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'Attack and attack and attack some more,' please

It took me a while to write this post. I had to stop barfing at the thought of having the New York Jets continuing their improbable run through the playoffs and reaching the Super Bowl in Miami.

... And using the Dolphins locker room the week before to prepare for the Super Bowl.

Yeah, I'm exaggerating. I didn't throw up.

But the thought is troubling, no?

Anyway, as I reported first last week, the Dolphins want their defense to be more aggressive going forward. They want the new defensive coordinator to bring the heat similar to what the Jets and Pittsburgh and Baltimore do.

They want to act rather than react. That wasn't the case in recent years under Paul Pasqualoni.

Well, I'm wondering if the best way to do that is not to go to the source? The Jets have a coach named Bob Sutton on staff who's been with the Jets since 2000. He worked under Al Groh, Herm Edwards, Eric Mangini and now Rex Ryan.

He was the defensive coordinator under Mangini. He is Ryan's linebackers coach and a "senior defensive assistant," whatever that means. I suppose he's learned a thing or three from Ryan this season.

I'm thinking perhaps talking to this guy once the Jets run is over might be a wise move. No, he doesn't have any ties to Bill Parcells or Tony Sparano. But he did coach at Army, which should endear him to Parcells, who coached linebackers at Army in 1966-67.

[UPDATE: An alert reader corrects me in that Sutton came to the Jets in 2000 when Parcells was the general manager. So, it stands to reason Parcells at least approved of him, if not full-fledged hired him to come work in New York.]

On the other hand, perhaps the Dolphins might reach for a Ravens assistant like Chuck Pagano (who coached in Miami from 1995-2000) or Vic Fangio, who has been in Baltimore since 2006 and was Houston's defensive coordinator earlier. For a more complete list of possible candidates, check out my Jan. 15 post. The list -- that includes New England assistant Pepper Johnson -- has begun making the rounds at other media outlets now.

Anyway, this much is certain:

With offenses becoming so sophisticated these days and the rules being written to favor them, defenses need to find a new way of doing things. Simply hoping the offense makes a mistake isn't good enough any more.

As Patton used to say, "Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more."


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Good points all, Armando. I hope they have a plan along the lines you've suuggested.

BTW, it's not the funniest comment in the world, but many in the post-below suggested we ask Norv Turner to become Defensive Coordinator, since he's so good at limiting high-powered offenses in big games.

My response to that was that if we made him an offer he'd reject it, as have the other offerees thus far.


Maybe the success in the playoffs for the jets could be a good thing for us.

It might create a "sense of urgency" in the Dolphins front office.

Maybe add a quality receiver, NT and S ?

Don't get me wrong but we need to get better - FAST.

Mando , Those sophisticated offense's sure looked good this weekend . LOL !!! Other than NO who played a crap defense vs Arizona , defense was the name of the game this weekend. DEFENSE wins CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

Aloco what did you do to ace? He been gone for long time.

It is clear that changins DC and the overall philosophy of the defense is a must; but more importantly, you have to have the players to execute these schemes. So no trading draft picks for WR. The draft and free agency should be all about bringing in versatile, smart defensive football players.

If Jets go all the way, we'll just have to grin and bear it. They are certainly setting the bar very high for themselves though. It will be interesting to see if they can improve or maintain it.

We know where the fins stand; it's up to parcells & co to raise the bar.

And finally, I agree with your assessment about the "D". Perhaps that's what the fins are waiting for...to speak with one of their coordinators.

Another thing you have to realize is how an attacking defense helps to mask problems. With pressure coming from every direction, offenses tend to make a few more mistakes they usually would not.

As badly as I wanted the Jets to lose and get humiliated, I have to give them credit for shutting SD down. The entire defense revolves and feeds off Revis. Let's hope our young CB's can give us that corner play we need to slap those QB's around.

Thank you, Mando! I have been thinking the same about Sutton. He has experience now with Rex's system and it would be very sweet. Pagano and Fangio would be good as well. Hell, the Chargers D did a good job and I wouldnt be against John Pagano coming in. Throw out the 53 yard run and SD did good against the #1 run O in the game. Hell, throw in the 2 chipshots and SD wins.

How about this? Trade Ginn Jr. to Cleveland for Cribbs...Move up in the draft and get Dez Bryant. Trade for Anquan Boldin. Just upgraded the team considerably...We've given away second and third round picks forever and a day, so why not go for broke. Tired of hearing this future garbage! I would rather win now than prepare for the future. The last time I checked we've been planning for the future since 1974.

