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A postgame one-on-one with Anquan Boldin

NEW ORLEANS --  I promised you I'd try to catch up with Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin after this playoff game between the Saints and Cardinals.

I keep my promises.

And the news for Dolphins fans hoping to see Boldin in a Dolphins uniform next season is not great.

Boldin, you see, told me as he walked out of the Arizona locker room that he will not request a trade this offseason.

"No," Boldin told me following Arizona's 45-14 loss to New Orleans said. "I'm going to let it play out."

Boldin is under contract to Arizona for the 2010 season at a scheduled pay of $3 million. It is the final year of his deal. And considering he's a 1,000-yard caliber receiver, he believes he has been underpaid for some time and wants the deal redone.

Because of that, Boldin has, through his agents, asked for a new contract and even requested to be traded in the past when a new contract didn't come.

That approach is apparently changing for Boldin.

"I can't do anything one way or the other," he said. "If I go to them and request a trade, it don't matter. I'm under contract for another year. So no matter what I say or do, that won't change anything. I'm under contract for another year. So whatever happens, it depends on what the Cardinals want to do. I'm not worried about it at all."

Boldin also has no concern about the perception he's become injury-prone. He'll be 30 years old in October and missed these playoffs due to knee and ankle issues.

"I'm fine," he insisted. "I don't have anything that requires surgery or anthing. I'm fine."

Boldin knew when he was speaking with me he was talking to a Florida constituency because I told him I work for The Miami Herald. I asked him if he's ever thought about coming back to his home state of Florida and playing for the Dolphins.

"I've always been concentrating on my team," he said. "I can only help the Cardinals and that's it."


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We are losing front office guys and no one wants to coach our defense!!! What is the deal?? WTF???

All of the players and coaches that are playing and coaching do so because they are under contract, ergo they are not available, legally, to come play for the phins.
However those not under contract to another team are available, guys like Jerry Rice and Matt Millen.

...and Chris Carter

I got two words for you--- BRANDON MARSHALL.... deal with his BS Parcells, you can turn this guy around

What do you expect Boldin to say? His team just got their arse handed to them 30 minutes before the interview. Give it a few months and a couple more huge FA signings and then talk to him again.

I don't understand the love fest with Boldin, did you guys watch our defense all year?

And Brandon Marshall in south fl...that's not an off-field issue waiting to happen!

Most of our defense is old or just not very good. We need defense, defense, and more defense!

"The Miami Dolphins, rebuilding since 1973"

Look... Colts and saints moving on one step closer... The dolphins should have beaten both of them!!! That's a fact!!! If we did play zone defense on both teams we would have won both those games... We need linebackers....!!!! Please

I think we should trade Jake long straight up for anquan Boldin. Boldin is the best and i love him.

Hate the jets, hope they lose!!

WOOOOW !!! Just Terrible . Terrible news. DE Gaines Adams dies at the age of 26 . Autopsy to follow. I remember wanting him in the draft.

I think we should trade Jake long straight up for anquan Boldin. Boldin is the best and i love him.

Posted by: CALEB

Trade probowl RT coming into his prime for an old, often injured WR? Is your name Matt Millen??

R.I.P. Adam Gaines

gaines adams dead, how sad, soo young...

R.I.P. Gaines Adams**

Trade an all pro player probably the best player at his position and top ten in the league for a good not great receiver with an attitude...that's not Matt Millen that's Rick Spielman!!!!

Gaines Adams was gonna be good. Still young and raw... Sad to see a young man die with so much to live for

is it true dolphins could have had miles austin for a second round pick?

Yes but miles austin had proved nothing yet.. that was a reach for a second rounder... Can't blame them for passing on that... Still not sure I would do a second rounder

pat white n pat turner were second picks,how did dat work out for us

TD !!!! Vikings !!

What a bomb!

"miles austin has proved nothing yet"


He said "had proved nothing yet" as in past tense as in last season. PS: Vikings pass rush is no joke.. Romo's eatting grass..

one more vikes score, or perhaps two = yet another sh*tty playoff game

gotcha blazzin & thnx....now i understand comment.

TD !!!! VIKINGS!!! . How about dem cowboys !!! I love it.

NJ & The crew:--

can you recall a worse set of playoff games in the recent past??

Five out of six so far dullsville, and this (the 7th) on the verge of dullsville.

if the Boys don't get going it looks like another afternoon of aimless channel surfing for me.

SEER , NO !!! But i hope it continues for san diego later . :)

boys r gonna pick it up ull c

btw---i'm not rooting for cowpokes.....just want a close, dramatic, hotly-contested game! puhleeze!!!

whitten doing his Fasano-Scool-Of-Blocking best.

"On Demand," here I come.

LOL @ fish head, " Boys are going to pick it up ull c ". REALLY ???? Now 20-3 !!

It's funny watching Romo runnin for his life....

The Cowboys are pathetic today.

