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Dez Bryant to Dolphins? Bwaaahhaaahhaaa

I know everyone covets a top-flight wide receiver in the coming draft to get the Dolphins offense airborne. The odds of that receiver being named Dez Bryant just became astronomical.

Forget for a moment that Bryant is supremely gifted and could be gone before Miami picks at No. 12.

Forget for a moment that Bryant missed most of the 2009 season after being suspended by the NCAA and has played only 28 college games. The Dolphins have issues with investing high picks on players with questionable backgrounds and limited experience.

But if those don't hurt Bryant's chances of landing in Miami, consider he has hired agent Eugene Parker, and that seriously affects those chances. Parker, in case you don't remember, was the agent for Michael Crabtree.

And Crabtree conducted a 2009 rookie holdout until October 7 because Parker and the San Francisco 49'ers were not agreed on the rookie's worth. The 49'ers wanted to pay Crabtree the slot price of what the No. 10 should get. Parker argued Crabtree had Top 3 talent and should be paid like it.

What do you think Miami will do if it faces a similar negotiating stance?

Here's what I think: Bill Parcells and Co. will likely avoid the issue altogether.


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LOL @ enrique about jack's novel and elchano.

Why do they have the senior bowl in such a hole like Mobile?

yeah Mark every round is a lottery , I'm a offense guy . je . ILB is a good options for a 1 round pick . But I hope that the Dolphins don't waste another 2nd round pick again ( only Henne was a good option in this round)

Mark another problem is that we lost the LB coach

You guys have short memories. Wanny had the high end defense crushing people. It didn't work. All we need is a WR worth a darned and moving Wake to ILB. Get rid of Porter altogether. JT can be the QB for the defense.

We can forget about Parcells drafting a WR. He already tipped his hand by signing a few already. He seems to think he will find a diamond in 500 lbs of crap.

Why upgrade the defense?? That's a joke right??? You don't win games in this league by letting the other team score everytime they have the ball!!! This is not the NBA...The Dolphins are weak on defense and that's where the draft will be concentrating on, NOT a few offensive parts we don't need

Posted by: bobbyd12 | January 11, 2010 at 02:15 PM

People score on NO and Indy all the time. Care to explain how they won all those games giving up all those points?

WOW!!! Amatuer hour is out in full Force. LMFAO !!!!

move wake to ilb???? wow....

Carlito , RIGHT ???? WOOOOOOOW !!!!!

Jack Kompan, good post.

Angerer is too small. He flies to the ball well but would be better suited to a 4 4 d, not the D that is run here. Although he makes lots of tackles, you also see college guys squirming away from him. In the 3-4 system and against pros, that problem would be amplified. He would be a ggod fit for a team like Indy though.

Wake as an inside LB?????

Lmao!!! True True

After watching Ariz./ GB, I realized how far we are from being a top tier team.

But back to reality: Parcells will run the 3-4 no matter what. It's proof of his stubborn and pigheaded thinking. You cannot run a 3-4 w/o a dominant NT and LBs. And that is a fact.

The centerpiece and most important part of a 3-4 is the NT. You cannot depend on Furg being ready if at all in 2010.

These are indisputable facts and is why the Dolphins have to pay Wilfork.

Mando- here's what I would do to avoid this potential issue:

draft Rolando McClain.

Isuue solved.

Posted by: PhinsFan54 | January 11, 2010 at 03:11 PM


Issue solved if McClain falls to #12, but right now it doesn't look like he will.

But someone will drop to us and, if they can't find the right deal down, that's who we will take.

We could go at ILB, OLB, FS, NT (are Cody or Williams really worthy of the top dozen?) or for Bryant (only WR woth talking about there). We could even go TE or RB (although those would probably only come if we ended up with a later pick after a trade). Hate that we are looking for 5+ quality starters, but that also gives you flexibility to take value.


In the last decade we've had ZERO WR's that caught 100 or more balls.

We had ONE WR that went over a 1000 yards (barely). And we traded him away to the Chargers.

How did we go 0-3 with NO INJURIES but yet you sit here now saying injuries causes our poor season. NO ONE was injured those first 3 games of the season. Let me guess, we were the only team who had injuries this entire year? You're NUTS by thinking defenses win championships. And Tuna is nuts if he doesn't at least try to improve this WR Corps.

Maybe we're just not a good team period.

Enrique I not need more explanation I'm bored looking only a WILDCAT play to score , and Sparano talking about that he likes his WR corps . I asking for a WR that open the defense .

Wake as an ILB??? Lmao
The guys weak point is stuffing the run, but you want to play him at ILB? So much for hope for the future with you at the driver's seat!

leave Wake olb, but give him more opportunities .


