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On Pats decline & Vince Wilfork playing in Miami

BOSTON -- I was listening to local sports radio on my way back from the stadium Sunday night and I felt like I was back in Miami -- except that the host had a Boston rather than pronounced New York accent.

The fans were calling, ripping the Patriots, following their 33-14 loss.

They were ripping the outside linebackers and lack of pressure on the QB.

They were ripping the coordinators -- interesting because I have learned that New England's offense, for example, had three different people calling plays this year.

The callers even compared Tom Brady to an aged Joe Montana, Troy Aikman and  Steve Young -- once great, but declining once they started suffering injuries.

Talk about a team on the decline!

That's exactly what my column in Monday's Miami Herald is about. The fact is the Patriots have tons of warts.

They are going to be looking for wide receiver help this offseason -- can you believe it? (Wes Welker may not be ready to play until October or November.)

They have issues with their running game -- what running game?

And they have a major issue with Vince Wilfork, who is unsigned for 2010. I spent a lot of time with Wilfork after the game Sunday. And he told me he'd like to come back to New England. But barring the right contract from the Patriots, Wilfork said he's open to playing for a certain team from South Florida.

He wasn't messing around. Check out the column and see what he says.

Frankly, I'm feeling better about the Dolphins today after seeing what I saw Sunday. It's not that the Dolphins don't need a lot of work. But it is clear to me that the Patriots need much work also. Much work. 

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Wilfork also said that players players all over the maps these days and it's a business when money is involved. This means he's open to playing anywhere the money takes him if he doesn't resign. Besides being resiged , NE can slap the franchise tag on him.

Instead of paying Wilfork a HUGE sum of money (granted, he is a proven player), I think we would be better off in the long run going after one of the top NTs from the draft, either Cody or Dan Williams from Tennessee. If he were the only piece we are missing on defense, that would be one thing but we are in dire need of upgrades across the board and younger ones too.

NE also has 4 draft picks in the 1st two rounds of this years draft ( 3 2nd rounders ) to address the wr and rb needs . They also have 2 first rounders in the 2011 draft including oakland's pick which could be top 10. Ne isn't going anywhere. We need to worry more about our dolphins than NE.

Typo from 1st post : " Player play all over the map "

I'd love to get Wilfork! It would be like killing 3 birds with one stone.
1. We can solve our NT problem with a proven, pro-bowl-caliber player. Most important!
2. We could help to weaken one of our 2 greatest rivals by taking away one of the few stars they have on defense. The warm and fuzzy feeling that would give to all Patriot-hating Dolfans is an added bonus!
3. We can save the draft pick that would have gone toward NT for one of our other much needed positions.

I hope the front office realizes the triple-threat benefit of moving aggressively to acquire Wilfork. It certainly can't hurt that he is open to playing for Miami.

Sign Wilfork then draft
Mcclain or Dez Bryant.

We are not going to get dez Bryant. I say sign wilfork, draft Jermaine Grisham, trade for Josh cribbs (those of u who say he's not worth it are idiots), and maybe ocho cinco, and with the 44 pick in the draft - The lb from florida.

one down (cheats) one to go (jets) lets go chargers! then enjoy the rest of the season and draft. because "IT" can not happen, i mean honestly.

Its time parcells made a big splash if free agency signing a proven player. we r in need of a NT like him so we can use the draft to get best player available instead of reaching for players cuz we need a certain pisition.

vice, the pats have no problem snatching up every teams scraps, good and bad then turning them out. why not us?

The organization is already throwing their money away. Might as well spend it on productive players. Get rid of the spoiled apples. Pay Wilfork. Bring him home. (Why doesn't Miami ever recruit from their own backyard? UM has produced some monsters. Even our HIGHSCHOOLS produced some players (Andre, Roscoe, Atari, Chad). Pats are done. Now the Jets we need to look out for.


