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Antrel Rolle loves idea of joining the Dolphins

The Pro Bowl squads have finished their walk-thru before tomorrow's game and I had the opportunity to catch up with a player who has his eyes set on playing for the Dolphins:

Free safety Antrel Rolle.

Rolle, a former University of Miami star in the Pro Bowl for the first time, is in a sort of limbo right now because the Cardinals are scheduled to pay him $12.1 million in salary and a bonus in 2010. The idea behind having such a whopping figure in the final year of Rolle's contract is to force both sides to renegotiate a new deal or simply cut ties.

And while Rolle insists he loves the Cardinals, he also loves the idea of playing for the Dolphins in South Florida, where he grew up, played at South Dade High and The U.

"That would be nice," Rolle told me. "You know what I mean. I would love to take some of the burden off of mom and dad seeing as they travel to every game. Miami is home for me. I haven't played here in five years, but hey, we can make it happen."

Rolle repeated that his parent fly across country to every game he plays. That's 16 weeks of travel and he'd like to lighten their burden by giving them eight home games in Miami.

"I'm still a Cardinal right now, you know," he said. "I don't know what's going to happen. But I love the Cardinals and their organization. I've been good to them and they've been great to me also. Let's just see what plays out.

"I don't know what's going to play out. They haven't given me any indication. I know they want to keep me there. We're trying to keep our franchise together, but I don't know what they're thinking right now."

What Rolle is thinking is that if the Cardinals decide not to pay him his $12 million and release him he will be on the open market. And the first place he will look is Miami. It is important enough a topic to him that he has studied Miami's personnel situation at free safety and is aware Gibril Wilson was something of a bust last year and could be cut when the league year begins anew in March.

"I'm more than aware," Rolle told me.

This season Rolle had 72 tackles, four interceptions, eight passes defensed, one forced fumble and 1.5 sacks. Wilson had 91 tackles, eight passes defensed and one sack. He had no interceptions and caused no other turnovers. 

Rolle, who lives in Homestead in the offseason, is not completely disconnected from the Cardinals yet. He said Kurt Warner's retirement was "bittersweet."

"I'm happy for him," Rolle said, "But he's defintely going to be missed. He's one of the persons that has been my inspiration and one of the leaders I've looked to."

Matt Leinart is expected to take over for Warner.

"Leinert, I think his time is up right now," Rolle said. "It's time for him to produce and be the player that Matt knows he can be and the player we all know he can be. We're going to be behind him 100 percent of the way and I think he'll do a good job there."

Assuming Rolle is there with Leinert. Big assumption.


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How good has he been with the cards?

Alto , excellent question. He's already said he won't sign for less than 8 mil dollars. The cardinals defense sucked and had help in that. He 's not worth the money he wants. miami will draft a free safety.

Guys , don't forget about the live blog i will be conducting during the senior bowl at 4 . Please join me so we can discuss the players and the draft. :)

He would be a good fit for the secondary. A former CB turned FS indicates good coverage and ball skills which is exactly what is needed.

Our NJ who art in heaven, hallowed be his name

Hahahaa, make sure you are all here for NJ's live blog. HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! The ego on thi guy is unreal.

omar and mike = Gibril Wilson.

Reed = Mando

I'm out.

the guy had four interceptions this year which is four times what Wilson had. If you do the math and 27 million gets you zero interceptions. Then Rolle is worth 100 million for four interception.

Pay the Man his money.........who the F cares how much Antrel might cost in an uncapped year. It's worth more than the $$$ wasted on Woolfork, Green, Wilson, Crocker & a host of others. I'm not Steve Ross's partner or wife....as long as he spends it on everything we need, spend it. I'm tired of sedcond-tier FAs who "save" money & suck.

Spend Now, Spend More, Cut the deadwood (Gerbril, etc.)


Told you that it was funny... what an idiot... thats all I have to say on that matter... moving on...

Carlito , idiot is an understatement . Try BUFFOON !!!. I agree and also said " IT" was a waste of time.

The Seer, no doubt the position needs improvement and of course the administration knows that too. I'm sure they have a plan. Whether it's from the current roster - Chris Clemons/Tyrone Culver (who I agree should play more. guy seems to hold his own) - draft (multitude of options) - or free agency again (safeties are plentiful even in this smaller free agent pool) it will be addressed.

Almost feel like right now anyone would be an upgrade of Gibril.

I was born and raised down the street from rolle. Went to school with him. He has been a Dolfan growing up. He will play better in Miami. If this is possible, this is our Best option at the position. Parcells!!! Make it happen!!

when the live blog will be nj ? at 4 ,i will be there .

