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Titans defeat Dolphins 27-24 in overtime

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins were certainly game today, scoring 18 unanswered points to erase a 24-6 lead.

But after tying the game 24-24 at the end of regulation, the Dolphins ran out of miracles.

Chad Henne threw an interception on Miami's lone overtime possession and Greg Camarillo was flagged 15 yards for an unsportsmanlike penalty.

The interception and penatly basically set up the Titans for a 46 yard field goal by Rob Bironas. He connected.

"It's hard enough to beat 11 Titans," Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder said after the game. "You can't beat 17 Titans. Put that on your sheet."

Crowder was talking about the officiating crew being on Tennessee's side.

Anyway, Dolphins lose.

Miami is now 7-7 and although the playoff hopes are not dead, they are on life support.

Henne, by the way, was 29 of 46 for a career high 349 yards with one touchdown and three interception. Ouch.


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Despite what I saw from henne, these are the mistakes that he should have been makin last year as a rookie. But none the less they should go to a full fledge passing attack with the running attack second I'm tallking about spread em out three wr one maybe two te and develop henne he is the future whether we like it or not. Go phins

I hope 7-9 i want mt cody... Please please mt cody.

I agree mount Cody or dez Bryant

Ted Ginn is NOT a football player, period! AS for Henne, he is without a doubt the best Miami has had since Marino, and he WILL be a Pro Bowl level QB, this basically his rookie year, give the guy a break. Henne has looked really good, just need a couple of more WRs. Exciting game today, I was there freezing and listening to those IGNORANT Tennesse fans and their RUDE behavior, glad we mad a game of it, the stupidity was at an all time high in the stands, the shut up in the 4th qt though.

Only if we wouldn't have lost the colts or saints game or the bills where would we be then. Henne is my guy i for one am predicting at least the pro bowl for him next year.

Miami could have finished 19-0 and still get their hands on Cody.

Now Julius Peppers as an OLB free agency option sounds good.

I was contemplaining who to fault for this loss,Henne for his 3 picks Ricky for his fumble in the red zone,the refs for bad calls,poor play calling,I guess all of the above. As don meredith says turn out the lights the party is over. Another year is done and every yr more excuses Need WRs Need corners,If I wasnt a fan for so long I would jump ship and cheer for Indy.See You next yr for more aggrevation, I m done.

0-4 vs. Texans is all that matters now...

Derrick Johnson ILB, KC would be a nice free agent signing too. He is not fitting in with the new KC regime. He has good size and speed and is still very young. Dude can play. Nice pairing for Channing Crowder inside.


After that fiasco in OT I've finally had it with Henne. I've defended and overlooked all his other late game blunders, but enough is enough! Wasn't he supposed to be better than Ryan and Flacco because he sat and learned? He's having the same mediocre season as those two, but without the stellar rookie season they had!

And I never EVER want to see or hear ANYBODY from the media whine again about how the OT coin toss is "unfair" and act like the team that wins it is guaranteed a win based on that alone. Not after today!


Another heartbreaking loss. One thing everybody has to remember here is how the Dolphins fought back to get in the position of winning the game, when it could of been easy to quit. Also get off Chad's back, he is doing some great things with the talent he's working with, yes he has thrown some untimely passes but he's just trying to make something happen. We definately need a speed receiver with hands that you can just throw the ball up there and know he is gonna make a play on it. My question is what the heck is up with Ricky and all these fumbles???

Yes it was a nice comeback from 18 down--that only happened because I turned the TV off in disgust after the last Titans' TD. (Had I kept watching all the way through it would've been a 48-6 loss, I'm convinced of that.) But the Fins should never have been in that position. They came out flat IMO, and I have no idea why. The Ricky fumble was Sammie Smith-level bad and the first ofrfensive "drive" of the second half (if you can call it that) was pathetic.