Here's a story idea for your column: we had the 2nd highest payroll in the league ($128 mil, give or take). Obviously not a good return on investment--pretty shocking, actually, given the overall talent level. How about a dollar-for-dollar accounting of how we ended up with such a high payroll? Where were resources misallocated? (Gibril Wilson, obviously, but where else?) And what are the ramifications going forward?

Even facing an uncapped year, we obviously will need to cut payroll in order to add the pieces needed to improve the team. (Ross doesn't have unlimited funds.) Our draft position alone means significantly higher rookie salaries than last year. So an analysis of this year's payroll will probably give us a good sense of which players are going to be cut loose.

Slipstream , mando already did a column and a blog on that very subject about 7-10 ago. Go back on his previous blogs.

F.ck all of you, what did i say, and i got ridiculed for it. NE wont slap the tag on him, because they know people wont pay that price, and they dont want to shell out that money to keep him. F.CK ALL YOU HATERS, WHO HATED ON ME! I CALLED THIS, THANK YOU ARMANDO FOR POSTING IT.

Wilfork is almost a non-issue. There's 100% chance that the Cheatriots are going to franchise tag him. Seymour and Brady are the only veteran players they've ever given huge, long-term contract to. Bledsoe, Milloy, Law, McGinnest, etc......all screwed over. They tagged Asante Samuel. They tagged Matt Cassell. They never reward their good veteran players with big deals. It's the company policy

Wilfork will be a bargain with a franchise contract. He's one of the 5 top NTs anyways and the Cheatriots run a 3-4 and don't have a good starting NT other than Wilfork.

This is how it goes. Players say they don't want to be franchised. They get franchised. They pout and moan all off-season. Maybe, they even hold out of training camp. When all's said and done, they sign the one year deal and suit up by game one. Ocho Stinko took that path last year. Asante Samuel did the year before. Wilfork will do that whole song and dance this year.


Armando already wrote that article, in fact, thats probably where you got your info.

You were at the game, what did you think of Randy Moss' effort?
Living in New England as a Phins fan, I am constantly battling Patsie fans and I've been telling them that they need to stop drinking the Belicheat Kool-aid! Too many personel misses and bad drafts recently have left the talent pool thin. It finally caught up to them!!
As for the Phins? They need to stay the course and hit more than miss and they will surpass the Patsies sooner than you think!

Don't waste the money on him...take Dan Williams in the draft...

The Dolphins need to push to get Wilfork. He is a proven player, a former cane and it would be a blow to NE. Then use our first pick to trade for Andre Johnson also a former cane. He is very unhappy in Houston and publicly has said if the Texans didn't make the playoffs this year he would think about asking to be traded. That right there fills in to big holes with proven pro bowl quality players. You never know what you are going to get in the draft alot of the time.

while i'd love to have Wilfork line up at the nose for years to come, he's only 28!!! N.E. will slap the tag on him, i can see it now. hope i'm wrong

Andre Johnson in a Phins uniform??? yea right...that MAN is a beast!!! Texans should be removed from the league if they let him go lol

A Reason to Smile

Signing Wilfork would be a great addition to our team. The dolphins would get a leader to groom younger players and he could let us in on Patriots info. This process is usually the other way around benefiting the Patriots (Seau, Welker, Sammy Morris, Izzo, etc.)

Because of the uncapped year the trifecta will go BIG. Parcells is a chess player. He has been putting all the pieces in place. Now we need a LB and a WR. He is looking to draft a LB and sign, through FA or trade, a proven WR.

We will cut the fat this off-season; Porter and Wilson. Ross loves spending money, he wants to win! He is giving the green light to spend. Everyone knows this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We might actually have an interesting off-season!

Good bye teddy!! You will not be missed!! More draft picks or a real safety!!!

P.S. The wets suck!

We all know that if N.E. does franchise WOLFORK he willget a ton of money.Top5% at his position anyone have any Idea how much we are talking about,IF N.E. does not franchise him he still is going to get a ton of money,maybe to expensive,JT gave us a HOMETOWN discount,WILFORK will not have the same loyalties.

