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A postgame one-on-one with Anquan Boldin

NEW ORLEANS --  I promised you I'd try to catch up with Arizona Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin after this playoff game between the Saints and Cardinals.

I keep my promises.

And the news for Dolphins fans hoping to see Boldin in a Dolphins uniform next season is not great.

Boldin, you see, told me as he walked out of the Arizona locker room that he will not request a trade this offseason.

"No," Boldin told me following Arizona's 45-14 loss to New Orleans said. "I'm going to let it play out."

Boldin is under contract to Arizona for the 2010 season at a scheduled pay of $3 million. It is the final year of his deal. And considering he's a 1,000-yard caliber receiver, he believes he has been underpaid for some time and wants the deal redone.

Because of that, Boldin has, through his agents, asked for a new contract and even requested to be traded in the past when a new contract didn't come.

That approach is apparently changing for Boldin.

"I can't do anything one way or the other," he said. "If I go to them and request a trade, it don't matter. I'm under contract for another year. So no matter what I say or do, that won't change anything. I'm under contract for another year. So whatever happens, it depends on what the Cardinals want to do. I'm not worried about it at all."

Boldin also has no concern about the perception he's become injury-prone. He'll be 30 years old in October and missed these playoffs due to knee and ankle issues.

"I'm fine," he insisted. "I don't have anything that requires surgery or anthing. I'm fine."

Boldin knew when he was speaking with me he was talking to a Florida constituency because I told him I work for The Miami Herald. I asked him if he's ever thought about coming back to his home state of Florida and playing for the Dolphins.

"I've always been concentrating on my team," he said. "I can only help the Cardinals and that's it."


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and when you say Miami you're talking Super Bowl


It's official....The 2009 New York Jets are the worst team in NFL history to be in a AFC Championship game. Apart from Jones and Revis,this team is awful.

Hey Mando,
Flashy offense looks great if you're playing the Arizona Cardinals defense. Looks like great defense, a strong running game, and efficient qb play still gets you to the AFC Championship game. It may be boring to watch, but it's effective.
The one brightside of this game is that if the Jets are one of the 2 best teams in the AFC, the Dolphins don't have far to go...

You'll get yours B I T C H....

And u wonder how a'sholes are born...when ur mom does multiple guys and ur dad does other guys too, u get Tortured Dolphin!!!

Keep talking nasty Po, you're turning me on baby.

Big nasty Po. You big stud!

And when ur talking tortured dolphins mom ur talking Super Wh're!!!!

Such anger bobbyd .... fear not the Marlins start up soon.

How many dolphin fans did mommy suck to make u such a poor little loser???

I'll be here next week B I T C H,

Bank on it SPANKY....

Im sorry but after watching Vincent Jackson kick a challenge flag I have no desire for him to be on our football team.

He just made a great play for his team and he goes and loses them 15 yards in a playoff game!!

God damn!!! Thanks but I think Ill pass.

Mark , it's not a simple ast that. MAIMI'S OFFENSE DID NOTHING AGAINST THE JETS IN THE 2ND GAME !!!!! FACT ARE FACTS !! Don't twist them now.


theres hope yet, tortured go bac to hibernation.

U won't catch me on other fans blog acting like an AS'HOLE like u...like I said, u had all year tomeet me but u didn't, soooo u r such a pus'y, was daddy a pus'y too Tortured ????


Norv made another great call...

Onside was a bad call come on Norv Turner is terrible.

Make the rookie beat you. I honestly believe I could do a better job!!

yea, bad call, theres no way the jets would put the ball in sanchez's hands in the last two minutes.Run Run Run.

FYI Adam = AK I left green rock cause I couldn't take it anymore

AK, was there a guy in the restroom offering his services?? It was Tortured s dad...

How did they not see the run commin?

Goin for it

Oh God. Jets in the AFC championship? Pleeeeeaaase, no!

Hold 'em here

By the way Tortured....I very much look forward to watching the Marlins knocking the Mets out 3 years in a row

Bottle o Vodka Here i come...

hahahaha funny bobby

I think this is a bad call by rex...

I would take the points...

You guys??


Ok,lets take away the 2 kickoff returns and Taylors fumble recovery. Miami still scored 9 points. You add that to the 31 Miami scored on the Jets the 1st time and that adds to a solid 40 points we scored on the Jets. My argument is that Miami scored 40 'offensive' points on this Jets team and eveyone seems to struggle. Those are the stats

Take the points

Now Tortured is no where to be found...what a mega Pus'y Coward

When you have a defense like the jets and you contained them all game you take the points and make them score a td...

I disagree with Phil and Jim

Balls. Ryan has them SParano would like to have them.

I know you all bitched and whined every time Sparano went for FGs instead of TDs in your little 3 game LOSING streak to end the year.

Hey Po enjoy bobby's ass tonight.

pass the vodka

Oh man.

holy crap this is going to be an awful week

Norv you douche, pick up your last check at the door Like Marty did not to long ago....

Get out the lube tonight bobby Po's angry.

Hey Tortured...I put out the kitty food for u all year...how does it feel to be such a PUS'Y in life???

Well at least Norv made the playoffs which is more than you can say for your glorified cheerleader of a coach Sparano.

Mark , 60 points and 40 points are a big difference . That's 20 points a game and miami loses that 2nd game. Those are the FACTS !!!!

Ur daddy never used lube and look at the amount of men that were in his backdoor PUS'Y

And that's what happens when a teams lays down and let's another win. Stupid, but mostly sheer luck. Hats off to Rex, not as stupid as some of you thought. Hate the jets. Go phins 2010.

Will talk at ya Next week TorturedDolphan.


Let's hope Indy does not take the NYJs lightly.

Batten down the hatches for a weeklong Jets suckfest & Sanchez lovathon.


bobbyd, you should be busy warming up your a hole. Po is going to hit that hard tonight. He is mad.

Hopefully the Colts won't lay down a second time!

Please have the balls to show up b i t c h.

Again Tortured, u wouldn't have the balls to meet anyone on this blog...once a PUS'Y always a PUS'Y...I feel bad for someone like u, no balls, coward and hides behind a blog. Here kitty kitty kitty. Here kitty kitty kitty

Ok ladies, as always it has been thoroughly entertaining.

Please have a great evening and week. God bless you guys.

Why do I have to be in NY this freaking blows big time!! A whole year if not longer of anoying ass jet fans!! Arrgg!!!

And to think all the c'mshots ur mommy took from Dolphin fans just to conceive u

"going to hit that hard tonight?"

Like your boys at the truck stop Knob slober.

F U * K YOU TO TorturedDolphan.

Tortured/Dying/heil hitler. If there is a God he would have u die in a horrible way

Norv turner and an onside quick... Wow... the jets are just delaying when they will draft in the first round...Rex Ryan is a joke ...and so are the jets.. Only thing a bigger joke is norv turner... Jets fans are pu&$ies

Keading missed 3 fg's. That the game.

No turner sucked schlong all game instead of coaching that's what lost the game

Marty Schottenheimer got fired for the same crap….

Norv Turner, see ya in the unemployment line.

Tru Dat!! NJ!!!!!

The kicker is gonna end up with a broken leg.

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