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Titans lead Dolphins 7-3 going to 2nd quarter

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins got off to a fast start today, getting a field goal and a 3-0 lead after Vontae Davis delivered his fourth interception of the season.

Then the Titans drove for a go-ahead TD, with Vince Young connecting with Justin Gage on a 22-yard pass.

Gibril Wilson got beat on the pass.

We go to the second quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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Let's go fins

Fins playin smashmouth. I like it.

No ricky no

what is wrong w ricky>>?????


very nice ricky! WTF!



i cant believe his fumbles lately. What in the world is he doing???

woooooow !

That is Ricky's fourth fumble in two weeks. he has lost two of those fumbles.

that cost us 7

Ricky needs weed like underdog needs his energy pill

nice play calling....

RONNIE BROWN where are You ! to many carries for ricky

ricky is holding the ball too low!

All those people bashing Ronnie, we miss him alot

vontae got run over by johnson. lol

Can't have TO's on the road!!!! At what point do u start getting Hilliard some touches?? He'd still b behind the 150 million line!!

Hold on to the ball.


Ronnie is jumping off the couch again

Every time we get some steam going, they screw it up with the play calling.

Damn it.

The more carries for williams , the more fumbles you'll see

Fins are so flaaaaattttttt.

You can feel the momentum shifting here. Dolphins need a big play on defense to change things up.


Somebody please squash that Johnson fella

Can I get a hold

How did they screw it up with play calling??? Ricky shouldn't have fumbled..

The Dollphins cannot give Vince Young that much time to throw.

C'mon D. Settle down!

They are toying with our defense, good job Sparano. YOU SUCK!!!!!


Porous defense, this doesn't look good.

Dan Henning needs to go away.What a putz.


Of coures they show Pat TD but not the intial score by the Bills....how slanted can you got . I'm SICK of all the man love these people have for the PATS

Tenn, scores here , it's over

Again, our D playing very inconsistent. One good series, and then TENN comes backs to score. Now they have 1st and goal. Crap!!!

The draft's slowly seeming to become a good topic for this blog.

4 fumbles in 2 weeks!!!! WTF Ricky??? Baddddd!!!!!!!!!!! GINN is a nightmare too! OUT

do they realise they have to win today???

Let's go D

if we go down 14-3 you can stick a fork in our season...

uh oh

That's it, we're done for the day. Forget about it. Way to go coaches!!!

Johnson's runs are now consistently getting to the second level. That is very troubling.

Johnson moter is running

Effing turnovers!!!!!

Where is the defense

Playoffs?!? Playoffs?!?

porter and his side are getting OWNED!

Its not over if they score here... It will be tough, but not over

We need a turnover

Stop them now!!!

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