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'Attack and attack and attack some more,' please

It took me a while to write this post. I had to stop barfing at the thought of having the New York Jets continuing their improbable run through the playoffs and reaching the Super Bowl in Miami.

... And using the Dolphins locker room the week before to prepare for the Super Bowl.

Yeah, I'm exaggerating. I didn't throw up.

But the thought is troubling, no?

Anyway, as I reported first last week, the Dolphins want their defense to be more aggressive going forward. They want the new defensive coordinator to bring the heat similar to what the Jets and Pittsburgh and Baltimore do.

They want to act rather than react. That wasn't the case in recent years under Paul Pasqualoni.

Well, I'm wondering if the best way to do that is not to go to the source? The Jets have a coach named Bob Sutton on staff who's been with the Jets since 2000. He worked under Al Groh, Herm Edwards, Eric Mangini and now Rex Ryan.

He was the defensive coordinator under Mangini. He is Ryan's linebackers coach and a "senior defensive assistant," whatever that means. I suppose he's learned a thing or three from Ryan this season.

I'm thinking perhaps talking to this guy once the Jets run is over might be a wise move. No, he doesn't have any ties to Bill Parcells or Tony Sparano. But he did coach at Army, which should endear him to Parcells, who coached linebackers at Army in 1966-67.

[UPDATE: An alert reader corrects me in that Sutton came to the Jets in 2000 when Parcells was the general manager. So, it stands to reason Parcells at least approved of him, if not full-fledged hired him to come work in New York.]

On the other hand, perhaps the Dolphins might reach for a Ravens assistant like Chuck Pagano (who coached in Miami from 1995-2000) or Vic Fangio, who has been in Baltimore since 2006 and was Houston's defensive coordinator earlier. For a more complete list of possible candidates, check out my Jan. 15 post. The list -- that includes New England assistant Pepper Johnson -- has begun making the rounds at other media outlets now.

Anyway, this much is certain:

With offenses becoming so sophisticated these days and the rules being written to favor them, defenses need to find a new way of doing things. Simply hoping the offense makes a mistake isn't good enough any more.

As Patton used to say, "Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more."


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Jet a''hole, Indy laid down for u skumbags to get in...without Indy giving up, u would be nowhere...but don't worry, the stench of Jet failure since 69 will permeate the air in Indy next week...no team has CHOKED more then the Jests over the years, nothing will ever change that, so enjoy ur last week of NFL games, it's over...

even if we lose we did reach the stars and playing for a title .

Only a loser PUS'Y Jet fan would go on other teams blogs, especially a team out of the playoffs....go back to ur trailer park Jet skum and supersize those fries for Rex Manatee Ryan at ur job...lowlife

U reached nothing, except to taste failure at another level...

did you get your locker rooms clean for sanchez ?

Jets looked like crap last night. Rex and Mex were jumping around like 5 year olds cause they were given that one-kinda like how they made postseason anyway. After next week Ryan's still going to be eating because he's depressed and depressed because he eats! What did he say? "that's a NY Jet win there!" - yeah, taking credit because a kicker misses 3 easy ones-you're right Ryan, that's Jet football!

All I read about is how a high flying offense is the now & future of the NFL and how Miami should follow the Saints blueprint. I hate the Jets, but I think their style of play also works in today's NFL. A grinding running game with aggressive Defense and QB who can make throws when you need them. Sounds like Miami football. Draft for a defense! Our O-line will be a wrecking crew next year. This year two of a good group.

Jet fans are like cockaroaches, they hide like cowards in the night infesting other peoples homes, aka GIANTS Stadium, because they have no home of their own...typing on other blogs while hiding like the cowards they are...but don't worry, the lights will come on in Indy where u will scatter back into the dark corners of that sh'thole u call home

There's nothing wrong with a team that likes blitzing a lot, but don't proclaim it the necessary magical solution to Super Bowls just because the Jets won a game by blitizing a lot. Teams started having more success against the Saints (your magical solution offense from a day earlier) by NOT blitzing because Brees tears blitzes apart. The Colts have won a Super Bowl and a ton of games the last decade playing cover-2 and seldom blitzing. Ultimately, it's talent and execution that wins games, not one style versus another.

Jet, ask ur mommy if our locker room is clean, she's the one doing the cleaning..that's all u NY women are good for anyway

we want the loker room spotless for our sanchez .next week we will unleash our defense on the clots qb .

Colts are gonna unleash something on your neck Sanchez lover

And anyone expecting the Dolphin d to be as good as the Jets were this year - you will be disappointed. The Jets are full of players in their physical prime and only 2 players under the age of 25 - Revis and David Harris. Only 2 players over the age of 30 - both DEs- who rely on strength and your speed goes way before your strength so they seem to last a bit longer.

The Dolphins by comparison have 4 players under the age of 25 and a whopping 5 starters past their prime so they are either too young or too old on their defense. They need a major talent infusion and they need it in the draft AND free agency.

