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Dolphins have second-highest payroll in NFL

Dolphins salary documentation obtained by the Miami Herald on Tuesday shows the team may not be getting good return for the money it is spending on players in 2009.

According to those documents obtained from sources, the Dolphins spent $126,855,921 in total payroll in 2009, not including incentive bonuses. That is not only up from last year's $114,649,660, it is the second-highest total payroll in the NFL.

The New York Giants have the highest total payroll in the NFL in 2009 at $137,638,866. The Houston Texans, which defeated the Dolphins 27-20 on Sunday, settle in just behind the Dolphins with the third-highest total payroll at $122,573,860

The Giants are 8-7 and have been eliminated from playoff contention. The Dolphins are 7-8 and need a multitude of scenarios to play out over the weekend to make the playoffs. The Texans are 8-7 and similarly need help to get into the playoffs.

The figures obtained by The Herald show that paying premium money for talent is not necessarily a guarantee for success in 2009. Only four of the teams in the top ten for total payroll have already clinched a playoff spot.

How wisely the Dolphins are spending their money is a question that shows up tangibly all over the field.

The team's highest-paid player in 2009 is right tackle Vernon Carey who is making $15 million, with $12 million of that coming in the form of a signing bonus he received for signing a new contact in the offseason. Miami's return on that investment has not paid great dividends as Carey has slumped in the season's second half and has played poorly in recent weeks.

Center Jake Grove, who came to the Dolphins with a reputation for getting hurt, was rewarded with a free agent contract that is paying him $14.2 million this season. That makes him the second-highest-paid player on the team. Grove played well early in the year but has missed five consecutive starts with a high ankle sprain and tibia injury.

The Dolphins invested a lot of money in the deep secondary in 2009 -- $16.6 million to be precise. That means Miami has the most expensive set of safeties in the NFL.

Yeremiah Bell, making $8.6 million this season in the form a $6 million signing bonus, a $2.55 million base salary and $50,000 in other bonuses, is the league's second-highest-paid safety behind Kerry Rhodes of the New York Jets. Rhodes is collecting $9.95 million this season.

Bell, Miami's fourth-highest-paid player in 2009, leads the Dolphins in tackles and has made a couple of tackles that prevented touchdowns.

But free safety Gibril Wilson, the NFL's third-highest-paid safety in 2009, has been a bust for Miami.

Wilson struggled to tackle well early in the season, has struggled in coverage the entire season, and has no interceptions to show for his work. At one point this season, Wilson's struggles led coaches to use rookie Chris Clemons in his place in certain situations.

And all this at a price of $8 million, the fifth-highest salary on the team.

Jake Long, who was the No. 1 overall selection of the 2008 draft and was named to his second consecutive Pro Bowl on Tuesday, is Miami's third-highest-paid player behind Carey and Grove. Long is being paid $8,006,240 this season.

In focus, Miami has gotten mixed results from its top five paid players.

Long and Bell have been worth the money. Carey and Wilson have probably not played up to their lofty salaries. Grove has earned his money when he's been healthy, but as had been his history prior to coming to Miami, he missed over one-quarter of the season with an injury.

The fact three of Miami's five top-paid players are offensive linemen should not surprise anyone. The Dolphins field the most expensive offensive line in the NFL, costing $156 million in total contracts for the starting five and $39,597,240 in total salary this season for the starting five. (The latter figure can vary by a few thousand dollars depending on who starts at right guard.)

The sixth-highest-paid player on the Dolphins in 2009 is inside linebacker Channing Crowder. He is making $6,516,000 in 2009 based on $1.5 million in base salary, $3.75 million from the signing bonus of contract he signed this year, and $1.266 million in other bonuses. The Miami Herald was the first news outlet to report that Crowder definitely would not play against the Steelers in the season-finale.

The Dolphins do have instances where they are getting great return on their investment. This typically comes from players the team drafted, rather than signed as free agents or re-signed once their contract expired.

Starting quarterback Chad Henne is making $950,340 before incentives this season. That makes him the second-lowest paid full-time starting quarterback in the NFL behind Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. Romo is making $625,980 in total salary this year. Romo signed a six-year, $67.4 million deal in October 2007. The 2009 salary is the lowest in Romo's contract and his salary rockets to $8.5 million next year.

