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On Pats decline & Vince Wilfork playing in Miami

BOSTON -- I was listening to local sports radio on my way back from the stadium Sunday night and I felt like I was back in Miami -- except that the host had a Boston rather than pronounced New York accent.

The fans were calling, ripping the Patriots, following their 33-14 loss.

They were ripping the outside linebackers and lack of pressure on the QB.

They were ripping the coordinators -- interesting because I have learned that New England's offense, for example, had three different people calling plays this year.

The callers even compared Tom Brady to an aged Joe Montana, Troy Aikman and  Steve Young -- once great, but declining once they started suffering injuries.

Talk about a team on the decline!

That's exactly what my column in Monday's Miami Herald is about. The fact is the Patriots have tons of warts.

They are going to be looking for wide receiver help this offseason -- can you believe it? (Wes Welker may not be ready to play until October or November.)

They have issues with their running game -- what running game?

And they have a major issue with Vince Wilfork, who is unsigned for 2010. I spent a lot of time with Wilfork after the game Sunday. And he told me he'd like to come back to New England. But barring the right contract from the Patriots, Wilfork said he's open to playing for a certain team from South Florida.

He wasn't messing around. Check out the column and see what he says.

Frankly, I'm feeling better about the Dolphins today after seeing what I saw Sunday. It's not that the Dolphins don't need a lot of work. But it is clear to me that the Patriots need much work also. Much work. 

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Hey tortured Dolphan! How does it feel being the first living abortion? I bet you were a Giants fan before they stunk it up and you decided to jump on the Jets. Wait, sorry Giants fans. Giants fans are actually pretty classy. This guy is a true Jets prick, my bad...

Great Point NJ PHIN FAN - Why didn't Armando mention that? Isn't he the professional sportswriter?

Furhter still, Brady is not going anywhere. Anyone who thinks he's washed up at age 33 is nuts.

Who won the AFC East this year?

NE also has 4 draft picks in the 1st two rounds of this years draft ( 3 2nd rounders ) to address the wr and rb needs . They also have 2 first rounders in the 2011 draft including oakland's pick which could be top 10. Ne isn't going anywhere. We need to worry more about our dolphins than NE.

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN

This just in: Pats trade two of their 2nd round draft picks for Denver's Brandon Marshall. Pats are stocking up picks to make some serious moves in FA.

what is it about these meaningless sports blogs that bring the "IDIOT" out in everyone (josh). pumping your chest and swearing at everyone because you "SAID" something 4 months ago! here's an idea... aim higher and get a life!


only way we get dez bryant is if we trade up to get him and we all know that isn't happening... barring a miracle and he drops to 12 we aren't drafting him

There's nothing that I love more than seeing that smile turned upside down on the face of Brady and Moss...I loved it. The Yets....seem at this point to be the team to beat in the AFC next year if the Fins can't put it together - however I don't see them making it past the next game. They beat an obviously struggling Cincy team two games in a row so watching big a-- Ryan with a frown would warm my heart just as much. As for the picks for the Fins in the off season...wow, too many needs to even think about - makes my head hurt - why does it seem NE always has more than one 1st rounder? GO FINS 2010.

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