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Dolphins OLB coaching job is still open

The Dolphins obviously believe they had a great day on Tuesday. They filled their inside linebacker coaching job and they made what seems like a widely popular hire of Mike Nolan as the new defensive coordinator.

Great job by them, it seems.

But work time is not over.

You see, I attended South Florida public schools and I know that if the Dolphins lost three assistants when the season ended and have hired two assistants since then, they are running a one assistant deficit. The Dolphins still apparently need to hire an outside linebacker coach.

I suppose it's possible Nolan can coach the outside linebackers as well as coordinator, but I don't see that happening. The carefully worded press release from the team -- no, this team doesn't do press conferences -- specified Nolan is the defensive coordinator, not the DC and outside linebacker coach.

And Bill Sheridan's brief press release called him the ILB coach.

So the coaching search must continue.

And rather than get into the speculative list of men who might fill the job, I wish to take this post a different direction. I wish to explain that the OLB coach job is seriously, unquestionably important. That's because the OLB in the 3-4 defense must be the most dominant player on the defense.

You need the 3-4 OLB to pressure the QB, bring sacks and strip sacks, cover, hold the edge against the running game, and maybe deliver a touchdown or two each year. If you're going to have a Defensive Player of the Year, the OLB in the 3-4 defense is often the position that dude mans.

Well, the Dolphins got the TD from Jason Taylor in 2009. But the results from the group was otherwise hit-and-miss.

Cameron Wake, who came to the Dolphins with obvious pass-rushing talents, took more than a quarter of the season to earn a pass-rush niche on the team. And he never, really convinced the coaching staff that he could both cover and defend the run.

Taylor, brought in to be a designated rusher, was pushed to full-time duty through October and then, curiously, he was coming off the field on many passing downs. His sack total understandibly stagnated.

Joey Porter, injured on and off part of the year, seemed to age before our very eyes. He still led the team in sacks with nine. But anyone with eyes saw he was a shadow of the player he was in 2008.

Matt Roth? Terrible with the Dolphins. Great with the Browns. An enigma wrapped in a riddle shrouded in mystery. Something went wrong in Roth's head but no way his position coach maximized this player in the four games he played and contributed four tackles.

Charlie Anderson? Role player who counted $2.58 million against the cap in 2009. Worth it?

Quentin Moses was a backup when the year began and was pretty much that when the year ended.

So which player did the Miami OLB coach develop? Which player did the Miami OLB coach milk for everything the player had? You tell me, because I didn't see it.

And the outside linebacker spot will continue to be a source of curiousity in 2010. We don't know if Taylor will be back. We don't know if the Dolphins want Porter back -- although signs point that they do not. We don't know if Wake can develop into a three-down player.

The position that is supposed to be where one of the defense's dominant players thrive is a source of uncertainty in 2010. And so the Dolphins must find the right coach to help answer some of the questions.

Nope, the coaching search is definitely not quite done.


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Nathaniel Dodsworth - We could care less about your personal life...

Number 1 candidate for olb coach: Lawrence Taylor.
-He's a Parcells Guy
-He's already in the hall of Fame
-Belicheck was his DC when the won SB with Giants in 80's
-He's broke and needs a job
-He's not smoking crack anymore (at least that's what he says)

what about hiring pepper johnson for olb coach?!

Pepper Johnson was an ilb, he has a job and a contract.
Lawrence Taylor was the best olb ever, 122 sacks, and he's broke and looking for a job.

J.D. Folsom is the next Zach Thomas! That's right, I said it! Anybody disagree?

Indiana Dolfan, until the Dolphins play their next regular season game, there really is nothing of consequence to talk about. So be prepared for endless, inane, prattle from yours truly.

On that note, some more observations:

1) Until 2008, Indiana (from where Indiana Dolfan hails) was the one reliable Republican state in Presidential elections north of the Mason-Dixon line and east of the Mississippi River.