And oh yeah, unfortunately Gibril wasn't meant to be a 2nd tier FA. he cost big money unfortunately. Easily the biggest mistake this administration has made. Fortunately there's a silver lining. It only cost money (vs draft picks) which wasn't ours to begin with and won't cost cap space going forward because of the uncapped year coming up.

Warner's retirement may have a downside for the Dolphins. I don't know what his cap figure for 2010 was but they are surely saving some CASH that they might use for Boldin or Rolle. The Cardinals are historically cheap so just because they may be way under the cap doesn't mean they are going to spend. The Bidwells like to put money in their pockets whenever they can.

It won't cost in cap space but you would still have top pay wilson his guaranteed money if you cut wilson. So you think miami will pay wilson his guarantee money , pay bell his big contract AND pay rolle like 5-6 mil ??? I don't think so with all the holes miami needs to fill.

OK , aloco is in. Thanks :)

Get Rolle in here & let the bookeepers & the guys w/ the green eyeshades crunch the numbers. I could not care less about $$ when it is well spent on good players. Stop worrying about Ross' pocketbook & keep worrying about talent-evaluation.

Mark in Toronto---

hell, Reynaldo Hill at w/ever Denver gave him was a FAR better option---he & Bell really had a good partnership going on last yr

What are the chances of him being release?

I think Warner's retirement will cause the Cardinals to get in more of a rebuilding mode. What has Leinart shown when given the opportunity? He had Fitzgerald and Boldin and still wasn't able to produce. The team is not going to pay Antrell $12 Million dollars (just like the Dolphins aren't going to pay Joey Porter and Gibril Wilson the exorbitant amount of money they are owed) especially in a year with no salary cap.

The question is - what jersey number will Antrell wear here if 21 belongs to Vontae?

Gibril Wilson should be made to do community service for dolphans

He could pick up my pit bulls lawn sculptures for me

NJ, you think Ross has the bollas to say no to BP if he comes asking him for money? If Ross does say no and make Parcells feel restricted in making the Dolphins the best team they can be - he WILL walk.

So the bottom line answer is which ever way the administration feels is the best way to improve the team, they will do it. resources will not be restricted.

Carlito---Good one!

The best service he could render would be to leave town at dusk & never be seen again.

Actually, he should also be ordered to pay restitution in the full amount of all funds received.

And NJ, Ross has all that money he got from SunLife and from the celebrity owners (I assume he did get money to have the he/she sisters as owners) - start putting it to use.

And Seer, I do agree Hill did good work for Miami but I can't blame the administration for doing what they did. They wanted to get younger. Hill doesn't have much time left as an NFL - they projected Wilson to be a four year starter and be playing after Hill. It just didn't pan out unfortunately.

The point is wilson get 8 mil in guarantees and rolle will command at least 6 mil. You want to dump around 14 mil at 1 position or spread it around to help at other positions ??? Geez !!! Think people.

Want to do BOTH dude....especially if it's an uncapped year! Who the hell cares.....

if Tuna wants it, he damn well BETTER get it, or Ross should get the F out of the biz.

Stop worrying about Little Stevie's purse.

Do Both; Do it All; Do it Now!!!!

So everyone is comfortable with the two rookie corners? Specifically Smith?

Here's the deal. There's alot of real good safties in this draft as me and chris alluded to , but there's not many good ilb's after mcclain. I would rather pay the money to dansby and draft a FS ( chad jones , nate allen , etc ) in the 2nd round than pay rolle and miss out on a good ilb if mcclain is gone. I'm out be back for the senior bowl.

we have to draft a free saftey. but if this guy can play money should not be an issue. sign him. If we want to compete with the jets and pats we need play makers on defense

NJ, Wilson's 8 mill guaranteed is a sunk cost, gone and paid and shouldn't impact future decisions. Playing him at FS was a mistake and not repairable. NFL contracts of course are not guaranteed and the team will most likely terminate the rest of the contract to avoid paying him his $4m salary this year and the remaining additional years.

Personally I think Gibril could still make a good SS but the problem is that we already have a pretty good one.

My point was the administration will do whatever they think is best to address the position. Be it FA, internal promotions, or draft. Now you can't address all your needs thorugh the draft and FS may be the deepest position in Free Agency so in effect it may be the most valuable area to spend your free agency dollars.

I believe Ross is one of the richest NFL owners in the league. Might be the richest. Should be no reason not to spend the money this year.

I want Dansby too! Think Big, NJ!!!

Im not totally sold on Rolle. He has the skills and talent. But he grew up down here and was a trader by being a Cowboys fan and hating on the Dolphins. I dont know if I can except someone like that playing for us.

