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Titans defeat Dolphins 27-24 in overtime

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins were certainly game today, scoring 18 unanswered points to erase a 24-6 lead.

But after tying the game 24-24 at the end of regulation, the Dolphins ran out of miracles.

Chad Henne threw an interception on Miami's lone overtime possession and Greg Camarillo was flagged 15 yards for an unsportsmanlike penalty.

The interception and penatly basically set up the Titans for a 46 yard field goal by Rob Bironas. He connected.

"It's hard enough to beat 11 Titans," Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder said after the game. "You can't beat 17 Titans. Put that on your sheet."

Crowder was talking about the officiating crew being on Tennessee's side.

Anyway, Dolphins lose.

Miami is now 7-7 and although the playoff hopes are not dead, they are on life support.

Henne, by the way, was 29 of 46 for a career high 349 yards with one touchdown and three interception. Ouch.


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that second flag was garbage

phinfan from birth73 ... forward your draft suggestions to the braintrust. They are right on!

aLOCO, why ARE YOU anti-FARMER, IF IT WASNT FOR THE FARMERS IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY there'd be more starvation in the world, the USA is known as the "BREAD BASKET" of the world......

The first 3 rounds better produce 2 LB's.

NJ PHIN FAN,, i agree!!! We need a P.Willis type!!

I hope heads roll for this loss.. Charlie wiess o-coord anyone? Prob not, but look what Gregg Williams did for the saints defense.. Assistant coaches matter BIGTIME and I'm sry but we have some CRAPPY ones! Crappy scheme, crappy playcalling, crap crap crap!

J dizzle , the tuna picked multiple draft picks on the ol and dl in year 1 and multiple picks on cb and wr in year 2 . This will be the year of the LB's and the tuna loooooves LB's.

big paul is growing, nt not as strong a need as LBS, we need young fast attacking play making LBS in the middle and outside. get rid of akin,porter and replace them with fast hungry players and we have better defense all around. i would try to replace porter with mcclain for sure

Ben, You see alot of crap huh???Are you a plumber too?????

Our draft depends on our slotting and our free-agent signings. I would draft at these positions. MLB, FS, TE, NT, OLB, RB, and WR.

PLUMBERS IN DA HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben , are you a mall cop ? stupid ! stupid !.

paul blart mall cop aka the cuban menace is in da HOUSE !


Again if we dont get our hands on V.Wilfork NT needs to be addressed early in the draft!! P.Solia had TWO holding penalties .........WHAT DL does that???

I wish i was a plumber in the tri-state area today . i'd make a fortune !!!

LOL @ NJ and cuban

Henning loves the cute play too much, but on the other hand sometimes I love his gutsiness. Pat whie plays worked today. Loved the pass for the touchdown to a wide open receiver, too.

Ricky is the man and will be next year as a GREAT back up. Get Ronnie healthy, and I think he'll be back to his old self. Get Cobbs back, Polite back, get Hilliard more work. I don't draft a runningback this year. Next year. Wide receiver needs to be a addressed as free agent; rook takes way too long to develop. Get Henne some help now. Draft is for line backers and safeties. Ginn should be gone. we cannot afford him as fourth receiver. Get a real number one, keep three recievers with incredible heart; beats one with speed but no hands.

Offensive line has been awesome this year. Keep those boys together.

I didn't see the first one, but that second holding call was bogus, as was the personal foul on cammarrillo... i mean, christ, he hardly touched him.. obviously wanting to make sure he was down..

wilfork is going nowhere, that's why the pats traded seymour !! to have money for wilfork


Yeah but he has to know that ship is going under fast!!! I'm sure he'd love to put Brady on his back a few times for all the crying he be doing!!


P.Solia is coming along but Fergy isn't going to be able to complete another season we need to move on!!!

Brady has a "MANGINA"

Them not addressing the NT position and depending on Fergy is like Scam Moron trading for T.Green!!!! Disaster waiting to happen!!

man we dont need a nt right now. the problem with this defense is slow ass LBs,LBS that dont tackle well, and LBS who cant cover well either. this has gone on with FERG and without him, so i insist on getting LBS for the defense and maybe a safety later and a TE high up in draft maybe second round for GRISHAM or a fifth for GRAHAM from the U if he is still there,but LBS and at LEAST 3 is a must from this draft

Did you guys know the finsa going into todays game were ranked second in sacks in the NFL with 38and a half???? Just saying.....

Did you guys know the finsa going into todays game were ranked second in sacks in the NFL with 38and a half???? Just saying.....

Posted by: cuban menace | December 20, 2009 at 07:18 PM
we was 3rd some team had 39 and the other 41

denver just lost

and denver lost...

good job useless dolphins

Now we need to win the final two
and If EITHER Balt or Denver loses ONE Game
we are in.
I see Balt falling to Philly OR Denv
falling to Pitt....
Sure possiblities
Philly winning 27-13 over SF
Pitt is loosing 34-34 but giving GB all
they can handle
Mike W

Doesn't the Denver lost still give us a mathmatical chance?

