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Titans defeat Dolphins 27-24 in overtime

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins were certainly game today, scoring 18 unanswered points to erase a 24-6 lead.

But after tying the game 24-24 at the end of regulation, the Dolphins ran out of miracles.

Chad Henne threw an interception on Miami's lone overtime possession and Greg Camarillo was flagged 15 yards for an unsportsmanlike penalty.

The interception and penatly basically set up the Titans for a 46 yard field goal by Rob Bironas. He connected.

"It's hard enough to beat 11 Titans," Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder said after the game. "You can't beat 17 Titans. Put that on your sheet."

Crowder was talking about the officiating crew being on Tennessee's side.

Anyway, Dolphins lose.

Miami is now 7-7 and although the playoff hopes are not dead, they are on life support.

Henne, by the way, was 29 of 46 for a career high 349 yards with one touchdown and three interception. Ouch.


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time for my meatball sub and my banana .

I hear Oliver Stone is directing a movie regarding the NFL and there Flag-ship team New England Cheatriots, and the conspiracy involved.......

I can see the new NIKE commercial "JUST SNEAK IN"

Texans nearly lost to the lowly Rams today, they struggled and the Phins will be catching them on their 2nd of back to back road games.
I say we get the Texan monkey off our Phins wet backs...lol

That is correct Cuban
it will be a killer scheudle if we get in this year.
WE have two TOUGH Games to over come
BUT winning in TOUGH Schedules brings respect.
look at last year, we had the easiest schedule and everyone EVERYONE said it was a fluke. THey played their hearts out this year to show it wasn't....the best anyone had us finishing this year was 6-10 and LOOSING To the Cheatriots and JETS...even behind the BILLS.
Look what we did to INDY and a couple other teams that beat us. we hung in there.. this team has the heart, drive and will build from there.....
we both love the phins but i'm a realist too
you gotta believe, I DO
Mike W

NJ, Miami usually plays Pitt tough, and we'll have them at home. But what do you know, I'm just saying :)

Aloco, What do you say about getting the monkey off the back??? is it easier to get a 600lb farmer off your back

Agree Mike.......

NJ - not to change the subject, but how much snow did u guys get?

At least 2 feet, And it was wet nasty snow, I HATE YOU NJ..........

Go check out that Yahoo playoff generator. Really cool. There are a million scenarios. Not as simple as Balt or Den losing one and Miami winning out. That could happen and they still might not get in. There are 6 AFC teams at 7-7 making the picture very cloudy....


cuban ,do you still have to clear the even if you in a basemenet as the plumber says

I still think that Tony Dungee still looks like that uncle you dont want your under age kids around......

Yeah we got about 2' also. They still haven't plwoed my street.

Another chance wasted.If we just could have pulled out a win today with Denvers loss we could have been in the drivers seat for a change.I know it's Henne's first year starting but COME ON.Was not the recievers fault today.3 PICKS in a must win.Could not ask for a better performance from our D in the second half.The refs suck.Henne cannot have these bad games.Even if we squeek in through the back door,he cannot keep turning the ball over.And what's up with Ricky?4 fumbles in the last 2 weeks.For gods sake hold onto the ball.

Totally disgusted as usual

clear the snow

cuban ,do you still have to clear the even if you in a basemenet as the plumber says

Posted by: ALoco | December 20, 2009 at 08:11 PM

Aloco, What's a basemenet ???????????

ask nj

Totally disgusted as usual

Posted by: Njdolphinfan | December 20, 2009 at 08:13 PM

i can understand where you coming from but these close loses and the beating ourselves are call GROWING PAINS. next year i expect great improvement from henne and i would love to see a tougher sean smith. if smith had davis heart for tackling he would probably be a pro-bowler next year. SMITH is to big to be so soft when it comes to being phsyical. ps im surprised nobody hasnt been screaming cribbs name lately with the way he's been returning kick thid year

What would you rather have, Ted (no testicular fortitude)Ginn or a raging case of Herpes??????just asking....

if you plug in ALL the AFC teams in the race that are close with WINS, NONE will affect the
outcome if Miami Wins, ONLY if we loose ONE game does the other teams make a difference.
YOU put in Miami in for two wins and all the others NE, JAX, INDY, TENN.. give them all wins and MIAMI is still in, they DO NOT AFFECT our chances, JUST BALT and DENV
Mike W

Yeah I expect big things next year. And wow faith hill looks kick ass in those boots :p

" Miami usually plays pitt tough " Really ? LMFAO ! but what do you know . just saying.


