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Titans lead Dolphins 7-3 going to 2nd quarter

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins got off to a fast start today, getting a field goal and a 3-0 lead after Vontae Davis delivered his fourth interception of the season.

Then the Titans drove for a go-ahead TD, with Vince Young connecting with Justin Gage on a 22-yard pass.

Gibril Wilson got beat on the pass.

We go to the second quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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Screw the wildcat.

Pat White scares me, but I will take that first down!!!


Why won't Ricky use two hands?

Hartline to the 30 yard line!!!!

That boy will be a star

hartline is a baller


Hehehe the rookie from OSU!

Nice strike. Great pass.

No hartline has been the playmaker, Mando

hartline and henne have great chemistry

Nice pass and catch!

What a pass

Hartline is a keeper

What a throw!

Beautiful pass


Mando is pissed.

kill clock time as we go

So Chad Henne complete 39 yard pass and his reward is come out of the game.

HARTLINE is a play maker! take notes ginn you bust!!!

A 2nd and 2, Henning calls run. You F'ing idiot. Even Pee Wee coaches know to call pass.

WHY are we starting this CH*T again.... henne just threew a laser and in comes pat white---damn!

Michigan to OSU! That's phenomenal

nice. who are these announcers?? the patcat? its wildpat. patcat dosent make sense

nice pass

Mando, go up to the coach box and choke henning please.

jesus f chris! am i gonna have to listen to "ohio st to michigan" crap for the next 10 years???

Dick Enberg called Wild Pat the Pat Cat! LOL

Mando, what makes you more angry: Ginn's play or the playing of Pat White?

I love that Sparano was interviewed minutes before the game and said they we have hung up the wildcard now.

if hilliard gets the ball on 3rd and 4 i'm going to throw up

nice catch bess!!!

Sweet catch!

These commentators are horrible!


Wow, Bess is only like 5'10, LOL

Nice snag bess.


ITS ON NOW!!!!!!

What a catch by Bess! That was a bad throw by Henne.

get P. White in the game at WR.

That's what I'm talking about! Positive vibes!


What a catch

Please why do we run the offense that ronnie made work abandon it please Henning

I get more impressived with Henne every week. I am an IU grad, Ginn wont be a Dolphin much longer


Why is pat out there


a pat white throw away play

f you henning

Meow for the patcat

keep killin the clock as we go

THat was an awesome catch bess! We might just have something there. enough of this pat cat crap. he is still running scared

P. white is about to get killed running inside!

Pat, if you're gonna play, play with heart, stop being scared like that dude!!!

Man this is stupid. really stupid.

Did Vanden Bosch kick him?

I REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND DAN HENNING HERE..and sporano-overule this crap!

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