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What does Jason Taylor really want?

Several media outlets serving the greater Boston area this evening reporting that Jason Taylor is open to joining the Patriots for the 2010 season.

If you read this blog daily, you know I've reported that Taylor wants to return to the Dolphins in 2010.

So what gives?

Well, let's handle the Pats idea first. Taylor was on a conference call with Boston media and was asked if he might revist the idea of signing with the Patriots when his deal with the Dolphins is over.

"We’ll see after the season's over," Taylor responded. "I know my deal ends at the end of the year. We’ll reevaluate where we’re at at the end of the year, what the teams want to do and take it from there. You never close off any of your options, you don’t burn any bridges and you always keep an open mind."

So Taylor isn't slamming the door shut on New England. What do you expect him to say? He is not the type to alienate anyone, least of all an organization he respects led by a coach and owner he respects and quarterbacked by friend Tom Brady.

Taylor also has received no guarantees from the Dolphins that they want him back after 2009 as those conversations won't begin until after the season.

But ...

Make no mistake: Given the choice, Taylor will pick Miami over New England practically every time, I'm told. It's not that he has any personnel disagreement with playing for New England. It's just that, barring a change in Taylor's domestic life, he wants to be close to his family and his home.

And his family and his home are in South Florida. Simple.

Taylor did tell the Boston media he has no regrets not going to New England even though the Pats were courting him with inviting quotes from the owner and phone calls from head coach Bill Belichick to Taylor's agent.

"No regrets. I have no regrets," Taylor said. "I’m here in Miami. I’m happy. I’m home. Obviously, it meant a lot to me that coach Belichick, Mr. Kraft and the organization would have me, [but] it was meant for me to be here and I will leave it at that."

If the Dolphins will have Taylor back next season, at age 36, Taylor will want to come back. If not, he has obviously left himself a viable option, which obviously is good business even if it causes Miami fans to question (wrongly, I believe) his loyalty.


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Big deal

meh... not like he's making a push for the pro bowl or anything.

I don't think JT would go to the Pats anyway, remember how he said he could never be a Jet because too much hatred?

Speaking of pats, where is gopats?

I picture him sit by himself in a corner crying into a bowl of cold chowda

Taylor will always be a Dolphins, parcells will keep him, he brings positivity to the fins

He's not done she-it, let him go. Does anyone actually watch the games or just go by the name and what the player did 10 years ago ?

He already sold out once. I dont' see why he wouldn't do it again.

If Taylor continues to stand around + get no tackles/sacks-who cares-except you know when he goes to the dark side-he will blossom.

Lets see.... Jason so far this season... 28 tackles, 6 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 Int for a TD in 11 games in a somewhat reserved role. And I'm sure the number would be in the double digit's if you counted the QB hit's and hurries. Yea, we don't need him. Are you kidding me! Even at his age, he plays for me next season if I were the guy in charge.

Que Sera, Sera.....

Whatever Will Be, Will Be.....

Oh wait, if I'm not mistaken, did he not have another turnover for a touchdown called back due to penalty?

What are some of you talking about!! He is having the best year of any of our LB's!! Should have 2 ints for tds, 6 sacks two forced fumbles and not sure the exact number but at least a. Few batted balls. He has also dropped back to defend some passes. On this year's defense he gas been a standout. Especially when you consider what he is being paid and how much he was originally supposed to play. He was supposed to be a pass rush guy while Roth played run downs. Please resign him!! He deserves it for his play this year, and for his past with the fins!!

JT has been a serviceable player for the Dolphins and should be brought back but they also need to bring in a young player to share snaps at that position and take over when he's gone.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Greg Hardy

Viable options.

I believe after to play for an organization long enough, you don't go and play for a division rival. That is disloyal.

This is a non-issue at this point in time...Taylor has been a great Dolphin but I'm not interested in nostalgia, I'm interested in winning...if Jason can help us win, great, if not then let's get someone in here that will...Jason will be fine no matter what the decision is

From one fans opinion. Jason played for my hometown college team... The mighty Akron Zips, then went on to play for my Miami Dolphins. He had worked very hard in his career. The echelon of a football players career is winning the Super Bowl. In all the years he served Miami, I would not hold anything against him if it took him going to the Patriots to finally get one. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see that happen, but I would be very happy for him.... Just not the Patriots!! LOL

JT has played well this year and is a great captain, what he brings in leadership, courage and inspiration to the entire team is well worth any cost. When I think of JT, I honestly believe he is the thread that holds the fabric of this team together, especially when all you have is a bunch of rookies, they need a mentor to look up to. He will never go to the Patsies....never!

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Based on his play this year JT is very nearly past being a contributor. If he does come back to the Fins next year he needs to be a part-time player, not a starter. JT has been great but sadly even great players get old. I'd love for JT to retire as a Dolphin but my guess is he will end up like Zack T, finishing his career somewhere else. Sad from a sentimentality perspective, but smart business which is why the Tuna is in Florida isn't it ?

I was reading yesterday how Rex "Jabba the Hutt" Ryan brought in Mgr Girardi from the Yankees to teach Sanchez how to slide. I guess Sanchito dont slide to well. LOL What a pansy sanchito is.

Funny, I thought Sanchez "goes down" quite naturally.

here comes a hot dog joke, who's got it?

Marc should be all over it with his silk dress.

It's real simple, JT isn't costing the Phins a tramendous amount of cash, he will take over at lest two games a year in criticl spots and he will be solid in the rest all the while teaching the young guys how to play.