WTG Jokeland with their 4th QB change of the game...LOL
Now it gets more interesting as Denver is on the road at Philly next week and Philly still has something to play for as Dallas just beat Nawleans...Hmmmm

Denver may finish 9-7

Go Phins!

Next week
Baltimore at Pit and Denver at Philly
Something like 6 teams might be 8 and 7 next week and all tied for last 2 wildcard spots CRAZY !

Not that it matters too much, but Denver lost today.

Dear Mr. Salguero

The blog has improved from last year to this year.
It may not show it in the posts, but remember the schedule this year was also much tougher than last year.

This blog has alot of good posters but it still needs improvement.

Hopefully you will draft some good posters and cut or release some of the dead wood thats keeping us from becomming great.

I have faith in the great Armando to restore this blog to greatness.

Soiled :)

Mike and everyone doing all these scenarios on the fins going into the play-offs "PLEASE CHILD" unfortunately i must agree with my nemeses to the south, Why bother, this is not yet a play-off team, wait for next year, then this will be a team to be contented with... SORRY :(

we need san deigo's wr vince jackson or dallas's myles austin

Freaking whistles!!!! One there should have been no flag on cam because no one ha touched him down and two even though the whistle blew on a FUMBLE that JT recovered how come there was no booth review should have been our our ball. Damn you refs why do you hate the dolphins so much!?!?!?!

Yeah Soiled! Let's start with Tortured.

The point is that the youngins could use some playoff experience. We would be an underdog against most playoff teams, but as long as we have a chance, i say, go for it!


That's true lips, but remember, they win and go into the play-offs and they face another brutal schedule... OUCH...

Cuban Menance: a little playoff experience would be good for this team. No one is saying we're a contender or that we could advance past the first round. But if we can get there, I say go for it.

cuban, why are you anti plumbers ? if not for them the ......forget it

Dear MsCuba

"Let's start with Tortured"

Agreed, if I was Santa, Tortured would be getting 10 lbs of poop in a 5 lb bag on Christmas morning.

Soiled :)

No Dolfandad
The Denver loss was HUGE
If EITHER Denver or Baltimore loose
we are IN. (we have to win our last two tho
if we loose one we need more help)
IF Balt wins and Denv looses Balt is in
IF Denv Wins and Balt Looses Denv is in
SO BOTH will be rooring against the other.
Philly and Pitt (finally are on fire)
and either or BOTH could hand either or
both Den and Balt a loss...how sweet it is.
Look at the PLAYOFF GENERATOR...you can
plug in who wins/looses to see what the results
would be:
Mike W

Mike: philly's on fire, the steelers? Maybe not so much. Although they r about to win this game.

Oakland just opened up that final playoff spot. If Miami wins out, they will be in. No way Denver beats Philly next week.

Agreed. Denver dies with the Eagles.

Fret not!

Tortured will die of aids from his activity at the truckstop.

Justice will prevail!

Cuban you are missing the point.
I'm not saying we are a playoff caliber team, althought I must admit i think we are.
What i have been said is just the FACTS of what
it will take to get in the play offs.
YOU mind you, seem like you are in the mind set of lets dump or hope we loose to get an easier schedule or better draft pick. LOOSING does not build the kind of confidence and character needed for our young players to grow and establish a winning attitude and heritage. It's NOT just about this year..but years to come. Your thinking and rationalization is more in line with that the the Jets Brainthrust (that has to be an oxymoron)
Mike W

damn pitt just pulled off a great comeback, hell of a catch

Mike: I take that last post back. I think the Steelers have woken up!

Ben over 500 yds passing, too.

Po White Trash: To Justice!

Hennepin and the dolphins will be a force next year. I'm not saying no playoffz this year but Henne is not quite there but I am satisfied with him at qb in his first year.

Ok : I say Pitt takes care if the Ravens.

YEs i was referring to the Steelers they are on fire....Philly has been hot all year.
THATS why i believe DEN and BALT will go down or at least one will.
WE need to concentrate on stopping Andre Johnson and Schuab THEN we gotta hit Big Ben and Mendenhall/Wallace/Holmes/Miller/etc.etc.etc
Ben had 503 yds passing today
gonna be tough.
we can do it

wow MIKE please dont get me wrong, Id love the fins to advance, Id love for them to win there last 2, but i think the NFL will hang another killer sch. against the mighty air breathers... (you know they HATE the fins......

At the end of 60 Minutes Mike Wallace makes a brilliant grab with his toes clinging to the endzone sideline.
Squeelers win as Rottenburger puts up 500yds passing & 3TD's...WOW.

Lots of exciting finishes today. Guess thats why we love football so much!

Pitt will be really up to spoil division nemesis Ravens playoff hunt next week too. They will lay it all out on Baltimore. Then hopefully have a let down against Miami in week 17.

Go Phins sneak in! :)

and pitt will take care of miami. just saying

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