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Dez Bryant to Dolphins? Bwaaahhaaahhaaa

I know everyone covets a top-flight wide receiver in the coming draft to get the Dolphins offense airborne. The odds of that receiver being named Dez Bryant just became astronomical.

Forget for a moment that Bryant is supremely gifted and could be gone before Miami picks at No. 12.

Forget for a moment that Bryant missed most of the 2009 season after being suspended by the NCAA and has played only 28 college games. The Dolphins have issues with investing high picks on players with questionable backgrounds and limited experience.

But if those don't hurt Bryant's chances of landing in Miami, consider he has hired agent Eugene Parker, and that seriously affects those chances. Parker, in case you don't remember, was the agent for Michael Crabtree.

And Crabtree conducted a 2009 rookie holdout until October 7 because Parker and the San Francisco 49'ers were not agreed on the rookie's worth. The 49'ers wanted to pay Crabtree the slot price of what the No. 10 should get. Parker argued Crabtree had Top 3 talent and should be paid like it.

What do you think Miami will do if it faces a similar negotiating stance?

Here's what I think: Bill Parcells and Co. will likely avoid the issue altogether.


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Why upgrade the defense?? That's a joke right??? You don't win games in this league by letting the other team score everytime they have the ball!!! This is not the NBA...The Dolphins are weak on defense and that's where the draft will be concentrating on, NOT a few offensive parts we don't need

Arrlieous Benn in 2nd round if there, he is almost similar to Boldin, but faster. (We all know how everyone down here calls for Boldin, but forgets that Boldin gets hurt and has Larry Fitzgerald on the other side of him, which makes a big difference. Im not saying he is not good, he is great, but how will he be as a true #1). Benn also is faster and a little thicker then Dez Bryant. He can make a name for his self and start as a # 1 reciever.

Indiana Dolfan thanks for askin.

Whelp I thought someone might say that. Here is my rebuttle and see if you think it holds water.

Titans RB Chris Johnson was drafted after the Titans already had RB Lindale White. RB Adrian Peterson was added to Minn even though RB Chester Taylor had a good year the year prior.

Ronnie Brown has not been healthy but for one entire season. I like the guy and hope he remains a Phin but he his physical running style takes a toll on him. If he finished more seasons the trifecta would feel better. The offense had a more dynamic element with Pat Cobbs in. I watched every game in its entirety and I couldnt help but notice the announcers drone on about how "No One" on our offense scares anyone. Ginn could but with his lack of contact mentality they know going in he wont make the tough catches.

The answer is EVEN IF you have a strong player at a position it benefits your team more by adding another great football player than drafting for a need and getting a lesser player.

What "IF" the Phins had stuck to many pre draft pundits game plan and Jimmy Johnson would have drafted LB Ray Lewis in the 1st round (look it up he could have) and then follwed it up with LB Zack Thomas as we did end up doing in the 5th round as we ended up doing. How good would our DEF have been with both these demons on the field at one time?

In summation as a direct answer to your question. Ricky W. is definitely not getting any younger. He has stated the 2010 campaign would be his last. Ronnie B. has a history of starting very well and then going down from his rugged play style. Pat Cobbs is decent but is coming off of the injury as well.

When I see C. J. Spiller run I see a "true nightmare" of a football player to handle if you are a defender. I am sure many players would go at him saying "please don't make me a negative ESPN highlight" as I whiff on the tackle and grab nothing but air.

In my humble opinion I think believe C.J could make a HUGE impact as a RB/WR type like Percy Harvin. I think he could allow us to take D Bess off punt returns and be a legit threat every play to go the distance on kickoffs as well. This could make Ted Ginn expendable as I don't believe this regime is enamored with Cam's pick. I think they tried everything they could to get that cheetah to change his spots. Ginn is simply not a tough guy and no amount of coaching would change that for him to make all the difficult catches required to be a great receiver in the NFL.

Lastly Bill Parcells is a big player believer so that in and of itself might hurt Spiller's chances. BP & Co did draft Pat White who is on the lighter side for a running/throwing type QB. I know BP also had good success way back when with RB Dave Meggett as a smaller back.

Sorry for the novel Indy Dolfan.

Defense, two old men Jason Taylor and Porter...Fergenson, may or may not come back 35 years old, Gibril Wison, nuff said. Channing Crowder, needs help or needs replacing...and we don't need to upgrade the D, let's work on the young highly paid offense

Rob in OC..Lex Hilliard. No need for CJ Spiller

****Does anyone have a CD or tape of last year's 12/28/08 game where we beat the Jests to win the division? Thx! My DVR burned out and I lost the game. :-)

Has anyone else given thought to the myriad of wr depth that is in this league? Watching the other teams draft guys that I didn't hear of in college, and see them turn into major contributors is downright depressing. On the other hand, at least we got the entire Ginn family along with Teddie (all right that's not funny anymore). The point is, this franchise has been " horrible " at sizing up this skill-set for many years. I would think that they HAVE TO make a run at a verteran #1 WR this year, otherwise they risk another year of not scaring a single team with their receiving corps. I do like the Fins receivers, as they are all nice complementary guys, however, none of them would be a #2 for any other team. Hartline maybe down the road...

