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Dez Bryant to Dolphins? Bwaaahhaaahhaaa

I know everyone covets a top-flight wide receiver in the coming draft to get the Dolphins offense airborne. The odds of that receiver being named Dez Bryant just became astronomical.

Forget for a moment that Bryant is supremely gifted and could be gone before Miami picks at No. 12.

Forget for a moment that Bryant missed most of the 2009 season after being suspended by the NCAA and has played only 28 college games. The Dolphins have issues with investing high picks on players with questionable backgrounds and limited experience.

But if those don't hurt Bryant's chances of landing in Miami, consider he has hired agent Eugene Parker, and that seriously affects those chances. Parker, in case you don't remember, was the agent for Michael Crabtree.

And Crabtree conducted a 2009 rookie holdout until October 7 because Parker and the San Francisco 49'ers were not agreed on the rookie's worth. The 49'ers wanted to pay Crabtree the slot price of what the No. 10 should get. Parker argued Crabtree had Top 3 talent and should be paid like it.

What do you think Miami will do if it faces a similar negotiating stance?

Here's what I think: Bill Parcells and Co. will likely avoid the issue altogether.


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NJ, you can lyao all you want, but I never said Earl Thomas was a bad player... I've told you I thought he was a good player several times... All I said was that I don't think the Dolphins will pick him.

Stop trying to act like I'm bashing the dude

How much experince did hartline or Donald thomas have college playing the game . Thomas played 1 year of high school ball. Merling was a junior who started 26 games.

The only way the Dolphins go safety in round 1 is if Eric Berry magically falls in their lap, and thats not going to happen... All I'm saying...

But they weren't picked 12th over all, so not exactly an apple to apple comparison..

Vontae davis and sean smith were juniors. Smith came to utah as a freshman wr and only played 2 years at cb. The tuna took smith.

I think a lot can change on what people are saying and draft order from today until draft day...

What I want to know is how long before we get a new d coordinator signed so we can love/hate/second guess that decision?

As long as we get Jimmy Graham in the lower rounds or free agency I don;t care who we pick.

These were not high first round picks either NJ. Safety is a need, but not as big as some of the Dolphins other needs. When that pick comes around with teams taking players like Clausen, Bradford, Bryant, etc before the fins, there will probably be better players available at positions that are bigger needs than FS.

You are a creating an argument where there isn't one. Earl Thomas is a good player, I never said he wasn't. I just don't think the Dolphins will take him as high as 12. It doesn't even matter, because anything can change after the combine.

1.Mclain R
2.Washington D
3.Thomas D
If we get any of theser people we can fill some obvious holes

Really ? Free saftey isn't a big need ? This from the same guy calling for wilson's head. There will be no good NT's available at 12 and miami won't pick Dez bryant. You're left with 2 big needs LB and you guessed it FREE SAFETY.

I didn't say safety wasn't a need either. You know I feel we need a change at safety... I just feel that LB is a much bigger need on the inside and out. I would much rather have the best ILB or OLB in the draft than the second best FS.

before the draft we need to get Vince Wilfork in a Dolphin uniform. that will enable us to really pinpoint issues we have with draft picks directly. lets assume we do get Wilfork. then we go this route in the draft

1st round Roland McClain ILB
2nd round Patrick Robinson CB
3........ WR/TE
4 Dl or OL

I would be VERY surprised, and would never expect Bryant or Spiller to be picked, but I wouldnt be mad either...

Our first pick @ 12 should be traded back like Bellicheck always does to stockpile picks.

Barring that Miami needs to pick the best inside LB on the board.

where is dying breed?

The best ilb is mcclain who will probably be gone by the time miami picks at 12. So now you're down to the 2nd best ilb spikes ?. The best pass rushing Lb's are a DE pierre - paul who needs to be converted to olb or maybe sergio kindle who needs work in coverage and against the run. They're 2nd rate. Earl thomas who a top rate free saftey is looking pretty good isn't he ? LOL !

Not really NJ...

I think the Dolphins have a shot at McClain, and would still rather have Spikes or Kindle or even Dan Williams than Earl Thomas. LOL!

I think the Dolphins biggest competition for McClain is Denver at #11, but I'm hoping they go QB or something else...

If you would rather have spikes or dan williams ( both could go in the 2nd round ) over thomas at 12 then you're nuts and don't know what your talking about . Kindle Maybe but he needs alot of work on the rest of his game. He's just like wake regarding his all around game. Miami already has wake. I'm done . LOL !!

