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Was Sparano calling plays in the 4th quarter?

Tony Sparano put a major emphasis on Miami's fourth-quarter play last week and the work done by the Dolphins obviously paid dividends because they outscored New England, 3-0 in that period.

But there was seemingly something more interesting involved in that quarter. At one point I focused on the Dolphins sideline when Miami had the ball and it seemed as if Sparano himself was calling plays.

Normally, Miami's offensive plays are under the auspices of offensive coordinator Dan Henning. But as we know from the Buffalo game, Henning has endured moments when his play-calling has been questioned.

So it would not surprise if Sparano took over the duties for a series even though that would be news. And that's what it looked like from the press box. The Dolphins had failed to move the ball their first two series of the fourth quarter, in fact going three-and-out on their previous series when Sparano, who called plays in Dallas years ago, seemed to take over.

The Dolphins marched from their own 24 to the New England 39 on the series Sparano seemed to call but the drive ended when a fourth-and-2 pass from Chad Henne to Davone Bess fell incomplete. The entire time, Sparano was on his headset, barking orders from behind a play sheet that he used to cover his mouth.

It was typical offensive play-caller stuff.

The next series the Dolphins went with a no-huddle look and Sparano definitely was not calling the plays then.

I must warn you I was not able to confirm the head coach took over the plays on this series and have not been able to do so this morning. I will, however, ask Sparano about it at his day-after press conference today.

I could be wrong. But maybe not. We'll see what Sparano says.

Come back a little later and I'll have an update of this plus whatever other news and notes that come out of the press conference.