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Dolphins OLB coaching job is still open

The Dolphins obviously believe they had a great day on Tuesday. They filled their inside linebacker coaching job and they made what seems like a widely popular hire of Mike Nolan as the new defensive coordinator.

Great job by them, it seems.

But work time is not over.

You see, I attended South Florida public schools and I know that if the Dolphins lost three assistants when the season ended and have hired two assistants since then, they are running a one assistant deficit. The Dolphins still apparently need to hire an outside linebacker coach.

I suppose it's possible Nolan can coach the outside linebackers as well as coordinator, but I don't see that happening. The carefully worded press release from the team -- no, this team doesn't do press conferences -- specified Nolan is the defensive coordinator, not the DC and outside linebacker coach.

And Bill Sheridan's brief press release called him the ILB coach.

So the coaching search must continue.

And rather than get into the speculative list of men who might fill the job, I wish to take this post a different direction. I wish to explain that the OLB coach job is seriously, unquestionably important. That's because the OLB in the 3-4 defense must be the most dominant player on the defense.

You need the 3-4 OLB to pressure the QB, bring sacks and strip sacks, cover, hold the edge against the running game, and maybe deliver a touchdown or two each year. If you're going to have a Defensive Player of the Year, the OLB in the 3-4 defense is often the position that dude mans.

Well, the Dolphins got the TD from Jason Taylor in 2009. But the results from the group was otherwise hit-and-miss.

Cameron Wake, who came to the Dolphins with obvious pass-rushing talents, took more than a quarter of the season to earn a pass-rush niche on the team. And he never, really convinced the coaching staff that he could both cover and defend the run.

Taylor, brought in to be a designated rusher, was pushed to full-time duty through October and then, curiously, he was coming off the field on many passing downs. His sack total understandibly stagnated.

Joey Porter, injured on and off part of the year, seemed to age before our very eyes. He still led the team in sacks with nine. But anyone with eyes saw he was a shadow of the player he was in 2008.

Matt Roth? Terrible with the Dolphins. Great with the Browns. An enigma wrapped in a riddle shrouded in mystery. Something went wrong in Roth's head but no way his position coach maximized this player in the four games he played and contributed four tackles.

Charlie Anderson? Role player who counted $2.58 million against the cap in 2009. Worth it?

Quentin Moses was a backup when the year began and was pretty much that when the year ended.

So which player did the Miami OLB coach develop? Which player did the Miami OLB coach milk for everything the player had? You tell me, because I didn't see it.

And the outside linebacker spot will continue to be a source of curiousity in 2010. We don't know if Taylor will be back. We don't know if the Dolphins want Porter back -- although signs point that they do not. We don't know if Wake can develop into a three-down player.

The position that is supposed to be where one of the defense's dominant players thrive is a source of uncertainty in 2010. And so the Dolphins must find the right coach to help answer some of the questions.

Nope, the coaching search is definitely not quite done.


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Draft McClain from bama and cut porter. Sign dansby and cut crowder. Start clemons and cut gibril. Kill ginn and trade for Vincent Jackson


You are 100% correct....Neither Porter OR JT are now the answer....i think the answer lay in FA as a draft choice will take time and developmenmt.....this team needs a major overhaul after TWO years of the Parcells era...how can that be????

We need Linebackers, a nose tackle, safeties and a gun WR.....thats at LEAST.....we got rid of some decent players last year, but we need to clean house again....there have been some WOEFUL errors made in FA as well...Wilson is FINISHED in my view....and Akin...well...sayonara....ALF from Ozzzz

go with the first post :D lol

Karlos Dasby, Darryl Tapp, Gabe watson

They would fill three needs at ILB, OLB, and backup nose tackle---

Draft Mcclain, or Jason Pierre-Paul in 1st, And Spikes in the second the ILB would be revamped----Moce charlie anderson to ILB where his speed and size can be better used.

Mike Nolan great hire


Parcells has so many holes to fill, you would think he was trying to plug a ten foot tall sclice of swiss cheese. lol
Ten years of futility from past regimes will do that plus a few bad, losing seasons and a down right laughing stock of the league 1-15 campaign that ended only two years ago, remember?