Hidden plays of the game nobody is talking about: Bironas's first FG *just* sneaked inside the upright by an inch, maybe less. And on the play before the 24-6 TD Young was sacked by JT and fumbled, but a Titans' lineman fell on it as I was SCREAMING at the screen. If that doesn't happen they probably don't score for the rest of the game and the Fins win 24-17. EXTREMELY key play there.

Rickys beat dude- give em a break. Hez been carrying the team for weeks and clearly hez spent. Plus, smokin wears on ur lungs n Id say hez holdin his own for a blunta. Miami has it- mayb not this yr. Be great if we cud have Deshaun Jackson!!!

Well I guess ronnie brown is more important to this team than alot of you thought. today was a valient effort however the team had no identity. sign brown for 2010.

Hey !! you know who you are , Steve smith 9 catches 157 yds.

3 int's , 1 fumble and numerous costly penalities yet it's the coaches fault . OY VEY !

I was very pleased in how they came back being down by 18. I years past we would have just folded. They have to work on giving the opposition so many turnovers. Henne is doping good with what he has. A very good WR is in order

Got to remember people, Marino threw some very bad int's in his career.

doping =doing typo

Yeah, past teams would have never had a chance. Bill and this regimine have brought heart and belief to this team.

" henne is doping good " Ace. what is on meth or Dope ?

NJ just a typo. I feel like I'm on dope. Just a few too many drinks tonight to drown my sorrows.

I know. Jk !!

Miami is currently the #8 seed. The Denver loss was very helpful considering that they play @ Philly next. The Pats can help the fish climb to the 7th seed and potentially the 6th depending on Denver's outcome, as they have a 6-5 conference record, which of course would be the same record Miami would have if they defeat the Texans. I don't really see the playoff hopes as improbably as some articles would lead one to believe.

I'm not saying I think Miami will make the playoffs, but it's certainly not out of the realm of possibilities. Look at Oakland for instance. They beat Denver today and they have a chance to also ruin Baltimore's playoff hopes in the final week, especially if Pittsburgh steps up and beats the Ravens this week. The AFC playoff picture is wacky.

If you ask me, Baltimore and Pittsburgh are the favourites for the wild card and NE for the division, but that doesn't mean that I will stop supporting and cheering and yelling at my tv until the numbers say it's impossible. Go PHINS!


The Steelers need more help than Miami, especially because their conference record is so poor. Winning their last two games will surely help them, but they need a boat load to occur.

MARK , go to bed and and dream how miami will make the playoffs . it's late. SWEET DREAMS !! LOL ! :)

And the Steelers should already be eliminated. Stupid GB.

I HAVE A DREAM, NJ!!! Dolphins playing Cincinnati and beating the Bungles in January!!!!

I was actually pulling for the Steelers in that game. If you're a Miami fan you want the Steelers to still think they have a shot at defending their title this week against Baltimore. Also, whether the Steelers won or lost today it really didn't have any effect on Miami because Miami has to beat Pittsburgh the final game of the season to have any shot. Hopefully Pittsburgh can replicate their performance next week.

Interesting perspective Joe. But for Miami to beat out Baltimore, the Ravens have to lose both games and play the Raiders in the finale. Then again, the Raiders only seem capable of beating playoff teams.

Mark, that's of course true, but as I stated earlier OAK seems not to be a pushover at this point as you've stated. We also don't know how the Miami head to head with Denver plays out. I don't see Denver going to Philly and winning so who knows how that plays out. Denver plays at home to KC in the final.

hey,dolphins fans hahahahahahahahahah you guys sucked today i told you you guys are not going to win the division this year the patriots are going to win the division and go on to win the super bowl and win their fourth super bowl and their fourth super bowl ring repeat after me fins fans the pats are coming the pats are coming the pats are coming hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray for the patriots patriots coming to a super bowl 44 near you very soon patriots 9-5 dolphins 7-7 hahahahahahahahahahhahahah wait till next year boys! fins suck patriots rule!