The bargain the Dolphins are getting from Henne offsets the $5,750,000 they are paying injured quarterback Chad Pennington.

Other Miami players that have been relative bargains this year or played above their pay scale include outside linebacker Jason Taylor ($1,102,860 before incentive bonuses), defensive end Randy Starks ($2,625,000), wide receiver Davone Bess ($391,240), offensive lineman Nate Garner ($391,240), and fullback Lousaka Polite ($1,206,240).

Rookie starting cornerbacks Vontae Davis ($1,625,000) and Sean Smith ($1,255,000) have also been bargains for Miami. It is not correct, however, to say the Dolphins are getting a bargain for their cornerback money.

The rookies have offset the investment on cornerback Will Allen, who was a starter until he suffered a season-ending knee injury early in the season. Allen is making $5,506,240 this season, including $1,506,240 in bonus money.

And reserve cornerback Jason Allen is making $1,360,000 this season in salary and bonus. Allen, a former first-round pick, is almost exclusively a special teams player despite his lofty price.

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Its been fun, take care, and I'll be back after the draft.

I know you and I mostly didnt see eye to eye, but as the old adage goes, "When two people are always in agreement its because somebody's lying." Take care Armando and happy new years!

Some mistakes have been made with the spending (paying Gibril Wilson $8 million is a joke), but I think overall this regime has done an outstanding job stocking the roster with talent. The team they inherited was every bit as bad as the 1-15 record they had the year before, and there was almost no young talent. Having to overhaul the entire roster with good young players is difficult, but they are well on their way.

If you want sustained success in the NFL, it is going to take more than 2 years to assemble a good young team, and there will be mistakes along the way. For every Gibril Wilson and Ernest Wilford, there has been a Randy Starks, Lou Polite (best fullback in the AFC), and Nate Garner (a quality starter they picked up off the street).

This is hilarious.

OHHHHHH the Trifecta is soooo wise!!!

I guess they are building through the draft while overpaying for lousy free agents and existing players. What a bunch of douche bags.

2nd highest payroll and you losers don't have a playmaker on either side of the ball???

If the player isn't a Dallas Cowboy they don't seem to have a clue. Wasting money on the likes of Wilford and Wilson just makes me laugh. Good luck in the next decade. You're going to need it.

God forbid they actually throw money at someone who would actually hep them like Edwards, but no problem throwing piles of money at a guys who cant cover or tackle and guy who cant run routes or catch. Never mind throwing money at an ILB that has one career int and can't cover or a RT who has been consistently inconsistent ever since he came out of college.

Enjoy celebrating the 72 season for yet another decade.

Jeff Ireland = Overrated

Tony Sparano = Dave Wannestedt + 1,000 Ibs

Bill Parcells = Cashing a paycheque

Miami Dolphins Fans = Screwed again

God in Heaven, I hope I'm wrong ...

The u sucks . The u my azzzzzz !!!

I think this goes to show how bad the situation really was when the trifecta came into Miami.

They had to spend money on players to try and make this team win again, there has been mistakes but the fact that we have been over .500 since they took over a 1-15 squad says a lot in my opinion. Another offseason of picking up more solid talent should put this team back in the right direction again next season


I'm sure you watched the Miami-Wisconsin game. What do you think of Schofield of Wisconsin as a 3-4 OLB as a 3rd or 4th round pick? Hes an undersized DE who was getting double teamed by Miami almost the entire gm and still came down with a sack and a couple behind the line of scrimmage tackles. He even showed some coverage skills. Were you impressed by him at all?

Why in the hell would any team spend so much money at the safety position? Sometimes I really wonder about the Turdfecta.

Because of the pay situation and performance this year I think you will see some high paid players go.... Porter, and Wilson, and Pennington won't be back at that type of salary for sure.

This is some bull crap, no wonder these guys are under acieving they are already paid. If this is what we have to look forward to from ireland and parcells then we are doomed!!!!!

Now this would be really useful if you compared these salaries to other free agents we COULD HAVE signed...I know, that Darren Sharper went for MUCH less than Bell or Wilson and is the leading safety in the league...I'm sure there are far more examples just as depressing...

Weren't we 25 mil under the cap last year?

I still say I could do a better job

I expect the cuts to be deep, and there will be some upsetting cuts...


