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Titans lead Dolphins 17-6 in the 3rd quarter

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins have a playoff berth on the line today and they are laying an egg.

They have failed to get in the end zone despite two trips inside the red zone.

Chad Henne has thrown an interception. Ricky Williams has lost a fumble.

And Justin Gage has burned the Miami secondary for two touchdown catches.

Terrible. It's 17-6, Titans.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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unbelievable. this game is getting out of hand fast.

Oookkkaaaayyy.... It's officially not
Looking good!!! :-(

Regardless, we are one draft and offseason away from competing!!





Not over yet


If VY played Miami every game, he'd be league MVP...this is ridiculous...

Miami sucks ass

this is embarrasing but strangely predictable...

Looks like the titans went with our game plan. Throw Henne, no more INTS.

Bunch of bs are we going to play

Well f:ck our season is over

Ballgame. Should have drafted a receiver, Parcells is a fat fraud.

I'm just 1 bad play away from a heart attack
come on phins put me in the hospital already


Earl you are stupid, he is a rookie and has played great this year, he is also learning still

Ted Ginn will return this for a TD and all will be well in Dolphin land.

I know some of you will complain that Vontae doesn't get the benefit of the call on those push-offs.

the fact is the offense always is going to get the call in their favor.

So, what you really should be mad about is why Miami receivers don't ever use that NFL known fact and get those kind of calls.

That wasnt Vontae on the coverage it was Ted Ginn. Cut Ginn Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We needed that fumble.

Nothing ever happens for the Fins.

These $h*t heads get ever break.




Funny dying, funny...of course, if he plays the game he should, we'd have more points wouldn't we?

I fear that we are further behind where we thought we were....for every week of greatness and hope there's a week of let down and shame

Refreshing to see a team actually throw a ball more than 5 yards in the air...I guess the forward pass IS still legal? Some alert Henning!!!!

not looking good. we just arent there yet.

We don't want Divas Mando. So do not worry about it.

Do you think they will NOW let Henne loose and take the game on his shoulders.....THROW THE PHUCKING BALL, a couple deep wont hurt either

Tennessee is a hot team with a lot of talented players on offense. This isn't that surprising. It's disappointing. But not shocking. Miami needed to deliver one of its best performances of the season today to have a chance to win. They haven't come anywhere close to that.

Tennessee is a better team.

Bad play calling in the red zone put us in this position...we need to score quickly and the defense needs to force a turn over

Where is everyone?? Vontae can't pick off a ball and quit come onnnnnn

Now you know why the Dolphins wanted playoff money upfront last week.

This isn't the way to go in the playoffs anyway.

When is the Draft?


5th 3rd and long..... pathetic

OK.We need to abandon the run and get it going on with the passing game. Oh, I forgot that we don't have big play receivers. We're screwed!!!

Its all Ted Ginns fault. CUT GINN NOW!!!!!!!

Ok it's not looking good now fellas. It's over in the 3rd quarter, now they're going to run it down our throats.. I can't watch, this is painful. Out playoff hopes are over

F you Armando. You are a scumbag and you never believed in this dolphin team. You talk more about how bad we are than how good we are. I don't care that we lose this game today. All I want for Christmas is a reporter who cares about the team that he reports for.

I am at a bar in NJ all Dolphined out with a Tennessee fan next to me.This sucks

Ginn is so hard to bring down dyingbreed your right he gives it all he has every play

maybe instead of faking a hand off everyone knows wont happen ginn just keeps running and passes everyone by when he hits the hole.
just a thought

Dyingbreed aka heil hitler aka the nazi on this blog. That was a great spin move by ginn. Dont u agree. All pro caliber.

Mando, regardless of what you say, that is offensive pass interference...if he did it, it certainly would be defensive pass interference, wouldn't it...

Armando-Please explain to me what is going on out there. Nobody is doing anything right.
Cause a fumble-but give it back, throw while being sacked, calling a 5 yard play when it's 3rd and 22!

Ginn you should have fumbled. You suck! CUT GINN NOW!!!!!

1. Crap Red Zone production
2. Lack of big plays on defense
3. Not taking what they give early on
4. Giving up big play after big play

are all the reasons we are losing.

what a disappointment

Ok peeps, long drive, kick fieldgoal, only down 15 points

Tourtured how about you show some balls and meet me in section 112 next week and I can show you what I think about your comments

I really think Ginn starts to fall down before contact!

Come on now, what did you guys expect? The Dolphins has a long history of disappointing their fans. Its a burden we carry. I knew they lost this game since the last game. They always find a way to lose when it counts.

WHY do we need a Deep threat WR --- Henning won't let cannon arm HENNE throw it deep!!!!

we have an awesome 1st and second down defense. someone needs to tell them that its actually 3 time they have to stop them.


Was or is there a "game plan"?, or are we shooting from the hip?

No huddle all the way, and keep Henne in the shotgun

I'm switching to MTV to watch Jersey Shore.

Most important game of the year and we freakin blow.....welp, four words: there's always next year

first down, hand off to Ricky, second down, short pass to the right, third down, long, incomplete...punt...

I predict we lose again and again and again

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