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Christmas wishes for the Miami Dolphins

'Tis Christmas eve. On this night, Cubans celebrate Noche Buena, which translated means Good Night. It is the night we believe Mary and Joseph settled in to the manger at the Inn and prepared for the birth of baby Jesus, who is the Christ.

It is a time for glad tidings and festive wishes. We also eat a lot and I plan to do much damage at my in-laws' house. Tomorrow we'll have Christmas dinner at my house. I hope yours is a joyous holiday.

Meanwhile, these are my Christmas wishes for the Miami Dolphins and Dolfans everywhere:

A week of open practices so I can judge for myself how much or how little Pat Turner is progressing.

More screen passes. Remember those?

Better touch passing for Chad Henne.

Better accuracy for Chad Henne.

Better protection for Chad Henne.

Better weapons around Chad Henne.

More of Jason Taylor on passing downs.

Less of Joey Porter on run downs.

Fewer sideline patterns for Ted Ginn. He finds the sideline often enough as is.

More recevier screens with Greg Camaillo running hard for six yards.

A shovel pass every once in a while.

A Pat White completed pass every once in a while.

A Gibril Wilson intercepted pass every once in a while.

A Nathan Jones corner blitz. Remember those?

More tackles for Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele at the line of scrimmage.

Fewer tackles for Yeremiah Bell five yards from the line of scrimmage.

Stability on the offensive line.

An offseason shakeup at WR.

An impact play or two for Kendall Langford.

Double-digit sacks for Randy Starks.

That Pro Bowl berth that follows double-digit sacks for Starks.

More playing time for Brian Hartline.

Fewer fumbles for Davone Bess, who leads the team with six.

A tight end that can eat up the seam route and catch the ball between a linebacker and safety.

A tight end that makes the other team's safeties seem overmatched.

A wide receiver that averages 16 yards per reception.

The same receiver having 82 receptions. (Do the math).

The death of the Orange Carpet.

The rebirth of the Flipper tank.

Cheerleader calendars that aren't rated R.

National anthems sung loud and proud at every game.

Military flyovers at every game.

Victory for the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not a tie. Not a respectful retreat. Victory!

Peace in everyone's heart.

More Miami players that talk the talk ...

... and then walk the walk.

Visiting Jets fans that know when to shut up.

Jets teams that aren't pompous ... even after getting swept.

A rematch with the Patriots ... in this year's playoffs.

A chance to avenge this season's 31-14 loss to Buffalo ... by playing the Bills in next season's AFC title game.

A speedy recovery for Ronnie Brown.

And Jason Ferguson.

And Patrick Cobbs.

And Chad Pennington.

And Will Allen.

All the privacy Ricky Williams so covets ... after he retires.

More attention and appreciation for Tony Sparano, because it's not all about Bill Parcells.

More time for Parcells in that darkened film room, because he loves it there.

More time for Parcells in that white bright afterglow of a Super Bowl victory, because he loves it there even more.

And finally, one request for myself: A sign from Heaven that my mom and dad are pleased with me and are waiting to see me up there some day.

Merry Christmas, my friends.


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more tackles from crowder and ayodele not going to happen. THEY BOTH SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. TRADE BOTH OF THEM.

Thanks Armando for all you do for us FIN FANS.Yes we are prone to get a little crazy after our loses but you get our passion for this team and most of your stuff is right on the mark. Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless.

Phins Playoffs has a heart as black as coal. How dare you speak to people in this way who protect you and give you Dolphins news.

Peace to you anyway

Merry Christmas,

Go Dolphins, Chargers, Steelers, Eagles this weekend

U DA MAN ARMANDO! Great Christmas Dolphins blog. Linus says it all.

Victory for the Fins!
Victory in Aphganistan and Iraq!

Who's the retard who said no military flyovers?

Go back to San Fransisco.

Merry Christmas to my fellow Fin Fans, you show your passion for this team... Christmas morning and look at where we are... To all of you GOD BLESS.

Armando good job! As for the negative people on here gfy! You can write comments and own your little I phone because of our military guys! The ones that won both WWI and II and keep our enemies far from our shores everyday! Your freedom comes and lives because of the blood they shed don't ever forget it and if you don't believe it go sleep a night or two in some hole in a far off land where freedom is pissed on. Then you will be able to say what you want with an once of I've been there! Gfy doesn't stand for go find your self either figure it out dip weed! Semper Fi cause a few of us have to be just in case.....

Go phins!

Merry Christmas all y'all from a New Yorker living life Appalachian style in Blacksburg, VA

victory in Iraq and Afghanistan? How does that work Armando? How do u define victory? who are we fighting? u will never have an all out victory, especially when u dont even know who you are fighting. And you can't wipe out every person who hates America. It's not possible. stop waving your war banner. Hawk

Once again you made me smile and think. I read your blog every day and I enjoy your honesty, you’re unwavering to your political beliefs and no fear to mention Christ the Saviors birth.
We just opened our presents (2 teenage girls) and my beautiful wife. Its funny I thought this morning how they will think of me when I am gone from their life on earth. You answered my question, and may I answer yours, your parents are extremely proud.
I had to take time out to read your list and I agree with all of them.
In closing I want to wish you and your Family a Merry Christmas and a fulfilling New Year.

And God Bless!


Merry Christmas, Mando!

Having served in the military, I appreciate your support for our troops and vets.

And to the knob that asked victory against who? What is victory?

Victory against the haters of America that are shooting at our soldiers. Victory against the people who want to impose their views on everyone through violence and intimitdation and hate.

And what is victory? Wiping them out. Killing every last one of them.


Awesome videos! I love Charlie Brown and those Celtic women are pretty hot!

Merry Christmas to Mando and all Dolfans.