Good things come to those who wait...
The hiring of Mike Nolan was a great move.
I said this last week when Armando and his croonies were all crying: To slow to sign Romeo Crennel. Or did we fire Paul Pasqualoni to soon. Sign Butler etc.
Not signing any of these guys for what ever reason are BLESSINGS.
Now we have a great defensive cordinator for the price of waiting what a week?.
BLESSINGS for the us and the Dolphins!

we cant draft McClain and trade for Vincent Jackson, getting vjax would require a 1st round pick...responding to first comment

Well if we can't get vjax then let's shoot for cribbs and turn him into a WR , he's a playmaker anyways. But we gotta get rid of that idiot ginn while he has some trade value . I hate him so much, man cameron's an idiot.

Tuna and co waited in getting rid of JT and in the end got JT back for cheap and drafted Pat White. Now they wait on defensive Coordinator and get Nolan. These boys are patient with good results even when media is all over them for being one step behind.

Not saying Pat White worked out great btw but it was a good attempt an an upgrade with a explosive player. Just turns out the guy has a ton of heart but is just too small for the NFL.

Cameron is a tool Geese Ginn and Beck. 1 and 2

OLB, nose tackle, ILB, Reciever, safety, RB and the list goes on. Or maybe we just have two crappy players and that is causing everyone else on defense fits. Certainly Crowder did not look very good at times and Wilson couldn't stay on his fee to make a tackle.

Matt Roth had a great 5 games for the Browns and I think he is a very good young OLB. The Dolphins desperately need good young OLBs as Armando pointed out. Sparano cut Roth b/c he blatantly lied to the coach twice, not because they didnt know he was good. Sparano didnt want someone on the team he couldnt trust on a basic level, so I dont blame Sparano for the move. But dont fool yourself, the coaches know how good Matt Roth is.

Fixing the Fins' aging linebacking corps should be priority number one for the Trifecta this offseason. Drafting McClain would be a huge boost for the defense, provided he falls to the Fins at #12 in the draft. Rolando would provide the type of playmaking ability at ILB the Fins have lacked in recent years. Signing Karlos Dansby would also shore up the middle but I don't see that one happening because the Trifecta hates entering the free-agent sweepstakes for high-priced players, and Dansby is sure to be seeking a high-paying contract. At the OLB spots, I really hope Cameron Wake can continue to progress so that he can become a three-down player. Wake has talent, I just hope Mike Nolan and the new OLB coach can help Wake realize his potential. As for J.T. and J-Peezy, I think the ship has sailed on those two. Porter always seemed to be invisible when the game was on the line this past season. J.T., for all his heart and passion for the game, is not the player he used to be and I think his age is beginning to catch up to him. I think the Trifecta keeps one of them for next season, but definitely not both. If it were me deciding, I'd keep J.T. cause he seems to have more gas left in the tank than J-Peezy does.

The really cool thing about the 3-4 defense is that, if you have the right athletes, you can really do alot.
Taylor Mays is a great fit: size, speed, and versatility. Move Bell to FS (their spots in interchangeable in this defense). Mays at 6' 4", 230 pounds can play in so many different spots on the field, making other players just as valuable. Go with him in the first round and watch a player drop from first to second, creating a traffic jam of available players, lately it's been linebackers dropping. Golden Tate would be a good second round pick.
It's not my money to spend so I would sign Wilfork. Would shore up the defensive line for four years with Soliai playing back up.

Bring back Zach! Think he'd make a GREAT coach!
And Let Plaxico Burress coach Ted Ginn...

porter was absent for practices then played on sundays where he was also absent. coaches gave him a pass but shipped out a good one(roth) who we needed. matt said he wasnt allowed (team rules) to explain what happened so he looked bad to the fans. he never took practices off in the past (like porter).

al groh passed on the job saying that bill parcells wasnt the coach. i don't think he wanted to coach under tony who is a hard head. i'm thrilled with the mike nolan hire because he is qualified to be a head coach. i just hope sparano takes the reins off and lets him flourish as the D coord. we really need to play 60 minutes of football. i believe nolan will surround himself with guys who know how to TACKLE!!!!