The Patriots have nothing to be overly concerned about. They lost with out Welker. Brady and Moss were both playing with lingering issues. What did surprise me was, they couldn't stop the run in the last game. They are in a rebuilding process and have plenty of early round picks to do it with.
At the same time, the Dolphins have got to be very cautious with their draft picks(no more Pat White), and free agent signings(Wilford or Wilson). And if they must make mistakes, try to keep the costs down. It tends to make people wonder what it was the talent evaluators saw.

Pats have nothing to be overly concerned about???!! Welker, maybe gone majority of next year, Moss, old as Moss, Brady supposed to be 100%...the lingering issue is the Giants taught every team how to beat the Pats three years ago, Bellicheck looks burned out Brady looks lost against premeir defenses..

I can't say that I would draft anyone from Tennessee. Remember draft bust Eddie Moore? draft pick from Tennessee. What about draft bust Jason Allen? also from Tennessee. Look at Alabama even though our previous coach Satan is coaching the damn team.

The ONLY flaw in Mando's post, as many have said above & before, is that NE has a TON of good draft picks the next two years.....The Seymour trade, though it hurt them this year, will pay massive dividends in the future. But of course that depends on them drafting as well as they have in the past....but isn't that always the case?

Seer, correct they have some picks, but the wildcard is that Scott Pioli who made past picks is no longer at NE...so is whoever making the draft picks this year going to be as good as Pioli was??? That is the bigger question

We have too many possession recievers and NE has an unhappy OLB.
The trade is Camarillo for Adelius Thomas.
That opens a spot on the depth chart for Patrick Turner to move up and we can draft a RB with the 1st pick.

A piece of analysis that everyone seems to be glossing over is who would play NT over Wilfork if he stays in NE? They invested a high pick in Ron Brace last year but I didn't see him play at all. So unless NE mgmt feels confident in Brace or really likes Cody or Dan Williams, he isn't going anywhere.

And by the way, am I the only one who isn't completely happy about Wilfork? I mean Matt Birk just threw him like a rag doll on that loing Ray Rice run that set the tone for the game. A 3-4 NT simply can't let that happen.

This was a rebuilding year for the pats. Look at their draft last year when they accumulated a boat load of picks for this draft. Notice how they traded Richard Seymour just before start of this season for Raiders pick. Notice that it takes really two years to fully recover from a torn acl (tom brady)...The patriots will be back next year most likely younger, healthier, and likely better.

They won the AFC East during a rebuilding year. Give them credit.

Wilfork is exactly who we need, but the Pats will most likely either sign or franchise him.

Only slight hope is that they have a bunch of high picks and this draft is rich with nose tackles. The Pats may be reluctant to double-up on their draft/salary investment at NT if they plan on taking one in the first couple rounds this year.

One good sign for us is that Wifork skipped every one of the Pats OTA's last year cause he didn't have the long-term contract that he wanted but still doesn't have. No matter what happens, wouldn't a hold out by him in 2010 (or him threatening one) be nice?

But even if the Pats don't sign or franchise him, we'd still have to win the bidding war (and Parcells seems to like middle-tier free agents rather than ones with the eye-popping price tags).

Plus based on how they handled Cassel, chances are what the Pats do even if they don't want him next year is franchise Wilfork and then trade him. And somehow I doubt that trade will be with us.

So don't put in that order for your Wilfork jersey quite yet.

Agree with the others. Vince Wilfork is a young 2x Pro Bowl 3-4 NT in his prime. There's no way that New England lets him leave without franchising him.

Price master why the heck would we draft a RB for are u retarded

Wilfork has to be Miami's top free agent we need to go after. Just like Jason Taylor (older or not), HE WANTS TO PLAY IN MIAMI!! It is home to him and who would not want to play at "home"...

Miami Brain Trust needs to go after him!!

If Pats franchise tag him, would he be worth getting regardless?

Mando - What would we have to give up if he is tagged??

PriceMaster is smoking crack again. Please seek help bro.

