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Titans lead Dolphins 7-3 going to 2nd quarter

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins got off to a fast start today, getting a field goal and a 3-0 lead after Vontae Davis delivered his fourth interception of the season.

Then the Titans drove for a go-ahead TD, with Vince Young connecting with Justin Gage on a 22-yard pass.

Gibril Wilson got beat on the pass.

We go to the second quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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WTF! Why have P. White on 1st and goal.!!!


Field goal

Pat needs to stay on the bench....please.

Can we trust our Qb!!

They cannot settle for a FG here.

Don't understand play calling on the last 2 plays...we need a TD

What are we doing? Really, please explain this crap mando

That ba$tard DID kick him. I told you they were dirty.

P. White looks more and more like T. Ginn...

4 Down Territory.

Maybe if we didn't throw away a down with pat white...

nice job wasting a down

f you henning

goodness. come on. We need 7 points here with all the pat white garbage. we three away downs. need it now

wow. what the hell is going on in the red zone??? why are we outsmarting ourselves?

You really have to question our personnel deployment inside the 10 in a critical situation. Pat White? Lex Hilliard?

Come on!

Red zone is not the place for that BS, we wasted first down.

False start? Are u trying to beat yourself!?

Good job Sparano, your fat ass should be slammed!

anyone noticed Ricky out this time in redzone?

How can we just throw away plays with this joke

oh chad. settle down

WE suck! What kind of throw was that? Aweful throw.


Pat White = another wasted down.

Pat White = Hennings idea of fooling the offense.

Just puked in my mouth.

We waste 2 downs and make henne force 1 on 3rd!!!

hartline seems to be always open...

Put up the points


a wasted drive to get a TD

only giving henne 2 tries to get a TD

f u henning and white

I still believe though

That should have been a penalty on Vanden Bosch. Terrible non-call.

Any reason run on 1st and 2nd down and a predictible pass on 3rd??? WTF????

That's ok. Points are points and keeps the other team off the field. Next drive will get a TD. Henne has their number now

Time to pick off young, we need a turnover

they are gonna bust a pass with pat white next time he's on the field

Gotta believe.

Whites going to throw a td today because Titans wont be ready for it. LOL

Why don't they stick with what works? Flip flopping does not work!

Give Lex carries first half to save ricky for crunch time

too many errant throws from Henne. He's starting to remind me of Gus Frerotte.

sparano bet start over ruling these horrible play calls. If he wants to use the wildcat use it with williams. We always scored in red zone with wildcat so it seems they think pat white is a good option instead of williams but that's ridiculous.

attribute that NO TD drive to the red zone play calling.... wasted two downs with pat crap and hilliard in obvious running formation on 2nd and goal from the 10....really unbelievable...

thanks drive killer henning

running white and hilliard


only giving 1 play to henne


well thats 2 times inside the 10 and 6 points. we have to have 2 more drives just to get ahead at this rate. whats going on. i thought henning put that trick crap near the goalline away. Pat is an open field type of runner not goalline.

Field goals aren't going to cut it in this game. That's twice they've settled inside the red zone and on a 3rd occasion, they puked up the ball.

They cannot give up points before the half.

So let's count, Wildcat formation wasted four snaps!

Oh crap here come the Pats

amazing how quickly fans are ready to jump off the boat. You are all pathetic.

At least we get the ball first in 2nd half...

The coaches are outthinking themselves on critical downs. Too many brain farts. Mando, what's your take on this last drive's calls during first and second and goal?

Booo no field goals!

why does spadraino get excited after FG's,i'd think he would be more concerned that were not scoring TDS. I mean that is the formula for losing as if we didnt know that.



Turnover: that's what we need in this series. Now!

Rickky's punishment is he had to sit out this redzone drive

henning always outsmarting everyone in the redzone.
that's his specialty
thats our three points

dont worry

tony must be fist pumping over these FGs

why waste 2 plays with a garbage white and hilliard?

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