I speak, write and read three languages perfectly, have a bachelor in Law, two M.A.s (one from Berlin, one from Chicago) in philosphy and a P.h.D. from UNAM in Mexico City (where I am from)in Ethics, have given international conferences and published and I'm earning around 800 bucks a month at a lousy university having to tolerate a bunch of morons as students.

In many occasions along the season I've been tempted to ask for a position as a player for the Dolphins. I mean, I would drop the same passes Ginn does, let everybody run through the line of scrimmage, just as Carey, and cover (?) and tackle (?) receivers just as G. Wilson does (without dropping as many easy interceptions -that I affirm-), BUT with the advantage that I would accept to play for the minimum NFL wage: 350 grands. Same results, much cheaper.

In fact, we could have signed Roy Williams($ 903,120 ), Atari Bigby($ 1,549,680 ) and Darren Sharper ($ 1,704,550 )for less than Bell or Wilson

...Just sayin

Marc can do a better job my azzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!


For the money Grove is getting I don't think he is really any better than Berger. Is Smiley any better than Garner? Cut the overpaid injury prone Grove and Smiley and save millions. The OL has not played as a top unit this year with those guys so get rid of them and save the cash to spend on some LBs.

Dear Mr El Magoo: How are you, I am fine? Pretty funny guy to write that what it is you have to write.
Please tell it to me what are the languages that you have can write perfectly? I know that the English Language is not one of them.
In fact I challenge you to figure out your (major)grammatical errors. There is absolutely no way you teach at any accredited university in this country. Pretty funny stuff, though.
your friend,
Juan Huron
PS:Do you wear round glasses and drive a Model A?
PSS:Don't be mad ok? Because I can see through your facade? I dont mean to, but I cant help it. Sorry. We can still be friends ok?

In the defence of these signings, you pointed out that a lot of this money is in first year signing bonuses. It is a this years cost and after that the price for these players goes down.
So cut out the signing bonuses and see what what the numbers say.
Add a decent draft this year. Cut out the people that haven't worked out and replace them. Injuries have really hurt the Dolphins this year. Ronnie, now Rickie, Grove, etc....
While I agree that some of these player selections are poor at this time, next year this same payroll goes down.
You are taking a picture at a moment in time without looking at the entire contract of a player. Add the total salary up and divide it by the number of years the player is going to be part of the Dolphins organization.

Dear Juan Huron,

I challenge you to figure out my so called (by you) major grammatical errors. First of all you had to define major. Because I had to laugh if you tell me that the usage of prepositions belong to such a categorie. In other words, if you tell me that to write "in many occasions" instead of "on many occasions" is something major, or that the frequent using of comas to insert clauses between ideas, is major as well there would be for me no other option than to tell you that I disagree.

It is quite evident, thou, that you are trying to make a caricature of the way you think Mexicans speak English. Well, my friend, that's not my case.

Wenn du Lust drauf hast, können wir auch auf Deutsch reden. Egal über welches Thema, mein Freund, weil ich Deutsch, Spanisch und English dominiere, sowohl im Moment des Schreibens, als auch im Moment des Lesens oder des Sprechens.

O si quieres podemos también conversar en español, amigo mío. Pues, digas lo que digas, mi dominio de esos tres idiomas es básicamente perfecto.

Mis títulos universitarios los tengo avalados por tres gobiernos distintos.

What if I tell you that I could be teaching in Chicago if I wanted to?

So don't make me laugh, men. It seemed as if you were the typical jelous guy, who believes he's the only intelectually skilled person. Something, which, by the way, you are far from proving.

Would you like to try to respond in Spanish or German?

A hug, Juan!

I hate it when people point out grammir mistakes.Why can't we all git along?

"But free safety Gibril Wilson, the NFL's third-highest-paid safety in 2009"

Preston Plevretes: Link Between Football Concussions And Brain Damage All Too Clear In Former Player

MARLBORO, N.J. — Tammy and Ted Plevretes don't need more research to link football concussions to devastating brain damage.

They need only look across the kitchen table, where their 23-year-old son Preston sits mostly silent in a wheelchair, a home-health aide at his side.

Four years ago, Preston took the field for La Salle University a month after an earlier concussion. He collided head-on with an opposing player on a punt return at Duquesne University on Nov. 5, 2005. He was briefly knocked unconscious, awoke and was combative for a few minutes, then lapsed into a coma.