All I can say is I now know that Miami's defensive woes will get fixed! My excitement is building! Go Mike Nolan,the new defensive coordinator! Go Miami!

Jim Reid may have taken a bad rap if he was asked to leave before taking the defensive coordinator job at the University of Virginia. The Dolphin did rank 3rd in the NFL with 44 sacks and those sacks didn’t come from any one dominate player. Porter had 9, Taylor and Starks had 7, and Wake had 5.5 to lead the Dolphins, 3 different OLBs contributed 21.5 sacks. Imagine if Porter had another big year or Taylor was playing like he was the defensive player of the year, all of the sudden, Reid is a genius. It’s hard to be a genius when the talent cupboards are bare. Throw a couple horses in the mix and a coordinator is a head coaching prospect. The point is, it’s the horses that make the coach in most cases and what any new OLB coach is going to need is a couple studs in the stable because I guess being 3rd in the NFL in sacks isn’t good enough.

The survivor I found interesting in the defensive upheaval is Todd Bowles, Assistant Head Coach/Secondary? I guess having two rookie corners earned him a free pass for this season but the secondary had better improve next year or Todd could be finding the door.

Funny how everybody seems convinced that McClain will be available at #12... How does everybody know that?? You think if he's that special the 11 other teams drafting before us don't know that??

Good point about OLB coach's role in developing players like Roth and cam wake. I think wake will be great only if he is developed properly. He had a very successful career at penn state, wasn't drafted, then went to CFL. he needs to be developed into an NFL player. So good point Armando, because we need an olb who can mold and shape the 2 other ?s right now, langford and merling. They're dline I know, but switch off at olb as well. They have not progressed as fast as the fins would like.

I would like for any of you to tell me who the ILBs were the year before Parcells got to Miami? Exactly!! Crowder and ??? Now tell me the CB and OLBs.... Once again....crickets!!! Please realize that this rebuilding process is not regressing in yr3. We are exactly where we need to be. Why did we not draft an OLB last yr? Who was the most dominant guy besides Orapko/Cushing/Mathews? Exactly once again.. There was NOBODY!! This yr is loaded with talent at LB and what does Bill draft better than LB? NOTHING!! We are right where we need to be. Our DE's were drafted by Bill and are better now than we have been in 20 yrs. Our CBs are set for the next 10 yrs. We have one solid safety and one in development. We have some talent at OLB (Wake) whom we got from FREAKING Canada B/C there wasn't enough talent for Bill to choose from in the draft. So all this talk about "were regressing" is BS!!! We are right where we need to be and Bill et al will prove it once again by getting the right people in the right place to achieve max performance in 2010 and beyond!!

You hardly need an education to figure out that if you lose three assistants that you need to hire three. Duhhhh!! Are there any openings at the herald for a reporter? Also sounds like we need to draft football players in the draft also.

Aren't Ray Lewis and Teddy Bruschi ILBs? I ask not as a challenge but to point out that yes OLB is a huge role in the 3-4 but ILB can be huge too. I want to see the players we have outside develop. Like a lot of the posts here, I'd prefer to keep JT and let go of Porter if it's one or the other. If we can keep both, I'm actually OK with that though. I DO give Bowles a pass because he coached with two rookie starting corners and Wilson who may as well have been a rookie too. I'm expecting a major improvement in the secondary this coming season. So is OLB Coach something that Pepper Johnson could help us out in and could they even talk to him about the job??

have you guys seen Tony Sporano Pump his fist every time the dolphins execute a great play? he seems quicker than any of our OLB put Tony Sporano as OLB, LOl its too early to tell but Nolan will improve this defence for sure

Regardless of the actual dollar amount, Charlie Anderson counted for only 2% of the Dolphins salary cap. You can't argue that he didn't earn his paycheck.

I am starting to think JT and JP are going to be with us next year unless they are used in a trade. I don't think we will just drop them out there. Maybe we can trade JP to the Pats for Wilfork..?? Joey in a Patriots jersey...WOW!!

