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Christmas wishes for the Miami Dolphins

'Tis Christmas eve. On this night, Cubans celebrate Noche Buena, which translated means Good Night. It is the night we believe Mary and Joseph settled in to the manger at the Inn and prepared for the birth of baby Jesus, who is the Christ.

It is a time for glad tidings and festive wishes. We also eat a lot and I plan to do much damage at my in-laws' house. Tomorrow we'll have Christmas dinner at my house. I hope yours is a joyous holiday.

Meanwhile, these are my Christmas wishes for the Miami Dolphins and Dolfans everywhere:

A week of open practices so I can judge for myself how much or how little Pat Turner is progressing.

More screen passes. Remember those?

Better touch passing for Chad Henne.

Better accuracy for Chad Henne.

Better protection for Chad Henne.

Better weapons around Chad Henne.

More of Jason Taylor on passing downs.

Less of Joey Porter on run downs.

Fewer sideline patterns for Ted Ginn. He finds the sideline often enough as is.

More recevier screens with Greg Camaillo running hard for six yards.

A shovel pass every once in a while.

A Pat White completed pass every once in a while.

A Gibril Wilson intercepted pass every once in a while.

A Nathan Jones corner blitz. Remember those?

More tackles for Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele at the line of scrimmage.

Fewer tackles for Yeremiah Bell five yards from the line of scrimmage.

Stability on the offensive line.

An offseason shakeup at WR.

An impact play or two for Kendall Langford.

Double-digit sacks for Randy Starks.

That Pro Bowl berth that follows double-digit sacks for Starks.

More playing time for Brian Hartline.

Fewer fumbles for Davone Bess, who leads the team with six.

A tight end that can eat up the seam route and catch the ball between a linebacker and safety.

A tight end that makes the other team's safeties seem overmatched.

A wide receiver that averages 16 yards per reception.

The same receiver having 82 receptions. (Do the math).

The death of the Orange Carpet.

The rebirth of the Flipper tank.

Cheerleader calendars that aren't rated R.

National anthems sung loud and proud at every game.

Military flyovers at every game.

Victory for the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not a tie. Not a respectful retreat. Victory!

Peace in everyone's heart.

More Miami players that talk the talk ...

... and then walk the walk.

Visiting Jets fans that know when to shut up.

Jets teams that aren't pompous ... even after getting swept.

A rematch with the Patriots ... in this year's playoffs.

A chance to avenge this season's 31-14 loss to Buffalo ... by playing the Bills in next season's AFC title game.

A speedy recovery for Ronnie Brown.

And Jason Ferguson.

And Patrick Cobbs.

And Chad Pennington.

And Will Allen.

All the privacy Ricky Williams so covets ... after he retires.

More attention and appreciation for Tony Sparano, because it's not all about Bill Parcells.

More time for Parcells in that darkened film room, because he loves it there.

More time for Parcells in that white bright afterglow of a Super Bowl victory, because he loves it there even more.

And finally, one request for myself: A sign from Heaven that my mom and dad are pleased with me and are waiting to see me up there some day.

Merry Christmas, my friends.


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Great list Mando! All bases are covered brother. Have a great Christmas and be ready to rumble after you get back.


And a Merry Christmas to you and yours, Armando! I am fortunate enough that my mom and dad are still on this earth, but I have no dounbt that yours, like mine, will be pleased with you as long as you are pleased with you. All they really want is for you to be happy.

Please accept a heart-felt thank you from me for all you do to keep us Dolfans in the loop, and I hope you enjoy this Christmas with friends and family.

Merry Christmas Phin Phans. May you all be able to enjoy your holiday and look forward to beating Texas Sunday. God Bless.

Nice post Mando^^

The only thing is... playing the Bills in next years AFC title game? Come on now... haha

Merry Christmas Armando- Thanks for all of your insight and hard work- It is appreciated whether we show it or not.

Oh yeah- Eff the Jets!!

Armando , wishing you and your Family a very merry christmas. FELIZ NAVIDAD !!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

To all the regulars and the rest of the Dolphin fans out there , wishing you and your families a very merry christmas , GOD BLESS !!

Forced fumbled!! More forced fumbles!

I like to imagine little baby jesus wearing his miami dolphins t shirt.

that was the most stupid post ive ever read i hope santa gets your cowboy jacket for x-mas

im always talking to mando njphinfan

Merry Christmas PhinFans! Give God The Glory!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL IN PHINS NATION AND THE TROOPS AROUND THE WORLD!!! Mando, u left off the dolphins winning the SUPER BOWL this year

"Cheerleader calendars that aren't rated R."

Why do you hate America, Armando?

Seriously, Have a Happy & Healthy!

Mando. I agree with you. No more cheerleader calenders that are rated R. Let's get them Rated X. Even better XXX. PLEEEEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!? I'll buy a few hundred copies.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Ace , Po and Mark from toronto. I got your Christmas wishes on the previous blog. Thanks. To you and yours a merry christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and Armando forgot the super bowl win, Go Dolphins,

sweet baby jesus...

merry christmas everyone...

lets hope for that 3rd game vs Pats in wildcard week

The NFL has fined Greg Camarillo $5000 for his "unnecessary roughness" penalty... Even though this is something a scrooge would do on christmas eve, it does not mean that bs call was right

agree with you carlito. Those responsible for the fine should be visited by three spirits tonight. Maybe one of the spirits can be ALoco. LOL

LOL Ace, the ghost of christmas meatballs past

Feliz Noche Buena and a Merry Christmas to all. We'll continue the fight on Sunday. God bless all Dolfans!!



To All the crazy guys on this Blog(and you guys know who you are) Have a safe and PHINTASTIC holiday season.........You to NJ......