He survived lifesaving surgery to remove a massive blood clot, and has since endured three more brain operations, a trip overseas for a stem-cell transplant and years of grueling therapy. Yet his progress has been limited, and he struggles to walk and talk.

This fall – amid rising awareness in the NFL about the long-term effects on the brain of repeated concussions – the Plevretes family settled a lawsuit against La Salle for $7.5 million. The suit charged that the Philadelphia school failed to treat Preston's first concussion properly, causing the later catastrophic injuries from what some doctors call "second-impact syndrome." La Salle argued the injuries stemmed solely from the hit at Duquesne.

"We still love football. We don't want anyone to stop playing it," said Tammy Plevretes, 49, of Marlboro, N.J., whose 60-year-old husband once played for the rough-and-tumble, semi-pro Brooklyn Mariners.

"(But) I think kids need to see what can happen," she said. "This isn't a broken leg. It's a broken life."

Preston was fortunate to be injured a few blocks from Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, where a pair of neurosurgeons on duty whisked him into an operating room. They removed a massive hematoma, staunched the bleeding and relieved the near-fatal pressure inside his skull.

Dr. Robert Cantu, a Boston-area neurosurgeon, served as the family's medical expert for the lawsuit. Cantu testified at this year's Congressional hearings on NFL concussions, telling lawmakers there is "growing and convincing evidence" that repetitive concussions can cause degenerative brain disease.

Preston's erratic on-field behavior, combined with the excessive bleeding, point to second-impact syndrome, he said.

"He enters the game symptomatic (for concussion). That sets him up for another injury causing this malignant brain swelling," he said.

Once a person is vulnerable, additional brain trauma does not always have to be severe to cause devastating damage, Cantu said.

"The second blow may be remarkably minor, perhaps only involving a blow to the chest that jerks the athlete's head and indirectly imparts accelerative forces to the brain," Cantu wrote. Death can occur within minutes when the brain ruptures from the brain stem.

Such catastrophic injuries are rare. Cantu has treated about eight cases similar to Preston's, many of them youth football injuries.

The more common concern for NFL players – or anyone suffering multiple concussions – is dementia, depression and other neurological problems as they age.

"That's my biggest concern. How am I going to be when I'm 50 or when I'm 60? Will I have all these brain diseases and will I have a problem remembering things?" Brian Westbrook of the Philadelphia Eagles said after suffering two concussions in a three-week span this fall.

Westbrook, who missed seven games before returning to action Sunday, was not alone on the sidelines. Both of last season's Super Bowl quarterbacks, Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner, and numerous other high-profile players sat out at least one game this season with concussions.

That's a stark turnaround from the days when such injuries often were ignored or hidden.

"Young athletes are horrible self-reporters. They want to please, they want to play, especially with a macho thing like football," said Brian Mason, who directs CentraState Wellness and Fitness in Freehold, N.J., where Preston spends much of his week in therapy.

The Plevretes, who refused to sign a confidential legal settlement, want youngsters to protect themselves.

"Be – safe," said Preston, mustering the focus and strength he needs to string together short, whispered phrases. "Do you – want – to end up – like me?"


By all accounts, 6-foot-3, 220-pound Preston Plevretes was a gung-ho jock – just the type who might ignore an injury to play. He also was dueling for a starting linebacker spot at La Salle.

"He was a tough kid on the field," then-coach Phil Longo testified in his deposition.

A 19-year-old sophomore, Preston had missed his freshman year due to grades and was sidelined early that fall with a broken hand.

La Salle had orthopedists on call for broken bones, but the team had no neurologists lined up to consult about head injuries. Staff referred players to the student health center unless a trip to the emergency room seemed in order, according to trainer Bill Gerzabek.

"It would take probably two months for the office visit (with a neurologist)," Gerzabek said in his deposition.

In October 2005, Preston returned to action just two weeks after hand surgery, still sporting a cast. In an Oct. 8 game at Marist University, he complained of headaches and told Gerzabek for the first time that he had head-butted someone at practice four days earlier. He left the game and was referred to the health center, where Preston saw a nurse practitioner on Oct. 10th. She performed a standardized concussion test, but gave it incorrectly, the lawsuit alleged.