PriceMaster - Do you really think our biggest need for a 1st round pick iss a RB?? Get real brotha...

Ive said this three days ago, get off my kool-aid douchbags. NE CANT franchize him, he would cost a BOAT load of money, not to mention BRACE, and the fact they have 3 second round picks this year, and two first round next year, they will let him go. TRUST ME ON THAT!!!!


To keep him from going to a division team (Miami), they will probably franchise him!

Get off Marshall's c0ck and stop with that problematic punk!!

Just wait and see the pats will get Brandon Marshall for Moss and Adelius Thomas.
Ihate them as much as any one but they always find a way to get player for cheap.

Miami with first pick
Spikes Lb

Agree that B Marshall is a problematic diva and would not fit in Miami. Thats why we need to somehow get Wilfork so we can draft a talent like Dez Bryant with our first pick.

LOL please tell me who your answer is at WR, without our first or second round picks adressing????? THIS OUGHT TO BE RICH!! YOU GUYS COMPLAIN ABOUT MEDIOCRE, YET YOU CAN GIVE ANY REAL PLANS ABOUT HOW, AND WHO TO ACQUIRE AS OUR NUMBER ONE WR. You would rather complain about Marshall, not being a saint, and still complain about mediocracy at our wr positions lol.... You guys are a miracle.

Wide Receiver is not our biggest need, maybe not even top 5. We need a NT, OLB (maybe 2), ILB, S, then it would be WR and TE.

Sure our offense was average but our defense was AWFUL. We need our draft picks to address some of these needs, then unrestricted free agency to address some others. Marshall won't be coming anywhere near this team for that reaason - he will cost draft picks and a huge contract.

The top veteran targets for this team should be Wilfork and Karlos Dansby. Marshall is so far down the list it isn't even funny.

Tony sparano. Peyton manning , reggie white , jerrod mayo , john henderson , albert haynsworth , etc all game from tenneessee. Are you that stupid all the or some of the time.

The Patriots ae reloading last year, this year and next year with almost twice as many picks in the top 60 each year as any other team. Denver will have a few extra as well as Cleveland. They get 2 players for every one that we are picking. I think they are in great shape and it makes it really hard to compete when they get so many picks. We can't have any misses.
We need to try to trade anyone of value, (if they have any), such as Porter, Ginn, Ayodele, Wilson(he could be a good stong safety), White,Etc. Let a few restricted guys go and get draft picks. Unless McClain is there at 12 try to trade down to get Dan Williams. I did not see whee Wilfolk stuffed the Baltimore running game that gained 234 yards. He is good but not worth the 10 million a year he is going to want(See Haynesworth).

Josh on the other hand is just a plain idiot. Wilork is NE # 1 offseson priorty. They traded seymour to keep wilfork. He will be resigned or franchised. There's no salary cap so ne has plaenty of money, Wifork can play anywhere on the DL including DE in the 3-4. Brace is a bust. Please get a F'N CLUE.

Wow! Did Armando just say something negative about New England? Last offseason he was praising them for their outstanding personnel decisions and saying they were the team to beat in the AFC.

Wilfork isnt the issue if you look at paul soliai he is getting better and better. Most of the time that we get run on it is because our ILB dont shoot gaps and cant shed a single blocker----Get 2 new ilbs----(draft 1---Spikes in the 2nd or 3rd round) and go and sign the best LB in FRee agency--Derrick Johnson---he will be our new leader and he is still in his prime--Haley is stupid for not playing him more and he wont stay there now.

People Soliai dominated the best center in the game Mankins from the JETS watch the tape---Paul is athletic and shows flashes of physical dominance only in his third year.

