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Dez Bryant to Dolphins? Bwaaahhaaahhaaa

I know everyone covets a top-flight wide receiver in the coming draft to get the Dolphins offense airborne. The odds of that receiver being named Dez Bryant just became astronomical.

Forget for a moment that Bryant is supremely gifted and could be gone before Miami picks at No. 12.

Forget for a moment that Bryant missed most of the 2009 season after being suspended by the NCAA and has played only 28 college games. The Dolphins have issues with investing high picks on players with questionable backgrounds and limited experience.

But if those don't hurt Bryant's chances of landing in Miami, consider he has hired agent Eugene Parker, and that seriously affects those chances. Parker, in case you don't remember, was the agent for Michael Crabtree.

And Crabtree conducted a 2009 rookie holdout until October 7 because Parker and the San Francisco 49'ers were not agreed on the rookie's worth. The 49'ers wanted to pay Crabtree the slot price of what the No. 10 should get. Parker argued Crabtree had Top 3 talent and should be paid like it.

What do you think Miami will do if it faces a similar negotiating stance?

Here's what I think: Bill Parcells and Co. will likely avoid the issue altogether.


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Jackalope I like Wake , is the same size of RL but need more time . I like see more of Wake on field and know that he can be e good run stop. But that you said he need more play time no only pass rush plays.

Done getten a rise out of you all!

Now for a rise out of trucker pole!

Trucker jizz, my fave!

I told you pasqualani is gonna get canned. I knew it. DEfense was the problem all year.

Jackalope can you please honor us with one story of glorious days gone by?

Is this the same Jets Defense that was ripped a new one by Miami this season...twice i may add?

I'm still in shock by how much the wets gave up for Sanchez. All that for 20 Ints.

Is this the same Jets Defense that was ripped a new one by Miami this season...twice i may add?

I'm still in shock by how much the wets gave up for Sanchez. All that for 20 Ints.

Bottom line...it appears the average novice knows more about football than Mando does.

Senior Bowl huh mando? They will be back huh mando? I might put in an application to the Herald as their new sports BLOGGER. Cause the guy they got now doesn't know jack...a lope.

LOL!! Then he tries to impress us with emailing Tony. And Tony dissed him like women disses you losers on a daily basis.

I know everyone of you covets a top flight WR?


Are you kidding me, maybe your little croonies and yourself covet a top flight WR but not me and people who know football who come on here and try to break it down for you!, and your croonies, THAT DEFENSE WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!, while offenses take the headlines. Of course thats your scoop offenses make headlines something you like and thats fine, but your line is all inclusive and time again you fail to realize, that while the Dan Marion(heart of a lion all time favorite)and the Marks brothers was fun to watch, without a defense to stop the other teams from winning shoot outs, and out scoring us, it does not matter how good your offense is unless, you have a defesne to stop the other team from scoring more points than the Dolphins. So while the playoffs go on look at some of the teams that won this weekend. Jets (hate them) have a good defense, number one rated in fact, but not as good as the Balitmore teams that won the SB with a great defense or Tampa Bay's D that also won as the number one rated defense. Besides having good defenses what all three had in common was?...a bad offense. Running game was good but not great but good. So I'm not comparing the Jets to those defenses that won the SB cause I think the Jets still have some weaknesses on D but are masked well with a ton of blitz packages. The Jets have no true sack artist and generate moderate pressure from the front four. That said teams like the NYGiants who during the SB run had more than one sack master and a great front four.

Which brings me to why we need to draft and add via free agency more good/great defensive players and as you all know, Parcells wont even look at taking a wr, I personally doubt he even takes one this year, I belive we are more apt to take a tight end in the third round or lower before we even look at adding another reciever. Its gonna be line backer, ilb, or olb but one of them, then maybe another one if there is one on the board they still like if not a NT. That is if they dont sign one via free agency. And a saftey, then I would think they look at tightend. Remember Witten was taken in the third round by Parcells and the Boys back in 2003. So there is great value when you find these players in the latter rounds, which is how you go about a draft, team needs and value, value and value. There is no value for Dez Bryant who as you say might throw a Crabtree and hold out while Miami is marching toward the playoffs!
Im out!

I can't wait to read the first article, "Mr. Ross should fire Parcells and hire Jackalope." Followed by "Cameron Wake to ILB... Why is everyone laughing?"

Lay OFF Mando you are taking his reports out of context!!!!!! However since you don't read I can under stand. Mandi said he EXPECTS for both coordinators to be back but said he would not rule it out.


Books contain whatever the author wants you to believe.

That's books 101 son.

Care to learn about books 102?

Real life has never been written down in a book.

coach P was a nice guy who isn't a D coord. i'm glad we found out in 2 years instead of 13 yrs. it took S.U. to fire him. he gave up massive am't. of chunk yds. at SU before he was canned. he trys hard but isn't up to speed with new schemes and pkgs. the nfl today is all about pressure and deception.


You believe everything you read?

So explain how Mando got it all wrong about the coordinators coming back because they are coaching the Senior Bowl?

Man Jack-a-arse I am suprised you can even type and read these posts. How ignorant can you be??!!?!?

Sorry typos
till tomorrow croonies and those who know football and love the Dolphins!

Luciano...that's all I'm saying. Give Wake a chance. If they don't trust him then how can WE trust them to draft wisely?


I believe from read your blog posts that you are arrogant and ignorant person with no knowledge of the game of football, but like to talk loud and act like a know it all.

Oh, I also learn it doesn't bother you to be wrong and that is admirable

Expects!!! Is that like saying "it all depends on what the definition of sex is"?

Come on man! Mando is an accomplished sports BLOGGER. He can defend himself don't you think? This guy has seats at playoff games at the expense of Herald subscription subscribers. Probably writing his mobile blogging off as a tax expense.