Exactly my thoughts robbyd12. The RB position is good for at least one more year, the defense is not.


Can't disagree with you on CJ, but I don't think the Phins will pull the trigger on him. If he was there with our 2nd round pick, I say pull the trigger, but highly doubt he will still be around...

mgoia2, Dolphins got pretty good mileage out of an undrafted WR and a 4th rd pick. Difference is that there wasn't anything already there to start with to take any pressure off these guys. Sure Wallace looks good when you already have Ward and Holmes. Sure Collie looks good when you already have Clark and Wayne.

The more I see Brandon Spikes play the more he reminds me of Channing Crowder - which isn't necessarily a bad thing but with a first pick, I don't know.

Listen Folks!
In an ideal world, the Fins would give Henne the weapon at WR that he needs. The D-Line and LB corps would be restructured with young talent, and a speedy back will assist the Ronnie-Ricky duo. Since life isn't fair, we must go after what we NEED and not after what we WANT. This year we need a defensive boost, next year will fill the gaps in the offense.

I just want better playcalling

bobbyd12 - I like lex and all, but CJ will be a stud. Although NJ PHIN FAN is correct it would still be nice to get a guy like Spiller, but like I have said before it likely will not happen...

Yes they will NJ, you aren't in the room with them. LOL HA!!

I think NJ Phin Fan is Nikos Koutevides.

Armando, haven't been to Miami in a whaile but it is freakingcold here. Sitting in Miami international awaiting my flight back too even colder NJ and I opened your latest blog to find fez choosing Eugene Parker. Ugh.. Oh well maybe golden tate or that nasty lb from Alabama. Keep up the good work my friend

Everyone here is acting like McClain is a given at #12. However, he has to pass through at least KC and Denver who may take a long, long, look at him.

Look we need a big play receiver!!! All you guys talking about its not a neccessity did NOT watch the team this year PERIOD... Now our biggest problem is secondary yea vontae & sean are good prospects but we gave up more big passing plays this season than any Ive ever seen or heard of! Until they fix that this team is going nowhere period....

LOL @ Mark , or Chris Chelios.

Channing Crowder need help >with out him the Dolphins run defense was a problems. Another problems is JT playing together with J Porter . Camreon Wake need more snaps , not only pass play snaps . Too much LB rotation to be in rhyme in the game. I said Dolphins need a Offense player in the first round ,a playmaker. We lost against the COLTS for not have a #1 WR , the dolphins have 9 picks . We can have a good player for defense in later rounds. Z thomas was a 5th round pick

I can't figure out why everybody want to trade for Bolden. The guy is 30 years old has been injured lately and wants a big contract, doesnt make much since to me. Mabye we should have just drafted him 6 years ago instead of taking a douche bad linebacker instead

Again no points nothing to defend, first choice a offense points playmaker

Bryant isnt the only talented WR in the draft there is another Dez B, Dezmon Briscoe to be exact he is not the fastest but is big 6-3, has GREAT hands and body control as good as most running backs, he reminds me of Plaxico Burress but without the baggage, he should be available in the 2nd or 3rd rds. The 1st pick MUST BE on the defensive side.


We lost against the Colts because every time Manning went onto the field,he ripped our secondary to bits. When other QB's like Vince Young and Ryan Fitzpatrick rip our secondary to pieces,you know you have Defensive problems.

Lmao...@ Mark! Dude I don't think he gets it, lol.

Not to change the subject, but besides the obvious that we need a good draft, who here is convinced by Dan Henning and the Defensive Coordinator? I can't spell his name, lol. As for me, I'm not convinced on Henning.

The Colts won, because GIBRIL WILSON could not figure out how to tackle...hence the FIRST play of the game!!

I agree, that we need help in the Def. The First thing that needs to be assessed is finding both a New ILB and OLB Coaches. Once we get the right coaches then they entire coaching staff can start reviewing and breaking down tape on prospects, especially those at LB. I like Y. Bell still at the SS position. FS, I would like to see us terminate Wilson's contract because he just sux way to much. We definitely need help @ NT, WR, LB, and FS. I want to see us keep Camarillo and Bess because they are definitely 2 of the best 3rd Down Wide Receivers in the NFL. You cant count out Chris Clemens as possible future starting FS. When he was at Clemson Univ he flew to the ball after he learned how to slow the game down. And thats what he needs to happen in the NFL as well. Once he learns to slow the game down he is going to be dangerous. We saw some flashes of that this season as did Sparano.