The offense by comparison are filled with players either in their prime or still waiting to enter their prime. The oldest player is Jake Grove at 29 years old. The unit will get better just by staying together. Don't know if it will become elite but it did show a great improivement in the 2nd half. It finished 17th overall and that was without Ronnie Brown. No reason to think the unit should jump a few spots at least next year.

If it were me, I wouldn't even sign or draft offensive players until late draft or late free agency - on the cheap. The D needs major attention.

I didn't read all the posts but as for little background and opinion...Vic Fangio....I wouldn't mind him. He's had mixed reviews as a DC but his LBs are his specialty...If it wasn't posted or mentioned, In addition to coaching the Balt Linebackers, he coached what the NFL network call "Greatest LB Group in History" with the Dome Patrol in N.O.
take care

ps.s those who don't know the Dome Patrol...look them up, some of you may be too young to remember how great they were.

do these locker rooms clean or just like the dirty fins ?

Again Jet, ur mom cleans our Locke er rooms and toilets, ask her if it's clean

Fins Fans, suck it up! swallow your prides for a few moments and give the jets their due-for all the controversy of how they got in the playoffs, they are winning-something OUR team couldn't do when it mattered.

Perspective, I agree. Never liked this "comfort level" thing. What it amounts to is, FOB....friends of Bill. I think we almost saw a change with Butler but it didn't work out.

But I'll tell you the thing that's most disturbing and that's the apparent lack of quality canidates. One thing is sure, the senior bowl is coming up and we don't have a DC yet. Can't imagine them going w/o a DC and I hope this doesn't have a negative impact.

Jet, mommy still cleans ur room doesn't she, and ur like 40 living in the basement huh???

hey jet have your boy dirty sanchez come clean it... he needs to clean the qb locker room for peyton... a real qB

Tzey, NO I'm not giving a team who was given a gift any credit, along with the fact their skumbag fans feel it's their right to come on OUR blog and talk about a team that has choked and failed every year since 69...F'CK the Jests, their as'hole fans and their heart attack waiting to happen coach

We hate you Salguero! I saw your Boldin report scrolling on ESPN's bottom line Sunday.


I thought San Diego's approach to the Jets was all wrong. They threw for like 200 yards in the first half and moved the ball well. They would have been leading 13-0 if not for two missed field goals.

But in the second half they started getting cute and trying to run inside and it killed them.

The Jets can be thrown on. You beat them passing the ball! Mark my words, the Colts will shred them.

Yes....why do the Dolphins always seem to have a two-year, three-year, four-year plan to turn the team around...and teams like the Jets turn it around with a new coach??? In ONE season???

we did reach the stars even if we lose which i don't belive .btw are these locker romms have windows ?

Some random observations:

1) Rex Ryan lived in Toronto with his mother between 1966 and 1978. I wonder if I ever saw him and didn't realize it. It's quite possible - I used to frequent Ponderosa restaurants and donut shops.

2) I was probably the only person watching yesterday's Jets - Chargers game insane enough to take glee in Nate Kaeding's constant choking for the following reason: it was "payback" for Pete Stoyanovich choking against the Chargers when he missed what would have been a game-winning 48-yd. FG that would have put Miami in the AFC Championship in 1994. So, take that Chargers fans! I've been waiting 15 long years, but now I can finally say - HA HA! (That "ha ha" was akin to the character Nelson's "ha ha" on "The Simpsons.")

3) Rita Hayworth was a stunningly beautiful and talented woman. But her legs weren't that great.

4) The Dolphins shouldn't give up on the Wildcat formation. Ronnie Brown runs it to perfection. I just wish he were a more effective thrower. I was stunned at how ineffective Pat White was this year in running it (I know. It changed from the Wildcat to the "Spread" formation when he was in there.) But given his supposed abilities as a passer and a runner, defenses should have been freaking out every time he got behind center. There just didn't seem to be any confidence when he ran those plays.

5) When I was a boy, I could stare at the Miami Dolphins' logo or the Oakland Raiders' logo forever. They filled me with wonder and awe. Some of that feeling comes back to me now when they show that commercial - What's it for? It's set to the song "Love Train" - and they show the front four of the Pittsburgh Steelers lining up for, I think, Super Bowl X. Greene, Greenwood, White and Holmes. Talk about domination. Talk about excellence.

6) I won't go into all the details but, in addition to making a mistake by going for the onside kick late in yesterday's game, Norv Turner also made a mistake in calling his 3rd time-out AFTER the 2-minute warning. You should always call your last time-out BEFORE the 2-minute warning. It saves you approximately 5 seconds. That may not seem like much, but those 5 seconds could be crucial. You'll just have to trust me on that - OKAY???

7) No matter how weird or f'd up Lindsay Lohan gets, every time I see her my initial reaction is to want to have relations with her if only to give her a glorious respite from all her pain.