The difference between the Colts,Saints,Chargers and all these other elite teams compared to the Dolphins is that they all have a well balanced team throughout. They have playmakers on offense i.e Manning,Brees,Rivers,Wayne,Colston,Jackson etc and they can all either stop the run or defend the pass. Miami has neither a playmaker nor a difference maker. The Dolphins scored enough points against the Saints and Colts to win the game but guess what....the defense was abysmal. Please tell me how a team scores 35 points but concedes a whopping 46? (Saints game)

One more thing, Wilfork getting tagged is not a foregone conclusion. Don't make me explain, it just is.

Ray Lewis
6'1" 250 LBS Age 34

Cameron Wake
6'3" 250 LBS Age 27

Explain how it's not doable?

For those of you who think we need to go LB or NT with our first pick are nuts! Think about it? If we sign Wilfork which fits Parcells type of players we can go out and sign a couple LB's in free agency. We need to use our number 12 pick on Taylor Mays S from USC. He did not have as good as a year as last year but, he is extremely better in coverage than Gibril Wilson and he smacks the crap out of people like Polamalu, and Bob Sanders. Dolphins please keep Joey Porter and Jason Taylor for one more season. We still need them. Trade how ever many draft picks to get Anquan Boldin or Ocho Cinco. With these moves we are definately division champs and on our way to the Super Bowl baby. Think about it?

We all have to remember that, unless there is an unquestioned, no brainer stud at a particular position, there are only certain positions that are considered "1st round" worthy. QB, CB, DE, LT. ILB is not and DT is typically not a 1st round position unless an unquestioned stud is there. McClain I would put in that category but I don't feel he'll be there at 12. With DE and CB fairly well taken care of in the last couple drafts, look for the regime to go OLB/Tweener 1st round.

Jackalope Wake play better open , he was a DE ( small for NFL) leave him open but add NT and another ILB if Crowder went down again,

does anyone know exactly how many pics the fins have and where they are in the draft?

we need more picks in the first draft day .

Jackalope - NO defense scored a lot of points and set up their offense with short fields...

Wake barely played so how can anyone suggest he was weak at stopping the run. If he's not playing then he's probably not practicing either. But when he did play he was an impact. Imagine if given the opportunity.

That's just football 101. Care for 102?

Elchano- No one here will argue that the team needs a playmaker, but the truth is that a 12th pick on a WR is not what's MOST important as of right now. Wes welker had over 100 catches in 07 and the Pats lost the superbowl. This year Brandon Marshall had 101 and his team didn't make the playoffs. Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez went a combined 16-25 and they both won their games. Wether you want to face it or not, DEFENSE wins championships.



Great to see you don't consider Miami even resembling an elite team. But what makes those teams you mentioned elite is the offense. Those QB's look real good throwing to those WR's correct?

When was the last time anyone ever heard the term elite given to a defense? Uh...never! So you guys want to build an elite defense huh? I guess all our points will come off INTs and FUMBLES returned for TD's. Cause we will never be ELITE without the ELITE WR.

word enrique1085


Maybe you missed it.

Wake and Ray Lewis are the same size. Actually, Wake is 2 inches taller.

Don't say it can't be done. Lewis is mostly fat while Wake is mostely muscle.


We know Wake is weak against the run in practice because...well, thats why he only plays the downs he plays. That and his pass covering abilities (something he needs to do sometimes). We also know because we all saw him get his ass juked by a punter against the Jets when they did that fake punt. Seriously, the punter made him leave his jockstrap on the field.

Wake himself says that part of his game needs improvement, and coach Sparano wants to give him more reps, but first he must show in practice that he can stuff the run. And the reason why you can't compare him to Ray Lewis is because Ray Lewis DOES stuff the run, and has a nose for the football. Much like Z. Thomas used to do, that's what makes up an ILB and Wake isn't there yet.


LOL!! Didn't realize you were a dolphins coach checking out the practices.

I seem to recall Long getting put on his butt on more than a few occasions. Is he weak?

Enrique I still crying about Welker, can we sue Cameron? . But IF the Dolphins sign Wilkford , we have a better running defense , and we have goods LB in the bench , they need more snaps and use the DRAFT for somebody can do a tackle in the back field or a elite offensive weapon .
We can chat for the rest of the 100 days until the DRAFT,

njphinfan shut up already nobody cares what u think

LMFAO @ Jackalope. You really need to take a course in Football 101 and 102 . MY GOD!!!! LMFAO !!!!!!


I'm gonna tell you what all the most recent Superbowl winning teams all have in common...

They have all had solid defenses.

Patriots,Steelers,Colts,Ravens,Buccs,Giants were all BETTER on Defense (with maybe the exception of the Colts)

I'm not arguing with ya fella cus i know Miami needs an elite WR but we must put afew of the pieces together on the defensive side of the ball

Offense wins games

Defense wins championships

LOL!!! Since when is it the LB's job to stuff the run anyways? Isn't that the defensive lines job? LB's need to get after the QB. Wake did that when he was allowed to play.

