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Dolphins coach George Edwards gone

The Dolphins are now looking to fill both assistant linebacker coaching positions today, following the departure of inside linebacker coach George Edwards on the same day outside linebacker coach Jim Reid was introduced at the University of Virginia.

A club source confirmed this evening that Edwards is no longer employed by the Dolphins. Edwards was not fired, the source said.

Indeed, Edwards is gone because he apparently is taking a job at the University of Florida as a defensive assistant, perhaps even the defensive coordinator, another source not affiliated with the Dolphins told me.

Reid left the Dolphins to become the defensive coordinator for the Cavaliers.

Edwards worked five seasons for the Dolphins, first as the linebackers coach from 2005-20007, then as the inside linebackers coach starting in 2008 through this season.

Edwards was a 1991 graduate assistant at Florida and has been on coach Urban Meyer's list of coaching candidates in the past so it makes sense for him to be headed back to Florida.


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bingo, 'lito!


It don't Matter....

The SEC Championship was the national Title game.

Let's see ... Joey Porter doesn't tackle anyone that isn't a QB, Akin Adonele sucked, Cam Wake couldn't get on the field, Channing Crowder is always hurt, and they played Jason Taylor out of position the entire season.

Yup, the coach deserves a promotion!

What a bunch of crap the coaching community.

if colt don't come back this is gonna be a snoozefest.

70 year old Bill Parcells will hire one of his 70 year old friends like Al Groh to coach the 20-something linebackers and puppett coach Tony Sporanus will make it seem like its his idea.

Right Emo, Sucks bad.

Wanted to see a Game.

Alabam D has kncoked out two QBs tonight.

I still miss Nick Saban. He knew how to coach defense better than the fluffers we got now.

i'd rather he hire a 50+ year old friend like crennel.

Piss on Saban.

Game over.

Q: How would anyone notice if Gilbert's shoulder were hurt?



McCoy & Bradford---think they both wish they hadn't done the "noble" thing & return for senior season? I know life ain't all about the $$$, but you can't kick millions of $$ out the door, either.

Who tackled Gilbert? Arenas!

You miss Nick Saban, crazy!!! Hate the bum, he didn't recruit this class.

Let's go Longhorns!!!

Hope springs eternal

Eventually Saban will betray the Tide, That’s what he does.

any one knows how much money satan makes ?

Lots, Aloco, Lots & Lots.

I want # 25

"His agreement with Alabama is for eight years and a guaranteed $32 million, according to ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli. Saban can earn an additional $700,000 to $800,000 annually in bowl-game bonuses."

Ya forget Cody, 25 is takin over this game!


Not sayin' we don't want #25...just pls keep in mind he's facing super-stiff Gilbert & demoralized offense.

feelin' bad for gilbert now,,,,,,,,curse you Satan!

We need smarts.

I'm a Gator, Their D Kicked our A S S!

Don't hold it against me...

Have a Degree from FSU....

I'm Gator too, and they sure did & Gators were far better O than this crappy offense tonight, so I get the point. He does it vs all levels of competition.

One thing to say.....

Emo you got god da*m taste it Football teams...

Thats Good taste...

I just read Ricky Williams was 10th in NFL rushing yards this year. To put into context Adrian Peterson at no.5 had only 250 more yards than Ricky. Not bad for a player that shared snaps all season.

ABC is HORRIBLE! We still don't know what the injury is or why it's keeping McCoy out of the game. He sure is clapping hard on the sideline. If he was a true competitor you wouldn't be able to keep him off the field. He has no future at QB anyaway-- he is too small...Pat White small...and we all saw where that got Pat White last Sunday.


Congratulations on getting this story first Mando. Everybody else has followed and is saying the same thing.

One question: Do you believe Pasqualoni should be fired? The guy is terrible, simply terrible.

By the way, Dan Henning and his circus play-calling isn't much better.


McClain probably has worked himself into the top10 after this game.

It took till 5:20 left in the 3rd quarter to find out that McCoys shoulder is not broken. His daddy assures us that "he begged to go back in but they all decided it best to protect his NFL career." Ridiculous! It's all about today. There is no tomorrow. I am HUGELY disappointed in a kid that I felt should have won the Hiesman. I would not want him on the Dolphins...Shipley however is another story

Its a Game!



Colt is a Bit*h

dropsies........something we're very used to

That was pass int both times

Colt to Ginn.....

Couple o b!tchs!

Bad calls agreed.

Henne to Shipley! Another big hit McClain! I could get use to those calls for Miami!


Feet tangled! Underthrown!

Look at these idiot refs! What a joke

No hands to the face


Are these SEC refs!

Feels like one of our games.

Will say SEC Refs SUCK!

Just in: Refs threatened by thug friends of Ingram's jailbird father.

Helmet knocked off! Personal foul Tex! 15 yds!

Daddy was not a bad receiver in the day.

Yeah, too bad he wasn't a better counterfitter or identity thief


These refs are blowing it!

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