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Titans lead Dolphins 7-3 going to 2nd quarter

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins got off to a fast start today, getting a field goal and a 3-0 lead after Vontae Davis delivered his fourth interception of the season.

Then the Titans drove for a go-ahead TD, with Vince Young connecting with Justin Gage on a 22-yard pass.

Gibril Wilson got beat on the pass.

We go to the second quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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no 55 is getting dominated

playing crappy they better step it up


Held em to 3 I hope.

The D holds. Yes!

nice stop.

Let's go guys, we need a score on offense. We need to open it up a little bit.

nice job D!

F'ing Ricky...give Polite the ball!!!!

That's better than a td

Damage control

I believe it is not over and we need points here! Come on!

Big stop on 3rd!!! Unleash HENNE!! This secondary sucks!!

Need a Big return from Theresa Ginn

Gotta believe.

Please hire some COMPETENT coordinators.

Miami needs points on this drive now. They have to be within striking distance at halftime.

Not saying Sporano was wrong but 7pts would look a lot nicer than 3pts right now

Well, the moral victory is they kept Tennessee out of the end zone.

Everyone's down on Ricky? Have some faith. You'll feel better after we win today don't worry......

What pisses me off about Vince Young is he has not taken care of what needs to be taken care off. He does not work at off the field. Claims he will be HOF worthy. Very questionable off the field.

Overall, he disrespects the game.

We need a quick TD.

i think we are gonna have to draft a running back this year or next. ricky will be retiring and ronnis keeps getting hurt.

This team has been lucky now for about 3 and half Quarters and they need to wake the F&^k up!

We go back to the same problem on Offense: We don't have a big play thread. So instead we have to put together long drives, which increase the chances of mistakes...In today's NFL, that is not the blueprint to consistent winning football.

Give the ball to polite!!!!!!

follow you in the comments? that does not equal a live blog. Worst live blog in the history of the internet.

Carlito: you're right it's not over until it's over and the fat lady sings. Positive vibes people

keep ricky and ginn on the bench!

Here we go fins! Time to take this game back on this drive!!!

All you people who've given up already ought to be watching ice skating. Sheesh! There's lots of football to play!

Hilliard needs touches rightly or wrongly.

Don't want to jinx him but crowder actually is making plays today. We will be fine just need to settle down.

Remember the Pats game.. a 2 score lead in the 1st half is not a lock..

glad it was a FG, but a TD would not have sealed.. THAT IS WHY THEY PLAY THE GAME.

Damn, its not the first to 14.. it is the best for 60 minutes..


Ginn cringes before contact. It is driving me CRAZY!

Keep henne in the shotgun!

When Will Henning let Henne go deep for a change? We gotta loosen up their D, all THEIR WR are wide open...
We gotta have a good drive this series and we will tie it up.

we need a new return guy

f ginn and his run 5 yards and go into fetal position bs

cut ginn

Ginn is useless.

Man is GINN BAD!!!!!!!!!! He can't play...He is scared!!!! Get him off the field!

Its not over till Dolly Parton sings

Ginn just doesn't accelerate quickly. He may be fast but it seems he takes awhile to get there.

ginn just looks like he is so afraid. they need to start hitting him in practice. maybe it will toughen him up. and if not at least the other guys can take out their frustration on him.

We need to drop Gibril Wilson BAD!!! He just does not cut it.

Why does it feel like the game is 17-0?

ginn is so f'in scared to get hit...

That's right , wpbdolfan!!!!!

Well said Lipsintoronto!

Pleas release Ginn. turner cannot be worse!

Yes mando, he is soft. that punt fumble, he was looking at the guy and not the ball too. He has no heart.

Because it should be 14- 0

Miami's most consistent playmaker on offense is Lousaka Polite.

And he gains real estate 1 yard at a time. Think about that.

good thing the team doesn't give up like some of you all. Geez. We are down by 7. Get a grip

ricky gonna make up for it now


Let's go Ricky


Pat white

Now the bag of tricks come out.

Pat white does it better than all of them, I'm not saying he should be in there all the time but at least he can pass.

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