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Titans defeat Dolphins 27-24 in overtime

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins were certainly game today, scoring 18 unanswered points to erase a 24-6 lead.

But after tying the game 24-24 at the end of regulation, the Dolphins ran out of miracles.

Chad Henne threw an interception on Miami's lone overtime possession and Greg Camarillo was flagged 15 yards for an unsportsmanlike penalty.

The interception and penatly basically set up the Titans for a 46 yard field goal by Rob Bironas. He connected.

"It's hard enough to beat 11 Titans," Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder said after the game. "You can't beat 17 Titans. Put that on your sheet."

Crowder was talking about the officiating crew being on Tennessee's side.

Anyway, Dolphins lose.

Miami is now 7-7 and although the playoff hopes are not dead, they are on life support.

Henne, by the way, was 29 of 46 for a career high 349 yards with one touchdown and three interception. Ouch.


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This sucks.

Thus is hennes first year as starter. He will cut down on interceptions. Give him more weapons 8 i.e. Wr and receiving te and he and our offense can be explosive. Henning needs to go as o coord though

C u next year. WR please

It won't happen this year, but I like the pieces we have. Too bad we can't play the Jets every week or we'd be undefeated!

I couldnt see it, but I wonder why we weren't aggressive once we got the ball in OT. Surprise somebody once and a while...go against your tendencies for a change...shake things up for a change...often times we seem to get in trouble on third and long at critical times...maybe better play calling avoids that third and long and we move out from the goal line...

Sad that Henne has a career game but still manages to suck JUST enough to give the ball up 3 times! That takes true talent.

And can Ginn be any more of a bust? Mistake in a draft? 3 times this genius runs sideways insted of following his blocker!


We had everything we wanted at the end...forced a 3 and out at the end of the 4th quarter...won the coin flip...Had a 3rd and manageable.

Had em

Would like to trade for a WR next year.

Complete heartbreaker

Great Arm NO ACCURACY. Cost us the game and any playoff hopes are now down the drain. Thanks Henne! Sleep on your great performance today.

I'm with you Isman. Henne shows brilliance and then blows it up. So goes your first year, even when you're going to be good.


Jacksonville lose to NE
Tennessee lose to SD
Baltimore lose to Chicago and Pit


Houston and Pitt...

Dan hemming is a good coordinator we just have to get a big time receiver please please please tuna let's get anquan boldin he can be the difference in these close games.

Mando, whats your take on the non-fumble...was it or not...didn't get to watch myself...what about the 15 yarder called on Camarillo? What did you think?

Time to start shopping for a real QB, not a good backup. Henne has potential for assisting, not starting. The 2 minute drill is typically horrible and when it counts the most, Henne doesn't produce. There's no excuse for that pass. There wasn't a dolphins receiver for a mile. How many second rate QB's have we had since Marino. It's time to start seriously looking at QBs and receivers and releasing Ted Ginn (who should have been a second or third round draft pick but a first thanks to Cameron).


this is probably the worst loss but for some reason im not mad as i usually would be. i think this is the most BATTLED TESTED team in the league right now. its like cooking=we just got to add a lil seasoning to the pot and boy when we do its gonna be so good

things that need to happen--- 1) Must get a quality WR through Free Agency--I'm gonna hope that all these awful INT's are a result of trying to force a play due to lack of speed at WR..GInn can stay as a 4th WR (he'd be great there)
2) DEFENSE UPGRADE-- not sure if Chris Clemmons is the answer at FS, but clearly Gerbil is AWFUL
3) If we run a 3-4, need to get an impact ILB and a nose tackle (if Fergy doesnt come back)--crowder and ayodele just don't make ENOUGH impact plays, but HOPEFULLY (which can happen if Parcells leaves), we return to the 4-3 defense!
4)Get lucky in the draft with some late gems...

Unfortunately, I've been making lists like these since I was 9 years old (1984).... One day I am hopeful I'll experience a SuperBowl win :o(

Was Henne's arm hit on the last interception? Was it just a terrible throw? Camarillo call was bs.

What's with all these henne haters???? Guys he's a first year starter with a mediocre receiving corps!!! What do u expect? Henne is the future he will be just fine.

I'm such a baby...the dolphins make me cry

I agree Henne has thrown some costly int's but I would rather have him than the long list of losers we've had since Marino has retired. The kid is doing some nice things.

Thank you AZphinatic

I don't feel so good.....thanks Chad.

I'm sorry that Henne had 3 picks, but get real if we had receivers with speed who could stretch the field maybe Henne would not always have to throw tight passes. Damn we have a QB to me the seasons a success. We were not going to win the super bowl anyway. I support you Chad H. see what happens with a year under your belt and some offensive stars

I'm with you, AZ. Who do these guys want? Sanchez? Ryan? Brady Quinn? Cutler?

How is that a unsportsmanlike penatly when nobody touched him?

Jason Taylor was robbed. that was a fumble. Where was the dang booth review????? That was the game right there.

Well, we can kiss the division goodbye for sure. And unless the Broncos or Ravens lose, we are done. Oh yeah, we have to finish ahead of the Titans now, too. Great.

No excuse for Henne on that endzone INT. But for the turnovers, this was a game we should have won easily.

I also have to say Henning must get part of the blame. The man's play calling is all over the place.

