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An update on Pat White from the Senior Bowl

While much attention has been focused on Tim Tebow this week at the Senior Bowl because of his struggles with center snaps, or his throwing motion, or his background working almost exclusively in the spread formation, I had to seriously shake my head.


Because even as so-called pundits and scouts and experts are ripping Tebow for not being ready to be an NFL quarterback, I think back to the not-ready-for-the-NFL quarterback the Dolphins used a second-round pick on last year.

Pat White.

Every issue Tebow has, White has. His throwing motion is a question mark. His drops from center and footwork were question marks. The fact he never played in a pro style offense was a quesion mark. And so if Tebow is a such a huge risk even in the second round (most folks are saying he's a middle round pick) why didn't anyone (including me) think White was a risk?

Boggles the mind.

The Dolphins can do nothing about picking White. He's on the team and they must hope he can progress from an unspectacular rookie season into a legitimate backup quarterback. That's why coach Tony Sparano was asked about White at the Senior Bowl this week.

"I think that he’s doing very well, certainly," Sparano said, no doubt remembering that White was literally knocked out of the season-finale against Pittsburgh. "Pat's not a guy to take a lot of time off or any of those things, so he’s getting right back at it. He’s got a pretty good itch. I was kidding him earlier in the week. I met his dad out here for the first time when we were over at Fairhope (High School) in the beginning of the week, so I sent him a text telling him his dad was better looking than he is. He immediately sent it back and talked about his hometown here and all that, you know.

"Pat is a real proud kid that way. But he has done a nice job for us, he really has. When you think about these young quarterbacks coming in and all that they have to do, and it’s a lot. You have to put a lot on their plate and you can’t spoon feed them. You have to be careful with that. So, from our end, our philosophy has always been to throw everything at them and see what sticks. With Pat, he had it a couple of different times. He had it in rookie camp. He had it in OTAs. He had it in training camp. And little by little he’s been able to grab more and more of our offense to the point that midway through the season he had total command of the whole package."

So White can come in the game and run the entire Miami offense if need be?

"He can really go out there with no limitations and run the offense that way," Sparano said. "Now there are still some fundamental things that we’re working with Pat on and that we want Pat to get better at, but this guy is so willing and has so much character that I feel like he’s going to continue to get better."

Well, there you have it. After one season the Dolphins are still working to correct White's fundamentals. After one season the Dolphins are also hoping White can actually complete a pass in an NFL game -- something he didn't do in 2009.

I hope White can make the giant leap from a struggling rookie to a viable backup in 2010. Again, no one is asking him to be ready to be the starter.

But he needs to get stronger. He needs to recognize defenses faster. He needs to get quicker with his drops. He needs to show the kind of accuracy he often showed in college but never showed in NFL games.

White has a long way to go. In that regard, he's a lot like Tim Tebow.


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Well, White maybe should have done more in the WildCat let alone being a backup Qb, to me that is one of Sparano's deals that he just did not pull off properly.

White will be fine, soon enough we will have a 200 million dollar Oline that any Qb could play behind.

This the exact reason parcells should never , ever stray from his draft philosophy again of taking Big lineman ( OL OR DL ) or defense in the early rounds of the draft .


depressed again!

Mando---did the coaching staff help or hurt the Fins, and PW,when they had him get rid of his gloves & change motion from first OTA??

I mean, fer crying out loud, he looked better throwing at WVU w/ gloves & orig. motionthan he did with the Fins.

Mando, I appreciate you rooting the kid makes it. But I just don't think this kid will EVER be a legit NFL player.

Too small.
Not fast.
Not a strong arm.

In other words, any dude off the street has as many tools to be a QB as him.

I have no idea if Patrick Turner will be a bust.

But from what I saw, Pat White is a bust already.

White has run a 4.46 40, that's reasonably fast for a WR or RB, and absolutely blazing for a QB. And he overthrew the fastest guy on the team (Ginn Jr) by a good 2-3 yards on that deep throw against Atlanta... I think he has enough arm.

Now whether or not he's big enough, and whether or not he can read an NFL defense, etc., are separate issues. But I wouldn't give up on White just yet, personally.

With as much as they changed his throwing motion, don't you think it's only fair to give him a year to adjust? A full offseason in an NFL weight program should also do wonders for him.

I think the biggest difference between White and Tebow is that White was (is) a far more dangerous runner in the open field. He obviously only had one great run (against NE), but that's the threat that he poses which Tebow does not (at the NFL level).

I agree with sparano... My issue is his arm...now if it mechanics then ok... But if it's more than that then I have to question how he could be a benefit to the wildcat because he couldn't throw a simple 6 yard drop back pass that last game.......

I love the idea of Pat White, I just need to see some action on the field!

Whoever picks up Tebow will be wasting a draft pick! In the NFL you can't float pass after pass to a spot and let your recivers go get them because unfortanatly the CB at this level have just as much of a chance to get the ball too!

The Dolphins did not wast a pick on Pat White in my opinion. Did they over reach on him? Probably! His value was probably in the thrid round and thats probably what they will get out of him in 2012 after he is developed.

