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Titans lead Dolphins 7-3 going to 2nd quarter

NASHVILLE -- The Dolphins got off to a fast start today, getting a field goal and a 3-0 lead after Vontae Davis delivered his fourth interception of the season.

Then the Titans drove for a go-ahead TD, with Vince Young connecting with Justin Gage on a 22-yard pass.

Gibril Wilson got beat on the pass.

We go to the second quarter. Join me in the comments section.


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Dude, "morono"? Really? Grow up dude!!! GO PHINS!!!!

Gibril Wilson is the worst cover-man I have ever seen play in my life.. I want him gone and his position upgraded to a free saftey WHO CAN FREAKIN COVER! IMAGINE THAT DOLPHINS!!

Ginn is such a wus WTF do we want this playoff or what come on fins

I predict next year he catches a few more of those

These guys hit hard man!

man i just thought miami would be playing with purpose and desire.

Dying Breed - -of course they will be selecting in the first round...what is your point?

It is only 11 points and we get the ball tp start the second half

Let's go guys, damn



O and d coord are lame. Don't put players in position to succeed

Gibril is second worst. I still have post traumatic stress over Stuckey

time to bring in Pat now that Henne is moving the ball

Leave henne in there. If that idiot henning puts white in again i am gonna scream.

Catch the ball...hard hit, but catch the ball...

We got 1:47 to score get us back in this game and swing the momentum in our favor going into the half.

Posted by: BlazzinAce | December 20, 2009 at 02:16 PM


Not with Hennings play calling. Redzone equals alzheimers attack.

Got lucky last week.....and it now shows against a team on the up swing

time for ginn end around

i can tony morono because:
1. how ted ginn still is a KR is a mystery
2. he never overrules henning onces on those dumb play calls

hence he is a morono

Carey grabbing.

I dont understand using second and short for a run...

A run, are you kidding me? Stupid moron!

they hold us all game and its alright

Holding, or course...its the little things...

Holding, ha, they been holding all day.

Smart play by Henne, and of course Stupid mistake by line.

Henne is holding on to the ball too long, not good

this is where the lack of a passing game comes out big time.

vernon carey is getting beat like a drum

HOrse collar tackle in Miami's favor.

I predict we get the ball at the start of the second half

go hilliard!

Horse collar tackle, yeahh


We can get a td here, not a fg.


GO FOR 7.. don't turtle and settle

stupid rule, but ill take it.

Time for a QB sneak.

Why not throw it in the end zone?

Why not take a shot?

what the hell is that play call

1st and 10

and you run it just to waste a timeout

MORONO is getting ready for a FIELD GOAL


woo great play!!!!!!!!!
that'll fool em
take ricky out
we dont' need that rb in there nope

Put Henne in the shotgun and use a hurry up during the game...and once again, the play calling SUCKS...pass the ball down the field....gheez!

At least we have a cold weather kicker

It looks like we're playing for a FG.

hey another horse collar and we are in field goal range

Is this blog working

another wasted down--run wit 32 seconds left followed by aving to call a timeout.... sickening...no other team in te league would call that when a TD is needed

Because he's a p*ssy, that' why. I said it earlier, he's scared. That's why Tennessee will win this game

It stinks in here oh tortured is here that explains it!

ricky has to be hurt nobody can be this dumb

Just enough time to get in position for Carpenter to attempt a 60yd FG attempt.

Gibril Wilson is the worst coverman I have ever seen in my life!! I hope he's cut and his position upgraded to a free saftey who can FREAKIN COVER SOMEBODY!! A foreign concept to dolphins personell staff

Payoffs ? Playoffs ?

Terrible decision.


henne's first huge rookie mistake

I predict next year he won' t throw those....what do think Armando

Just so stupid.

That's what you call an ill advised throw.

That inexperience for u

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