The next day, Ted Plevretes took his son to their local emergency room, and for an eye exam because Preston complained about his vision. The head scan proved negative, and Preston returned to the student clinic for follow-up on Oct. 12. He said he did not have a headache that day, and, according to Gerzabek, was cleared to play four days later.

But he continued to complain of headaches to friends, most notably on Nov. 2 or 3, which his girlfriend said he spent lying down. The team left for Duquesne on Nov. 4.

"If the stories about the headaches are true, Preston not only failed to be forthright with Bill Gerzabek, but he ignored the warning label on his football helmet, which specifically warned against playing with a headache," La Salle argued in its trial memorandum.


In a sharp about-face this month, the NFL has encouraged players and their families to cooperate with Cantu and colleagues at the Boston University Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, who are conducting autopsies on the brains of former athletes – and finding disturbing evidence of brain damage in football players, boxers and a former NHL player.

The NFL also has issued new concussion guidelines, and ordered that independent physicians determine when a player should return. At youth levels, more teams are teaching players to recognize warning signs, including headaches, dizziness, tinnitus and blurred vision.

"The threat of lawsuit for inappropriate care is real, but I would also like to think that enlightenment is also driving it," Cantu said.

At least one neurosurgeon, Dr. Douglas Smith of the University of Pennsylvania, fears the new rules could backfire, leading players to try to hide their symptoms. Even doctors aren't sure when it's safe to return.

"That's the million-dollar question," said Smith, director of Penn's Center for Brain Injury and Repair. "If it were me, the appropriate time to go back is about 50 years."


As the Plevretes shared a pizza at home this month, Ted played a videotape of Preston's high school football banquet. A handsome, boisterous Preston brings down the house roasting his Marlboro High School coaches.

The 23-year-old Preston, watching from the kitchen, beamed what one therapist called "that million-megawatt smile he uses to charm people." Preston always loved the limelight, and had hoped to become a sports broadcaster.

Tammy Plevretes, a former entertainer-turned-cheerleader for her son, allowed a rare wistful comment.

"It's a little hard for mom, because I miss him," she said quietly.

Aides tend to Preston while his parents are at work – Ted works for a financial company, while Tammy runs her own small business. Their other child, 21-year-old Perry, is in film school in Florida. The couple was watching Perry play high school football when Preston was injured.

In their absence, Longo and Gerzabek chased the ambulance on foot to Mercy Hospital. Team staff stayed in Pittsburgh for several days, while La Salle held prayer vigils and welcomed Preston back for a visit a year later.

"From the time of Preston's injury, the university community ... ha(s) been hoping and praying for his recovery. That hasn't changed," La Salle said in a statement. The school has since dropped football for unrelated reasons.

Preston had more brain surgery this summer to alleviate seizures, but the procedure caused other setbacks.

One recent Friday, he spent five hours at CentraState, moving through rotations of speech, occupational and physical therapy.

Preston has little short-term memory, but still manages to flash his old charisma at times. During speech therapy, he was asked which is taller, a tree or mountain?

"If a tree – is on – a mountain – then the tree – would be – taller," he replied, grinning.

That tells the parents their eldest son is still himself.

The settlement will allow the intensive therapy to continue, and pay for round-the-clock aides and perhaps more experimental stem-cell treatments.

"My hope is that he gets his life back again," Tammy Plevretes said. "Will anyone ever love him? Will he get married, have children, have a job? Things we all take for granted, I don't know if he'll ever have."

Awesome! Go El Mago!


El Mago de la Vida. Nobody cares. You're a tool!

I can't believe some of the posts I'm reading. Pennington was worth every penny last year I don't think his salary should be questioned. Since the trifecta took over we have won 18 of 32 games played we have improved our rushing game and both offensive and defensive lines we have found a decent young QB certainly better than any of the other coaching staffs have done. Sure there have been a couple who have not performed up to expectations but to question the staffs ability to evaluate talent or improve the team is stupid. In the next offseason i'm sure they will address the linebacker position and seek out a wideout and add more depth at the line positions both offensive and defensive. Since the trifecta took over the Dolphins have become a better team that is able to compete with any team in the league

You failed to mention that after this season teams can "get healthy" without a new CBA. Players like Porter, Ayoldele, Wilson and Smiley can be jettisoned without penalty.