What they got though is a very dynamic athelte who, behind a big Oline which Miami has not yet developed compleatly, should be able to destroy defenses by passing and running. The key is that the game slow down a little bit for him and he dosn't get hit to hard!

I love the upside and the fact that he is both a change of pace backup and the fact that he is a backup.

Henne by the way is our starter and in 2012 when Pat will be ready to put on the market would be a good time for the phins to bring in anotehr QB and see if they can get better talent at that position.

I think it was a combination of nerves, being under sized, and a poor arm this past season. He needs to bulk up, work on his arm strength and accuracy and maybe he can be a decent backup. His speed is something that can't be ignored and that is why the Big Tuna wanted him. I was persoanlly excited to get him because I thought he added another deminsion to the wildcat. But last year he was never put in any type of wildcat formation. I could be wrong but if you him and ronnie lined up next to each other in the back field in the wildcat formation, that could be potentially hard to defend.

typo: if you had him and ronnie

I just wonder if he has any remaining teeth after that hit he took... that was brutal.....

Pat White is a smart kid and a natural athlete. By all indications he has been working very hard to improve. QB's don't typically "get it" right off the bat, and White didn't get a lot of snaps in training camp / practice because we were getting Henne up to speed. He also didn't get to learn from Pennington like Henne did because he got hurt.

Why don't you give the kid a couple of years to develop before you label him a bust? Give me a break, he was a rookie last year!

Rex, What does fupa stand for???

Agree Jay....

DId anyone not notice that when he was in the final game of the season he was basically given draw plays to run!!! You don't know what kind of QB he will be because Sporano and crew never gave him a chance to do anything other than run. Its was BS and I personally blame Sporano for that huge hit he took. The defense knew he wasn't going to pass after the 5th DRAW play.

Comming off the bench to throw a pass play now and again from the Wild Cat is no way to evaluate a QB. So the jury has to be out.

First of all, Pat didn't ask to be picked in the second round, it isn't his fault that he was. To get all over him becasue of when he was selected is rude and unnecessary. Give the guy a break, anyone of you would love to be in his shoes, admit it.

Secondly, Pat did take snaps in the Wildcat. One of which I remember was the handoff for the two-point conversion at the end of the season. There were others as well.

Finally, Pat will get it! He is a quality player and person. Anyone who thinks otherwise is going to be eating their words. This year wasn't very good for him, he will get better and all Dolphins fans will be happy he is on the team when he does!

Rey Malaluga arrested for drunken and careless driving. His desire for drinking was well known during the draft , which is why he dropped. Now you know why the tuna and other teams passed on him in the 1st round.

ohhhhh...Now we know why!


Pat White could develope into a good trigger man in the WC. But without reps we didn't see it during the season. There's no problem with his arm strength, its with accuracy. Was it the jitters or has it to do with the change in throwing motion?
After investing a 2nd rd pick on him, you better believe the Trifecta is going to give him a full shot. I'm leaning toward labeling him a bust, but I could be wrong.

Malaluga is a drunk... It's ok if he likes to be a drunk.... NOT!!! Nj I right the guy was known to be a drunk before he entered the draft

I’m really pulling for White to make it but he certainly has a lot to overcome. This pick has boggled my mind for a year now. Hopefully, this year we don’t use any early rd picks on a project.

Has G. Wilson been released yet?!?!?!?!

Kris , let me guess . You're about 5 years old and your favorite show i sesame street.

I can't wait for PW to make ppl eat their words. The kids got heart and tons of potential. Hopefully next year he will be the threat he was drafted to be.

Henne sat for a full season+ behind Chad Pennington who many argue should be a QB coach and still couldn't call audibles and in the beginning of the season looked a lot like PW "deer in the headlights". Difference is Henne got a ton more reps while PW played sporadically.

I think Henne may be the answer, tons of potential, but give PW a break and a chance. He's a Fin and it only hels us if he succeeds.


He's a Fin and it only helps* us if he succeeds.

all im gonna say about PAT WHITE is! put his stat from college vs. anybodies and tell me why he can't succeed in the NFL!!! Does that mean he has to be starter material? NO!! but the run vs. NE was great!! and if he hits ginn on the deep pass, we wouldn't be talking about this!!! if FLUTIE could play in the NFL then WHITE can too(as far as size).

haaa...reading these comments are so hilarious....chad henne was a qb who barely played his rookie year and all of a sudden, he knows the offense and blossoms....if given the chance, why wouldn't white or tebow for that matter???

lots of qb's just needed the oppurtunity and the right team to become the starter.... ala kurt warner, tony romo, even josh freeman in tampa...

relax...the kid is on track...he only attempted one pass in the first game of the year!!!

the rest is up to the dolphin coaches who i thik could have found more passes and trumped some teams in the process....

henne is the starter and white is the backup....let's go Phins!!!

LMFAO !!!!! @ DOLPHINS4LIFE. Grow up !!!