Brandon Spikes is 20th on your scouts inc. and kindle is 16, depending on combine results either could easily leapfrog Earl Thomas.

Dan Williams is the best 3-4 NT in the Draft... everyone knows these guys are not easy to find.

Brandon spikes stock is dropping faster than the stock market last sept. He could go 2nd round and dan williams isn't even in the top 32 picks on scouts inc.

LMFAO !!!!

bobbyd he set for year henne made some very poor choice he his self cause them two or three games down the stretch ginn cause them two ur three games by hisself and to compare manning with henne is totally vrazy manning has football in his blood i want them to win now they are not the lions it time for the dolphins to bea threat like they were in the 80's over twenty yrs ago henne will continue to struggle. you say those things about vick he paid his dues he's a winner that can win now and not thre yrs from now . if vick would have played more against the cowboy's the eagles would have won.let henne sit for another two or three years then he might be something i sit and watch him throw interception after inteception he's not a winner either u have it or u dont vick has it before u know if they dont get a quarterback the bills will be better then my be loved dolphins i want to see them contend and with henne they cant and further more i bet you were one of them talking about ricky a few years ago and sit right here and said that ricky was the best thing the dolphins had i bet u were one saying trade him

As a matter a fact , i remember you mocking spike's lack of speed the other day . LMFAO !!!!

Long Time until draft day NJ with alot to happen in between... We could be talking a completely different set of names in April... LMFAOROTF@ NJ Phin Fan

Yeah, I did mock Spike's speed, but I'd rather have him than the 2nd best free safety


(laughin my fuchin @ss off rolling on the floor crying hysterically can't catch my breath)

What was LMFAOROTF at me about your last post ? . ROTFLMFAO @ carlito!!!!

Hell, just get McClain and go from there. That's all you can really hope for anyway - and that's assuming McClain is there at 12. After the first round, the chances of getting who you want get real slim. After the second round, good freakin' luck.

For the Fins, it’s simple. If McClain is there, they’ll take him. If McClain is gone and Dez Bryant is there, they'll go with Dez. If they’re both gone, the Fins will go NT with either Dan Williams or Terrence Cody (although he’s a bit of a reach himself but atleast he fills our biggest need on defense) or Safety with Taylor Mays.

Well that says it all . You would rather have the 2nd best ilb with no speed who might go in the 2nd round that a top 15 player and FREE SAFTEY with 4.45 speed. No need to go any further. You Explained( or lacked to ) enough.

My Fins Mock:

1- Dan Williams, NT
2- Damian Williams, WR
3- Aaron Hernandez, TE
4- Micah Johnson, ILB

I would sign Wilfork and Dansby if they are both available; trade Ronnie Brown (injury proned) for Brandon Marshall and draft C.J. Spiller in the first... and draft the next available LB in the 2nd...

Carlito, I also think there is a scenario where Earl Thomas may be the #12 pick. If Derrick Morgan and Rolando McClain are both off the board, one of three things will happen:

The Dolphins will trade down

The Dolphins will select jason pierre-paul (who is not second rate as NJ wrote earlier). he didn't have a lot of sacks but a lot of tackles for loss and has a humongous upside.

The Dolphins will select Earl Thomas.

So it can happen.

personally, I hope they get their hands on Morgan and sign Dansby in free agency.

Don't trade Ronnie!!!!!!!but that sux bout dez but if mcclain is on the board then get him..but Ronnie has been injury prone,WTF up with that

Thank you mark in toronto. Do you view pierre-paul coming out on the same level has Shawn merrriman and demarcus ware when they came out ?

JP I don't think Damien will be in the 2nd round

Defensive cordinator fired one down one to go.... Romeo Crennell for D.C.

I'll answer it . NO !! pierre-paul isn't on the same level as ware or merriman. That's why i said 2nd rate.

just noticed a few comments about Brandon Spikes and Rolando McClain and decided to watch some of their highlights; and to me Spikes is more of a shoulder and smash football tackler and McClain is more of a arm wrapping tackler... To me Spikes seems like the better choice even though some say he's slow; but his tackling highlights remind of Ray Lewis. Besides McClain played behind a great NT in T. Cody.. and we should forget about Spikes troubles because those are the qualities of a bad @ss ILB.. Do you remember Ray Lewis first years in the leagues.. the man was literally a criminal; accused of murdering someone and he's still playing the same way... we need someone nasty in our defense.