NJ, the scenario you discussed (re: signing Dansby vs Rolle) is a viable option. But what happens if Dansby decides to not sign here or McClain is off the board. You can't only one viable option because there are 31 other teams looking to all get better. You have to have plans B,C,D,E, and maybe even F planned out.

For example Philadelphia's LB corp was worse than Miami's at the end of the year. You don't think they would be interested in Dansby or McClain?

this nj cat is so full of himself!!!! he comes on mando's blog and says he's conducting a live blog at 4, come and join him. 1 question, WHERE? oh i forgot, in mando's blog. you 2 funny

and what makes you so sure rolle will sign here. ?? You also said that Fs is the deepest position in the draft but at the same time said free might be the more viable option to get a FS. HUH ?? why would you spend that much money on a fS when you can draft one for cheaper ?? Now i'm out.

I think Mark means they can and probably would spend more and do both. It might not be an either/or situation..

Rolle has been known to miss a tackle or two but he would be a improvement over Wilson.

Among safeties

Antrel Rolle is #70 in pass coverage, #65 in run, #3 in rush, #67 overall
Gibril is #26 in pass coverage, #20 in run, #17 in rush, #15 overall

Gibril is better than him, Antrel Rolle is only a big name.



Humility. Your Ego is bigger than your knowledge of football. Join me for a live BLOG.LMAO

when the live blog ? is it at 7.00 or 9.00 pm ?

No thanks

But if you would listen to Marks assesment he makes sense and that is something you are un willing to do. FS is a deep area in free agency and that the Dolphins would be wise to looke to add and terminate G-Wil contract and save what $4mil, that would go a long way toward another free agent FS. There fore the Dolphins can focus on other positions in the draft.

OK catching up later I'm out.

Have a great weekend!

NJ, I'm going to make it nice and simple so you can understand. There are many options. Draft, free agency, trade, internal promotion. A lot of chips still have to fall.

Let me state it more simply - signing a free agent FS is one of many viable options. That's all I was saying. I thought I stated that opinion quite clearly.

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

Get it????????

I'm glad at least D4L and Lips understand what I'm saying.

And NJ, I said it a million times, you aren't going to solve all your problems in the draft. If you're lucky you might get 3 or 4 significant contributors to your roster in year 1. Problem is the Dolphin defense have 5 immediate NEEDS (3 LB positions, NT, FS) and the offense could use another TE and WR at least.

GoDolphins - respectfully disagree on Wilson being better than Rolle. Profootballfocus does a general analysis of Safety position - they don't differentiate between Free and Strong. As mentioned above Gerbil could be a very good Strong Safety but Yeremiah is better (yeremiah is ranked behind gerbil in that analysis - go figure). Rolle at least makes plays on the ball and has better coverage instincts.

fake stop the madness at 1:05 pm . he smarter and right beeter than me

dolphins4life , aren't you the same so called knowledgable football expert who said mays will go ahead of berry. lol. not !!

Mark in Toronto I love how you have all this in sight on the Phins, I thought I was the only wack job in Ontario who loves Dolphins as much as you do

How come anything feels like an upgrade over Gerbil Wilson??? It seemed like the first half of the season I was watching him slide off everyone's waist as they ran for a TD.

I think a replacement is due. And there is a huge list of Safeties out there.

Wilson probably has decent stats because they picked on him so much. How many missed tackles and blown coverages did he have that cost us games?

Anyway, we can't really figure out what we will do until things start shaking out.. like, CBA or no CBA (thus who is available in FA).. who is actually available when we pick and which teams in need of an available player want to move up?

There are so many unknown factors in this that predicting the future here is going to be tough.. but anyone that makes an attempt has to be willing to admit that they are making some pretty big assumptions..

" this free agency is deep at the free safety position ". really ??? where??? lol

plus, they haven't had the senior bowl game yet and the combine hasn't run its course.. so mock drafts at this point in time are what they are..

I would rather get Myron Rolle.

People are crazy if they don't want antrel rolle!!!! I would put him number one on my free agency agenda over wilfork in a second! His numbers don't lie and truth is the guy wants to be in Miami so bad he can taste it.. Having him come to Miami would be huge!!!!!!

to change the topic alittle what do you all think about the Phins going after Casey Hampton if he's not tagged?

I don't care about rating systems I loom at facts.. Wilson was getting man handled a lot and I watched that... He rarely applied the strong coverage needed to deflect passes or intercept them.. He usually makes takles once the catch has been made.. He's good with the run but thinks run too often and gets hurt in the pass coverage.. Antrel rolle is better in the pass coverage and bell has always been your run coverage man... Wilson and bell is a bad mix

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