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An update on Pat White from the Senior Bowl

While much attention has been focused on Tim Tebow this week at the Senior Bowl because of his struggles with center snaps, or his throwing motion, or his background working almost exclusively in the spread formation, I had to seriously shake my head.


Because even as so-called pundits and scouts and experts are ripping Tebow for not being ready to be an NFL quarterback, I think back to the not-ready-for-the-NFL quarterback the Dolphins used a second-round pick on last year.

Pat White.

Every issue Tebow has, White has. His throwing motion is a question mark. His drops from center and footwork were question marks. The fact he never played in a pro style offense was a quesion mark. And so if Tebow is a such a huge risk even in the second round (most folks are saying he's a middle round pick) why didn't anyone (including me) think White was a risk?

Boggles the mind.

The Dolphins can do nothing about picking White. He's on the team and they must hope he can progress from an unspectacular rookie season into a legitimate backup quarterback. That's why coach Tony Sparano was asked about White at the Senior Bowl this week.

"I think that he’s doing very well, certainly," Sparano said, no doubt remembering that White was literally knocked out of the season-finale against Pittsburgh. "Pat's not a guy to take a lot of time off or any of those things, so he’s getting right back at it. He’s got a pretty good itch. I was kidding him earlier in the week. I met his dad out here for the first time when we were over at Fairhope (High School) in the beginning of the week, so I sent him a text telling him his dad was better looking than he is. He immediately sent it back and talked about his hometown here and all that, you know.

"Pat is a real proud kid that way. But he has done a nice job for us, he really has. When you think about these young quarterbacks coming in and all that they have to do, and it’s a lot. You have to put a lot on their plate and you can’t spoon feed them. You have to be careful with that. So, from our end, our philosophy has always been to throw everything at them and see what sticks. With Pat, he had it a couple of different times. He had it in rookie camp. He had it in OTAs. He had it in training camp. And little by little he’s been able to grab more and more of our offense to the point that midway through the season he had total command of the whole package."

So White can come in the game and run the entire Miami offense if need be?

"He can really go out there with no limitations and run the offense that way," Sparano said. "Now there are still some fundamental things that we’re working with Pat on and that we want Pat to get better at, but this guy is so willing and has so much character that I feel like he’s going to continue to get better."

Well, there you have it. After one season the Dolphins are still working to correct White's fundamentals. After one season the Dolphins are also hoping White can actually complete a pass in an NFL game -- something he didn't do in 2009.

I hope White can make the giant leap from a struggling rookie to a viable backup in 2010. Again, no one is asking him to be ready to be the starter.

But he needs to get stronger. He needs to recognize defenses faster. He needs to get quicker with his drops. He needs to show the kind of accuracy he often showed in college but never showed in NFL games.

White has a long way to go. In that regard, he's a lot like Tim Tebow.


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Wow. this stop the madness clown sure is stupid. lol


Fishy Pete 12:01am.

I agree 100%. Peeps think because we have waited for so long that because we have some competant and well recognized talent getters like Ireland and Parcells thinsg get fixed over night... theny don't. Rome wasn't built in a day either.

As you stated, the Fins are getting younger, stronger and faster. We played Indy to within an inch of its undeafeated (at the time) lives. We swept the Jets (close games both) and shoulda beaten N.O.

Indy and N.O. both showed us what good teams with stellar offenses can do.


I am not certain what games you were watching this past season "Shula's Son"... But the Wildcat formation was successful in nearly every game it was employed. It Murdered the Jets. I don't believe there is any "Fad" to it. Its a legit scheme that offsets and overloads one side of the O-line and causes chaos down the D-line. The only people who taut it a "Fad" are teams like the Wets who were wondering what the hell just happened when it beat them. remember Rex Whynin's comments after MNF?
As far as Pat White goes... He is a 2nd round pick, a QB on the Fins team and will likely be #3 on the roster behind Thigpen in August. Henne will be and should be the QB for the Miami Dolphins. If you place Pennington back under center you set the team back a full year with Henne. Pennington, who I really do like and wish had more time on his clock and more health in his shoulder... is NOT going to get better after 3 major Injuries... It does not work that way. He may come in and be the "Come back player of the year" again, who the hell knows? One thing IS for certain... He will not have many more years after that. Stay with Henne, Thigpen is the #2, develop White over a nice long training curve and he may just become a player in the NFL. Throw him out on the field as a starter now... and he will be out of the league in 2011.

I think Pat White might be a decent #3 WR. Let's get something out of this draft pick. He will never be an NFL QB

Pat white is a bust. He will never be anything In the NFL, and to come in almost every game and not complete a pass when ronnie brown can is sick. He's sick, I liked the pick too so I don't blame them. And someone will pullthe gun on tebow and u know what I don't blame them, as long as it's middle round. I hat Florida and his holier than thou crap but he's a baller. Lastly, sparano being so blinded by pay white makes me so sick. What else makes me sick? All those people saying 'rome' wasn't built in a day....we play down to the level of our competition, comets conservative, and we are much worse than last year! Lastly, I used to think of this comment section as a dolphins blog, not a blog about whiny fights with each other. Talk dolphins football, disagree with me all u want, as ling as it's football, or go somewhere else.