Iceman - Jesus! I need a class just to get thru the player scenario generator. Good site tho

Menace , it was more like a foot of snow but with some of the wind banks , it seems like 2 feet.

NJ, Tight prediction on the game... I'am impressed, then again what do I know???


In case you all forgot, take a look at the pathetic excuse for a 2-minute offense we ran against the Colts after they scored the go-ahead TD. We had enough time to score, but CP10 and the offense had no plays in the playbook for more than 15 yards, and the Colts knew it.

Flash forward to today. We lose, in gut-wrenching fashion- BUT- the CP10 Dolphins would not have had ANY chance on coming back from an 18-point deficit. Yes, Henne threw some bad balls today. But he kept on coming back time and time again, and the TEAM did not quit on him. My god, he threw it 46 TIMES-- not all those are going to be perfect when you are a first-year starter.

The fact that Henne brought us back after throwing that awful pick in the endzone shows character, resilience, and leadership. Imagine what he'll do with another off-season of work and a REAL WR...

I agree phinfan from birth73

Henne has done better than expected IMO and with the injuries we have had our growing pains have not been too bad. We have the right personnel in place just a couple more peices and Bill will have his super team.

My thoughts exactly drjay32

Ok guys gotta go. I lost a bet to a colleague on the game today and now i must buy a dinner for her(Thanks NJ), But the good news is it may end in a tryst,hopefully( thanks again NJ,this might be the best bet ive ever lost) till tommarrow have a "PHINTASTIC"nite.......

Thanks menace. I had miami 24-23 with carpenter winning it with a minute left. well tenn. kicker won it.



today we also witness the new wildcat! I think next year pat white will be better than what he has shown this year. white problem was like going to a new school and not knowing anybody. Next year i expect him to be running the wildcat at full blast. he is the only player on the team capable of passing from wildcat. WE all saw what he did at WV and i refuse to believe he cant play now. NEXT YEAR WHITE BLOSSOM.

Here's what I want: NE loses next two. Loss to Jacksonville is our best chance. We could beat Houston. That would put us only one game out of first with one game to go. If the Dolphins keep it that interesting right down to the last game of the season, I'll say they had a good year given everything that was against them, with scheduling, injuries, young qb, no Boldins or Fitzgeralds. Pats have not been that dominant. They could lose two. Would that be sweet.

1 more note on white-he might be a little spacey in the eyes at times but he has heart to keep pounding the ball up the middle the way he does. Lets give him time and remember we didnt scream for henne to play last year even though he was a second round pick. this off-season he will get alot of work and probably gain a little more weight. TIME!!

Dolphins will win a close one next week; 24-21
Dolphins will lose a close one next week; 24-21
Dolphins will dominate: 35-10
Dolphins will get blown away next week: 28-7

Dolphins will not make the playoffs
Dolphins will make the playoffs but lose after 1 game
Dolphins will win out including the super bowl.

You heard it here first. just sayin'

LMFAO HAHAH BUAHAHAHA and all that other shyte I say..

not to mention he is always activated on game day so he must be doing something right behind close doors

I wiil come on here and be dead fish and say the dolphins stink like fish or i'll be heil hitler. just saying and all of the other shyte i say ......... bwahahahahahahahahahaha !!!

I am content with this season. We need more pieces but our young players are playing well and learning. Last year we walked into the Playoffs looking forward, this year you silly fans want to back in so we can get the breaks beat off of us. Why? Let's win these two if we can and reload for next year.

Who needs me to come over and plow them out? Just saying.

Biggest offseason moves??? Keeping brown, getting safties, wr's or making sure Bill stays??