I've seen a lot of mocks that have Jason Pierre-Paul in the first round. I don't get the hype; he's a one-year wonder who had only 6.5 sacks despite the fact that George Selvie was drawing tons of attention on the other side.Is Pierre-Paul really gifted athletically? Absolutely. Would I take a shot on him in Round 2? Definitely. But I wouldn't want to spend a first-round selection on a one-year wonder.

T.Cody is anything but great.

NJ answers his own questions. egotesticle jerk///

this draft will be about getting better LBs and BEST Lbs period!!! we dont need another WR who's gonna need to be groomed(maybe we need new WR coach too). we need to find a veteran WR period. for those of you who think porter or akin will get better are kidding yourself. the first two picks should be the best OLB and MLB be can get! PERIOD!!! if you look at the team we couldn't stop the run,we didnt pressure the QB, and we couldn't cover TEs or RBs and thats the main reason the defense had a setback. i also think that by our coaches coaching senior bowl will help us out huge in the draft! i hope we can draft jimmy graham from the U in the later round and continue to draft players from the U in the near future especially the WR position!! oh yea one more wish would be to grab PAT ANGERER from iowa maybe in 4th or 5th round to play strong side outside lb(the kid has excellent coverage skills)

Here here , HEAT . :)

dfins006 . you neeed to study more tape my friend.

we WILL NOT draft a Safety!!! i repeat the problem with the defense is LBs!!! we had the highest total for tackles by a secondary in the league and thats with sean smith starting all games(cant happen)!!! outside of channing i dont think any of the LBs on this team will start for any other team besides lions and rams!! we know wilson played out of position but how much of his play can be put on the LBs? at least he tackled!! if we shore up our LBs then everybody can do their job and stop trying to cover for shitty LBs!! jason taylor should be welcomed back too!!!

"NJ answers his own questions. egotesticle jerk///"
So you're saying NJ is a testicle?

Heat , don't bother with santo aka aloco aka cuban menace.

Really ?. Safety wasn't a problem ? At least Wilson can Tackle ? Miami won't draft a Safety. What games were you watching ?

You idiots still dont get the picture.. Brandon Marshall welcome to MIAMI!!

Really ?. Safety wasn't a problem ? At least Wilson can Tackle ? Miami won't draft a Safety. What games were you watching ?

Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | January 12, 2010 at 12:34 AM
1 thing i've learned is not to argue or go back and forth with a know it all!!!! i will bet u $1000 to a busted egg that we go LB heavy!! you claimed to play football in college but sometime i question that!! how many games did you see us get killed by TE and RB? in order for this to stop we need better LB!! did u not notice how when JT coverage got better teams started motioning or lining the TE on joey porters side, did u not notice how we would get gashed on run plays to the weak side, did u not notice how starks applied more pressure than porter on pass plays(he's a DE), and if you think drafting a FS is going to fix the run game and the underneath passing game u really dont know football

No way they take a WR with the first pick....it will be a stud DE converted to LB...i think one from florida will be available around the 12th pick.... I expect this team to draft heavy on defense...IMO we are good on offense our problem is stopping other teams which makes us play catch up....not a good thing to do with a QB with 13 starts....we can score points with the offense we have especially if we add a stud TE

You idiots still dont get the picture.. Brandon Marshall welcome to MIAMI!!

Posted by: Josh | January 12, 2010 at 12:43 AM

We would have to give up picks to get him Parcells isn't going to do that besides Marshall is a diva.

Wilfork, FA, Marshall trade including Porter, and trade down three times. I hope they trade down three times, and get rid of a 6th in the process to gain another second, or third.

73 . i've said for months that miami will go lb heavy. Lb is their weakest point but besides mccalain there are NOOOOO Lb's worth drafting at 12 . what are you going to do . reach for one when a HIGHLY rated free saftey is sitting there at a position of need. How many bombs are going to give up when your saftey is late to cover over the top. how many missed tackles are yor safties going to give up. How many te's are going to burn our safties deep over the middle . Spare me with the F'n insults on questioning if i played the game or know anything about football. I know alot more about football than you , that's for sure.

Here's a late rounder WR for you...after he runs, he won't be a late rounder for long;

Kelton Tindal...6'2" 195 runs sub 4.2...in fact he may run the fastest 40 time ever...even faster than Sanders. He's been clocked at 4.16

Were getting a WR either by trade or free agency, not with #1 pick.. NOT trading #1 for a receiver either.. I'm thinking a 2nd rounder for Boldin.. How the hell does Bryant choose Parker after the Crabtree debacle?? That agent should be fired; he ALWAYS makes his clients hold-out!!

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