Mando, I thought of your column on passing offense while watching Brett Favre and Sidney Rice light up the Cowboys Sunday.

Totally correct, you cannot win without being able to throw the ball in the NFL!

Even Rick Spielman has figured it out.

The problem with that philosophy is that we currently do not have the players needed for that type of aggression.

In order to have a blitz happy go after them D, first, you must have a top notch secondary with an extraordinary playmaker. This can come in two forms. A roving safety, example Ed Reed, Troy Palumalu, Darren Sharper or Dave Duerson. Or it can come in the form of An extremely talented corner, example Darrell Revis, Primetime. The Corner option allows the shading of your free safety to the other side, thus shutting down two wide receivers.

Second, you've got to have Linebackers that can Cover all the tight ends backs, etc, and generate pressure from all over the field. Sorry Akin and Channing. Neither of you are that guy. The pressure we have a handle on, as both years under Sparano we've had lots of sacks and consistently generate decent pressure.

Third. You need space eaters on the line. If 2 of them do not demand double teams, then out backers are less free to float to the football and make plays. I think Soleai is a servicable enough Nose, but He cannot hold up against the run for more than 15 or so plays. He needs Ferg (or a draft pick) to help. Our ends are imo good. We have good talent and good depth there. ( I don't wanna hear about our ends don't have the stats to back up my theories. They aren't there for stats. They are there to beat up and occupy the linemen they are against, letting the linebackers make plays)

With all that being said, I think first and foremost is we need to groom our Young corners. They both have a chance to be very good. Safety is a concern, but better corners makes our safties better. ( I would like to see them shoot after a good one though, Taylor Mays or Eric Berry, maybe Earl Thomas if he slips to round 2) We absolutely need to get an inside Backer that can cover Tight Ends and Running backs, which neither of ours can. Brandon Spikes or Rolando Mcclain would both do well, I think.

I think that right now our offense is better than our D is for what we want to be able to do (run the ball, play lights out D), and as much as everyone is clammoring for a wide receiver, it gets put on hold again this year in order to get some playmakers in the Linebacking and Safety Corps. Plus, the only WR worth a pick where we are at is Dez Bryant, and I think he is going to light up the combine, as he's had 4 months more than everyone else to train for it.

NJ PHIN FAN, i was thinking something similar but then I looked at the stats. Of the 14 touchdowns scored by the winning teams this weekend, 10 were passing TDs.

Gotta give Mando props when he's right. It's a passing league.

By the way eff the Jets.

I agree we need to bring in a guy that comes from the Raven or Jet defense to get to where we need to be on defense... Look the Pats will improve next season with all there draft picks and again were more consistant than us due to there air attack. Yeah we beat them once but we were lucky to win that game.. The Jets will upgrade there offense in the offseason and be a force in Ryans 2nd year.. so, we need alot of upgrades to keep up with the top teams in our division..

Scrilla51 is an IDIOT !!!!

lol yuuuuus the mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnlol go to sleep

I am with you on this one Mando ..... attacking style def.. hell I am even envisioning a go for the throat def... I want to here teams whine and cry about playing the Dolphins def...oh how sweet it would be .... and I still say pay Vince Wolfork in FA.draft a wide out in the 1st and then in the 2nd take a LB

Matty idiot is INDEED AN IDIOT !!!. How Many TD's did the HIGH OCTANE offense's of Arizona , INDY , DALLAS and San Diego have ?? , They got pretty much shut down. And 3 of them lost. Mando isn't totally right , defense wins Championships. NJ is right.

Attacking defense yes but we need a few more playmakers on def. Get woolfork at NT thru FA. Draft MLB mclain with 1st rd pick then either olb or free safety with 2nd and 3rd picks. Clemons could turn into starting free but we need competition and cut ties with Wilson. If there is CBA then try to get Jackson or Floyd from SD thru FA. If all those moves are made lookout 2010!


They had 6 combined between the 4 teams. Considering Zona had 7 TDs just last week... I think D wins games(dallas, SD, and Zona games). Indy won because Balt went away from the run and Balt thought they could put the game on Flacco's back. We saw how that worked. If Balt had played like last week...at least closer game or even a win.

NJ, how you feelin bout Sanchez now. rather have Pennington?


Sanchez still sucks, he had 100 yds passing!!! in the game SD and when the game was on the line against SD the ball went to Greene and Jones not Sanchez!

so are we going to have to wait until next week before we have a DC on our staff?