Care to explain how we need an ILB to stuff the run when our defensive line ain't worth the pi$$ in a piSS bucket?

Yet, you guys want to waste a first round pick on an ILB. Get real man!

Line backers BACK the line. More 101 for you guys.

Jackalope , I like Wake and was upset looking him out the first games. But he need a lot of work to go ILB . He come from a different game ( CFL) may be in the next 2 season we will be a elite LB but need work and snaps .
And elite defense was Baltimore , they won a ring for his defense (Super Bowl XXXV ) not for his QB Trent Dilfer

Elchano- I wish we could sue that son of a gun. And that's another example; Welker was an undrafted free agent and look at the career he's had. The WR corps will be complete by 2011, but if we don't fix the defense none of that will matter. Think about the Arizona game last night, ultimately the defense had to step up and make the big play to win the game.

LB's back the line ? REALLY ?? LMFAO !!! Line backers in the 3-4 fill the gaps in the running lanes , they do not back the line. Even more evidence you no NOTHING about FOOTBALL. Try taking a course in 101. MY GOD !!!!

Jackalope, it's the way a 3-4 is. 3 lineman, get it?


What else is he suppose to say. I should be starting because I know it all?

Jackalope- Yes the D-Line stuffs the run, but there are usually 5 on the O-line, a fullback, and TE getting after the D-Line. Do the math, that's 7 on 3? Who fills the other holes??? YES that's right, the LineBACKERS!!! Football for Dummies 101.

yes ,but no one referee was watching the game, first was a helmet to helmet over the GB QB after that a face mask again over . Welker was a jewel that the Dolphins found (and trow away), like Brees or Camarrillo , but looking the yesterday game with somebody like Fitzgerald the rest of the WR ( include Ted Ginn JR) will have more open space and more opportunities .
For me the defense problem is the back field ( not the CB's)

And no one has yet to give a reason as to why Wake can't play ILB. He can't stop the run. Well neither can the others. He's too small...well he's just as big as Ray Lewis. He's too slow..no slower than the rest of them.

Wake can make the transition and do the job. That's a fact and that's 101

Make the trade moves to get Eric Berry and fix the Safety position and help seal the middle of the field. Next draft a stud linebacker to continue same. Add depth at LB and other places for the remainder of the draft.

Oh boy 3-4 huh?

Well we shouldn't have to worry about Wake as ILB then. Those 3 down linemen should be stuffing the run up the middle.

Offense didn't hinder this team this season nearly so much as the Defense did giving up big plays. We could have easily beaten 3 of the top seeds in the playoffs by not giving up as many big pass plays right up the middle.

If the Fins do keep Ginn (very possible they won't) they should at least throw 2 go paterns (flys, bombs, rainbows, sluggo's) a game to him until they get it right...without the lame tripping call. I could never understand how they kept running our slower guys on deep paterns. Ginn wants and craves the seperation so he can run unscathed from the big hit. He should have better concentration if he sees he's cleared the safeties so theres no impending collision.

That said, if he were to get clipped between now and next season I wouldn't shed any tears. I have tried to keep the faith but I just think he doesn't have a football players heart/mentality. I get it, he is thin and light and wants to live to fight another play. It's just a different NFL now and you can't be that way and be really effective.

When teams started taking away the outside of his kick off returns he became pedestrian again.

Jack-in-the-box- Give it up man, you obviously are in a subject you don't know much about. But you're finally right at one thing, the rest of the team sucks; which is precisely why we need to draft an ILB!!! Go to the library and pick up Football for Dummies 101, read it and come back tomorrow and try to make some sense.

If wake is so weak at stopping the run then he is more of a liability on the outside in a 3-4 wouldn't you say? Those 3 linemen should have the middle locked up. So then they run to wake but you guys are saying wake can't stop the run.

So why is he even on the team then?

You saying parcells made a boo boo? If so, then what makes you guys think he can draft anyone to help this team?

LOL!!! Its obvious none of you ladies have ever played the game so let me break it down.

Football is 90% heart and 10% skill.

Oh I can read....but that doesn't mean that Dez isn't going to be picked by Miami....Spikes is a tad faster that the animal mentioned...just a tad....and hey who knows.....maybe we'll cough up a second round pick and Ginn and Wilson and Uncle and Aunt Ginn for Wilfork.....if not take Dan Williams and definately pick up Riley or Shipley if they are still around...

They made a mistake getting Wilson but they are only human. The trifecta are gonna make mistakes but more times than not it is the right decision. Besides it is the culture they bring to this team that is most important. I agree that we need to draft defense.

You do realise that Wake is a pass rusher yeah? Joey Porter was no good stopping the run but he had 17 sacks last season. Wake will get better at stopping the run but to say Sparano should play him as a ILB is ludicrous. Hey,why we're at it,why dont we try Jason Taylor at WR to see what he can do?

Jackalope, dont get your panties in a wad. holy cow man. calm down.

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