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Dolphins coach George Edwards gone

The Dolphins are now looking to fill both assistant linebacker coaching positions today, following the departure of inside linebacker coach George Edwards on the same day outside linebacker coach Jim Reid was introduced at the University of Virginia.

A club source confirmed this evening that Edwards is no longer employed by the Dolphins. Edwards was not fired, the source said.

Indeed, Edwards is gone because he apparently is taking a job at the University of Florida as a defensive assistant, perhaps even the defensive coordinator, another source not affiliated with the Dolphins told me.

Reid left the Dolphins to become the defensive coordinator for the Cavaliers.

Edwards worked five seasons for the Dolphins, first as the linebackers coach from 2005-20007, then as the inside linebackers coach starting in 2008 through this season.

Edwards was a 1991 graduate assistant at Florida and has been on coach Urban Meyer's list of coaching candidates in the past so it makes sense for him to be headed back to Florida.


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Go son...

Game on!

Just like a Dolphin game!

23 Right.

Better than. Nobody saying so-and-so isn't worth the money or we need to play someone because we're paying them a lot

This IS a Dolphin game....a la Tennessee, Pittsburgh, you name it.....deadly slow start, stirring comeback, heartbreaking collapse ruining the comeback.

And then lose at the end! Just like Miami! Dam it!

That sucks

Good riddence to bad rubbish! Nick Satan!

Fagabama would have lost if the Colt had been playin.Saban is rolling around in baby oil now with his boys.

I agree that coaching is the main issue with Miami, and I'm still not convinced that Tony Sparano is the right coach? However, I think we'll know by the end of next year because by history that is when Parcel teams light the winning fire!

Lets hope for Florida's sake that Edwards somehow made the Dolphins ILBs better instead of what they are which is overpaid, underperforming, slow, and well ... terrible.

its gibril wilson fired yet darn, by the way its pasquoaloni fired already,plus i like the idea to get jim bates and hire Romeo Crennel for good sake.

Pretty sure Edwards knew something was coming and it wasn't going to be good. If Paswhatever isn't doing much better with whatever D he puts on the field next season, he has got to go, Tuna,s boy or not. Romeo romeo where for art thou Romeo.....

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