McClain won't make it past the Chiefs at pick #5. He's a guy that will crack the top 5 by the time April is here.

The ILB is for the most part the QB of the Defense. Give me a guy like Ray Lewis Leading the D and I would be ok with that.

Let Porter go. He has given the Dolphins only one good year out of three, he's old, and he has attitude problems.

give me a break now Matt Roth all of a sudden is a great player? Matt roth is still average at best! he is playin under Fat guy in a little coats(rex ryan) brother out in cleveland who runs the same aggresive style defense where people get sacks because they come through unblocked. Roth still cant beat anyone one on one. Relax he still sucks.

Maclin will be far gone by 12. I live in denver and everyone here is saying if he's on the board at 10 denver will take him

gregz, thats retarded to say Roth never took practice off. He did this little thing called "Take the offseason off". He failed his physical despite any real injury. Lied and said he had one to cover up for the fact he came to camp out of shape. And your acting like the guy has some golden work ethic. Get a clue mang.

Jason Taylor is not even a Dolphin right now, he was unsigned and I believe gone, Porter will be lucky to make it back too..McClain will not be gone by 5 ridiculous statement

McClain should be available, but not sure he is worth the 12th pick, so maybe miami can draft out of that position and pick up who they want and acquire an additional pick somewhere else.

I feel certain that we will trade a player or two for some more picks.

Free Agency, i can see Malcom Floyd coming to Miami, and drafting another WR. I can see us keeping Bess and Hartline Camirillo, but dont be suprised to see if miami can trade Camirillo or Ginn, if Pat Turner doesnt show up in training, except him to get cut.

I think our major holes are on defense, we lost a lot of games, cuz we couldnt get stop anyone (Indy, Saints, Houston, Bills, Steelers, Titans).

Anyways, looking forward to next year, Mike Nolan Great Hire!

draft McClain get rid off porter,bring back JT, fa dansby and go thru the drafts choices we have then a GUN or WR.

McClain is currently number 7 on ESPN's Draft Board. I'm not saying ESPN's draft board is perfect, but what in the world makes you think McClain will be available at 12?

bobbyd12 - The season is not over yet, so technically he still is a Miami Dolphin. He may be unsigned for next season, but is still a Dolphin. I do think he will be hear another year. Great veteran to teach the young guys and I think we should keep him around.

We will take the bigggest game changer player left in the draft regardless of position. I think they are looking for a WOW factor regardless of position and that's what they will take. In a sense, the bset player available in the draft regardless of position...

Taylor will be back only if he does not retire. He will never play for another team outside Miami. So if he does rertire you can bet brass took him aside and said "your going to get cut so lets make this look good for you" c-ya Portet he sucks against the run.Cut Fergy and sign Wilfork (age reasons) Move up in the draft to get McClain if needed, and sign the best free agent WR possible, NO MORE WR ROOKIES RIGHT NOW! Use Ginn in any deal possible.

RC Shea - couldn't agree more about Taylor. If he wants to play, which I think he does, he will be in a Miami uniform...

Matt roth did not bleed aqua and orange. My guess is he always hated the phins as a kid and surely did not want to play for them.

Can you imagine how pissed we would all be if Groh took th DC job with us and two days later Nolan came avaliable! The football gods had a hand in this one.

the speculation and hope is great but theres no way in the world McClain is still there at 12 no way

Here's to hoping the Fins draft 2 OLBs and 2 ILBs in this draft. Throw in a NT, a TE (or 2) and possibly a FS. Not sure if it makes sense to draft a WR as we already have some young talent on the team and we need more of an immediate impact WR through free agency.

McClain will be gone by #12 More likely Spikes Mt Cody or U of Tenn NT I don't know where Dezmon Briscoe of Kan is ranked but I believe he will become #1 WR in NFL

The way I see it, if McClain does not fall to 12 (and I think he won't), we are in deep sht cause all the other guys that I consider top 15 (aside from Suh and Berry, which will go in the first 5 picks for sure), are not needs for Miami. And don't tell me Dez Bryant is top 15.