If Turner can figure out the playbook and all 3 positions like Sparano wants him too, then he could become our #1 receiver in 2010 or 2011. We all know it takes time to develop a WR into a viable weapon...it doesnt happen overnight. As for Ginn and White...i see them both being given Bus Tickets outta town. I see them resigning Penny, but he'll be the #2, behind Henne. And weve got a great #3 and Wildcat/Spread Option QB. Or another idea that we all have been floating around offer Pennington a job as an Asst Coach...make him the #2 QB Coach behind David Lee. They wont get rid of David Lee to hire Pennington because Coach Lee is our Wildcat brain trust. He is the one that brought wildcat to Miami from Arkansaw.

enrique1085 - Our coaching staff is coaching the South team and the pretty much guarantees not coaching staff will be kept as is for next season...

So long Dez.

Thanks for the shout bobbyd12. I realize Lex has some game, point well taken. I believe he is much more of a bruiser than an everytime he touches the ball bolt to the endzone guy that I feel the Phins need badly. CJ is that type of talent imho.

Your comments on DEF side of the Phins are also spot on. If the Phins end up drafting 2 offensive players and 7 defensive players I have no prob with that.

My main contention is that it seems as though BP & Co are not the river boat gamblers that wheel and deal to go up and down draft boards a ton. So if we play it out as we have the 12th pick I believe LB Rolando McClain or S Eric Barry would be the 2 DEF guys that stick out to me as not having the big downsides and have all the promise of a #12 or higher pick. (The safety Barry will be gone in top 5. I just think he will be an awesome pro) Even though we need a NT that doesn't mean Mt. Cody will come in and be an every down banger like Ferguson. We also need Safety help badly but, I would not make S Taylor Mays our #12 pick solely based on his freakish physical tools. I think does not have the instincts/ smarts of S Ed Reed or S Bob Sanders. Thus, he would make a few big hits but would not be in position to many others. He will be fooled by play action or have trouble figuring out where he had to be. Workout warriors abound in the NFL... How's LB V. Ghoulston working out for the Jets? Taylor Mays stayed in school and I believe he lost draft position with the down year he had.

The Phins will get further by collecting pro bowl caliber players through the draft even if we have an ok guy there already than if they chased needs and reached for players that ended up being average or worse...busts. Jamar Fletcher, Yatil Green, Eric Kumerow, Jason Allen and a cadry of others filled needs for the Phins until they got into the NFL and could not cut the mustard.

I think Vince Woolfork is a good big bodied guy but he is starting to slow down some. I think what he will ask to make will keep the Phins out of that derby.

Most intriguing player for the Fins to pursue is Anquan Bolden. With WR Early Doucet stepping up in AZ's playoff game and WR Breaston already in tow they are WR rich. I am hoping this brings A B's asking price down enough the Fins would entertain it. He's a local guy and has that crazed tough guy attitude I think BP & Co are looking for. Then Camarillo, Hartline and Bess can fill those support player roles. Ginn and his humongus salary can be traded or even let go. Just like Cutler was traded in Denver for a supposedly much lesser QB. Denver faired just fine.

what do you think?

Mando- here's what I would do to avoid this potential issue:

draft Rolando McClain.

Isuue solved.

I'm prepared to give Henning the benefit of the doubt even though i'm probably gonna get roasted for saying that. I know there's times this season where we were all scratching our heads with alot of boneheaded decisions but to be honest,he was excellent last season. I think Sparano will be having words with him this offseason about what worked and what did'nt. I expect the playcalling to be alot better next season

Since the Dolphins are coaching the south team, they will get a good look at seniors like Dan Williams, Cj Spiller, Terrence Cody, Brandon Lafell, Sergio Kindle, Brandon Spikes, Derrick Morgan, etc....

If they have issues or questions about anyone, I'm sure they will be able to find out what they need to know.... Remember, the trifecta really likes to draft guys that spent all 4 years at school, so they will probably be working with alot of their favorite prospects...

Also, I think its funny that most of the player s projected as possibly Miami picks are from the SEC and ACC while Tuna traditionally likes to pick players from conferences like the BIG 10 and the Big East.

I'm sure everyone here remembers the day Cam Cameron got fired, I know I do. If you do too is obviously cuz you felt great joy. Well I think I would feel the same joy if Gibril Wilson got cut!

If Gibril Wilson was cut today the people of Miami would dance and rejoice in the streets with joy.

In some neighborhoods, sadly, many goats would die in sacrifice.

Mark , I know that but we have the COLTS game in the hands and drop it. We can upgrade the defense in later rounds . I think so we can get good defense players in the laters rounds, Offense players in later rounds is a lottery, really we need Ofennse and DEfense and only we have 3 picks in the first 3 rounds , is not good .
I thinks that Wilkford is a 60 % in MIAMI if the NE don't use the franchise tag. He is tired of NE and the Patriots need rebuild the team from cero.
For me , when the defense are in the field I have the sensation that they can do a good defense play, but when the offense are in the field my sensation is WILDCAT or nothing .


