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Dez Bryant to Dolphins? Bwaaahhaaahhaaa

I know everyone covets a top-flight wide receiver in the coming draft to get the Dolphins offense airborne. The odds of that receiver being named Dez Bryant just became astronomical.

Forget for a moment that Bryant is supremely gifted and could be gone before Miami picks at No. 12.

Forget for a moment that Bryant missed most of the 2009 season after being suspended by the NCAA and has played only 28 college games. The Dolphins have issues with investing high picks on players with questionable backgrounds and limited experience.

But if those don't hurt Bryant's chances of landing in Miami, consider he has hired agent Eugene Parker, and that seriously affects those chances. Parker, in case you don't remember, was the agent for Michael Crabtree.

And Crabtree conducted a 2009 rookie holdout until October 7 because Parker and the San Francisco 49'ers were not agreed on the rookie's worth. The 49'ers wanted to pay Crabtree the slot price of what the No. 10 should get. Parker argued Crabtree had Top 3 talent and should be paid like it.

What do you think Miami will do if it faces a similar negotiating stance?

Here's what I think: Bill Parcells and Co. will likely avoid the issue altogether.


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Before the Parker hiring i'll take the risk/reward for bryant (BP won't), but after the moronic mistake of signing with Parker, Bryant will probably fall below the 15th in the draft

Wouldn't be the right move at #12 anyway, regardless of price. Get a game changer on defense.

Very interesting Armando...

Aren't all players in the draft have some risk tied to them though? You never know if you will get a gem or a bust!

Jsneaky - I agree with you. I think we will have options for WR with our 2nd round pick...

Defense D D Defense at 12. I want a receiver stud like everyone but this guy is to risky. I'm feeling linebacker inside or out best one there

Armando - Do you know what projected options we will have with the 43rd (2nd round) pick?

Here ya go @ 12 spot

Mcclain LB or Cody or Mays -USC

Any of these guys are a no miss

Top 2 picks in the draft should be a Safety and LB , only change to our 2nd would be TE if a top tier TE was to fall

Definitely agree with mcclain. Cody isn't projected that high but would be good to trade down for him and gain some picks

Any decent LB's going to be on the Free Agent Market. I believe we need to go WR 2nd round if a stud is available and slips a little bit...

Dansby is I think. But that's pretty expensive

Rnd - 1 - Terrence Cody, Alabama

Rnd - 2 - Brandon LaFell, LSU

Rnd - 3 - Nate Allen, SFU

Seems logical.
Draft LB/NT, sign or trade for a proven WR (young WR need time to develop, and we have no time).

Only people who know nothing about the current regime would even imagine that the Dolphins take Bryant at #12, even before hiring this douchebag agent. Besides, I rather that they try to acquire a PROVEN receiver through some kind of trade (since there won't be any good UFA receivers). Even if that isn't an option, or we simply don't have anything good to offer, we will have the advantage of working out several WRs for the Senior Bowl that could be later-round guys. Maybe we'll find a hidden gem.

Mark In Ottawa - If we land Wilfork we will not need to get Cody

So many permutations ....

But Bryant is not the best pick yet for this team regardless. We have young receivers with promise. Sure, none look like a #1 right now - but you never know. And that "you never know" scenario is a lot better than the situations we have at LB, NT, and S. Have to put WR on the backburner one more year I think. Having an average offense at worst will have to do until we at least replenish the D and get it respectable.

By the way, Earl Thomas, S, Texas is a whole lot better than Taylor Mays. If Dolphins go S, Thomas would be the better pick. However, like it was mentioned earlier, if the Dolphins can't get McClain, D. morgan or Pierre-Paul, I would rather they trade down and draft Cody or Dan Williams.

I dont care who the Dolphins picks just as long as we have a tremendous draft,great players and a win in next years Superbowl,although me thinks thats asking alittle too much

Good first point Mark on WR position. I'm not sure on the safety talent between Mays and Thomas, but I don't see us going after Cody for some reason...

If it wasnt for this season and our defense didnt stink like it did, I would say go get a #1 reciever in the draft, BUT we started sucking game after game. I do believe we need to go defense as much as possible in this draft to sure some old aging spots on our roster plus parcells id a defensive guru and will bring a quality LB corp (OLB,ILB,MLB) into this franchise (REMEMBER THE GOOD OL DAYS WHEN OUR DEFENSE WAS ONE OF THE BEST FOR YEARS) hopefully it will return soon. I'm not so sold on getting more TE here do to they (PARCELLS,SPARANO, IRLAND) want big huge TE for blocking and run openers with an option to pass to them, Fasano, Sperry,Hanos and we just signed that the kid we cut early. all big guys that can mature in this league. Draft order (opinionated of course) NT/DT, SS, LB (all), FS, WR, RB, LB(ALL), DT, and a scrub to be named later (maybe trade ginn, P.WHITE and this pick for a ball boy or something). PEACE OUT

Miami needs to make the 2012 SuperBowl since it is in Indianpolis and I will be just minutes from the entire SuperBowl celebrations :)

How much did Crabtree sign for? I can tell you it wasn't anything near what E. Parker wanted.