Question: Is Taylor Mays a FS or a SS?

I thought he was a FS, but I could be wrong...confirmation anyone?

Or I could just google...??

just checked with the leading source of information on the web, GOOGLE, and he is a FS...

True, just Googled it. He is a FS. Maybe we can take him.

If he is the best game changing player available at 12, we will take him....

Go after Vince Wilfork, Rogers from Cleveland, or Ngata from Baltimore in FA.Defense with the first 2 picks and then either Arrelious Benn from Illinois 6'2" 215 lbs. or D. Thomas from Georgia Tech 6'3" 230 lbs. With the 3rd or 4th pick if they are available, both are fast and can get up in the air. Also, they are very strong and can run people over.

Taylor Mays is over rated and slow

Maybe Nolan will have some input with the linebacker coach search. He could also be very instrumental in the search for linebackers. Taylor and Wake should return.
What ever Roth was trying to achieve here with his early camp antics, backfired. His not playing good in the four games he was active here, could have been intentional in his quest to be cut. Rosenhaus is his agent. His performance in Cleveland was his last chance to save his career. I don't see him in the pro bowl though. He's some one elses problem now. The rest of the linebackers should all be sleeping with one eye open.

Taylor Mays would probably have to be a SS in the NFL as he has weak coverage instincts and makes more plays in the run game then the pass game - he would give us what Yeremiah already does but is a lot younger.

hi there ladies im nj phin phan and know everything;nfl college draft scouting,even politics,like to type LOL LMAO ROFLMAO stupid little smiley faces like a 13yr old girl.might be the case,thanks for stopping by;CHILD PLEASE;} how annoying....

Posted by: i have no life | January 20, 2010 at 12:57 AM

NJ you bozo..the dude that posted this is dying breed. Come one you are better than that.

Mock drafts have the Phins taking Sergio Kindle LB from Texas.

With the fist pick that is.

The Dolphins "need to hire an outside linebackers coach."

Let me repeat that. The Dolphins "need to hire an outside linebackers coach."

Armando's analysis notwithstanding, do you think Miami will really suffer if they only have ONE linebackers coach? Will it result in one less victory? One less sack?

Maybe it will. I never played the game, so I really wouldn't know.

But it reminds me of a Buffalo television report I saw years ago in which the coaches of the AFC East (Shula, Levy, et al.) got together for an "AFC East Meeting." And I thought, what exactly are they meeting for? What are they going to talk about? Are they going to secede from the rest of the NFL? Are they going to reveal secret strategy? What is so pressing to justify the expense of getting 4 coaches from the same division together?

Sometimes you can get so redundant to the point of absurdity.

On that note, some random observations:

1) Thank you, Massachusetts. You've been on the wrong side of political history since John Adams died, but at least you finally got something right. Be warned left wing Democrats, your days are numbered.

2) The Toronto Sun Sunshine Girl is very hot today. I like her sassy sexiness.

3) My two favorite perfectionists of all time are Don Shula and Gene Kelly. They were very much alike.

4) I am from Toronto, Canada. Consequently, there are words that I pronounce differently from the people I live with and work with in New York State. Some examples are:

a) I pronounce coffee "kaw-fee" as opposed to "kwah-fee."

b) I pronounce drama "drah-muh" as opposed to "draw-muh." Same with pasta.

5) I can type over 110 words per minute. No foolin'.

6) When my 3 brothers and I and our friends used to play road hockey, we would announce the 3 Stars after each game. We would each select a player to be, and then if we were a Star, we would be announced under that player's name. My second oldest brother always had to be Bobby Clarke. No one else could be Bobby Clarke. I thought that was pretty unfair.

7) I have never committed adultery, except in my daydreams.

Number 1 candidate for olb coach: Lawrence Taylor.
-He's a Parcells Guy
-He's already in the hall of Fame
-Belicheck was his DC when the won SB with Giants in 80's
-He's broke and needs a job
-He's not smoking crack anymore (at least that's what he says)

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