Pat white was a bad move. Love his heart but he is a twig compared to tebow. Tebow might or might not amount to much but id wager he could amount to more than white ever will at the QB position.

i would like to see thigpen get a real shot at the QB position; all the positions should be a "as earned". we gave too many players a spot this year without them earning it. i'd like to see guys like p,white,thigpen,sheets,hiiiard,r.baker,wake,folsom,turner dotson etc get some time on the field.

As a west virginia fan i watched the guy play every single game in college. He is a winner. He is also a very smart player. Give him some time to figure out the nfl and he will be a very solid asset to have on our sideline. Anyone just writing him off from seeing him in limited time is just ignorant. Watch the guys college games. He was ranked in the top ten by ESPN for big east players in this decade. Judging someone from only 5 passes and very few opportunities is ignorant.

white is not a legit QB. unless he packs on some muscle,he will get destroyed. you can't be 120 lbs and be a QB. he needs to be a returner or wr, that's about it.

pat white sucks

college is not the nfl. many players were great in college but a bust in the nfl. just saying!

At least Tebow has the size to be an NFL QB.

With all of their flaws I think Tebow will end up with a more succesful NFL career than White.

We should have waited a year to draft a role player if we had a mind to do that.

College is clearly not the nfl thanks for letting us know that. Would have never gotten that lol. How many players take limited reps in practice and in the games and within one year are studs? Please name one.... Its not possible to look good when you are not given the chance in practice or in the game. Five pass attemps with most of them coming after he has been standing on the sidelines. Can anyone just walk out on the field and throw a perfect pass after not being involved in the flow of the game up to that point. The kid wasnt given a chance to excel and no pat does not suck.

I liked the pick last spring for what it meant for the Wildcat. Obviously, it did not work out.

I cannot believe how small he looks like out there....he looks like a little kid.


BUST. Except it, move on.

I drank the cool aid just like most everyone else with Pat White. Obviously I was wrong as my wife has completed just as many NFL passes as White.

Armando, I scooped you on the blog Antel Rolle tidbit. Heard it live early last week on KTAR in Phx and brought it right back here to this blog.

I didn't like the Pat White pick when they made it and I like far less now that I've seen him play in a few games. Parcells mantra has always been to get some of the biggest dudes at every position, so the PW pick contradicts his most basic philosophy. How did that happen? Did BP go to the bathroom during the second round and somebody else that it'd be funny to see the look on his face when they told him they took PW?

Troy Smith has a better chance of being a starting caliber QB in the NFL but it's more likely that'll be in the CFL. The dominos from that pick continue to fall making it very unlikely that the Phins will take Tebow who actually has a FAR better chance of succeeding in the NFL, if for no other reason than... you guessed it, his size.

Mark my words. Pat White out of the NFL probably within three years and Tebow will go on to do a somewhat successful impression of Steve Young, maybe not a HOFer but a winning QB that will take his team to the playoffs more often than not.

PS - Gut feeling says he goes to the Titans.

People are giving up on Pat White too soon. This guy was an amazing qb at W.Va.. An incredible run-pass threat who amassed almost 12,000 yards of offense. He needs to bulk up and work on his fundamentals, but in a year or two I could see him as a viable nfl qb. Let's not forget, Steve Young looked like a bust too. Tampa actually gave up on him. What Young accomplished with the 49ers was the result of years of learning, developing, and taking advantage of the time he had behind Joe Montana to improve. The 49ers were patient and it paid off with a hall of fame qb. I'm not saying White will ever be in the Hall, but the similarities to Young are there. They're both 6 feet tall, lefthanders with great running ability who had record breaking careers in college. Neither has what I would call a rocket arm but they're both accurate, White completed about 65% of his passes in college. I've seen the best of Pat White, and what I saw of him as a rookie was common. A young qb going up a notch in a new system, unfamiliar teamates, going up against complicated defenses he had never seen before. By all accounts White has a very high football IQ and a great work ethic. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and at least another season to watch his development, I'd be willing to bet we'll see a much improved player in '10 and a guy worth keeping around for the future.

You are never going to have to worry about Pat White disgracing himself or the team, he is a top notch person and gave all of us Mountaineer fans many thrills. Give him a chance to play, and not just put him in for one or two plays a game. He needs experience to play up to his potential in the NFL. Whatever you do, don't ever disparage him in front of his WV fans -- we won't hear of it. He is a player of great talent, he just hasn't had the opportunity to show it -- YET. The Fins have many new Fans, all of West Virginia, now that Pat White is on the team. GO PAT!!!

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