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Christmas wishes for the Miami Dolphins

'Tis Christmas eve. On this night, Cubans celebrate Noche Buena, which translated means Good Night. It is the night we believe Mary and Joseph settled in to the manger at the Inn and prepared for the birth of baby Jesus, who is the Christ.

It is a time for glad tidings and festive wishes. We also eat a lot and I plan to do much damage at my in-laws' house. Tomorrow we'll have Christmas dinner at my house. I hope yours is a joyous holiday.

Meanwhile, these are my Christmas wishes for the Miami Dolphins and Dolfans everywhere:

A week of open practices so I can judge for myself how much or how little Pat Turner is progressing.

More screen passes. Remember those?

Better touch passing for Chad Henne.

Better accuracy for Chad Henne.

Better protection for Chad Henne.

Better weapons around Chad Henne.

More of Jason Taylor on passing downs.

Less of Joey Porter on run downs.

Fewer sideline patterns for Ted Ginn. He finds the sideline often enough as is.

More recevier screens with Greg Camaillo running hard for six yards.

A shovel pass every once in a while.

A Pat White completed pass every once in a while.

A Gibril Wilson intercepted pass every once in a while.

A Nathan Jones corner blitz. Remember those?

More tackles for Channing Crowder and Akin Ayodele at the line of scrimmage.

Fewer tackles for Yeremiah Bell five yards from the line of scrimmage.

Stability on the offensive line.

An offseason shakeup at WR.

An impact play or two for Kendall Langford.

Double-digit sacks for Randy Starks.

That Pro Bowl berth that follows double-digit sacks for Starks.

More playing time for Brian Hartline.

Fewer fumbles for Davone Bess, who leads the team with six.

A tight end that can eat up the seam route and catch the ball between a linebacker and safety.

A tight end that makes the other team's safeties seem overmatched.

A wide receiver that averages 16 yards per reception.

The same receiver having 82 receptions. (Do the math).

The death of the Orange Carpet.

The rebirth of the Flipper tank.

Cheerleader calendars that aren't rated R.

National anthems sung loud and proud at every game.

Military flyovers at every game.

Victory for the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not a tie. Not a respectful retreat. Victory!

Peace in everyone's heart.

More Miami players that talk the talk ...

... and then walk the walk.

Visiting Jets fans that know when to shut up.

Jets teams that aren't pompous ... even after getting swept.

A rematch with the Patriots ... in this year's playoffs.

A chance to avenge this season's 31-14 loss to Buffalo ... by playing the Bills in next season's AFC title game.

A speedy recovery for Ronnie Brown.

And Jason Ferguson.

And Patrick Cobbs.

And Chad Pennington.

And Will Allen.

All the privacy Ricky Williams so covets ... after he retires.

More attention and appreciation for Tony Sparano, because it's not all about Bill Parcells.

More time for Parcells in that darkened film room, because he loves it there.

More time for Parcells in that white bright afterglow of a Super Bowl victory, because he loves it there even more.

And finally, one request for myself: A sign from Heaven that my mom and dad are pleased with me and are waiting to see me up there some day.

Merry Christmas, my friends.


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It is arroz con frijoles negro...you moron!
Is NJ the devil?

i think it was maroon not moron. i need to go to bed

how do you advocate for peace in everyones hearts right after adocating for a victory in a war that has killed hundreds of thousands of human beings, where victory means more violence and more death. Stick to Miami Dolphins. That stuff of yours is great to read.

NFL network total access saying the Texans have best chance of making playoffs over us, all predicted we would lose because of Smith and Davis lack of coverage. I hope like hell they are wrong. Go Fins!

the truth = ALoco .

By the way three things we should not discuss on this blog. 1. Politics 2. Religion 3. Women

agreed h8dpats...excellent post name btw

Thanks good thing we have home field this week. It's do or die time!

absolutly...LETS GO FINS!!!!!


I was worried that the Steelers might not beat the Ravens but if Philly beats the Broncos same good news for us.

H8dpats, give it up. no good news.

Merry Christmas Armando, and to all, regular posters or quiet visitors that frequent this space..

Hope you had a great day!

Go Dolphins!

That last one brought tears to my eyes. I lost my mom last December and my dad several years ago. Both were Dolphins fans and they brought their kid up right.
Here's hoping your entire list comes true... It is the same list I would have.

reply to PHINS PLAYOFFS 9-7:
by the way, you're a putz! By Mando wishing for victory he's wishing for an end. And the most peaceful the world has ever been was when the US was at its strongest.