I guess it's back to the golf course for me...

camarillo call was bull. the db was not down by contact yet. he had every right to tackle him. they gave them the yardage for the field goal. on top of that they blew the whistle way to fast on jason's fumble recovery.
after all that though, this team sure doesnt give up. that's the quality you see in championship teams. we may not have it today, but next year is looking better.
henne had a bad day, but sure didnt let it stop him in the comeback td drive at the end. he is gonna be special

I said it during the blog, Henne needs to mature and learn how to make better decisions. He still doesn't have that killer instinct. His aggressiveness got us back in the game, but it's also what lost the game. He lost this game today with his 3 picks. I'm not happy at all.

not chads fault that bess fell on the route.
plus the refs kept giving the titans ghost penalties, like the bs unsportsmanlike conduct. coudlve set up another punt to give us the ball back in ot

henne's hand wasn't hit. Bess slipped right as the ball was getting there forcing him to bend at the waist. ball sailed right over him to the db

Uhm , Henne lead the team from being down 18 on the road. Any of you guys questioning the guy are out of line. Dolphins' just sucked for too long in this game to pull it out in the end.

All is not lost though. There will be one 9-7 team in the playoffs. WHY NOT US?

At least we swept the jets

We dont need playoffs. What we really need is a very great offseason!!!

I don't think his arm was hit, but appeared ball was deflected by a DL with hand in air, ball fluttered like the infamous wounded duck. Didn't anybody else see that?

Henne is the real deal. It took some real guts to lead that comeback. Gotta get a real deep threat at WR !! I don't care how...just do it!!!!!!!

the funny thing about this game. we would always be the team to give up the lucky catch,run and today we get it in a hard fought comeback and have the refs make a BS call like that. IM PROUD OF THIS TEAM WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE

Does the NFL draft accept returns? Somebody contact cam camaron and see if he has the receipt for Ted ginn and his family. Maybe we can get at least a store credit.

This one hurt, a bad case of would of, could of, should of! Way to many key turnovers. This team is competitive but makes way to many errors when they are in the spotlight, call it growing pains or whatever maybe this is what a young team needed a BIG lost, and a lesson to build on. I say this every time we lose but I hope this one sticks when they watch the game film.

I know it sucks guys but patience is the key a couple more additions at receiver and at safety and guys we will be kings of the division look at everyone else in the afc east aging and going backwards Miami will be the future kings of this division for years to come!!! Go Phins!!!!!

This team's stars are young. Bess is great. Hartline is a fighter and will only get better. Get a star receiver to go with him. Henne makes some bad throws but has an ice cold demeanor, and a short memory and has the guts to throw some of those throws, like the one Hartline got. Even Brady occasionally panics and tries to throw it away and throws an int, as we saw a few weeks ago. Henne will get better. Vontae Davis will be like Surtain, tight coverage, jumping routes, occassionally getting the interference call or getting burned but other times making game changing plays.

One more good offseason and we can become a solid playoff calibre team. Right now we're still on the teetor-tottor

Thanks for letting me know finfan.

All those turnovers and some home calls from the refs and we still had a chance. They got away with it at Jax but not here. Henne's young, it happens. I do wish he'd be doing something on the sideline, looks like they aren't communicating. Tough game.

we need our front office to stop wasting draft picks

pat white and pat turner (2nd and 3rd)
both complete wastes

we need to stop wasting picks

Will someone please explain to me why the coaches had henne throwing the ball when time was not an issue and henne is prone to throw interceptions in the forth quarter? It is shameful that the dolphins have to also defeat the referees in order to win a freaking game. Someone has to touch the defender or he can get up and run again. That wicked call costed miami the game.

It was a good season gentlemen. This to all the usual suspects of this blog: dying breed, the golfito guy, the toronto guy, and obviously armando..

We'll get them next time.

Henne has to work on the turn over’s, know I am a master of the obvious but I’m just sayin...

He does that and we have a good QB.

Test, you have a point.

KKK should burn Vontae Davis.

Jeff, I saw the same thing -- the ball wobbly and popped up.

Once again, we managed to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. We had 4 turnovers, 3 of them solely on Henne's shoulder. I don't know if he is regressing or he's just been lucky up till now. At any rate, I certainly hope that the Dolphins consider holding on to Pennington. Also, Ginn needs to go. He sucked in the kick returns and he is definitely a major bust as a first round draft.

To all the Ted Ginn haters did u guys still want Brady Quinn? I didn't see Ted drop any passes today and if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have swept the jets sorry guys but this loss does not fall on ginns hands. If you wanna be mad at someone how bout ricky fumbling in the red zone would any of u agree that we would have scored on that drive. Could've been the difference maker if you ask me.


I never say any about the refs but today was absolutely crazy. So many strange penalties and what was wrong with the clock. It would speed up and then slow down and then speed up several times. Watch it again if you Tivo'd it. Fourth quarter. Also there were some big penalties that were called on us that were BS. But all in all, we still should have won that game. A shame we turned it over so much while in scoring range. And funny about the quick whistles at the end of the game. That Taylor strip at the end was legit and no one mentioned it. As soon as Johnson got hit and stood up they blew the whistle. And Im still not sure Taylor didn't get a that ball out before. Play calling, etc. We really blew that game but I was puzzled by the refs.

Lets face it we get the ball in overtime, and Henne rockets the ball to no one? No excuses about bad receivers, He just CHOKED. Look at all the fourth quarters this year and tell me he is a money quarterback? Just another in the line of loser quarterbacks the Dolphins have signed since Marino.We are jinxed.

Me to carlito,

At least we didn't sh*t on our own team like some fans.

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