Where u at mando?

The Dolphins start to rebuild the defense , I thinks that the 1st pick will be a Defense guy, we need wait for a 1st round offense guy for another more year. I hope that in the next draft the Dolphins don't waste another 2rd pick ( only Henne was a good option) .
Crennel Dolphins defensive coordinator??


That's just some childish postings son.

If you can't debate then start the hate. Is that your philosophy?

Oh sang dawg we have us a rapper wwooohhhoooo!!!!!

people we are here to debate no for insult between us .

I think whoever the new Defensive Coordinator is should lobby to try Ginn at CB since he is so fast and cant catch

What do you think Jacklope?

And Congo. I can tell by your dialect that you are Cuban. Your choice of words reminds me of a monkey trying to converse with a Rhodes Scholar.

I've always secretly thought we should try Jake Long as a pass rusher! I'm with you Jackalope!

Jackapole I am not of Cuban descent, but I can tell you come from a noble ancestry of cousin kissin and drink moonshine.

Listen to Jackapole talk is like watching a street dog bite his rear end. You want to yell at him to stop, but you know he have fleas and will continue as soon as you leave.


REALLY! No insults huh? You have to be the most ignorant person on here. Because you can't articulate your thoughts and you sound very blasé.

people now we need wait until who will be the next D coordinator, after that the free agency and after that may be everybody will have a idea about the draft pick.

Jackapole want to draft McClain for play Fullback

Dude! You Cuban as Cuban can be. My knowledge doesn't stop at football Luciano. My knowledge extends beyond the bounds of monkey knowledge like you poses.

Do we need to keep this up Luciano?

Jackalope FY I was the only one thinking the same for Wake ,your are alone now F.. AS.., bye


What other type of people you don't like other than Cubans?

P.S. Only one type of person very racist and like to burn books like Jackapole... I'm not going to say who, but you know what

Man, you are confused with the names I was't the start talk about monkeys was CONGO check the blog BYE

I not cuban I'm from Argentina and know more about football that you


ignorante tu hermana

Dolphins4life , You Really don't have a clue about Mays and Berry do you ? LMFAO !! Or about the s position. Berry will be a top 3-5 pick in the draft. Mays is nowwhere near Berry as a football player. Mays is just a ahlete.. Mays is the most overrated player in this draft. He can't cover worth a shyt and had 1 int this year and 2 over the 3 years, . In fact earl thomas of texas is a better player than mays and will be picked ahead of mays. I'll take that bet where berry goes ahead of mays. LMFAO !!!!

Earl Thomas is a sophmore, he may be good, but I don't think the trifecta would draft a sophmore

Carlito , earl thomas has already announced that he entering the draft. He's a redshirt sophmore. Meaning he's 3 years removed from High school. LOL !!!

Lol!!! Still don't think trifecta would dare take him at number 12 lol!!!

I know he has announced for the draft... why else would I say I didn't think the trifecta would pick him???

Carlito . why not ? He's rated in the top 15 and led college football with 8 INT'S. He's a ballhawk !! Just what we need. He's was a former CB that can cover like one. He runs a 4.45. He's exactly what miami needs.

I never said he wasn't good NJ, but the fact is he has only played in 20 some college games... I think he would be a reach at 12 and that Miami could fill its needs much better at different positions

Firing PassQ is a good sign to me, not because I like seeing anyone fired, but because it shows That Parcells & Ireland & TS are seriously reviewing the performance of the club from all angles.

As much as I understand the dearth of defensive talent, I was very unhappy with PassQ's play -calling & scheming.

Also, Parker + Dolphins antipathy toward Diva WRs = fuggedhhabout Dez.

Carlito , i just told you thomas is rated in the top 15 , in fact scout's inc has thomas rated at 12. why would he be a reach at 12 ?

WQAM is reporting Al Groh is the top candidate for defensive coordinator job

I'm probably late to the party but I just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am that Paul Pasqualoni got sh*t canned.Thank you Tony.

Mando has to get a blog up...way too late.

I say we say pay Vince Wilfork and with our 1st round pick get McClain. Then trade our second rounder for Vincent Jackson.

Freddy P, smoking some of that "high quality" stuff tonite??? LOL

San Diego gas to be dead stupid to trade an up and coming young physically gifted reciever for a second so for get that

Hate to pop the bubble but Wilfork gets a franchise tag, McClain gone before 12 and NO WAY Parcells trades a draft pick for ANY receiver, EVER

Crabtree was a top 3 talent but alot of stupid team passed on him even the Raiders who could've used him.


I'm telling you my opinion, not regurgitating what Kiper or McShay says. I just don't think the Trifecta takes a sophomore safety with the 1st round pick. Thomas is a good player, he just doesn't have the experience.

Fact is none of the speculation about the draft right now really matters because it is all subject to change depending on Senior Bowl/Combine/ Free Agency/ Trades

Dumb blog today--if Dez is there, you take him hands down. Crabtree sat out, now he is signed and will be a huge threat. Doesn't matter, not every client from the same agent acts the same.


Carlito, how do u feel about Al Groh as D coordinator??? Any opinion either way??


I like Al Groh, he is a defensive specialist, runs a 3-4, has NFL head coaching experience, has worked with Parcells for many years, and he worked with Lawrence Taylor in his prime as a Linebackers coach... I think he would be a good fit as d coordinator

LMAO @ CARLITO. Regurgitating Kiper and Mcshay. Really ? The consencus is Thomas is a top 15 pick by amost all the scouts. I gave you an 1 example of him being rated at the 12 position where miami picks. Thomas is a junior in garde but was a redshirt. i can go down the list of how many redshirt juniors who became good players. The Tuna doesn't give a SHYT what year a player is in as long as that player an play the game. Believe me , Thomas can play the game.

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