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Dolphins coach George Edwards gone

The Dolphins are now looking to fill both assistant linebacker coaching positions today, following the departure of inside linebacker coach George Edwards on the same day outside linebacker coach Jim Reid was introduced at the University of Virginia.

A club source confirmed this evening that Edwards is no longer employed by the Dolphins. Edwards was not fired, the source said.

Indeed, Edwards is gone because he apparently is taking a job at the University of Florida as a defensive assistant, perhaps even the defensive coordinator, another source not affiliated with the Dolphins told me.

Reid left the Dolphins to become the defensive coordinator for the Cavaliers.

Edwards worked five seasons for the Dolphins, first as the linebackers coach from 2005-20007, then as the inside linebackers coach starting in 2008 through this season.

Edwards was a 1991 graduate assistant at Florida and has been on coach Urban Meyer's list of coaching candidates in the past so it makes sense for him to be headed back to Florida.


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The Heads are starting to Lob off......

Just as well because somebody that couldn't teach Cam Wake to freaking play the run in a span of 16 games isn't worth having around anyway.

Oh darn... what a loss.

Good scoop, Mando. I'll read it in Palm Beach Post in three days.

Tell the truth, Mando. You only got this because Edwards was one of your biggest sources ...

That's how you got all that infor on JT and Joey nobody else got.

Thanks for the heads up CM.

They need to fire Pasqualoni! That's what has to happen.

Mando, get up in Tony Sparano's grill and force him to fire his butt-buddy who is putting a defense on the field that is never ready to play until we're down 21-0.

Pasgualoni is the "Next" to accept another job....And then followed by Henning who will"Retire" Iam sure......

they couldnt teach joey or cam how to play the run. and they couldnt teach them how to cover a back or tight end. they gave up on our best olb mat roth too soon. hire a ravens coach for intensity.

I want Jim Bates back.

Greg Z, They had a coach Thats with the Ravans and that didnt work out to well.....

our linebacker play is horrible so see ya. They were not good coaches so I am sure we can do better. Wake, Crowder should be playing on a higher level. We also need to addresss our other def coaches. Jason needs to go back to his own side and Wake needs to learn how to play every down. No way should Jason and Porter have had such a lifeless year. The game Jason replaced Porter due to injury Jason had a career day. Wouldn't that tell them something?

Is Gibril Wilson fired yet?

Oh well...In my opinion, the weak point in Miami's Defense was in the Linebacking Core. Our linebackers are not fast enough for pass coverage. There run stopping was mediocre. I think there should be a major overhaul in the linebacking positions; especially with Joey Porter and Jason Taylor getting older.

I think we should make Gibril Wilson's nick name "Lechon". Because every time the other team goes deep, he gets roasted, burnt up and skin all crispy.

P.S. If the Dolphins fire the Gerbil, will that be 3 years in a row from 3 different teams". Giants, Raiders, Dolphins?

This is good news. Maybe they demote Pasqualoni to LB coach and hire Romeo Crennel.

Can you please go on vacation, Mando?

We need the break. It would be our first break of the year.


al groh,or zach thomas as your linebacker coachs? I think a uncapped year would help the
dolphins clear up the books(lb-porter,s-wilson,
and db will allen and jason allen.What is best for them cap or no cap?

That's funny Finheavenblows, but the Post simply pasted and copied Mando's post and put up it online only about an hour later.

So they're getting better over there.


Two in one week both defense guys and both "found" other jobs. Coincidence? One more to go on defense and one offense.

Mando, have you seen the design of the new proposed roof for the stadium? This thing is ugly beyond all belief. Can't wait for them to explain how they're going to move seating closer.

Good work, Mando. Always got good information night and day.

Better scoop up Crennel before the son-in-law does.

Boo Hoo, the coach of Crowder for his entire career is gone. Maybe Crowder will make a play now. The LB's are Miami's weakest link and the coaches are a big part of the blame.

Marshall will be difficult to aquire and will be expensive...but a major upgrade and YOUNGER..!!...pay the price Tuna with a 2nd and Camarillo theyl take it I beleive...sometimes you just gotta do it..!!....Next would be Wilfork via FA....I would package up someone like Phil Merling for a 2nd round pick and pick up the best linebacker available.....Next is Safety...Wilson is a dead duck for sure....If we can upgrade those 3 positions...WR,ILB and NT this year significantly....we will win 3 more games.....10 and 6 in a hard scedule....and the followwing year...RB,TE and depth....and we are ELITE....but its gonna take some ruthless decision making....Hartline will be a STAR, as will Henne...and I really like thigpen...he is vvvv good.....alfy from Ozzz


could not have said it better.
maybe crowder should have gone with him as well.

Crowder is not the weak link at ilb, that honor goes to the other ilb position (ayodele, torbor)

haha... nick saban, you tool... what a dumb call!


Hey Hey, Ho Ho,
This Gerbil guy has got to Go!
Hey Hey, Ho Ho!

Come on everybody!

fg = loserville

was mccoy cheap-shotted? I wasn't paying attention

No, he is finden out what SEC ball is a bout.

You don't run a passin QB...

wow alabama special teams... way to dig a hole...

Go. For. Jugular. Now.

You said it Carlito.

when did ted ginn sign with longhorns?

Might be seeing future Dolphins out the field tonight!


Might be seeing future Dolphins out the field tonight!

prolly the dude who dropped pass, or fumbled kickoff. (sorry---still bummed)

Don't know ALoco....

Its all pain...

Or Julio jones!

Watch Rolando McClain, Terrance Cody, and Sergio Kimble

Julio Jones in a year or two

Good riddence!!! LB corps sucked all year.

Saban is an Idiot

I think Cody could easily be conditioned for a 16+ game season in 2-3 years?

Wow, the pictures of the proposed tin roof for the stadium look mega ghetto. I hope they ditch that idea.

thats a big boy... he is from south florida...

That is heavy A.

mega ghetto rawks, dude. 'specially if it keeps the peons in the cheap seats from the blazing heat.

Yeah I don't like the new roof idea... especially if it come out of my taxes.

It looks like some weird solar panel type thing... unfortunately that might be too practical...

'lito---how or why you paying u.s. taxes in costa rica? maybe we oughta tax central america for stadium upgrade....save us floridians some bucks

Hate Saban! Glad the Herald had that article about mike Shula recruiting the Alabama seniors and Juniors. Gave Saban zero credit for it. Hate Saban. Agile!

big hit for a loss from mcclain

have you seen once this season gerbril smoke out a play & deliver a blow like McC just did?


my name is carlito form golfito, not carlito in golfito.

I live in Miami.

25 came to play tonight

Alabama is gonna crush Texas,but only because Colt 45 is out of the game.

Freaking crap!

Thats SEC ball BABY!

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