While they never will admit it, I am sure they new they could get rid of bad salaries next year.

I like they have spent money. We would be out of our tree if they were second lowest.

I would not dump Carey in with Wilson either. He played well until recently his back flared up. Wilson has stunk it up all year.

Also, they HAD to spend money. The roster was depleted of talent and needed to be fixed.

jeff ireland is over-rated; i agree. why do we have 2 strong safety's, bell and wilson???? we needed a free safety who could help the corners. we really whiffed on picks p. white and p. turner who could have been later round selections. we got away from the best player available. there were several good cheap free agents we passed on who could have helped us right away!!! vernon carey with that big contract gets beat alot on speed rushes.

I would say parcels and Co. where forced more than they liked to keep some of the players and pay big money for their contracts, FA didnt have what they wanted and if they did not resign them the would of have alot of vacancys.

Carey has been killing me the last couple of games. We should think about this guy and maybe Nate can play at RT.

As of next game, i will always want miami to win but this time i think i´d rather lose to get a better draft spot.

Prioritys from my point of view for next year, either at FA or draft:


I guess you dont always get what you pay for huh?????????????????????????????????????????????"What's in your wallet?

Everyone in the NFL is overpaid, who cares?
It did not take a genius to figure out Crowder was no going to play. There is one game left. I'm not even sure this salary information is accurate. The signing bonus is spread over the life of the contract, it is not given up front. $15 million this year for Vernon Carey? LOL!!!!!

Trifecta is quite good at drafting, but their record in FA is awful.
Trufecta must fix its own problem if we are to be competitive in the short term

Parcells and company are doing fine. They just need one more draft to add some key pieces. Make no mistake about it, this was a 3 or 4 year project to begin with. Anyone that did not realize has no idea what it takes to build a football.

Actually last year was the perfect year to sign players with inflated bonuses... With the uncapped year looming cutting those players will not accelerate their bonuses to this year's salary cap because there will be no cap.

The Dolphins basically made a one year commitment so if the player didn't perform they could be cut without cap ramifications. The risk being if the CBA is signed and a new salary cap instated.

The Dolphins and every other team in the NFL can dispose of high priced non-performers this year. We should see a large FA market of veteran players who were not playing to the level of their contract. It could be an opportunity to add some players who would otherwise not be available.

Posted by: T.WAY | December 30, 2009 at 08:08 AM

Anyone that did not realize has no idea what it takes to build a football.

First you start with a pig then you get some...

Just joking...

Really what can we expect? We have drafted so poorly that we need to go out and buy free agents to fill holes, this includes keeping our own free agents, because no one has been groomed for their spots.

wow what a bargain Romo is.

You just can't get rid of mistakes overnight or in football terms, two years. I know some so called DolFans are up in arms about the Big Three, but please, please remember what our team was like from 2000 up til now.

As for Gerbil, he was pretty good before he came to the Dolphins. I don't know what happened. And those guys that signed a contract before the Big Three got here, well you can hardly blame them. Jason Allen and Ted Ginn should've never been drafted in the first round, probably not the second round either.

We got holes to fill, please be patient. Happy New Year!

WOW, Penny and Will Allen alone will have Miami 11 Million under the cap when they are released. If Wayne Fontes, Above, is correct with the info regarding the New CBA and this transition year, you can count Gerbil, Smiley, Akin, Porter and maybe even Crowder if they feel he can't return from his foot injury. Maybe even try to restructure Carey and Jason Allen for more money.

Nice topic this morning to have me spit up my hot coffee after seeing the Fins are 2nd highest in payroll Armando. But knowing Bill and Jeff and how they methodically transform teams, I am very confident in the next two years!!

Smiley and Grove have been very good when healthy. Of course, both were known injury risks, and may have been slightly overpaid, but not grossly. Carey may have also been overpaid, but it was the only way to avoid downgrading the position, as there was nothing else available. To balance these, though, they have found/acquired several low-cost OL to build depth and for the future (Berger, Thomas, Garner).

Wow I did not know that crazy we need to get rid of some players. Ginn to the jets! Let him drop some passes for them. Ha Ha!

Misses - Wilford, Wilson, Torbor(?)

Hits - Garner, Berger, Bess, Starks, Taylor

I think that's it other than roster-filler and fliers...

