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Sparano on calling plays, Wildcat & Wake

Tony Sparano said today he did not call any offensive plays in the victory over the Patriots.

But he did acknowledge he was adding his opinion on what the Dolphins should run throughout the game.

"I didn't take over the play-calling, Dan did it," Sparano said. "Just was communicating and making suggestions, as many suggestions as we can make. We had great communication out there yesterday in all three phases of the game. I thought the coaches did a really good job preparing guys this week."

On the last blog post (below) I speculated that Sparano seemed to be calling plays at one point in the fourth quarter. He cleared it up during his day-after press conference today.

It was an informative and interesting 18 minutes with the coach. He talked about the fact the Dolphins did not use the Wildcat package even once Sunday. It was the first time the team didn't use the package this season. It might be the first time they have not used it since they introduced it against New England on Sept. 21, 2008.

"We didn't have it up and ready right now, to be honest with you," Sparano said. "We had two plays on the gameplan sheet that we had if we felt we had to go to it, but we didn't feel we had to go to it at this point."

The Wildcat package has been decimated by injuries. Ronnie Brown is out. Patrick Cobbs is out. Anthony Fasano was out for a couple of games. But Sparano was not ready to pronounce the package dead.

Not yet.

"I don't know, it depends on what we see on tape," the coach said. "Whatever we have to do to win."

One thing the Dolphins might want to do to win in the coming weeks and years is use Cameron Wake more. He's improving. He really is. And so coaches are trying to figure out how to get him in games more.

Already the team is platooning at the outside linebacker spots. Joey Porter and Jason Taylor are lately yielding snaps to both Wake and Charlie Anderson. Anderson got more snaps than usual against New England.

But Wake's play in limited snaps screams he should get more snaps.

"Cameron's getting better," Sparano said. "There are some things he's got to do fundamentally. But I've got to do a better job of getting him out there ... He gave us good rushes in the game and a great rush on the last play."

I asked Sparano if more snaps for Wake would suggest fewer for Taylor or fewer for Taylor and Porter.

"It really depends on the package, Armando," Sparano said. "If we put him in there in base defense, it would mean less snaps for Joey. If we put him in the nickel or the dime stuff it could be Joey or JT, depending on how we rotate that threesome."