Jets will lose to the colts and we should surely look at bob sutton...he will probably decline though!!!!!!!!!

Saints, Vikings, Colts, Jets. Reminds me of the Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the other".

I would not mind the Jets winning if they did not have Rex Ryan as their coach... oh well, the league will find a way for the media darling Jets to win the Super Bowl

everyone on this blog knew we needed major help on D ;players and coaches. we blew it on the last draft by not selecting clay matthews and others to fill all our holes. we didn't need to waste picks on rookie corners or others who couldnt get on the field(p/white,p.turner,j.nalbone). coach p had to go but i was shocked we didnt have a replacement lined up beforehand. the regime have left the fans in the dark as they seldom speak down to us.

The Mayan calender says the end of the world will take place dec. 23 2012, I think they were wrong, I think it will occur feb 7,2010 and will be delivered by a Jet.....OHHHH the Horror.....

The need for a defense has never been more evident. While most of you guys are screaming receiver, there are the few that want to say, told you so. Injuries could have cost us the playoffs but we would have been one and done again. We are going to have that shutdown corner. Get some linebackers, (I almost puked when we gave Crowder all of that money) Mean nasty linebackers. Open the vault to Wilfork. Back up Solai. Teach Wake how to not overrun the runner. (easy) And for crying out loud get a big banger at safety. Oh yeah in the 110th round pick up a receiver or sign one. Gawd

jets rule .admit it .

did you get the locker room cleaned yet for sanchez ?

Armando - seriously, I think the trio should take long, hard looks at Ravens assistants Mark Caarrier (DB) and Clarence Brooks (LB) who was DL coach in Miami 2000-2004 and those teams had excellent defenses. Ravens are an attack defense. Please - no one from the Jets. What about the fired NE DC, was he a big failure or did the injury bug and old age do him in?

Any one else agree that the Mayans had the date wrong????Can anyone check to see if Nostradamus prophesied feb 7; 2010???

If they are waiting on someone from the Jets I wouldn't be so sure Sutton is the guy they are waiting on. Sutton hasn't been part of Ryan's attacking defense other than this season, but DB coach Dennis Thurman has coached with Rex Ryans since 2002 and knows how he runs his defense as good as anyone. Thurman was an aggressive player for the Cowpokes and he coaches with that same aggression.

I am not sold if they are waiting on someone from the Jets that Thurman is the guy and not Sutton.

Like SC Fin fan said, I wouldn't be shocked if they asked permission to talk to Brooks from Baltimore as well.

To draw a comparison to chess...you will rarely beat a superior opponent with strategy...he will outplay you in the long run..time is in his favor...

Tactics...aggression is your only chance for victory...

Cuban Menance..

Slightly out.. its Dec 21st...

i like it mando i was just on with joe rose and said i hate the jets but the dolphins must have that mindset of attacking defense once and for all sutton or even thurman is a good choice from the jets also pepper johnson dean pees leslie frazier who tuna loves should also be canidates!

I've been saying for a week now that Dennis Thurman is the guy. He was a tackling machine at USC and at Dallas. Been a great coach at Baltimore and now at the Jests..... We need new blood and this guy is it!

Thank you Pat...

You guys think it is bad the Jets would have to use our facilities? I think it is funny that they lost to the Fins twice and on the biggest stage would lose in Miami again.

Make no mistake...they are snake bit against us.

San Diego sucks! They just didn't play to win. I still don't think the Jets are that good and we'll find out next week when they finally play the REAL game vs. Indy.

As for our DC search, let's hope we do find someone that attacks the offense and dictates how they will play not the other way around.

The jets r slimy bastards no? Just sliming their way into the playoffs when they were the weakest afc team! The jets r gonna try to bring the same game plan as Baltimore to the colts. They will loose. Payton will go to another ship in Miami. :P

To all those Dolphin fans talking about the Jets lucky win because of field goal misses. How many missed field goal wins do have the Hurricanes had against FSU?