As far as re-signing Carey, Crowder, Allen and Bell, only Carey got overpaid, and there really weren't any good alternatives. Bell was a good signing, as was Allen (injury aside). Crowder signed for what they wanted to pay him, so it's hard to argue with the price.

Oh, I left out Smiley and Grove, honestly, I'd say there somewhere in between hits and misses, but I have a hard time calling them misses...

This is some serious positive spin for the Fins, even for this forum. We have the second and third highest paid safeties in the league! What we actually have is about the 10th to 15th best in the league on one side and the 1000th best on the other.

How does Crowder justify that paycheck? He doesn't know how to actually make a tackle, more like is throwing himself at ball carriers and connecting maybe 20% of the time.

Crowder, Wilson, Allen(s)...time for Miami to take out the trash!

Armando, how does our salary cap issues look for next season?

Everyone realizes that those numbers aren't their salaries, right?
It includes all signing bonuses in a first year lump sum. So any player that signed a new contract this year is going to be towards the top of the list at his position. It's not the same as the salary cap figure. These numbers are probably about 60% higher than the actual cap figures, so take it with a grain of salt.

Would love Barret Ruud or Demeco Ryans as our new ILB!

looking at those salaries it seems like they are all front loaded. So this article is just stupid. If you front load the contracts while your cap is well under the limit it will let you spend more in future years. This is smart cap management. Normally you take the signing bonus and spread it over the lenght of the contract.

"The team's highest-paid player in 2009 is right tackle Vernon Carey who is making $15 million, with $12 million of that coming in the form of a signing bonus he received for signing a new contact "

Jay in Raleigh - That is still how much they made...they still get the singing bonuses, but it just doesn't go against the cap

It is trueplayers in their first year of contract make more that year...

Mando, why are you exciting the natives with deceptive stats. Because free agent contracts involve a lot of money up front (i.e. guaranteed payments, guarantees) this bloats the salary for these players up front. All the players you mentioned from the Dolphins were free agents - thus their reported salaries will go down significantly starting next year. Of all the signings, the only one that you can really say didn't pan out was Gibril. But he may still be on the team next year. He played well, just not in the position the team put him in.

CAREY ============ BUST

every penny you spend on a player counts againsst the salary cap. even performance bonuses.

How do you say DEBACLE & The Future is Bleak in Latin?

Grove's injury history was very easily detectable......all I did was Google his name after we picked him up and discovered tons of material detailing his injury-prone nature & disappointing play for the Raiders.

Wilson was a colossal mistake......he had better not be here next year.

I am having serious second thoughts about the Trifecta.

Indiana - I know it's how much they made, it's just misleading relative to the way salaries are typically presented. People are used to seeing a player's AAV (average annual value of a contract), since that's the number used for cap calculation.
Take Carey, for example. He's listed here as having made $15M, which is true, from a cash-outlay standpoint. It's only fair to use that number, though, if you're going to talk about how underpaid he is next year at $4.5M. From a cap perspective, the contract comes in at $7M, so that's really the most fair number to use in comparing player salaries.

I'd like to see tomorrow's column be about ways we can cut down the payroll and have tons of $$$ for free agency! With several signing bonuses being expensed in 2009 maybe that puts us in better shape for 2010. Let's hope so because we need some help to be a legit contender next year.

I wish discussions about alleged underachieving players could include an accurate and complete update on their heath status. Sometimes righteous indignation is abject stupidity.

I have been over the top critical of Vernon Carey's recent play until I just heard he has been playing with back spasoms. I am an expert on what it feels like to be brought down by back problems. The fact that he is even trying to play says volumes.

We should try to get more knowledge before acting like we know what we are talking about. And, a good time filler, while we are waiting to get that knowledge, would be a less insulting tone of voice.

Glad to see I wasn't the only one impressed with O'Brien Schofield's game yesterday. It was only the second time I've seen Wisconsin play this year so I can't say if he's done this all year but the numbers kind of fit. Good size for an OLB, 11 sacks on the year. Good stuff.

I'm shocked to read that the Redskins are not one of the top teams in payroll, considering how much money Snyder has thrown at free agents such as Haynesworth. Are you sure that the figures you're citing are correct?


You're, sadly, so right!

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