"Visiting Jets fans that know when to shut up.

Jets teams that aren't pompous ... even after getting swept"
Good luck with that. The fans are too stupid and jealous to shut up... after all, their big mouth is ALL they have. LOSERS!!


Dean, you sir are the putz. He called for a victory. He made it clear that he wasn't wishing for a retreat (why that would be unamerican I suppose). That's not calling for a mere end. If you've followed the war at all you'd know that a victory is impossible. Like Vietnam, the only way to end the conflict is to pull out. So unless he's just dreaming, he's hardly wishing for peace. Go back and read it again...Also, Usmcsgt and FLPD, you're brainwashed by propaganda and have no clue about how to even think properly concerning this issue. So do the rest of you who believe that a pacifist should be vilified. You're no better than the people you consider to be your enemies. Btw, no one fights against freedom (or for freedom for that matter). Soldiers on both sides are brainwashed by the same basic ideas. Only a fool buys in...sadly the world is full of fools. John F Kennedy said, "Until the day when the conscientious observer is held in a higher regard than the soldier", "Mankind will continue to fail". Support the troops, national anthems (which are divisive), military flyovers...that's all propaganda. It worked on Armando.

Usmcsgt, like the overwhelming majority of the people who are in the armed forces you joined the corps because you weren't exactly college material, correct ? I'll answer your b.s. in order. Would I not be able to own a cell phone or comment on the internet if I lived in a countless other countries around the world ? Is that strictly an American freedom ? Hmmm think about that one smart guy. Also, France won WWI, not the U.S...Also, for almost 200 years, no American soldier has shed his or her blood to protect American's freedoms as American's constitutional freedoms have not been threatened by an invading force since the war of 1812. You're proving how brainwashed you are by American military propganda when you speak of protecting America by keeping it's enemies far from our shores everyday. America's greatest defenses are the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. What country has a Navy large enough to threaten America with an occupation ? This country will never be invaded. Hitler couldn't even invade Britain because of the English Channel. Yet, your post indicates that you believe what most Americans are led to believe...that Americans fought for America's freedom against the Germans...I could go on and on...like FLPD, you're way off, brainwashed and forever clueless...and you're not the hero you think you are, so get over yourself. If anything you're a victim.

Mando. Your grieving. Give yourself some time. The miracle of family is they show us our souls. Seriously you might try a grief support group. All the best. David

Wow. Merry Christmas.

"Armando like most Cubans you really are dumb." This is a quote from PHINS PLAYOFFS 9-7.
So you show all of us that you are not only a putz but a racist putz at that. Most cubans I know are good, G-d fearing, hard working people. And after reading your last post, I'd have to say you're just a sick $#%* who hates his country and humanity as a whole.
Just shoot yourself and leave your misery behind.

I for one would like to see an actual "R" rated cheerleader calendar, but see the wisdom of having a PG rated one for younger fans.

Mandi, thanks for the video of the choir singing. Thy was amazing. Ui hope u had a blessed Christmas.

Phins phan, u really are a fu$&in goat. I had a full scholarship to college and I still joined the USMarines for something called Pride,Honor, and Patriotism. Qualities I'm quite u are incapable of understanding after your last post.

I understand that the US has not used the Military for what appears to be DIRECT protection of our Country, but it HAS used it to create one thing that your arrogant, self-absorbed, civilian prick self enjoys every day which carries countless, indirect intangibles that u also enjoy daily, and that is : global military superiority.

Because of the US dominance, and the countless, selfless, sacrifices made by men and women who according to u "are not college material", (yet have a self worth WAY above your pompous, cynical, and quite uneducated self) you are able to sit here peacefully and enjoy the freedom of speech that so clearly exposes your complete lack of understanding for the true overall picture of what the armed forces have done for u and for this country.

If u were so smart, you would understand that the sacrifices of those men and women is the primary reason WHY the US will not be invaded, and also the primary reason why our country continues to be the greatest in the world, despite the global economic hardships.

Before you downplay Veteran's contribution to your pathetic life, why don't you ask yourself what the hell YOU have done for your country (or for anyone else's well-being here. Honestly, it's punks like you that make me sick to my stomach, after seeing real men truly walk through the Valley of Death without fear. You have no concept of what a HERO is. I can just see you now playing your PS3 and thinking you're a man because u gain rank in Modern Combat 2. Next time we fight a thumb war we'll know where to find u, champ. Now go suck your thumbs a while on your leather couch while someone else makes sure u can buy one. Punk.

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