Buck and aikman are pathetic.

true dat, NJ!

I've got the sound off since mid 2d qtr....radio on

dude im hopeing 4 a good game

And they blamed Jessica Simpson...sometimes u just suk on ur own

Yes , Po and Bobbyd12 are here. Just wake up ? how 's The hangover boys. LOL !!

radio dudes just said Flozell Adams is out....sorry if u already knew this via tv

i hope cowboys win so jerry sticks wit wade phillips n doesnt go after gruden,my coach in waiting

suisham! & redskin fans are LTAO, as NJ might say.

Ha Ha , NO GOOD !!! How bout dem Cowboys ????

Where's Armando at, this is more proof defense is what wins come playoff time.

Ta TOOOOOOO !!! TA TOOOOOO !! . ( That was my attempt at the vikings Horn )

No hangover. I gotta beer in my hand now.

Been up since 12:00

Mando's probably working off a hangover in NOLA, wondering fearfully whether that "She" he was chatting up at 4:00 a.m. was really a "she," or -- as his memory comes back to him - -just another girl with an adam's apple & a five-o'clock shadow.


If the "tone" of this game continues to the end - - in other words, a convincing cowboys loss even if not a huge point differential, does "Jerr" change his mind & can Phillips?


You would sit Crowder ? Really ?? . LOL !! Also where miami picks at 12 they aren't that many good olb's. There are good ones that could be had later. Why would you have mcclain - dansby at ilb and sitting crowder while having some rookie playing olb ( that's 2 rookies starting ) , when you can have crowder - mcclain with dansby at SOLB. It doesn't make any sense. Glad you're not the coach and gm of the miami dolphins. :)

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 16, 2010 at 02:34 PM

HAHAHA! now you breaking my spirit I had my heart set on DC not GM. lol

SO let me get this straight suppose we landed Maclain at 12. Second round we land Hardy. We sign Dansby as you and I hoped for. So you would have trouble starting two rookies and instead would start Crowder. LOL
The line up I would like if be some minor miracle we landed those players: OLB's Hardy and Taylor/Wake, ILB's McClain and Dansby.
But instead you would play Dansby and Taylor/Wake on the out side and Crowder and Mcclain ILB's? Crowder was rated one of the worst ILB's infront of Ayodele this year. I pick the former, but at least I can say one thing if I was GM I would not trade any picks for overaged, often injured players. I beleive that draft picks are like commodities and often have more value than a over priced player. The more commodities a team like the Dolphins aquire the better off the Dolphins will be in the long run. Any way regardless of what kind of contract Crowder has I would look to move him or sit him and play the best players on the team.

Gettin spicy round here.

And igot a shot of NY Quil, so I guess I am hungover LOL

It's not my fault they picked pat white while other teams make the moist of a second round pick...their are players all over the NFL that are studs from the second round other than pat white and pat turner... Problem is the phins haven't had a great draft on a long time! We have had good players but we have missed way to much...too many draft mistakes...no more drafting a player and their family

Its over.

Seeing Ratliff and P Williams also shows how much a stud Interior linemen helps defensively as well.

Dolphins4life. You have to be kidding me right ? Really ??/, did you watch the KC game Last year and the final 2 games VS Houston ( HOUSTON !! ) and Pittsburgh . They ran all over miami with Crowder missing those games. None of them were excatly run dominant teams. You need to think my friend, You put a mcclain next to crowder and watch him take off Crowder was averaging 100 tackles a year before this injury riddled season.

When oh when will we get to cheer for our team to go deep in the play offs I know wehave to make it Its been way to long


"Boldin is now a luxury in Arizona. Doucet has emerged so they're comfortbable they can fill the need. Secondly, his worth is diminished because he is older and has been injured.

Finally, a fourth is a fair asking price for a WR with questions -- i.e Randy Moss a couple of years ago."
Are you kidding me! you where willing to give up a firstand a second a big hit agaisnt the cap when the year started because you have a WR fetish. Now your saying we should still go after a often injured over price player and what was it you said...think! the card would give up a fourth? LOL Your fetish amazes me.

So now your comparing Boldin to :Moss, who is head and shoulders above him and still never got the Patsies over the hump. Brian Harline: your saying that Hartline's best years would never compare to the numbers Boldin put up?..I seriously doubt Boldin will ever put up those kind of number again and Harline is a good pick with out the excess baggage in the fourth round. Then you are comparing Boldin to Langford; Laamaayyyoo! Your actually comparing a DE in the 3-4 system to a wr? LMAO
And so now your calling for the Dolphins to have a wr coprs and passing game like the Saints? HAHAHA did the Saints aquire any Wr or did they draft the wr coprs they have now?
Maybe you should jump ship and join the Saints?
That way we get a writer who understands what this regime is trying to do. Which is undo the last ten years of futility!

Dolphins4life. agreed on boldin and your last post.

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