Listen, the Jests and their history of choking and miserable scent of failure will not be in the Superbowl...in short order their idiotic fan base will again be crying the same tears they have shed since 1969... Once a failure always a failure...even with a manatee type human coaching their team

We need a defense that swarmps on 3rd and long like the jets. Yes they get burned sometimes but most of the time they get it done. Mando I was barfing too.. But you have to admit the stinking jets have done well... Im still gonna enjoy pulling for indy sunday GOOO COLTTTS!! Im a colts fan till around 7 pm sunday

San Diego's offense was hit and miss at times this season. Indy has been focused on the Super Bowl for over a month. The Jets have 0 chance to win that game. Their defense will show up like usual but just like against Baltimore when they get down by a couple scores it's over. I thought Baltimore's defense played a hell of a game actually. They got a few bad breaks. We need an Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu type safety. Those two are like missiles flying around making plays. It's like they know the play before it's run. I think next to QB, a great safety can be the most important position of the field. Not that that's top priority of course, just saying.

Yes, we need a top notch defense, but even hiring the greatest DC ever isn't gonna make it happen without the personnel....this is why this draft needs to concentrate so heavily on our D needs

If the Pests try to attack Peyton, they will find out pretty quick that Peyton knows how to defeat the blitz, and Peyton get's rid of the ball like Marino, you blink you miss it.

I'm sure Peyton is wetting his chops looking for the Pests blitz package, because he is going to be hitting receivers all over the field with the mismatches that will occur.

Dallas Clark doesn't take half a game off the way Antonio Gates did yesterday. I used to like Gates but he showed me yesterday that you can't count on him in the big game. He completely lost focus and looked like he'd rather be surfing Cardiff Reef than playing a football game.

I think someone paid Kaeding to take a fall yesterday. Face it, kickers make table scrap money in the NFL, they are the most vulnerable to getting paid off to screw up. If I were on the NFL's security team, I'd start an investigation into Nate's finances.

I'm afraid we're looking at a tough couple of years coming up. No CBA and a good chance of a lockout the next year. No CBA means almost no UFAs.

Smart teams know you draft for the future get FAs for the present. There has to be a balance. But the thing is, you have to make the right FA choices. And that's something that Parcells/Ireland have not done so far. And I don't know why.

So, unless a mircacle takes place, we'll be depending soley on the draft and rooks for 2011. Hope I'm wrong.

First of all, there is no TRIO. There is only the Tuna. What Tuna wants is what Tuna gets.

The guy is a control freak.

Second, no one will take the job knowing Tuna will shackle any notion of free though.

We will end up with some scrub DC with nothing to lose. We could of had Perry Fewell but BP doesn't like black coaches.

Listen to all of you foolish lil girls! All you did ALL SEASON - incl the BIGGEST GIRL OF THEM ALL - "ARMANDO: (the name says it all! ha!)was attack Rey Ryan's waist size! Now, you think you have a shot of signing a Jet Coach? ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Make sure those Dolphin Locker Room mirrors are cleaned and the floors sparkling! Want to make sure the Mighty Jets will be able to see their fantastic Super Bowl Win Celebration!

Maybe the success in the playoffs for the jets could be a good thing for us.

It might create a "sense of urgency" in the Dolphins front office.

Maybe add a quality receiver, NT and S ?

Don't get me wrong but we need to get better - FAST.

Posted by: Happiness is a warm gun | January 18, 2010 at 12:19 AM


Exactly! There appears to be NO sense of urgency right now. Next year is the third year for the Tuna. If we don't make the playoffs next year then it was all a complete failure IMO. Draft building is a three year process if done right. So where is the urgency for next year since it's the third year.

Armando, a couple of things. First of all, you had said earlier this season that the Jets aren't that good. That they are bravado and talk and can't back it up. I HATE the Jets just as much as you do and I've vowed not to watch the Super Bowl for the first time in 25 years if they make it. But you HAVE to hand it to them....they are where we want to be....one improbable game away from the Big Dance.

Also, as a follow-up to your recent article about needed to be able to have a strong passing game to win in this league, I think the Jets have shown if you can play good defence and run the ball, you can still be very successful in this league. It's still the model I want to see the Dolphins follow. A big difference this year versus last year is we turned the ball over a lot more this year than we did last year. This team can't do that and they will get it corrected.

HA!! HA !! freakin HA Mary Jones... We get the point you dont have to rub it in

I keep reading about how this coach has ties to Parcells, and this one to Sparano. Comfort level I suppose. If they are looking for a new philosophy, does it make sense to look for it in familiar faces? I'm all for some one with new ideas.

the dolphins fans keep saying the jete are lucky until they reach the super bowl and play in youe locker room and eat your chidern .lol

Mary Jones/Tortured a''hole/dying breed/heil hitler...just can't stay off the Dolphin blog huh PUS'y???

Looks like Rex Ryan has ate alot of children in his life...

did you jet your locker rooms ready yet ?

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