I'm the best dolphins fan ever because i think miami will win every game and i live in fantasy land. I have no basis on my thoughts , just cluless . Boss the plane. just saying and all the other shyte i say .......

nope we need stud veteran wr and younger smart faster and hungry LBS in and outside

we need defense! a wide reciever would be nice but jason and the boys are getting old. it's just like with dan, if only he had a running back like R.W. we would have had a chance to win a superbowl. we always seem to be one dimensional, then when we get into 2D it all falls apart.

Frustrating yes but pieces are in place for the future. Henne will get better. Need to get him one big play wr and on def a playmaking free safety. Let's admit that signing Wilson was a big bust! Shoulda coulda woulda this year or sure but I like where thi team is heading. Have faith fin fans!

I like Floyd or Jackson from San Diego. Marshall from Denver would be someone they should overpay for.

Fins R playin tough, Hennes getting better n I think Williams is jus beat down at the end of the season from carrying the team since Browns injury. Next yr will b better n well do that much more as a unified team. Pitts barley pulled it out tonight, we won't let that happen. And the Houston game before hand....well, F Houston and thier ego state tude. Were the Miami Dolphins dammit- n we got game***

Malcom Floyd was targeted 9 times today. $ catches, 63 yards, 16 yd average. He should be out there since Vincent Jackson will get big money. MIght be worth it.

It's unfortunate that Ricky's fumbling issues keep forcing this coaching staff to put the ball on Henne's hand; however, Henne needs to learn to be a patient QB. There's no need to throw a crazy pass when you're on 1st or 2nd down situations with sooooo much to go in the ballgame. He also needs to learn how to scramble, because he's the worst scrambler QB in the NFL; and needs to learn that once you're out of the pocket or the tackles, you can throw away the ball avoiding losing yards. Come on Henne, you're from Michigan; you're smarting in that!!!! if

Chill out all ou band wangon fucks :), thanks to our boys 'Da Raiders, we are still in this. Assuming we win next week, Pitts beats Baltimore in Pitts, and Denver loses at Philly, there will be a 4-way tie for two spots (and not sure if I want Jax to beat NE yet and assuming the titans lose against San Diego (no way Jets beat Indy at Indy)), things can get real interesting, really quick. MESSAGE TO COACH SPARANO: DOUBLE COVER ANDRE JOHNSON EVERY PLAY WITH VONTE AND JASON ALLEN

yes we only have next year to look forward to.

I'm the best dolphins fan ever because i think miami will win every game and i live in fantasy land. I have no basis on my thoughts , just cluless . Boss the plane. just saying and all the other shyte i say .......

Posted by: Lips in toronto | December 20, 2009 at 09:37 PM

lol, funny. One correction - I don't think they will win every game, I just hope they win every game.. and think they can beat anyone on any given Sunday..

I blame some of this on play calling. The final INT had 2 WR in same area and one man was able to cover both.

Playing hurry up had them on their heels then in OT we went back to slooooooooooooooww.

I like the OC, just HATE his play calling.

Get rid of Ginn, Crowder, and Wilson and team will be better next year.

Just wanna say u finz fans have my utmost respect. Carlito NJ etc except that idiot dying breed. Choke on a chicken bone you rasict nazi MFer. Go fins.... Next year.

I just got home from the game. Crowder was right. The refs had a terrible game! I counted 3 clear offensive pass interference no calls by Tennessee. One was for a touchdown. The ref was right there, I was 25 feet away and it was clear. No call by the ref. Defensive line holding calls were terrible as well! I am not sure about the JT fumble/strip towards the end. It seemed the whistle was real fast all over the place today.

BTW: Ted Ginn is a chicken. He slides like a QB instead of trying to get a few more yards. He needs to go!

I hate it when a team is handicapped by the refs but this was a clear case!

West Tenn FinFan

8 - 8, no playoffs.

Been calling it, looks like even 7 - 9. But probably 8 - 8.

No playoffs...to bad, so very sad. I look forward to next year.

if miami wins out and jags and broncos lose thier next game miami makes the playoffs

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