Your folks are proud my man. 100 percent.

Excellent list Mando. You always have been and remain the best at what you do.

Thank you Miami Herald for sending this guy to us.

We just opened our presents for my 9 grown kids 7 years-32 years age span and my wife ,i thank the the lord jesus .her mom is with us in denver and she got great pillow when you press the blue key it says good sleep grand grand MA .

Dang,Mando is far right.Just bring them soldiers home.Other then that it's a nice list,I just don't understand cuz I don't celebrate holidays.hope y'all enjoy yours!!!!

please consider a "Question and Answer" forum next season. Darlington sucked when he was doing it. (what little he did). Do something like Jason Cole did. Not like Darlington. He's a slacker.
You would be great. You know the Dolphins better that anyone!
Who do we need to contact to get this rolling. I am not trying to get you more work, we just need you answering our Dolphins questions. Please consider this. Merry Christmas.

I Lub Jou.....John Valdes

Phins playoff / stephen have to be two of the biggest filth bags to the human race. Go back to San fran and toss each other's salad. You'll enjoy that. While you guys finish each other off with the money shot , don't forget to bless america. This garbage is the reason thos country is going down the toilet. MERRY F'N CHRISTMAS.

Armando like most Cubans we are proud of our heritage and love this country, proud of our parents and continue to remember them in our daily life. We are also proud of our military who gives their all for our safety, wellbeing and freedom. Freedom even for idiots that have no clue about what this world is all about.
If that is being dumb so be it.

Feliz Navida

Mando, a simpe merci for the grand work you do all year around.

Bon Noel, mon ami.

And I agree with you about total victory in those hot dusty outposts where your military carries the fight to the enemy.

All we should all want for Christmas is victory so the troops can come home. France is with you.

Vive la France.

Mando, good list buddy, especially the family part, although I can guarantee you that they are very proud but hope you stick around here a long time covering the Phins many superbowl victories to come.

Mando, want to say what a excellent job you've done this year. Your competition hasn't come close. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas.

Your parents are playing dominos in heavan with mine. They watch us all the time.

france famous for surrender once there's danger ,it's very smart tactic .their burnet women are the best thing about them and i may add the bread comes close second .

brunette women

Armando, you are so dumb and gay.. wishing for peace and celebrating a war victory? it must run in the blood, uh? idiotic idealism.

God bless you Armando. I long ago gave up on posting, b/c of the goons on this site, but I still read you every day. Merry Christmas! AlienMan

Posted by: AlienMan | December 25, 2009 at 02:17 AM

Alien@zzz no more posts til next Xmas


don't listen to Sensei .he's no body.we miss you AlienMan and your thoughtful and wit posts .can't wait to read your next posting .

Merry christmas to all! miami really needs to win sunday. ricky hang on to the ball! henne should have a field day as long as jake long shuts down mario williams.

After all this time , ALIENMAN is STILL Crying !!! What a F'n Loser !!!!!!!! Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Ho !

Merry Christmas to all the Dolphin fans world wide.

Alienman , please come back.

Well said, and especially appreciate you wishes for our service men and women.

Merry Christmas to all, and a happy, HEALTHY, and successful 2010 and beyond for ALL.


Does it really matter who wins tonights game in helping the fins?

Alienman = Dying breed

check out this link MERRY CHRISTMAS http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160389667246&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123

thank you for the support. as a soldier and miami boy i appreciate it when someone realizes we as soldiers want to make our sacrifices worth while instead of the lets just withdraw attitude of people that have never even served in the military. we as soldiers believe in our country and what we accomplished that never makes the papers. to withdraw without victory would make all our sacrifices in vain

Mikey: as a military wife who has spent many holidays alone with the kids while my husband served in the middle east, I understand what you're saying. I can, without reservation, say I believe none of the sacrifices and horrors we have experienced will go to waste! We simply cannot allow that to happen. Thank you for serving. Merry Xmas and a very happy, safe and healthy 2010.

Alienman is an AZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!

Mando: rest assured your Mami and Papi are looking down from heaven guiding and keeping you and your family safe. Feliz Navidad.

Man, Rivers is just chewing up Tenn tonite!!! San Diego is going into the playoffs on a roll, they might be peaking at the right time

some guy started early talking to himself today .


Armando... BEST article you have ever written, nicely stated, perfectly written. Lets get as MANY of your requests in the next 2 weeks, then the remainder to come true in 2010.... BIG BIG offseason for the Phins...

the meatball SKATCH ON SNL NOW .

ALoco , go to bed NOW!!!

God Bless Mando. Merry Christmas:) I pray your wishes come true, especially the last one.

Too bad, "Phins Playoffs" can't conceive of victory in war, so that we can have peace in our hearts. They are not mutually exclusive.

Keep up the good work Armando

Merry Christmas... I assume victory in the war will come when both Afghanistan and Iraq have both strong gov't and no more violence and then we leave right?


After all this time , ALIENMAN is STILL Crying !!! What a F'n Loser !!!!!!!! Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Ho !

Posted by: Santa claus | December 25, 2009 at 04:34 PM

This is NJ and he is laso posting as the Grinch. I know this to be true as Jesus is the son of God.

laso =also (TYPO)

pan con queso = the grinch = Aloco

NJ you m'th f'er I know you are theres as flan, NJ FIN FLAN what a maroon

Aloco also = Phins playoffs and Stephen. he like to cause trouble

NJ it is Xmas and you wont give it a break to be checking on here. You are pathetic, that said I am pathetic and I know it. Go to bed loser

i flan taking to myself as postre and pan con queso . i loser who need to go to bed

ALoco you I mean CM your jealosuy and envy will be your down fall.

only aloco who is cuban menace know who alienman is

but who is the devil?

marc ? dying breed ???

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