2) The Jewish sages say we should treat each day as if all the goodness in the world is equal to all the evil in the world, and by our doing just one good deed we tip the scales in favor of goodness. That's a nice thought. But I still will continue to fantasize about adultery.

3) I've never watched a Bette Davis movie from beginning to end.

If Derrick Morgan and Rolando McClain are gone by #12, I say the best pick is Earl Thomas, followed by Jason Pierre-Paul, or a trade down. Sergio Kindle is a little too thin and disapeared in a lot of games for Texas Joey Porter style. No thanks at #12

Nathaniel Dodsworth - We come here to read and talk about football, not your meaningless comments.

Nathaniel Dodsworth - your story is tired and boring. Go find some gossip blog for your insane drivel.

Mark , ageed on your last post although peirre-paul and still raw and needs some work.

Leave Nathaniel alone. He's obviously typing with one hand today since he's daydreaming of committing adultery. Cut the guy some slack.

Nathaniel, quit fantasizing about your mom and either STFU or talk about football. If I want to know the thoughts of some random jerk-off. I can watch Glenn Beck.

I'd like to echo nathaniels sentiments on last night's election in mass. Thank you Mass, The left wings days in office are numbered, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN !!!

I agree with that assessment too NJ re: Pierre-Paul. But the obvious physical skills are there and it's not like he was unproductive at USF. Sure the sack number is not impressive but having watched USF about 5 times this year, he was always a factor, did make a lot of tackles behind the line of scrimmage and will get better. Whoever picks him will get a very good player. And I disagree with the Herald column the other day saying he would be a better end than OLB. You want to put this guy in open space. His physical skills are on par with Demarcus Ware and a pre injury Shawne Merriman - but he isn't as polished as those two were coming out.

Mark in Toronto - Cut him some slack, how about NO!!!

Rabbi Dodsworth:

I agree with your rant re your cousin Nathanial, sans the Glenn Beck reference. I think the jerk-oof you should have mentioned is Al Franken or that liberal twit who shows up on Fox looking like a talking corpse, Combs. Otherwise right on. BTW, thank you Mass. for your outstanding decision yesterday. Oblaba will be one and done. Thank goodness.

This blog is a repository for unresolved anger. I will not respond to ad hominem attacks in kind.

I like reading Nathaniel's posts. They are more relevant than 8/10 of the football posts here.

I also find Nathaniel's posts amusing and agree that they're better than most of the drivel that permeates this blog.

Indiana Jones last 3 posts haven’t been football talk. Him keep jabbering about others no talking football. Nobody cares about what you think nobody cares about Indy.

Relevant in what manner? They have nothing to do with football!! This is Miami Dolphins In Depth, not nathaniel's worthless non-football comments!!

I seem to have provoked some anger, and some kindness (thank you, Mark and Dog). I'll make a deal with you all - I will continue to post inane drivel and you will all enjoy it.


nathaniel is my hero.

Richard Seymour a free agent this coming year...does he interest anyone?

Seymour is a beast and would definitely help push and teach our young d-lineman to be better.

I would love to pick up Seymour. He's a hell of a player and you know he would always bring his A game when playing the Pats after they banished him to Chokeland for a year. He's going to cost a pretty penny though.

did seymour do anything with oakland?

He played very well for Oakland at first until he realized there is no hope for success there until Al Davis is gone. He is a prime time playmaker

I watched a couple of Oakland games including Seymour's first with the team and he was very disruptive. Don't know what his actual stats were but IMO in the games I watched he was the best player on their line.

ok next question don't starks and seymour play the same posisition? if so can either play the opposite side so both could be on field at same time?

Yes sammo. Seymour is a versatile player who is fast enough to play de and strong enough to play dt

Miami has langford , starks , merling and McDaniels at de . Miami has to need for seymour so forget it, They're better off spending their money elsewhere like LB , NT , Te . WR and FS.