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 29, 2010 at 01:10 PM

What? Grow up? Because I said good point of clarification, really? Wow sorry if I hurt your ego. Mark in toronto was clairifiying your point and bieng of matter of fact Jersey, Nothing to grow up about. Rather maybe you should show humility, to the point of correction. Your idea about not drafting a running back in the first round has never been Parcells M/O but your examples were just off by a round or two, Mark clarified the examples and you still blew him off as being a smart ass. Humility goes a long way.


Everyone is forgeting that as Henne matures, they are NOT going to want to take the ball out of his hands to bring in a back-up qb and run the wildcat. It's only a fad to compliment a weak passing game which the dolphins had in 2008!! Most teams have given up on it. A wing formation that has become obsolete in the modern NFL. Teams have figured it out by now and run a blitz package with the safeties (ie Saints) which makes itnuseless unless the qb can throw. And if he can throw, isn't the starting qb a better passer anyway?

White is a terrible draft pick. Only solution is to convert him into a wide reciever which was the general concesus of most teams. If that failes, her will be out of football in 2011.

Suprano is a moron. He will tell you everythng is fine on a sinking ship. White couldn't complete an NFL pass all season. Please...

Isn't that we he said about a couple of players the week before they were released? Either he really believes it, which looking at other interviews, he is not the brightest guy in the world or he is a blatant lyer. I will settle for him being just a moron.

i run this blog:)LMFAO!!!

NC PHIN FAN and Brian McMullin

Totally agree with you guys, we should not give up on White just yet. I agree the Trifecta reached to soon in the second and I said it then that I wished we got someone else in round 2. White might have been there in round 3 maybe 4 but there was talk that other teams where interested. That and he fit sParcells prerequisite for a starting QB: 23 games or more stater, won bowl games and had good stats, basically a winner etc.
Now his formula usally works but, for now its to soon to throw out the book on White.


This draft this year Is the tru test!!! We have to have a home run of a draft this year.. We need to have our second third and fourth round draft picks have tru value!!!!!

All right will catch up later to see what Will the thrill Cordero has to say, peace!


Because in this win now world of the NFL you don't have time for 3-4 year projects that may never come to fruition. Convert him to a WR and hope you can salvage his career. He is not going to make it as a QB in the NFL.

Mardy Gilyard arrested for the ganja

Hey mdg, didn't u know that everyone here us an expert?! :)

scratch that... Gilyard was arrested in high school for the ganja.... damn PFT and their misleading headlines

Give me a break folks. Pat White threw five passes all year. Completed none, but many want to crucify him. Get off his case and give him a chance to play and to develop a little before you judge him. If you're gonna hammer Dolphins players, at least choose the ones who haven't performed year after year while given multiple opportunities.

Yertle the turtle

Yeah sgt, like crowder and ginn and another half dozen bozos that we have on the roster

Other than a few flaws (he can't hit the broad side of a barn, can't take a snap under center and is too small) White was a great pic.

I would put Thigpen ahead of White at this point.He didn't look too bad against Pittsburgh.Let White try out as a receiver next year.

Way too early to pass judgement but like Mando said - he does need to improve a lot. I liked the idea of drafting a qb last year. Green Bay made a living off drafting qbs, grooming them and then trading them for first round picks to QB hungry teams. If Miami can do this every few years, it would really help the team. Mind you, i would rather they draft these QBs with mid to late round picks than 2nd round picks.

And of course Thigpen would be ahead of White right now - he's a vet.

White could only play slot receiver this next year if they wanted to mold him as such. We already have several slot guys. At thus point you have to consider white an investment. He was drafted to play qb and we should nurture him as a qb. He could be useful lining up as a wr in a special package because he can be a triple threat. But to try and contain him as a wr only makes no sense as far as our depth and our invested $ is concerned. That's just my opinion.

We should consider ourselves lucky to have this qb " problem ".

Let's face it, White was a bad pick. He was selected specifically to run the wildcat which in itself is a dying fad. Teams have already figured it out. The element of surprise was what made it initially succesful. As someone else said, why would you take the ball out of the hands of your best qb to implement a 60 year old wing formation that is obsulete in the modern NFL. It is good for a couple of plays at best. A change of pace. You do not invest a high 2bd round pick on a player who will only play a few downs a game.

Mark, our drafting and/or trading second round picks for qb's has been a disaster except for Henne (and the jury is still out on him). We have not been compensated for a single one of them for which we have ultimately cut all of them. Last I heard, John Beck is a backup with Baltimore, (previous 2nd round pick).

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Fad? I dunno, we still produce great yardage from it with the right trigger man. Maybe tuna foresees brown leaving an doesn't wanna give up that aspect of our club. White could run the WC, a little differently yes but could do it all the same. I would hate to see Ronnie leave. But if so then we maybe draft a rb and let whitebrun the WC. I do agree that sometimes it has seemed that the coaches disrupted Henne by pulling him in place of the WC. We should work on knowing the right time to pull the trigger on the WC and when to let Henne do his job and earn his $!!!


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