Has Parcells ever picked a WR higher than the 4th round.

I just don't see him doing anything like that - all I can think of is Yatil Greene, Mr. Always injured.

To much invested in 12th pick overall for a WR. We need run stuffers so the safeties can concentrate on stopping the deep ball.

2 inside linemen or ILB's in the first 2 or 3 picks.

Hopefully a new def coordinator too! I hate the crony system in coaching at all levels.

Look at the Ravens. They didn't even throw the ball yesterday and relied on the run and playing good defense. That still looks like how to win in the playoffs.
At least in the AFC

BTW- wets are frauds

None of the tight ends on the roster are special. Need to upgrade that position as well.

Cody could be another draft bust like V.Ghoston on the wets. Guy is a total mistake that will ruin their cap for years. Let's not be that dumb!


Please stop with this Mount Cody stuff, the guy is no way projected into the top 25 no less at #12. He is not even an every down player, Saban had him out on passing downs becuase of his poor work ethic in the offseason. All the experts agree this guy is not a #12 pick.

Unless we a true game changer with #12 I think we should trade down and stock pile a couple of more picks since this regime insists they will build a team through the draft and not FA.

****Does anyone have a CD or tape of last year's 12/28/08 game where we beat the Jests to win the division? Thx! My DVR burned out and I lost the game.

You are right Armando. Bryant going with Parker as his agent make him look even more shady, because he was suspended by the NCAA for dealing with Deon Sanders, who is an associate of Parker.

I think the Dolphins take the best player available within our set of needs, which happen to be on DEFENSE!

Once the free agency period ends,we'll all have a better understanding of which direction Parcells and Sparano goes in terms of the draft. If the Dolphins sign Wilfork,then all this talk of picking Cody or Williams is pointless because oviously the Dolphins have addressed that need. Cant imagine all our needs are gonna be fixed this off season so we all have to make priorities

1. ILB
2. NT
4. WR
5. OLB

Once the free agency period ends,we'll all have a better understanding of which direction Parcells and Sparano goes in terms of the draft. If the Dolphins sign Wilfork,then all this talk of picking Cody or Williams is pointless because oviously the Dolphins have addressed that need. Cant imagine all our needs are gonna be fixed this off season so we all have to make priorities

1. ILB
2. NT
4. WR
5. OLB

I had the same quote months ago . DEZ BRYANT ? bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !!!!! I told miami won't draft him.

#1 pick lb from Alabama or saftey from USC mays these two are can't miss game changers on defence

Mark in ottawa. T. CODY is GARBAGE !!!!!!

Those of you who want CODY or Taylor Mays Haven't payed attention or watched them play this year, They're GARGAGE !!!!

It is hard to even debate these kind of things until at least after the combine

1st Dez Bryant or Joe Hayden if they don't go WR
2nd Dan Williams or Brandon Spikes if they are available
3rd Hernandez or Cooper if they are still around...
Yeah I know, to many gators listed.....but hey, they are all top notch players...

I wonder if lakecityfan likes the gators?

Brandon Spikes is as slow as the 3 toed sloth native to the jungles of central and south america.

LOL carlito

I read an article that said Spikes might not even break 5 seconds in the 40

ya know, i don't care how great the stadium is, going to indy, or detroit, or minnesota in early feb sucks!!! i live in pitsburgh so some steeler fan were happy they could drive to detroit to see the bowl. but me? i want it to be a vacation!! miami, jacksonville, san diego, new orlean even dallas. they should build a mega - stadium in las vegas and have the bowl there every year!! sorry but i hate the idea of the superbowl in land locked, cold, boring cities!! i like pittsburgh but i wouldn't want to see my dolphins play a superbowl here! the stadium is 20 minutes away but who cares?? i wnt to fly some place warm, have other things to do fun and see my fins win.

Lakecityfan. Can you read ? You just got a million reason why miami won't take Bryant. Joe hayden. ? Really ? Another CB with the 12th pick when miami just took 2 in the first 2 rounds last year.

Indiana Dolfan,

Agree if Wolfolk is available. I think BB is too smart to let him go.

If he's ours, I wouldn't mind some LB help.

im sick of the trifecta further damaging this team can we just finally get some good young football minds in this orginization please. yeah i know all the sheep that follow blindly and agree with everything the trifecta does is gonna say its only year two and were headed in the right direction well thats a bunch of BS. This team has the highest paid offensive line and its not a great one, and the second highest payroll in the league and these bozos havent been able to get a starting reciever in two years come on, and to top it off we gave up a trillion points and we finish with an embarrasing record. well if thats heading in the right direction then maybe i dont know anything.

I'm not sure how much The Tuna is responsible for what we see on the field for the Cowgirls? The little I saw of the game over the weekend it seemed as though that defense is young big and fast. Not old undersized and slow like ours. I hate Dallas but that really stood out to me? It didn't seem like they had to blitz a lot and were all good at wrapping up? Perhaps that is the plan here. I for one am tired of getting our ass run over at the end of every season. Regardless if it was B. Cox, ZT,Crowder or any number of non hitting d-backs and safeties.