Its funny how people want to blame paul when we have the worst collection of ILBS in league---akin terrible---crowder isnt the same due to injuries, torbor is an overpaid back-up(which out of the 3 i like the most)-----

Patriots let the ravens run for over 250 when every1 in the country knew the ravens were gonna run the ball----But i guess that isnt Wilfork's fault----If it was soliai out there there would be a lot of bashing after a performance like that----

1st round pick----Jason pierre- paul---cant teach the size with athleticism ---Parcells love huge OLBS on the strong-side--like Ellis when he was in denver---this kid is the only player in the draft that i think can play that position---I like Mcclain but Derrick johnson--with brandon spikes works for me---i think MCClaain is too slow to make impact plays at the NFL level, but he will be a player b/c of his size and mind.

I could see greshem in the 2nd but i think patriots are gonna grab him in the 1st----
Brandon spikes-ilb
Robert johnson-FS
Riley cooper- WR---big time potential 6"3-220--4.3-4.4 speed

denver--i meant dallas----

Mcclain compared to spikes to me isnt as big of an upgrade as you would think becuase they both arent the fastest players---but spikes you can get in the 2-4 round----mcclain a top 15 pick is not worth that postition they both will be good because they are physical animals- and were the leaders of the top 2 defenses in the country--but both lack explosion---which isnt the biggest issue at middle LB but for a top 15 pick is an issue for me at that spot.

I love when people say this is a rebuilding year for the Pats, two years removed from an 16-0 regular season. They basically had the same personal on offense and they weren't as good and their defense has been crappy for the last 4 seasons. People are worried about the Pats draft picks when they haven't had a good draft in about 4 or 5 years. That's why they have been good, not great, for the last 4 years.

We have way to many holes to fill in the draft.. Truth is we should be able to get one real starter with our #12 pick... So if we have a shot at wilfork we better jump on it and fast !!! We have way to many holes and to shore up the NT position now would be the way to go.. We don't have the time to develop a NT.. If we got Wilfork and the LB from Alabama and pick up a Saftey in F.agency our Defense would be much improved over the present one.. Would love to get Dez but i THINK THE Shippley kid would be nice..

Josh sounds like he needs a nap. Little whiny on the thread. No one cares what you said before- grow up already!

Wilfork would be a great addition but with the fins having so many needs, is it worth it to sigh him? And how many good years does he have left? You know NE will probably lock him up unless they see a stud in the draft....
My POV...fins are still rebuilding and reloading. I'd rather go through the draft but if we could hit moreso than miss on both, I'd be happy.

Wlfork= overated----

Mcclain and Kindle---1st and 2nd--- wouldn mind that---both have versatility to play inside and out in 3-4 LB

Wilfork is going to play for a team that is willing to pay him and that will not be us. We will draft a NT and develop him for the future not pay a kings ransom for an aging player who is about to be out of his prime.

OK so the Patsies are on the decline. Whoop de ding!

NEW FLASH .... STINKY FISH managed 4 fewer wins this year after having to actually play real teams. Sorry no STL, KC, OAK, SEA etc this year = no playoffs for you losers.

Now everyones looking up at the J E T S JETS JETS JETS. All together now south Florida J E T S JETS JETS JETS. When was the last time you losers won a playoff game?

Its ok though guys. I'm sure Parcels has an aces up his sleeve ... there has to be another Gibril Wilson available, maybe even a WIlford if you're luck. And cross your fingers you douche bags might actually get another gem like Pat White in the draft.





Tortured dolfan stfu. Is this all you have to do with your pathetic excuse for a life? If you find trying to make fins fans feel like crap then you must be a sad, outcasted person. You trolls are a waste of human flesh.

Oh, and which team beat you in both meetings? Oh yeah! Miami! You can't talk smack when we beat you both games. I hope you know your appearantly "amazing" jets aren't going to beat the chargers. The jets have always been a crappy team.

Armando what are the odds that the Dolphins
a) cut Crowder
b) sign BOTH Wilfork and Adalius Thomas (once he's cut by NE and move him inside LB)
c) draft Rolando McClain in the first round?
d) and while we're at it how about Von Miller (if he comes out) in the third round?

whether they line up Cameron Wake or Jason Taylor every down I don't see anybody being able to run very effectively against our front seven.

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