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A postgame one-on-one with Anquan Boldin

NEW ORLEANS --  I promised you I'd try to catch up with Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin after this playoff game between the Saints and Cardinals.

I keep my promises.

And the news for Dolphins fans hoping to see Boldin in a Dolphins uniform next season is not great.

Boldin, you see, told me as he walked out of the Arizona locker room that he will not request a trade this offseason.

"No," Boldin told me following Arizona's 45-14 loss to New Orleans said. "I'm going to let it play out."

Boldin is under contract to Arizona for the 2010 season at a scheduled pay of $3 million. It is the final year of his deal. And considering he's a 1,000-yard caliber receiver, he believes he has been underpaid for some time and wants the deal redone.

Because of that, Boldin has, through his agents, asked for a new contract and even requested to be traded in the past when a new contract didn't come.

That approach is apparently changing for Boldin.

"I can't do anything one way or the other," he said. "If I go to them and request a trade, it don't matter. I'm under contract for another year. So no matter what I say or do, that won't change anything. I'm under contract for another year. So whatever happens, it depends on what the Cardinals want to do. I'm not worried about it at all."

Boldin also has no concern about the perception he's become injury-prone. He'll be 30 years old in October and missed these playoffs due to knee and ankle issues.

"I'm fine," he insisted. "I don't have anything that requires surgery or anthing. I'm fine."

Boldin knew when he was speaking with me he was talking to a Florida constituency because I told him I work for The Miami Herald. I asked him if he's ever thought about coming back to his home state of Florida and playing for the Dolphins.

"I've always been concentrating on my team," he said. "I can only help the Cardinals and that's it."


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well that changed nothing lol

If memory serves me right he has missed the last two playoff. but i could be wrong. Injured players are not the kind that the Tuna is likely to go after. besides i think his stock just went up in the eyes of the Cardinals management after that ass whooping the Saints put on them

LMAO !!! . I told you guys to forget about Boldin. :)

Rumor has it that Josh McDaniels is going to trade Brandon Marshall just like he did Cutler. Marshall is a better WR, IMHO, and could cost less in compensation.

Antonio Bryant is a FA which I think Miami should sign. They should try and sign him and draft a WR, one who is not Patrick Turner.

NJ: I'm with you 100% on this one.

I posted this below since none of you had the Internet courtesy to advise of new post:

mando's got a new post ---do we go there? i'm burned out on Anquan Boldin speculation----we ain't giving up draft picks ina deep & rich draft.....least nuttin higher than a 5 or maybe if the earth moves a 4


Isimply cannot understand the fixation on an old, injury prone wr whose acquisition will require too much $$$ & draft picks.....Oh well, yes I can......we all hate Ted Ginn & want a "No.1"---so do I , but AB ain't it.

maybe he thinks that if he doesn't try to rock the boat, it might handcuff the cardinals less than a trade demand has in the past..

plus, maybe he thinks he makes more money overall with another year in his offense then cashing in after this contract than he does in a trade and renegotiating after an injury plagued two seasons.. (although for a lot of injuries, he puts up numbers)

Oh well.....

Ravens No. 59 is a hitter.....whos is that?

or MAYBE it is what it is.. but an Andre Johnson or Vincent Jackson would excite me to no end.. Bolden would be a great addition, but he will not be worth the cost..

anyhow, there are no guarantees in this league.. never have been. I remember the promise and hope this team had that year we were stacked with all these amazing first round draft picks..

I have a funny feeling that we will have the same receivers on the team next year.No upgrades at all unless we get one in the draft.Maybe Henne can light up the sky with what he's got and a full camp with him working as the # 1 QB.

Malcom floyd anyone another FA

wow, nice hit again!

Those is what you call political answers.

okay..it's ellerbee....and that hit is what i'm talking about.....Ayodele or Torbor or whoever woulda let receiver slip for another 10-15 yds...and yes I know he got 1st down, but it was a heckuva defensive play

Ellerbe, Dannell # 59 LB

you gotta love the way Ray Ray gets in that little semi-spear "at the echo of the whistle'!

is manning a robot?

niz catch! collie has been purty darn good the 2d half of this season!

In what would amount to the first trade of the Mike Holmgren administration, the Browns and Miami Dolphins are contemplating swapping salary cap specialists, according to a league source.
If it works out, Dawn Aponte would leave the Browns to join the Dolphins, said the source. She would be replaced by Matt Thomas, a vice president of football administration of the Dolphins.