Also, he wont stop development becasue if they sit him on the bench a few extra plays he wont be crying.

JT will be a dolphin next year

JT will be a Dolphin as long as the Dolphins want. Obviously, he could have made more money elsewhere, but South Florida is home and where his family is.. where he wants to be.

I Believe.

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I hope Jason Taylor dance on Tom Brady's knees on sunday

LMFAO @ Airik. Great post ! That was Funny . Cuban Menace/Cuerpo , you just got ruined ! LMFAO ! Do yourself and favor and leave this blog once and for all before you get embarrassed any further. What a f'n buffoon !

Sorry, My fingers crossed against you. I hope Brady finishes the game. NEVER wish any player go down. I don't want this win without their best. Win or lose, lets put it on our players shoulders. I'm with them (as much as I can be at least). Do or Die.... I'm on the ship

Kill Brady! Kill Brady! Kill Brady!!!!!!!

Hey carlito. I admire you enthusiasm, but it's not like he stole cuerpo's panties!!!!

huh? I don't get it...

Airik - Never wish for any player to go down??
Brady needs to get roughed up legally. A few sacks, maybe slight concussion with legal hits.LOL Just a risk that comes with the position. Just saying


Oh, yall, and yes.. Since I've moved to Nashville almost 2 years ago..... I'm legally allowed to say yall now. Yall take things to seriously. LOL. Yea, I really hope to dirty his uniform up. Fo sho!! LMAO

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Hey dudes new blog up!

I wish he was as loyal to the Fins and I am. No way I would play for a rival team no matter how much they paid me. And I am poor, not a millionaire. I love Jason but his statement disappoints me. I have season tickets for 33 years and Nothing could take me away from my loyalty.

LOL. dont know why they not showing my post.... Ok I really do. Just surprised. Guess I have to be politically honest. Well then. Hey Jet Fan..... You can lick my balls, sorry that word allowded..... UM uh, gargle my pubes. that one too... Ummmmm

So sorry for those that read that. Really tried to be more discreet.

J.T. is a lifelong Dolphin no matter where he goes next season. He's played his heart out for the Fins, so he deserves the utmost respect from us fans.

So sorry to everyone... Call me Tiger. I accidentally hit the enter key before i was ready. I under no circumstances intended to sleep with that woman!!!!

I will say this... I post response's, and most time's they go through. On occasion.. They do not, and it leave's me lookin the fool. So if you happen to see something that does not make sense... That's the case...

JT will always be a Dolphin legend in my mind regardless of what happens next season.

To all those who are still following this thread.. I wish you all a good nite. My daily obligations dictate that I be responsive each and every day regardless of a Dolphins win or loss the previous week. This week... I have to stand up in front of everyone in the bar and say..... Hi, My name is Airik.... I'm a dolphins fan. I've been a fan for 35 years, And it's been one week since my last let down.....

What does Jason Taylor want?

To play side by side with FINISHERS!

To get confetti sticking to his bald head, while chocking on firework smoke, as he hoist the Lombardi trophy in the air.

Is that to much to ask?

While I stand there in my living room in California all bloated on Beer, Guacamole and Chicken wings crying. Crying as friends from 3rd grade in 1974 call me and say "Damn Dude I can't beleive it"!

Damn Phins!


The team played better without JT last year. He is not the same player he was and isn't making enough impact to keep at a high $ tag. As far as his leadership...pfft. He is only interested in himself. BTW- jests suck.

It was ZACK that is loyal and wouldnt play for the patsies or ANY other AFC East team. As for our Dancing Queen Taylor...

JT is a Dolphin-always has always will be. If he ever signed with the patriots (blahhh) I would burned my very expensive JT jersey. I'm not looking forward to doing that. My final analysis: Taylor remains in Miami.

I don't think JT comes at a high $ price... if I remember correctly, he took a lot less money and only a 1 year contract to play for Miami..

Taylor will stay if the Dolphins make an offer.

He didnt sell out to the Redskins the Dolphins kinda let him go

If Taylor goes to the pats then he shouldn't have his number retired as a dolphin.

Resign Taylor, dump Porter and Adele and play Wake. Channing is a decent run stop but not a permier line backer but I believe that he'll be better with better talent around him.

For reciever keep Bees and Hartline, dump Ginn, Camarillo will be gone because of a numbers game and start Turner now, if he doesn't produce bite the bullet and cut him next year - We need veteran recievers that can play amd we we need to now what we got. If we lose to NE thaen the last four games are evaluation games.

I wouldn't put too much stock into what the Boston sports media reports, as they are cheerleaders and shills for the hometeams up there as none other than one of the leading news columnists in Boston says about them. They take the smallest thing like JT's quote and build it up into "He's coming to the Patriots next year."....These are the same Boston media outlets that all had the Patriots beating the Saints last week, and saying the Patriots were going to do this to the Saints and that to the Saints. The same Boston media outlets that had the Red Sox beating the Yankees in the playoffs last September. They are not journalists up there they are PR guys for the Red Sox and Patriots. Biggest frauds in the world. Say what you want about the Miami media, but Armando you and the rest of the Miami media guys are alot more objective than those propagandists up there.

I will say this, all the reports about Parcells leaving every year, Saban left, Taylor leaving, it does make you wonder if anyone can come to the Dolphins, and stay to finish the job for once before leaving. Can one of these guys actually build the team into something like a consistent winner before running out of town?

I guess in this day and time everyone needs a plan B with Twitter, TMZ, etc out there.

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