wow, i am a fan outraged by poor refereeing. i was replying to someone’s post. Didn’t realize my fellow brethren were such @ssholezz


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The refs at Sundays game were treated to tickets to Dollywood Christmas Extravagana for their loyal service to the people of Tennesee!

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Go Dolphins! Even in a painful loss, it was valiant effort to tie the game and go to OT. The season is not over.

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Mando hit the nail on the head with this one. Especially in the last paragraph.

wow, i am a fan outraged by poor refereeing. i was replying to someone’s post. Didn’t realize my fellow brethren were such @ssholezz

Posted by: Dolphin Disciple | December 21, 2009 at 11:20 PM

I guess I misunderstood what you said. Dont insult me...I could have called you an @zz as well. Dont insult Mano, he knows not what he does.

gheydar is not carlito. It is dying breed, doing a pretty good job of posting as carlito/gheydar. But not good enough to fool your sensei. Keep practicing dying breed,

Another heart breaker
Keep in perspective that the Dolphins are not out of the hunt. Yes they need some help and they need to win out but this team is close. They win last two games and get some help from the Ravens or Broncos and Jaguars things change in a hurry in the NFL.
But regardless if we make the playoffs this year we are on the right path and prosperity and playoff wins are not far away at all!

Inconsistent play all year has affected the Dolphins yet they sit at 7-7 and with a chance to have another winning season since being crowned the laughing stock of the league two years ago. Its coming up on the two year anniversary since the Dolphins hired the Big Tuna-two years!
Reflection: The Dolphins loss was a team loss and as much as people want to blame Henne for throwing three int's-Ricky Williams fumbled and Dan Carpentar missed a FG. Defense gave up some big plays but two of Vince Youngs three td throws where right on the money and nothing you can do as coverage was good.
Yes Henne made the biggest mistake of all in OT but that 15 yard penalty was a HORRIBLE call I mean HORRIBLE!X So we played the Titans and had to beat them and the refs.
But the main thing and reason why we lost is that we are young and transitioning rookie and second year players from old veterans in key positions. Especially at the most important position of all QB-Henne's position and I have seen the future and he wears the number 7 jersey. He was a few plays away from doing the impropable a come back on the road down by 18 points. This loss is hard to take but I love the foundation and the direction we are on. Henne will be back next week and I bet if hes in a similar situation, marching his team to another comeback-he will come through in the clutch this time and those three int's are learing lessons. This is essentially his red shirt rookie year and next year hes gonna be even better regardless if the Trifecta add another wide out or not. I mean LOOK at what hes doing with our rag tag team of wr-thats something to keep in perspective.
Another position thats ohh soo important is the conerback position. And you saw the best of times and the worst of times in Vontae Davis all in one game. He had a int early on but got beat by Justin Gage for two td's but like I said he was there-the throw was perfect on those two td's. Young just fkn dropped dimes out there and I dont like young but he did he just put them right on the money on those two plays. Davis was resilient in the fourth quarter and had a bated ball and very good coverage all fourth quarter. Which helped the Dolphins get off the field and let the Offense lead a comeback. Sean Smith is a little more behind than Davis and got burned by Nate Washington for a td, and he was a few steps away and had bad technique. Thats the difference in the two when it comes to coverage also Davis isnt undercuting the throw as he once was earlier in the season. But these guys have grown as the year has gone on-looking ahead these two will be the even better next year and make a run for best cb tandem in the afc.

What is noticable is that these first and second year players are getting better game by game and soon season by season when the transition of old and new is deemed finished by the Trifecta we still might have a few more growing pains but the foundation would have been laid out so that comebacks like the ones the Dolphins lost to the Titans and losses to great teams like the Saints, Colts and Boltz will not be insurmountable but Victory shall be sustained by this foundation of young players who are very hungry. The foundation is there and we may still make it to the playoffs either way the trifecta has us the Dolphins on the path to bigger and better things and remember not one of them includes a Diva WR.

OMg didnt realize I wrote a novel sorry guys
sorry typos good nite Dolphins nation sleep tight tomorrow is another day and the Dolphins will be back!

ok 4life it's better than the other stuff.Nice post

Henne does not suck!! He's a rookie knuckleheads what do you expect? Compare him to the other rookie in the afc east starting at week 4 (when Henne became the starter).

Mark Sanchez 4 - 7 record with 1840 yards. 8 TD's and 18 int.

Chad Henne 7 - 4 record with 2324 yards. 10 ts and 11 int.

CMON MAN!! give him time and some receivers before you start saying he sucks.

I think everyone forgets that we are team in transition. Because I. Our first year of rebuilding we won the division, and the wildcat sprang life into he team. Personally as a 2nd year rookie starter Henne is doing an awesome job. He's no Marino but he wasn't drafted to be either, he was a QB that needed to mature into our franchise QB, we have to give him his first year. If the defense was consistant and we had some receivers other than Hartline (getting better every game). We would be in a better spot, all in all for a rebuilding franchise.... I'm excited.

The Buffalo loss & the Tenny loss have soured my Christmas immensely.

Can't really enjoy the Season knowing how close we were.



I am sorry ARMANDO but you always look at the dark side ,can you say something positive, it look to me that you only write to explain something negative from my dolphins can you go to new england we trade you for BILLIS/'*&&^^.

The dolphines are the best team in the whole NFL and in the afc no team can really mess with us and we might loose this year but next year we will win it all and people going to be crying like girls,all the real fans will have there crown next year and don't sleep on this year it's not over yet,fins fan for ever,love and don't hate on the best team in the world

Manning was an interception MACHINE for 3 years... Brett Favre was and still is one... I watched Dan Marino's entire career from a good vantage point... he through some int's that would drive you batty. If a team is going to throw the football... there are going to be interceptions... the question and the thing to work on is "How many does he throw"? and "At what point do you pull him out of a game"? should he throw more than 2?

Getting past the mood swings with individual games is just one of those things. The reality is that we have a good team with solid talents in most areas who has lost several starters, is beaten up and has some gaps but who is also young, incredibly resilient and determined, has innovative play-calling and will be fine in the future. Needs some luck and breaks to have a chance this year. But with a good draft producing a leading WR, a better safety, a TE who can reliably catch, and filling out some aging or injured positions this team, who played near even with Indianapolis and the Colts, can be dominant. Things are not perfect now but in the last couple of years they are headed in the right direction for the first time since Marino left.

I can tell you one thing Ted does not like getting hit instead of getting more yards he runs out of bounce were paying him to much

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