What is killing me about the Jets making it this far is not only they didn't earn it and deserve it but when they did earn any of it, they used the Dolphins Wild Cat offense (vs. CIN in the playoffs). Yes, the same Wild Cat formation they made fun of a a college gimck play, etc., etc. I hate the Jet, their FF Coach and their abnoxius fans. I wonder how they feel about the Wild Cat offense now!!! They are classless, they will never admit it.

Go Phins... I agree with you Mando... we need an aggressive defense... it would be great if we could take the one from the Jets.

Or.... perhaps Wade Philips if Jerry's ego is too big to keep him.

Indeed the jets have made an impressive run since being handed a free playoff spot but jet fans remember no matter how great you remember the season Miami SWEPT the jets in a year I'm sure you won't forget. 30+ pts each game. Screw you but have a nice day

Hey, Armando think San Diego would trade Vincent Jackson straight up for Ronnie Brown

The fins history of drafting receivers is pathetic; better to grab a proven commodity than to chance another Ginn. Lets go defense and become another Ravens.

Drafting a decent WR is as likely as finding a Raider fan without a felony.

Can't wait to see who the dc will be. Tuna will make sure he is a good fit whoever it is. We have a young team comiNg together and we will be an exciting team. We should have made the playoffs but we bow get better draft choices which is more important than losing in the playoffs. Jets are going to get awful position in the draft with no hope of the super bowl. Works for me. Draft choices and position determines the next five years. We r in a much better spot today. Playoffs r great but only when u have a team that could win it all. We wouldn't beat the colts so might as well take the higher and better draft players.

Nathanial, Your words ring true again my friend, I too also yawn to help poor Lynsey from her lesbian ways(Not there's anything wrong with that)and also knew that Norve(No clue)Turner would get out coached...Mr. Dodsworth do YOU think the Mayan Calender is off and could the end of the world actually be Feb 7....is the "DODSWORTH MENACE IN 2016" in jeopardy?????

SHAWN/911 was a inside job. You must be kidding me with the Sanchez/penny thing. Sanchez threw for 100yds and 1 td/1 int. LOL !! He sucks and did nothing, You're more deliusional than i thought. LMFAO !! Go back to your conspiracy blogs and thanks for stopping by :)

New Blog up.....

Marty Idiot , were you watching the same games i was watching ? What did the high powered offense's of SD , Dallas , Indy and Arizona do ? How many TD's did they have ? They got shut down. DEFENSE ! DEFENSE ! DEFENSE !

Strong defense wins high power offense gets attention and records but defense wins championships.

I have been living in South Florida for over 30 years and as a Jet fan I have lived and worked with many Dolfans. Let me tell you there is not a more embarrassing nor sports illiterate fan base in all of sports. I say this from first hand experience after many years of speaking with and listening to Miami fans in person and on the airwaves. All of the N.Y. Jet bashing that I am reading and hearing in Miami comes from pure jealousy. The Miami Dolphins have not won a Super Bowl since 1974, only 5 years after the N.Y. Jets. Do the math Dolfans, your beloved mullets haven't done a thing since then. Yet you are so quick to judge the N.Y. Jets fans and the team for being excited this week. Dolfans will be and should be sick when the N.Y. Jets play the ultimate game in the newly named Sun Life stadium in North Miami. ( AKA Meadowlands Stadium South). So keep mouthing off about the N.Y Jets and their loyal faithful fans, ( Dolfans lookup the words Loyal and Faithful as Dolfans jump on and off the band wagon so much during the season you would think they have springs on their shoes.)So Whether the N.Y. Jets get to the Super Bowl or not this year, two things are certain, they will be competitive for quite a while and all N.Y. Jets fans will continue to root on the team as long as we live. One last thing for you Dolfans to chew on this week, Mark Sanchez will be getting dressed to play in the Super Bowl at Dan Marino's locker. Go Jets! P.S Hey SC FIN FAN I told you last year when I was at your house the N.Y.Jets would sniff a Super Bowl before your Miami Mullets.

We bulk up defense. Get good D Coord. We already have our qb, rbs, and wrs. However, we need a wr who is a stud now. do this and we go next year. tired of watching jets and giants and patriots. terrible. we need to do something now. however, i will say if we did not suffer the injuries we did this year, we would be where jets are. no doubt.

I agree with Stephen. It's not just having a defense but having a good one. This weekend 5 of the 85 Bears converged on Rockford IL and said the same thing. Duerson being on one of them. You can bet he will have alot to say on his sports radio talk show this week. It comes on every Thursday at 2PM CST and can be found at http://www.voiceamerica.com/voiceamerica/vshow.aspx?sid=1639 Him and his friends discuss all kinds of things and you get to call in and get some real answers from the Vets. Take a listen.


I have a one year plan for the Dolphins.

1st rd. Dez Bryant wide receiver Okl. St.
2nd rd. Jahvid Best running back Cal
3rd. rd. Danario Alexander or Mike Williams WR
4th rd. Jimmy Graham or Epps form da U

That's my one year plan for OLB and ILB.

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