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An update on Pat White from the Senior Bowl

While much attention has been focused on Tim Tebow this week at the Senior Bowl because of his struggles with center snaps, or his throwing motion, or his background working almost exclusively in the spread formation, I had to seriously shake my head.


Because even as so-called pundits and scouts and experts are ripping Tebow for not being ready to be an NFL quarterback, I think back to the not-ready-for-the-NFL quarterback the Dolphins used a second-round pick on last year.

Pat White.

Every issue Tebow has, White has. His throwing motion is a question mark. His drops from center and footwork were question marks. The fact he never played in a pro style offense was a quesion mark. And so if Tebow is a such a huge risk even in the second round (most folks are saying he's a middle round pick) why didn't anyone (including me) think White was a risk?

Boggles the mind.

The Dolphins can do nothing about picking White. He's on the team and they must hope he can progress from an unspectacular rookie season into a legitimate backup quarterback. That's why coach Tony Sparano was asked about White at the Senior Bowl this week.

"I think that he’s doing very well, certainly," Sparano said, no doubt remembering that White was literally knocked out of the season-finale against Pittsburgh. "Pat's not a guy to take a lot of time off or any of those things, so he’s getting right back at it. He’s got a pretty good itch. I was kidding him earlier in the week. I met his dad out here for the first time when we were over at Fairhope (High School) in the beginning of the week, so I sent him a text telling him his dad was better looking than he is. He immediately sent it back and talked about his hometown here and all that, you know.

"Pat is a real proud kid that way. But he has done a nice job for us, he really has. When you think about these young quarterbacks coming in and all that they have to do, and it’s a lot. You have to put a lot on their plate and you can’t spoon feed them. You have to be careful with that. So, from our end, our philosophy has always been to throw everything at them and see what sticks. With Pat, he had it a couple of different times. He had it in rookie camp. He had it in OTAs. He had it in training camp. And little by little he’s been able to grab more and more of our offense to the point that midway through the season he had total command of the whole package."

So White can come in the game and run the entire Miami offense if need be?

"He can really go out there with no limitations and run the offense that way," Sparano said. "Now there are still some fundamental things that we’re working with Pat on and that we want Pat to get better at, but this guy is so willing and has so much character that I feel like he’s going to continue to get better."

Well, there you have it. After one season the Dolphins are still working to correct White's fundamentals. After one season the Dolphins are also hoping White can actually complete a pass in an NFL game -- something he didn't do in 2009.

I hope White can make the giant leap from a struggling rookie to a viable backup in 2010. Again, no one is asking him to be ready to be the starter.

But he needs to get stronger. He needs to recognize defenses faster. He needs to get quicker with his drops. He needs to show the kind of accuracy he often showed in college but never showed in NFL games.

White has a long way to go. In that regard, he's a lot like Tim Tebow.


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WOW! I have to really put that in all CAPS....I Think NJ phins fan is having a melt down. Not only is he posting in under my name, stop the madness name, and who knows who else. That i can understand. its the fact that he is actually carrying on a conversation that makes him look so foolish.

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Fake kris at 10:34 pm

nj does this on both blog herald and sentinel. i just got tired of him! as a matter of fact im the one who mention home superbowl 2010 name and he immediately assumed it was him go back and check, first it was dying breed then cuban menace and finally oh its home superbowl 2010 who only is at the sentinel. nj is stupid he played himself tonite thats who doing all this fake name stuff trust me

what's up ace the diablo ??

Mando, I generally love reading your blog and keeping abreast of the Phins situation, and by all means, keep'em comin'. But sometimes I find myself completely disagreeing with u on certain points, and this is one of them. Pat White. A COMPLETE waste of a pick. Pat White is a guy that needs too much work to be even a backup. I can see him being a FOURTH or FIFTH round pick, and possibly a third string option - even next year. Don't get me wrong, I like the kid. I think he has heart, and ability. He was brought in last season in some of the toughest (and stupidest I might add) situations possible, and he really committed no major mistakes. But u mention in your blog, that nobody I asking him to be the starter. I disagree! In the NFL, the second string quarterback HAS to be capable of being the starter. He may not start off the season that way, but we all know how quickly that can change. And having a sub par guy in that slot can mean losing the entire season if he's called upon to lead the team. Going back to the pick, it wasn't a terrible waste. There were better players and better options for us. There have been many QBs that have gone in later rounds who have turned out to be not only capable, but stars in this league. But all of those QBs had fundamental qualities that although needing some fine tuning, they did not need CREATION - like height and size, for example. I hope the kid gets better, and I hope he sticks it out. But I also hope we don't go wasting draft picks on players that need reconstructing, rather than simply teaching, for a position as important as QB. Pat white will never be a starter in the NFL. Not in our offense... At least, not if we wanna take to the air. He's not that type of QB. So why do we want him in the backup slot again?

i'm going to cry , somebody is picking on me.

Mando need to find a better way to secure this site from losers like NJ with nothing better to do than troll around stealing screen names.

I'll be back when the rest of you are ready to talk football.

fake stop the madness at 10:36

fake kris at 10:38

how could I talk football if I don't know anything about it?

WTF is it with you and backup QB's?
The following teams backups produced less than Pat White this year: Green Bay, San Diego, Dallas, Minnesota, New England, Indy, New Orleans.
Get it?
The backup is not supposed to produce.

one more point the first nite, once he log out so did all the other names that keep popping up and i some how woke up early that morning just attacking ppl for no reason. it dont make since

5 pass attempts, that's it. Why do you keep mentioning and harping on the fact he didn't complete a pass in his rookie year? You make it sound like he was 0-30 or something. He attempted 5 total passes all year and he only attempted more than 1 pass in a game once, and that was 2 attempts in the last game of the season. That means he never got a chance to get any rhythm and when he did get playing time, it was to run an option play in the spread offense.

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Joe Montana's backup had 0 complete passes his first 3 years on the 49ers.
His name was Steve Young.

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man i only attacked nj, then the next day someone signs in under my name,and start attacking everybody else. the one thing i noticed is that nj attack people with quick one liners i never did that when the name was first made, my writing isnt the best, if you go back and read the post from the last two days they speak much different from me. the only reason i kept this going so long was b/c i had nothing else to do while watching HEAT game and i knew he would slip up. i have nothing against you ace, we never got into it bout nothing b4 so why now

Ace , this idiot can't speak or write english. Do you actually think he knows how sign in blue ??

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