Go Phins!

Good post Mando:
I for one had Bryant on my wish list. Not anymore. Dream scenario? Land Wilfork and draft Alabama LB McClain in Round 1...Rnd 2: Missouri WR Danario Alexander (6'5 215) or Riley Cooper from the Gators (6/3 215).
A lot of potential holes filled.

I have not heard one scenario that mentions RB C.J. Spiller from Clemson (he's a Titan RB Chris Johnson clone)

I feel like most every Phin's fan out there...we need a great draft with real football players. I DO believe the trifecta needs to stick with a "Best FOOTBALL Player Available" mentality and not limit the 12 pick to DEF only.

Google C.J Spiller and tell me if you think he could wipe out a myriad of different problems for the offense? Return punts and kickoffs, stretch field RB through the run and/or pass. He is Ted Ginn Jr. BUT with great lateral movement, strength and HEART. With smallish backs like Jones-Drew, Ray Rice, Chris Johnson and Darren Sproles having mad success C.J Spiller will be getting Y.A.C. and breaking defenders ankles for many years.

He will end up testing out as one of the fastest backs at the combine. You can see by the way he runs he has that Barry Sanders type elusiveness and super vision for would be tacklers. The NFL game rules favor movement skill type players a.l.a. Minn WR Percy Harvin. I would love to meet the linbacker that has to stay with this dynamo...

I would say that right now only S Eric Barry or LB Rolando McClain would help our team just as much.

The knock on Alabama NT/DT Cody is that hes too fat and has motor problems. One poster pointed out Saban didnt play him full time due to conditioning/hustle issues.

USC S Taylor Mays had a very down year and besides being a large guy that can run fast, may not be the thinker you need to be in the NFL to run a secondary. Heck, Jason Allen is a big bodied guy that can run and his light has never gone on.

Any thoughts?

Let's wait and see where Arrelius Benn and Demaryius Thomas go.

We had the number 2 oline this year...

Rob - CJ Spiller is a stud, but we probably need to go defensive STUD with 12th pick. How can you have Ronnie, Ricky and CJ in the same backfield?

Rob , CJ Spiller a RB won't be picked by the trifecta for the same reasons they won't take a WR that high in the 1st round. You're other points were spot on and thinks i also have siad about Cody and Mays,

we need defensive help more than offense. Take Maclin if available

and things i've said about Cody and Mays.

Here ya go @ 12 spot

Mcclain LB or Cody or Mays -USC...

Posted by: brad | January 11, 2010 at 12:08 PM


Those are three on my radar right now for that pick as well, except I'm thinking that Dan Williams might be in the mix as well (Parcells seems to like his NTs a bit more lean and athletic).

No matter the drafting history, I think Dez Bryant would be hard to pass up but he ain't gonna be an option as things look now.

But things will be shaken up with visits and the combine performance. Some will be added to the short list and others taken from it by the draft.

Regardless, my guess is that the #1 choice will be trading down a bit given the depth of the draft and the number of holes.

Trading #12 for a later first and a second sounds pretty good to me.

I think the fish have more pressing needs right now. I'd be leery to take a WR after the ginn fiasco. Fish may do better with a veteran.

Should they go after boldin-is he now damaged goods? Cards seemed to manage w/o him yesterday. That Early Douchet looks amazing-too bad we can't have him.

The guy know that his stock went down after the suspension. For this reason hired this problematic agent . Another DIVA in the NFL . The only way is start talking about before the draft ( in the same way with Jake Long and have everything ready if he is available in 12th position) but he start with the wrong foot in the NFL. No way that TUNA pick up him

I was determined on wanting a WR in the first round, not anymore. We clearly need huge help on defense especially at the line and LB positions. The DB's are all young hungry and talented, but they need help from the LB's and D-Line. I say we go after Wilfork if possible and Draft in this order:
1.Daryl Washington
2.Dan Williams
3.Taylor Mays
4.Sergio Kindle
5. Riley Cooper/Gilyard/Shipley

The rest I don't care about..but these are positions that need to be filled ASAP.

P.S. I know we wont be able to get all these players, but I'm just showing what I think would make us elite. Go Phins!

Dolphins need point and player maker in offense . Way upgrade the defense again? if you don't do points in the game which point will the Dolphins defend? upgrade the defense with the 6 ( 6th and 7th ) final's round picks.
Hire Wilkford for NT , that is your upgrade for defense


2-3 years ago is when he would of been good pickup

We still don't know about Wilfork and his status, and what hurt this team this season more than anything was the inability to stop the big plays and stuff the run. If we would've had that then we would've won games against Colts, Saints, 1st Patriots, Houston and maybe Chargers.
Our offense right now has enough talent to win games if we get a killer defense. We do need a playmaker at WR, but is not a nessesity. That's the difference right now.

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