The only problem with Seymour is his pricetag might be too much to spend. If we get rid of Gibroni Wilson and Joey Porter we can afford Seymour.

it would be interesting to sign him. he knows the 3-4 and would be plenty motivated to take it to the pats twice a year.

Agreed NJ. He would be a nice upgrade but our other needs are more pressing.

bring back bryan cox!

langford and merling aren't exactly lighting it up out there but getting a nt is more pressing.

NT is definitely the biggest need. But if Seymour falls in Miami's hands they'd be wise to take him, no matter what.

i qonder if the fins would pursue adelius thomas if NE gets rid of him. seems like there was a big rift there. Nolan coached him in Baltimore.

MccLain in Round 1, 'Mount Cody' in Round 2, a 3rd Round pick for Boldin, Ginn and a low Round draft choice for Josh Cribbs.

Why does Jacksonvile pick before us the they finished 8-8... And denvers pick from the bears is also behind the jags and they where also 7-9 like us...

Charlie Anderson and cameron wake will get their shot next season, when they were on the field they made plays and they both are quicker and faster than taylor and porter. taylor and porter need to move on and give these 2 a chance to play.

This post says it all people:

I would like for any of you to tell me who the ILBs were the year before Parcells got to Miami? Exactly!! Crowder and ??? Now tell me the CB and OLBs.... Once again....crickets!!! Please realize that this rebuilding process is not regressing in yr3. We are exactly where we need to be. Why did we not draft an OLB last yr? Who was the most dominant guy besides Orapko/Cushing/Mathews? Exactly once again.. There was NOBODY!! This yr is loaded with talent at LB and what does Bill draft better than LB? NOTHING!! We are right where we need to be. Our DE's were drafted by Bill and are better now than we have been in 20 yrs. Our CBs are set for the next 10 yrs. We have one solid safety and one in development. We have some talent at OLB (Wake) whom we got from FREAKING Canada B/C there wasn't enough talent for Bill to choose from in the draft. So all this talk about "were regressing" is BS!!! We are right where we need to be and Bill et al will prove it once again by getting the right people in the right place to achieve max performance in 2010 and beyond!!

Posted by: Angry Fin Fan | January 20, 2010 at 08:10 AM

Couldn't have said it better AFF!!!

did any of you read cote? he said "somnambulance" ??!!?? wtf???

We are not "right where we want" to be! We run the 3-4 defense which is linebacker driven and that is our weakest position. How the f@#$ does that happen?

Wake is a pass rushing beast and with another yr at 3-4OLB he will become a complete player. Porter could be cut before his roster bonus is due and JT is a FA. I would bring JT back for another season I like his leadership and if we can get him on the weakside he will put up better #s than he did at strong.

Wake can be more than good he be great if we get a good olb coach to coach him up

first off there is a much better possibility that Rolando McClain will make it to the 12th spot then him going to denver. We need to trade for anquan Boldin, Brandon Marshall or vincent jackson by tradeing ginn a 3rd pick and a 1st from next years draft. There wr is solved.In FA GO AFTER 3 PLAYERS Vince Wilfork, Antrel Rolle, and Karlos Dansby we will keep jason taylor trade joey porter to a team in need and possibly trade up to draft sergio kindle then our linebackers and safety will be set and then draft nt terrence cody to help keep wilfork young. then we have a killer d a great dc and we also have a wr we need for the big plays. if miami can do this superbowl next season for sure henne will kill it. Ronnie brown will be back and healthy and will stay heathy and be the big time back everyone knows he is GO FINS.

LB will be addressed in this draft HEAVILY!!!

Zach thomas would make a damn good linebacker coach someday...just sayin..might br good to brimg him back as a lower level coach. His reputation as a master of disecting offenses and film study is legendary

Very True Fins847 I like that idea Zack was the man brillant athlete that car accident killed the end of his career but i Know he would make a hell of a LB COACH

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