God Bless Fin Fans Everywhere!
Merry Christmas!

If you were my son I would be proud of you. I'm sure your parents are smiling. You have the strength of your convictions. God bless you and yours.

From southern California happy holidays and merry Christmas. Here's to success to all on and off the field.

Merry Christmas Mando.

best x-mas wishes and cheer to all dolphin fans and bloggers from frozen snow covered, lovely, northeast oh. enjoy all!

my xmas wish that the ravens beat the steelers the pats beat the jags eagles beat the broncos and of course the dolphins win out over texans and the hated steelers=PLAYOFFS PLAYOFFS PLAYOFFS FOR THE MIAMI DOLPHINS!

oops too much egg nogg i mean the steelers over the ravens lol

big play wr and lb that can play sideline to sideline!

Great list Mando, I agree with everything except for the PG rated cheerleader calendar.

I hope you have a first Merry Xmas without your Mom. I'm sure she's looking down and smiling with your Dad. I can tell they have a good son to be proud of.

Happy Holidays to everyone else...except for Jets fans!

Yes, Nate Jones blitzes! I forgot how good he was last year when he blitzed.

Pat White passes! I can't believe he hasn't throw a pass since week 1. He can't be that bad that he can't lob up a pass to Hartline in one-on-one coverage.

Armando, have a very merry Christmas! Thanks for all the great info all year long. Us Dolfans appreciate all your hard work and great insight on our team. Happy holidays!

Go fins!

just finish the season on a high note and put the pieces in place to make a REAL run to a championship next year. Thats the best hope for any die hard realistic dolphins fan.

To Parcells, all Dolfans are not Ginn haters. Our fans are a joke. 1st it was, we have no receivers. Then Devon Bess sets NFL records for a unfrafted rookie. Now its, all the receivers are good but we need a #1. Duh! And why does the SOFT peolpe always call peolpe soft. Like they would be brave enough to return a kick in the NFL. (Cuban, the hardest dude on the blog). Everyone will get a chance to fight for their spot in camp.

Merry Christmas Armando! I really appreciate you and your beliefs. You are clearly a good man.

I can only imagine how Christmas would be without parents....very difficult indeed. I'm sorry for your loss Armando and read your work everyday. We appreciate you. Merry Christmas.

To all finfans, I saw a kid in Walmart today with a Tom Bradey jersey on wandering around the store and I didn't take him aside and lecture him on quarterbacks, my wife was so proud of me. I told her it was Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to all even you scum sucking trolls.

Merry Christmas to Everyone.... Here is to hoping for a better year then this past one (my year has sort of sucked) and here is to all your health and the health and happiness of all your families... may God bless you and Keep all of you. As for our Dolphins... Linebackers and Receivers, a Nose tackle and Safety. A full Pre-season taking all the snaps for Henne, allowing him to get better under more controlled circumstances then must win games, and come from behind,Nail Biters.

Hope you have a better year in 2010 Derek.

Merry Christmas to all from a FL native in South Carolina. Armando, thanks for making me feel at home with your blog. God Bless you and your family. Thanks for making me teary eyed in 2009 TWO times!

Merry Christmas go fins

Peace on earth!

Our cheerleader calendar is rated r. I would have bought one!


Merry Christmas to you too. I read your column having grown up in Miami and currently living in CA. I still follow our beloved Dolphins. I love your insights.

Dolfan from California wishes all my dolfan brothers and sisters a very merry CHRISTmas...

"God Bless us one and all"

Hi Armando,
You are doing a great job here. Every day I visit this site to read your articles. We fans need something between games and in the offseason, Thanks.
I already had chanuka. Wish you, your family and all the fans a merry christmast ans happy new year.
I join from here (Israel) to all your wishes.


Aw Armando,
I commented about your post regarding your Mother in an early response today. Knowing this would be your first Christmas without her.

You gain a certain impath to someone that you constantly see here expressing his opinions and keeping you updated on your favorite team.

I dare say, it would be more likely to see Miami run a score up on a beaten opponent to like....56 to 0, than to even consider your parents ever, not being proud of you. Especially after that wonderful, moving tribute you wrote about your mother.

Of all the things I read regarding our beloved Dolphins, and I peruse alot of sites for any information about them. Your story about your mother stood out more than anything I've read from a sports writer. I'm still astounded you would do such a thing in a medium that is supposed to be about football. Just know that a lot of people, here on this blog care about you.

As far as your Christmas wish regarding Cheerleaders doing Calendars that you consider R rated? Don't tell me you prefer an "X" rated version instead? LOL!
Right on, my good man, and write on!

Go to bed or you won't get your present.

God bless you Armando. I long ago gave up on posting, b/c of the goons on this site, but I still read you every day. Merry Christmas! AlienMan

Marry Chrismass Mando. Thank you for all the excellent reporting on Dolphins X and Y's, and I wish you a healthy New Year! GO DOLPHINS!

Enjoy the time with your family observing the birth of our savior and can't wait to hear from ya on Sunday !!!!!!!

Phins in the playoffs baby!!

mando merry x-mas not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alienman please give up posting again thank you

Armando like most Cubans you really are dumb. In your list of wishes, you wish for victories in both Iraq and Afghanistan and then you subsequently wish for peace in everyone's hearts. Which is it ? You can't have it both ways. You also wish for National Anthems and military flyovers to be a part of every game without realizing that these two rituals largely exist because they are a part of indoctrinating people with armed forces propaganda...and armed forces propaganda perpetuates the atrocity that is war. I'd hope for peace too, but because of the ignorance that you've displayd here. It will never ever happen. Stick to sports.

Merry Christmas to you and yours Armando and all those that post here. Some of you really crack me up...
A lurker phin fan in OH.

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