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A postgame one-on-one with Anquan Boldin

NEW ORLEANS --  I promised you I'd try to catch up with Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin after this playoff game between the Saints and Cardinals.

I keep my promises.

And the news for Dolphins fans hoping to see Boldin in a Dolphins uniform next season is not great.

Boldin, you see, told me as he walked out of the Arizona locker room that he will not request a trade this offseason.

"No," Boldin told me following Arizona's 45-14 loss to New Orleans said. "I'm going to let it play out."

Boldin is under contract to Arizona for the 2010 season at a scheduled pay of $3 million. It is the final year of his deal. And considering he's a 1,000-yard caliber receiver, he believes he has been underpaid for some time and wants the deal redone.

Because of that, Boldin has, through his agents, asked for a new contract and even requested to be traded in the past when a new contract didn't come.

That approach is apparently changing for Boldin.

"I can't do anything one way or the other," he said. "If I go to them and request a trade, it don't matter. I'm under contract for another year. So no matter what I say or do, that won't change anything. I'm under contract for another year. So whatever happens, it depends on what the Cardinals want to do. I'm not worried about it at all."

Boldin also has no concern about the perception he's become injury-prone. He'll be 30 years old in October and missed these playoffs due to knee and ankle issues.

"I'm fine," he insisted. "I don't have anything that requires surgery or anthing. I'm fine."

Boldin knew when he was speaking with me he was talking to a Florida constituency because I told him I work for The Miami Herald. I asked him if he's ever thought about coming back to his home state of Florida and playing for the Dolphins.

"I've always been concentrating on my team," he said. "I can only help the Cardinals and that's it."


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a 3 or a 4rd is cheap

4th all day long.

Ziggy, I don't know crap...trading draft picks for old injured players is what Saban, Wandstadt, Cameron did and look where we are...it's u that don't know sh't, but that's ok, because Bill Parcells isn't going to trade draft picks for a WR...NEVER HAS, NEVER WILL so enjoy ur fantasy because I know it ain't gonna happen

Nj I live a block away I usually watch all dolphins games across the street at hobsons where you at?

Lovin it!!!!!


I live on blvd east in the west new york -weehawkeen - north bergen area.

You gonna leave us NJ?

Man, they jinxed him with that stat

Missed a 30.. WTF.. This ain't looking good.

He missed it. Are you f'n kidding me ??? Remember that miss.

Who is gonna thank us for stopping by?

Po , i'm debating it, if i go , i'll probably end up knocking some jet fan out.

Bottom line Boldin is better than any 3 of our wr's combined and to grab him with a third rounder is a steal. Parcells did use a number one pick on Keyshawn Johnson so he certainly understands the importance of addressing the position, and since receivers take 3 years to develop and he's entering year 3 of a 4 year plan I'm confident he will make a move someway somehow. UFA wr's list doesn't look bad but a number one wr is what this team has needed for years, and if that means losing a 3rd or 4th it's worth it. Boldin is 30 not 35 and is still a 1000 yd receiver who can catch in traffic and make plays. Henne needs weapons otherwise we will never understand his full potential

Yea NJ, I can only give out the Jerseys we need someone to say goodbye

Don't worry, the Jests have no Offense.

Then you need to go NJ!

Yea Po good thing there O is as bad as they D is good haha

Bottom line Ziggy, not gonna happen, we have too many defensive holes to fill that will take priority over WR...

Ziggy , give it up on boldin and parcell's didn't draft Keyshawn johnson. thanks for stopping by :)

Mando, where art thou?

U know I'm also sadly living in NY but he'll if I could go to a bar with all the wets fans worst fans in the NFL supporting the worst team.

Gates is the KEY!

Dude nj we would get destroyed there are about 174646328388 jet fans here but ten of them are my friends so maybe it won't be so bad hahaha

I grew up in Bergen county and have lived in Hoboken for almost four years where you from?

AK . I just told you .

Too many penalties

Nj where do you watch dolphins games??

You said it B12

In my home , on direct tv NFL sunday ticket on a 52 inch sony bravia flat screen tv. :)

52 inch sony bravia flat screen tv?

You go money....

i think parcells knows we need a big time receiver,n giving up a 3rd or 4rd isnt a hi price to pay 4 boldin

Dude I'm jealous I'm always at hobsons have you gone to third and long in the city? Dolphins bar it's awesome

So much for their wildcat....

Damn NJ how much do janitors make now days.. lol

LOL @ BlazzinAce

Ak , i've been to the one in the city. There's another one in east hanover, The head chef goes by the name of Miami Mike. They have a private dolphins room for dolphin fans only.

Chargers eating up yards, need to light up the scoreboard...like THAT!!!

Die Jets Die. Rex Ryan you fat hog!

TD Baby!

I cant believe the Jets have got this far. They're woeful. It if were'nt for Jones and Revis,they would be as bad as the Lions and Browns

Woot! Chargers lighting it up!

Where is the Cuban menace?

Blazzinace/cuban menace. Beleive me , you can't live on a janitor's salary where i live and ak can attest to that. The taxes alone on homes around here are a janitor's salary. Nice try and thanks for stopping by :)


Get ready for another dreadful drop from Edwards.......

J-E-T-S , journey end this sunday !!!

Yea I've heard of that one too but have never been. I need to get direct tv.

Thought u owned a janitorial company.. lol what do u do? Jersey does have the highest property taxes in the country last place I'd like to own a home if I could afford 1 anywayz.

Ak , keep in touch and maybe we can meet up and go to that dolphins bar. If i deem you safe and your not a ax murderer or something i might invite you over.

Yes, Good call!

I don't know what the F game phil simms is watching. what an idiot !!!!

I agree NJ PHIN FAN. He is always wrong on his reviews.

Good call!

Did I say "Good Call"?

Mandos not at this game asking free agents if they want to play for us only to get shot down. Why is it no one wants to play for us or coach us?

the jets aren't out yet . we aren't the dead fish .

Haha nj I'm not an axe murderer and I can def attest to the fact your not a janitor do you live on river road??? Those places are nice

The Jets are the luckiest team since the 2001 Pats.

The dead fish beat you twice. Even Teddy ginn had his way with you jet girl.


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