I am not sure if you have the facts correct on this one. It was reported by Profootballtalk at the time (citing sources) that it was completely Crabtree's decision not to take a slotted deal. Supposedly, this was not Eugene Parker's idea at all.

Morgan is a junior,


You know what I mean.

Rob in OC - Boldin is out of his prime and has gotten injured to where he has missed at least one game in how many seasons in a row now?


Sign Wilfork...Trade next years number 1 pick to San Diego for Vincent Jackson... Draft McClain from Alabama #1 this year...Trade Pat White, Pat Turner, and TED GINN to Clevland for Josh Cribbs. Hell give them a 3rd round pick also for Takin those crap players...We need a reciever now and can't wait on another project...The only player I see who can step in and play right away and play at the 12th pick is McClain from Alabama (THE NEXT RAY LEWIS)


You say Offensive players in later rounds is a lottery? Dont you think ANY player in ANY round is a lottery? When it comes to the draft,nothing is certain. Right now,the Dolphins are 1 elite WR away from having a damn good Offense but we are at least 4 players away from having an elite Defense. Dont get me wrong,i know Miami needs an elite,dynamic WR but to say it's more of a need than at ILB is just crazy

There a a bunch of teams that will be looking for WR help and a guy like A. Boldin will be in demand especially with the lack of help on the Free agency front. Reading the Boston newspapers, they have mentioned using one of their three 2nd rounders for the guy since Moss is 35 and Welker might not be back unti 2011. It is funny, you see people talking about getting mid to late round gems in the draft all the time yet they label Patrick Turner a bust before he even catches a pass. Look at the first year stats of most WR, they are terrible. Miles Austin - 0 catches, Vincent Jackson = 20 catches, etc

After the yesterday game I think Boldin is out from Cardinals. They don't needed

Mark , don't waste your time posting with Idiots.

Hey folks, I'm at a great disadvantage in this discussion. I admitt "the big three" know infinately more football than I and Blogging experts confuse me. For each and every B-expert there is an equal and opposite B-expert.

Someone earlier said it's a matter of chosing between what we want as opposed to what we need. NO! It's a matter of finding what we need among what's available, that we can afford.

Anyone who thinks a WR is our first need is nuts. Solve the safety and LB problem and we win at least three more games. More depth at NT and we win one, maybe two more. That's without scoring one more point. And, that's against what was the toughest schedule in the NFL. Even our last three loses would have been wins had we been able to finish with the defensive line up that started the season.

Like it or not, we could, if necessary, start the next season on offense with last years given some good rehab time. The improvement was that good. But our defense, while it had it's moments to crow about, at critical moments was totally out to lunch.

So, "Big Three" here goes. Ignore the whimpering fans who think getting a marque wide receiver, who probably won't even be available and worth having, is a must. Survey the real world and from what's available, fix our defense.

Look at the results folks. The 11 game QB and his patch quilt corp of rookie receivers got better. Injuries wiped out our running game. We would still be a true force if the DL and NT hadn't run out of gas and/or talent. Our secondary and LB's would have to have improved to be terrible. They were something you could only wish on the Jets.

Just fix the D and get us deep into the playoffs. Next year you can get us to the SB.

Said more than I meant to. Sorry.

Tom , go back to bed and keep dreaming !!! LOL !!!!

As much as i like Boldin,he's on the downside of his career. Although he would be a considerable upgrade to our WR's,my issue with him is that the guy never seems to be healthy

Tom from Maryland - You honestly think Cribbs is worth that much, 3 players and a 3rd round pick. Your dream scenario is disasterous and I am thankful you are not in charge of our team!!!

Mark - Couldn't agree more on last 2 posts!!

Agreed. It was a nice thought breifly but no way it happens!


You seem to know everything about the draft so i have a question bud...

What are your thoughts on ILB Pat Angerer (sp?) I've only started watching college games and just getting used to some of the players and saw this guy play the other night. He looks good,maybe a 3rd rounder.? Could be a good option for the Dolphins??

Jack, what you said is exactly what I meant. Go after the positions we need the most and start scouting accordinly. I just didn't want to write a novel about it. I figured anyone who blogs here would have understood the obvious. Well maybe not Elchano, but I'm sure no one else needs an explanation.

Mark, listen to NJ Phin Fan.

Mark , pat angerer barely reaches 6-0 tall and weighs about 230-235 ponds , He's to small for the trifecta. He's about a 4-5 round pick right now who would be a good ST player.

Point taken enrique1085

Living here in AZ I see Boldin alot and he would be a real upgrade to the Dolphins - why then can I not get the name David Boston out of my head.

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