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Antrel Rolle loves idea of joining the Dolphins

The Pro Bowl squads have finished their walk-thru before tomorrow's game and I had the opportunity to catch up with a player who has his eyes set on playing for the Dolphins:

Free safety Antrel Rolle.

Rolle, a former University of Miami star in the Pro Bowl for the first time, is in a sort of limbo right now because the Cardinals are scheduled to pay him $12.1 million in salary and a bonus in 2010. The idea behind having such a whopping figure in the final year of Rolle's contract is to force both sides to renegotiate a new deal or simply cut ties.

And while Rolle insists he loves the Cardinals, he also loves the idea of playing for the Dolphins in South Florida, where he grew up, played at South Dade High and The U.

"That would be nice," Rolle told me. "You know what I mean. I would love to take some of the burden off of mom and dad seeing as they travel to every game. Miami is home for me. I haven't played here in five years, but hey, we can make it happen."

Rolle repeated that his parent fly across country to every game he plays. That's 16 weeks of travel and he'd like to lighten their burden by giving them eight home games in Miami.

"I'm still a Cardinal right now, you know," he said. "I don't know what's going to happen. But I love the Cardinals and their organization. I've been good to them and they've been great to me also. Let's just see what plays out.

"I don't know what's going to play out. They haven't given me any indication. I know they want to keep me there. We're trying to keep our franchise together, but I don't know what they're thinking right now."

What Rolle is thinking is that if the Cardinals decide not to pay him his $12 million and release him he will be on the open market. And the first place he will look is Miami. It is important enough a topic to him that he has studied Miami's personnel situation at free safety and is aware Gibril Wilson was something of a bust last year and could be cut when the league year begins anew in March.

"I'm more than aware," Rolle told me.

This season Rolle had 72 tackles, four interceptions, eight passes defensed, one forced fumble and 1.5 sacks. Wilson had 91 tackles, eight passes defensed and one sack. He had no interceptions and caused no other turnovers. 

Rolle, who lives in Homestead in the offseason, is not completely disconnected from the Cardinals yet. He said Kurt Warner's retirement was "bittersweet."

"I'm happy for him," Rolle said, "But he's defintely going to be missed. He's one of the persons that has been my inspiration and one of the leaders I've looked to."

Matt Leinart is expected to take over for Warner.

"Leinert, I think his time is up right now," Rolle said. "It's time for him to produce and be the player that Matt knows he can be and the player we all know he can be. We're going to be behind him 100 percent of the way and I think he'll do a good job there."

Assuming Rolle is there with Leinert. Big assumption.


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Get this disaster Tebow off the field. What a joke. he's crap.

it's 19 freaking degrees here , heck i'll buy the florida keys bridge

She'd back hand me.....

You guys rip Tebow but have high hopes for Pat White. That's the joke.

lmao . look at those pencil arms. my god !!!! LMFAO !!

See look NJ, Gilyard's huge, hahaha

Pat white is much faster, better athlete, doesn't take nearly as to get the ball out of his hands. Much more accurate. Not saying he will make it. But I will say tebow won't

LOL @ mark.

White is NOT more accurate. And he's very small. I'm not sure he can take the punishment in the NFL.

Robinson went all John beck on em

armando is right, white is not nore accurate than tebow. he won't last very long at qb

haven't heard mays at all in the 2nd half

Nobody will draft Myron Rolle. he'd be the smartest guy on the team, including the coach, GM, and owner.

Tebow is sandbagging so a better team picks him up late in the first round.

Looked upy new favorite player Brandon Graham and apparently he ran a 10.9 100 in high school.

Gylyard looks like flava flav. yeeeeeeeahh booooy !!!

He looks rough

Gilyard shouting out to OchoCinco means he won't get drafted by Miami. Lol

Did Corey Chavous just say that Gilyard beat Gilbert Arenas on that TD? Watch out Mardy, Gilbert might shoot you.

Can we officially say that the options for #12 have opened up significantly for Miami today, including trading down? That looks more attractive than ever.

Those shells in his dreads are impressive.


Gilyard is a straight up baller! If the Dolphins can get him with a 4th they should jump at it. DOubt he will be there though.

My main man, Sean Weatherspoon!!!!! Get him here now!!!

witherspoon got blown up . ouch !!! nice INT !!

Witherspoon looks impressive

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Weatherspoon reminds me of Ayodele. Not!


Not?!??!? Armando, 1988 was a long time ago. Wayne's World fad is over.

Brandon Graham and Sean Weatherspoon made themselves a lot of money this week. personally, I prefer Weatherspoon. The Dolphins may have a Graham in Cameron Wake. They definitely don't have a Weatherspoon.

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WOW 31 to 13, I guess i'Am surprised they got out-coached...AGAIN... but to a Detroit lions head coach.... OUCH.....


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Tim Tebow will be the starting QB for tghe Raiders come next September. He'll throw to the likes of Louis Murphy and Darius Heyward-Bey. He'll hand off to the likes of Darren McFadden.
Regardless of whether the Raiders win Tebow will make a lot of money.

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