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Titans holding 24-9 lead in 4th quarter

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins needed turnovers and points to get back in this game and the Titans have cooperated.

They turned the ball over inside their own 30 yard line. But all Miami could do was kick a field goal after a 7-yard drive.

Chad Henne, meanwhile, ended another Miami attempt at points when he was intercepted in the end zone.

It doesn't look good, folks. Join me in the comments section for the completion of the live blog.


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I couldnt see it, but I wonder why we weren't aggressive once we got the ball in OT. Surprise somebody once and a while...go against your tendencies for a change...shake things up for a change...often times we seem to get in trouble on third and long at critical times...maybe better play calling avoids that third and long and we move out from the goal line...

Am out - am going to drink this feeling away..

Henne = turnover, we really are in qb hell folks. Huge steps backwards this year. So dissappointing. Vincent Jackson or bust in the offseason. Parcells really screwed up by not addressing wr. We have division II losers catching the ball on offense, it's pathetic. Henne is highly innaccurate and protects the ball like shite.


If we have to draft a wr it probably wont happen until 2nd round tops. We have to fix this sorry LB corps.

Wow that sucked

Maybe this will force Parcells hand....if he don't walk.

If Ginn is our threat at WR,we need a BIG CHANGE

u cant expect henne to be any better than what he is with his receivers.. we should have at least went after chris chambers.. he had yet another 100yd td game..

Bess is better than Ginn

Its for the better that miami doesn't make the playoffs, unfortunately that'll mean NE will, but i feel a lot better watching NE today and knowing that they will be ONE and done in the postseason. Bettter dreams for 2010. The christmas wish list for miamis playoff hopes have shrunken to titans hope.NILL

Don't cut Ginn,Kill his ass.He cost us the season.Him and punk ass Henne.

It definitely was a fumble but the refs for some crazy reason blew the whistle way too fast. the play wasn't over yet. they blew the whistle a second before jason pulled the ball off, then ball on ground and jason picked it up. he definitely fumbled it right at the whistle but mini second before. the whistle should not have been blown. way to early in a play like that as the running back is struggling for yards. fumbles happen all the time as they struggle for extra yards so why do they blow the whistle. And for sure, giving them 15 yards for a penalty when the guy was not down by contact and the play was not over was complete bull. Camarillo realized Ginn just stood there and didn't even touch him and was walking away. Camarillo ran up and fell on him to get him down. Smart play by camarillo. he had every right to fall on him.

Worst call ever but still shouldn't have mattered, where was Henne throwing that ball? He needs work on touch passes in the red zone as well. He is not as close as we all thought. I was optimistic but after 7 ints in two of last 3 games.

How many bad calls by the refs were there today??


Now, what are the 43 things that have to happen for the 'phins to get to the playoffs??


Has anyone considerede that by not winning today maybe we dont deserve to be in the playoff?

After today's performance I dont see where we would be anything but a one and doner anyway. Why waste valuable draft position when we still have so many more urgent needs!!!

i want to see turner on the field now

its his first year Ziggy, at least he still competes and shows that given time and better WRs and surrounding talent, he will be just fine.Hes not a QB that can ride the offense himself.

Turnovers killed us more than any Zebra did today finfan23.

Now, what are the 43 things that have to happen for the 'phins to get to the playoffs??


Posted by: George W | December 20, 2009 at 04:29 PM

Forget the playoffs, we're already getting a high draft pick, i would like to see miami at least finish strong thru 4 qtrs and not 1.

Refs lost the game for us. End of story

oh well. lets see turner and clemons get some game time to mature them a little bit and start looking to next year.

The dolphins have to get it together and win close games if they want to get into the playoffs

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