"the patriots are going to win the division and go on to win the super bowl and win their fourth super bowl and their fourth super bowl ring"

My favorite sentence from this knob. Of course it's a mile long sentence overrun with fragments and a lack of punctuation. I also had no idea that if you win four super bowls you also win four super bowl rings. Mind blowing stuff.

Armando in the last interception de Tennessee guy never was tackled , went alone to the grass Camarillo do the right thing because the play wasn't finish.

Another thing , why the referee don't call a face mask in the Hartline reception ( almost intercepted)? was in his face, impossible don't saw this infraction

The whistle blew Luciano. I don't think it should have been a penalty because there was no intent to rough the player, but what can you do. Who knows if Vince drives them to the 30 in that instance. It would have been a whole different situation though, that's for sure.

christpher meegan,

WOW @zz wipe, you even posted in blue. What a f'kin waste of time.

Why is carlito and Po White always proclaiming they are the best fans??? Any thoughts

Probably because each one would expect this Dolphin team to beat the '85 Bears or any other legendary team. They don't like realistic commentary, as I've found out in the past.

because one's an illegal alien idiot and the other is a no tooth trailor park jackazzzz !!

Luciano , you got any pastafazul sour ?

henne is another trent dilfer....if he plays for a team with a ferocious game winning defense he can win a superbowl ring, but if not, FORGET IT!!!!!!!

Joe and Willy C, you both are on the right track. Carlito and Po believe everyone else is not a TRUE fan. Carlito even calls out NJ, when he fights with joe. What a hypocrite carlito is. He thinks because he says "I believe" 254 times he is better than us

Carliot calls out NJ for bashing people. Carlito bashed you Joe for being a realist?
Joe you are cool, carlito is a chivato

Norris , you're 100% correct. Carlito is a big mouth Hypocrite. I believe ! I BELIEVE ! what is this BS. Believe in these NUTS !!

Carlito is a Chorizo !!

Thank you dying bre... oops I mean chestnut

How can Miami get in????

Look henne had some misshaps he's doing what he can let him get the kinks out now then later. I'm a true dolphin fan but even if we make the playoffs there are alot of great teams we would have to play I say we go 9-7. I want all our rookies to learn from mistakes this off season. We show alot potential with this young team we just got to keep building the team little by little. Dolphin fan for life let's go phins next year is looking really good. Btw Henne got us back into this game to go to OT sad we lost but we didn't get blown out.

I'm Not heil hitler oops i mean dying bre....

Some really stupid comments today, Henne all of a sudden sucks? QB's make bad throws, even great ones. Sometimes they throw for even more than 3 interceptions in a game, ask Marino, Favre, Brady, Warner, Brees. Do they all suck too?

What did suck was that call against Cammi. Seriously, that was "unsportsmanlike conduct"? The guy was down but untouched and Cammi jumped on him. Not maliciously. That was just unreal.

Henne's growing pains, that's what this game came down to, but the force is strong in this one Fin nation a powerful Jedi(QB) he will be training not done..

yes the season is over and there are thing to look back at and say, darn, if they just would have. but i'm going to look on the great things. guys who weren't really supposed to play much really stepped up and have bright futures.
chad henne, is the qb for the foreseeable future! and was better than expected and will only get better!
brian hartline, great rookie season. could finally get fans to stop complaining about the welker trade!!
smith and davis. sure a little raw still but the sky is the limit on this tamdem.
cam wake. also raw but another summer and camp of learning and he will be a beast.
the whole dline, starks, merling,langford, furgie, solai, and mcdanials. excellent against the run and had pressure on qb's.
ronnie and ricky and lou. hope we have them next season.
even, wilson, was aweful tackling first 4 games but was leading tackler rest of the way.
thanks for a great season!! do great the next 2 games and i can't wait for the draft!. time for me to turn more of my attention to the team i have season tickets for. the pittsburgh penguins!

oh, i forgot. jason taylor. please bring him back next season. he is still playing at a high level and just a great guy to have on your team. he has been my favorite dolphins since marino retired.

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