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Titans defeat Dolphins 27-24 in overtime

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins were certainly game today, scoring 18 unanswered points to erase a 24-6 lead.

But after tying the game 24-24 at the end of regulation, the Dolphins ran out of miracles.

Chad Henne threw an interception on Miami's lone overtime possession and Greg Camarillo was flagged 15 yards for an unsportsmanlike penalty.

The interception and penatly basically set up the Titans for a 46 yard field goal by Rob Bironas. He connected.

"It's hard enough to beat 11 Titans," Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder said after the game. "You can't beat 17 Titans. Put that on your sheet."

Crowder was talking about the officiating crew being on Tennessee's side.

Anyway, Dolphins lose.

Miami is now 7-7 and although the playoff hopes are not dead, they are on life support.

Henne, by the way, was 29 of 46 for a career high 349 yards with one touchdown and three interception. Ouch.


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everybody need to go to bed now

Most young Quarterbacks believe they can win with their arm, slinging the ball all over the field. It is with experience you learn that you need to read the defense before you release the ball. Defenses are so good at showing you one thing presnap and then changing their coverages mid play. It takes time.

Secondly, Henne has a habit of not properly planting his feet when he throws and this leads to wild high passes. I am surprised nobody brings this up. It also appears that he is trying to force "touch" passes now. He does not have a mental feel for when to put air under the ball properly. He long passing is well off target most of the time.

Seems to me he will need a solid QB coach and a lot of offseason work to become the QB we would all like him to be, but you cannot deny that the kid has some talent that you just cannot coach.

At the end of the day, the players lost the game but...Tennessee was playing dirty the whole game...only ones who DIDN'T see it were the Refs...It looked like Taylor DID get a fumble recovery, but the refs ruled it down...Next, Ginn Jr did it to us AGINN...Forget relegating him to just kickoffs - relegate him to the bench - and 30 seconds after the final play of the Dolphins season, cut him!!!

Matter?NO..Damn I guess it's ice fishin

You Henne haters can just suck on it OK. This is the best damn QB the Phins have had since Marino and is you disagree then you have been living under a rock the last 10 years and please tell me 1 QB better?

I'm so proud of our Dolphins...they fight for every game.The heart they play with is something special.No one ever gives our Dolphins credit for playing through such huge injuries this year...we lost some special players at key positions.Miami went through a lot this year, and has grown into a team with a winning attitude.We still have to add the rest of the talent , but our foundation is set.The coaches deserve credit for making Miami a team we can be proud of, and a team we can be excited about for years to come...Miami has a bright future.

I know some people don't know what to think of Henne, and I have my doubts as well.Henne does have guts and a strong arm.He can bounce back after he makes a mistake.However, I don't know if Henne will get the touch pass down...by now he should have one.He played four years at Michigan...He also got to sit a year behind Pennington.So I'm worried that it migt be a skill he wont ever really have.We can work on decision making, but a touch pass is almost like a natural skill...you either go it or you don't.Henne also has a lot of trouble moving outside the pocket...he can't make plays when everything breaks down.I think with some work he can learn to move a lot better and maybe get in better athletic shape.Henne needs to look at more then one WR...he goes to check down to quick or looks to one route.I think has a chance to fix and get better in most areas if he works hard...he has the talent that's for sure.Henne has brought Miami back in some game this year...the problem is he got us into those bad situations by throwing huge INT....Henne has to do better in the 4th quarter.

Much love Phin Fans...We still have hope ha

Thank you scalzo, the phins have had the worst collection of cast-offs at QB for years. Parcells ans Co. understand you cant get a get a quality QB from the scrap heap. Henne will be a star. Playoffs or not, I love this team.

Our special team sucks. You have 4 or 5 unblocked players racing down the field and people blame Ted. Come on man! FYI, if you have never been fast or have returned a kick for a touchdown, stop trying to give advise on returning kicks. It's not Madden. Anyway, please beat Houston. Thanks!

If Ted was not scared to get hit we might have actually won the dolphins should have won

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