Mando can this even happen and what do we get in return

I would love malcolm floyd but he will also be a restricted FA.

Do you guys think Manning would be as effecient if he had to play on a team that didn't play in a dome?I'm guessing he would be average if he played in Buffalo or Baltimore.

Ok I know for a fact Antonio Bryant will be UFA any other UFAs.

The last time Manning was "average" was when the Gators kicked his behind.

I'm too lazy to check his outdoor stats but I doubt that he is strictly, or even to a large degree, a product of the Dome...you don't get his w-l record & stats in only 50% of your games.

Put it this way: Would you take him to play in Fla? Would Buffalo or Balto or any outdoor team turn their nose up at him?


Tom brady plays outside and stet the touchdown record. manning is twice as good as brady. there is no scenario where he is average. None.

its his preperation that makes him above his peers.

hope henne is studying this

Antonio bryant and Bill parcells aren't exactly good friends, he threw a towel at parcells in dallas and then got traded off the team. He could be a option if they kiss and make up.

Yippee, no injured, overhyped wr. Once again Amrando has shown he'd be the worst GM in the world. I'd rather have Wannstedt.

Indy scores here and it's over like i predicted.

NJ---I think I read somewhere that they have buried the hatchet, but I'm not sure.

But it's like how everyone brings up Parcells hates Terry Glenn & called her
'she" BUT they totally ignore fact that Glenn was a Intern Coach for Parcells/Sparano here this summer!

Mando doesn't pretend to be a GM. But he's a great reporter and writer. Thanks for the 411, bro.

BS...clean hit!

Well, that changes my mind on Boldin. But we still need a WR, maybe three.

Good job, Mando! Good information.

i dunno about about that penalty

How the "F" is he defenseless if he's making a catch & defenders job is to break up the reception..... Ray Nitscke & Dick Butkis & hundred other LBs of Yore are perplexed, to say the least.

how did that play take 2 seconds..

please Refs.........let us have one close game today.......don't give it to colts quite yet, wait till after half!

my mistake - thought the previous play had started at 9 sec.. not 11

The refs are gonna help Peyton win this game.

coming next half........another snoozer.

Lousy playoff games this year so far other than GB-Az, unless you are fan of winning team.

Do you guys think Dierdorf gets physically aroused when he spews this lovefest bs?? Disturbing image, I know, but I think I hear him drooling on the air!

and the jets actually thought they could've beaten the colts with manning playing the entire game. LMFAO !!!!

Think of what might had been had the colts actually played the Jets & Manning could have gone for a run at an undefeated season. What a shame.


why do u hate peyton... watching him is almost like watching Marino, or kelly, or montana. he is a bridge to the greats

can anybody understand a word comimg out of shannon sharpe's mouth. He sounds like mushmouth from fat albert. daba duba !! daba duba !!

NJ Phin Fan you're wrong as usual.

The Cards can still trade Boldin if they want to. I'm sure they are looking for feelers but Parcells won't spend money on any FA. He'll probably end up in New England because Moss is on his last legs.

So if boldin isn't coming to miami like you just said , how am i wrong ? LOL !!! Go to bed and thanks for stopping by :)

I cant stand to see Dan Dierdorfs ugly mug

i hate dan dierdoooooooof

ya, dierdolt is a jackazzzzzzzzz

It will be 24-3 in about 3-5 minutes.

bet if you ask his parents, they would say Dan Dierdorf was an accident.. or at least, that is now their story and they are sticking to it.

With Norv and his playoff track record, am worried about the game tomorrow... but at least then we would see what Payton would do to the Jets in a game they decided to play..

I'm actually channel surfing w/ no purpose.....these have been the least competitive, least compelling batch of playoff games in years.

PLEASe let tomorrow be more entertaing....all i want is a close freaking game.

LOL @ seer . i also found myself channel surfing with no particular place to go.

as long at it isn't the sd-jets game. I want a sd blowout.

I would not expect anything different from what he said.

NO COMPENSATION via draft picks for WR's




Dierdorf misses Tom Brady being in this game.

I just read that cleveland and miami might be swapping some frontboffice people. Mike thomas another Miami VP is leaving. What the hell is going on in Miami?

Aw, man, you're on Profootballtalk now. We suck.


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